3 Temmuz 2021



MATURE HOLESIt is the way. She says it’s bad for her, but she immediately says she likes it in the ass, otherwise she did not. I have to make them wear a catsuit on the net and seeing the body would give her a lot. One evening he spoke to me in detail and said “break my ass, I’m your bitch”, gladly, since I had taken a long journey to spend that night with her and then find myself in the morning again at 135 km. away for work; she does not remember telling me that, but she is jealous and feels inside “my whore even if she is not told openly”, for the education, of the people who do the facts but do not speak very dirty. At the beginning in the videos, I postponed believing it was my mother-in-law. Many believed it and regardless of receiving compliments as a woman even if I then denied that it was really my mother-in-law. By now he pretends to let her face and lick her clitoris sends her into raptures, so much so that at the moment of the orgasm he squeezes his head between his thighs, and sometimes the squeeze is so strong that he strangle me and crush my head. In the periods when I do not visit it, it dreams me and wakes up soaking wet; I’m his d**g now, and even at the canlı bahis seaside with friends shows leopardate costumes that even if covered, let understand the features of a firm and generous ass. Other than third age; we are the old ones. When I’m at home I’m comfortable, in complete freedom and sometimes we’ve seen some porn movies together; its hilarity provokes that there is a mature Italian pornstar that resembles her. The pornstar seems to me to be called or called “Carlotta” and in the movie “Grandma I want” the resemblance impresses me even if the actress is a little younger. Rosalinda is now an open ass, who does not get tired and looks for me, because of my dick and my freshness is d**gged. As a good pig, I’m only at the thought of beating her, and with a big ass so many would want to be there. in the village house I wear pajamas that I have bought for the nights, and I wear a flannel jacket from the late husband, when I get warm from the bed to smoke, naturally all accompanied by personal slippers. She confessed that her late husband had never come to certain heights, either because a traditional type or because I repeat, marriage kills sex. her husband seems to bahis siteleri project into super 8 Swedish porn movies, but she was not taken at the time like today with me. He began to peek at the porn files that broadcast late in the evening on some local network; now it is run-in and feels like a woman, but eager to transgress and live the life that has never lived before. A song of the 60s quoted “yes, yes I know that you like it too, but the beauty is that he loves me” and it’s true. I was excited to make believe that it was my i****tuous mother-in-law and that it was easy to wear, of course is that many are saw in front of the videos of the anal sex, while dressing in underwear or while snort. Where you find in the videos “mother-in-law” the protagonist is Rosalinda. I’m planning to shoot more curated videos, and with her in different misfits. She compliments me saying that I’m “beautiful” (for her, she does not see well), and I have a stupendous dick (well modesty, apparently she is not the only woman who told me so, and I begin to believe it, and she knows that his ass or backside sends me to the asylum, and from the videos it is clear, and he praises himself, laughing bahis şirketleri under his mustache, while resting on sheepish table on the kitchen table the train enters and leaves his gallery. the opulent sides, or assist in the attempt to spread the buttocks with the hands, to dilate the anus and invite me to ‘entry. (From the videos is clear and speak clearly.) It is always clean and I think I practice anal showers, as no matter how deep it is, it’s never so fucking shit, something that sometimes happened with others.Only talking on the phone excites you and me.The culinary topic is always present in the speeches because it is aware of the potential it exerts on For the rest it appears, discreet and moderate, and nemm with her friends she says she never talks about us. The pussy seems to have become more elastic and tonic and during the excitement swells out of all proportion with a nice clit under a thick bush of hair still dark and wild like a forest. I have to keep it with me as it is a reliable and well-established person, and it’s mine. Find the videos where you talk about “Suocera” or “Rosalinda”, always on my profile friends and friends. Those who are satisfied enjoy and for now it’s okay. The three protagonists can be found on the videos of my profile. To you understand the references if you read; I would like to exchange views with intelligent people, thank you.Sólo amigos

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