18 Temmuz 2021

Milk And Honey


Milk And HoneyJin was a single Korean boy along with his family left the old country for a better life. The neighborhood was quiet, peaceful and very friendly. Jin was especially friendly to one girl from across the street. Vicki was her name; five foot three, long blonde hair, and a body that could make boys shiver at the sight of her. Today was her nineteenth birthday and Jin was on his way to pay her a visit to hand her the nice little card he selected at the local pharmacy. He knocked on the door but no one answered. He tried a second time and still no response.”Anybody home?” Said Jin. “Mr. and Mrs. Phelps, are you home?”He thought maybe no one was home until he took a peek through the opened window. Someone was home, spotting Vicki in the patio near the pool. Jin called out her name but Vicki didn’t hear a word. The patio door was closed and her folks always told her to close it to keep the flies or any insect from coming in the house. All Jin could do was climb over the open window and give Vicki a big surprise she would never see coming. Slowly, he approached the patio door, carefully sliding it open and closing it once he stepped inside.Vicki was in fact all alone by the pool with her feet splashing in the water, wearing only a pair of denim shorts and a black biking top. She was also listening to some tunes on her I-pod explaining why she didn’t hear Jin calling out to her. He walked slowly towards her, ready to give her one big scare and yell happy birthday. “Surprise!” He yelled, touching her shoulders.Vicki screamed and reacted, grabbing Jin’s arm and tossing him into the pool head first. He swallowed some water on the way down with the bitter taste of chlorine in his mouth. Once he surfaced he cough up a storm, desperately clearing his throat in order to explain Vicki his sudden appearance. She stood by the edge of the pool with her earbuds hanging by her sides and a look of hate leaving Jin a bit worried at what he did.”That was refreshing”, said Jin.”Are you out of your mind?” Said Vicki. “What are you thinking sneaking up on a girl from behind and scaring the shit out of her? I mean really, have you lost your mind?””I guess maybe I have.””What are you doing here anyway?””It’s your birthday and I wanted to surprise you. Oh, and I got you a card.”Jin pulled the card out of his pocket and hand it to Vicki, even though it was soaking wet and starting to fall apart.”Gee, thanks”, she said.”Happy birthday”, he said. “Well, my work is done. So, I’ll see you later.””Where do you think you’re going?””Home.””Not like that you’re not. Come inside and dry yourself up in the bathroom.””I don’t want to be in the way.””I insist. Come on.”Vicki graciously helped Jin out of the pool and led him to the upstairs bathroom. Once inside Vicki handed him a fresh clean towel to use. Jin began undressing near the sink unaware that the door was opened just a bit, giving Vicki a view of his actions inside. He took off his shirt and saw Vicki taking a peek. He placed his shirt on the sink and closed the door.”Excuse me”, he said.He started rinsing out his shirt in the sink until there was not a drop of all that chlorine filled water. He later rinsed his mouth out to rid himself of that chlorine after taste that still lingered. Vicki opened the door just a bit, getting a view of Jin’s hard abs, getting her all warm and tingly. “Hey, Vick”, said canlı bahis Jin, “got any party plans?””No”, she said, “not at the moment.””No? No friends or relatives coming over?””No. Only a few cards and letters that’s all.””What, you’re celebrating alone?””Looks that way.”Jin removed his socks and sneakers, placing them on the edge of the bathtub. He was about to unbuckle his jeans until he saw Vicki once again taking a peek. Again he closed the door leaving Vicki annoyed and frustrated. She was already hot and bothered just by seeing him undress in front of her. The poor girl was lonely and feeling horny, unable to resist the temptation to see the rest of Jin’s body. Carefully opening the door, Vicki got she wanted and viewed the rest of him. Jin unbuckled his jeans, rinsing them over the sink. All he had on was his underwear and Vicki’s pulse began racing just by the site of his well tanned physique. “Aren’t your folks around?” Jin asked.”Actually they’re not here”, Vicki answered. “They left for the weekend.””They left you all alone?””Yes, they did.””That’s terrible.””Why?””They left you here to celebrate your birthday alone.””Uh, not exactly.”Jin now removed his underwear, giving Vicki a better view of his rock hard cock. The girl felt like she might cum any minute just admiring that hard piece of muscle, standing there waiting to be touched, imagining how it must feel inside her. “Not exactly?” Said Jin.”Yes”, said Vicki. “You see, you made a mistake. My birthday is not today.””It’s not?””Actually it was two days ago.””Two days ago?””That’s right.””So I came out here, took a dip in the pool for nothing?””Well, I wouldn’t say nothing.”Jin was done drying himself up and put on the bathrobe given to him. Again he noticed the door opened with Vicki standing there, watching him remove every piece of clothing all soaked to the bone. Jin had had enough and opened the door all the way with a smile on Vicki’s face.”What are you doing?” Jin asked.”Don’t mind me, I’m just admiring the view.””You a pervert?””Call me whatever you like, but I do like what I see.””What?””Are you sure you only came here to give me a card?””Yeah.””Come on, Jin, I’ve noticed the way you’ve looked at me. I bet you have fantasies about me.”Jin couldn’t believe what he was hearing. There was no denying the fact that he had eyes for her, but getting deeply involved was the last thing on his mind. Jin wanted to leave right away but Vicki blocked his way, trying to get her hands on the robe just to unfasten it. “Fantasies?” He said.”That’s right, fantasies”, said Vicki. “Why don’t you take off that robe and show me what you can do.””Are you crazy? Your parents would kill me.””They’re not here, remember? I’m all alone for the whole weekend and I don’t mind having some company over.”Jin had no place to go except sit on the edge of the tub, allowing Vicki to sit on his lap and wrap her arms around his neck. The first kiss from her was nice and sweet. The next one grew intense and wet; lips locked on to one another’s and tongues making first connections. Jin clearly knew Vicki wanted him from the start and today was the right time to give her her late birthday gift.”I think”, said Vicki, “we’d be more comfortable in my bedroom.””I agree.”Jin rose up from the tub with Vicki’s arms and legs wrapped around him, giving her a free ride towards the bedroom. On the way their bahis siteleri lips remained locked and eyes closed tight. Vicki had to open hers up to find the doorknob. Once inside Jin placed her on the bed, allowing her to unfasten his robe.”That’s what I like to see”, she said, rubbing his cock until it felt nice and hard in her hand.Jin moaned like never before. The feeling of her tongue and teeth on his cock felt amazing, though having it sucked made it more wonderful. Vicki sucked on it nice and hard, leaving Jim to wonder how often she’d been doing it. Right now it didn’t matter and Vicki’s technique seemed perfect to him. From the smooth feel of her lips his moaning started growing by the minute and he couldn’t wait to get started on her. Vicki left a lasting impression on Jin’s face the moment she was done, ready for her turn to feel good inside. He took off his robe and started removing Vicki’s shorts and red underwear, getting a clear view of her smooth shaven pussy. Vickie removed her bikini top, playfully flinging it in Jin’s direction. She giggled a bit and Jin went right to work, eating her perfect piece of pink flesh, tasting so good and fresh in his mouth, making him forget about the bitter taste of chlorine.”Oh, yes”, she said. “Oooooo. Oh, that feels good. Hmmmmm. Oh, shit. Oh, yes. Hmmmmm. Oh, I’m so glad you came. Your dick is so hard, Your tongue all wet. Oooooh. Oh, your tongue is making my pussy wet. Oh, shit. Aaaaah.”Jin ate her up and she loved it. His tongue going further into her clit forced lungfuls of air out of her chest. Her breathing grew heavy and her heart beating loud in her ears. The feeling of that wet tongue, licking and sucking, over and over left Vicki nearly out of breath and begging for more. “Oh, that’s it”, she said. “Oh just like that. Hmmmm, just like that. That’s the spot. Right there. Don’t stop. Ooooooh! Ooooooo! Oh, shit. Oh, fuck. Shit. So fucking good. Your tongue feels so good. Oh, you eat good pussy. Hmmmmm. Aah! Aah! Aah! Ooooooh, shit. Fuck. That’s it. That’s it. Don’t stop. Don’t stop.”Jin could go on all day eating her pussy continuously, but it was time for his hard cock to get some action. Vicki smiled and amazed by Jin’s performance so far. Now she wanted to test that theory from the feel of his fully erected dick. Gently, he shoved it into her pussy, giving her the craving she so desired since the moment he surprised her. The feeling of that hard piece of muscle inside her felt incredible and worth the wait. “Oh, shit”, she said. “Oh, fuck. Oooooo. Oh, that cock is so fucking hard. Oh, it’s so good in my pussy. Oh, shit. Oh, you fuck so good. Oh, fuck me. Fuck me hard. Aaaaah! Oooooo!”Jin went deeper and faster, exactly the way Vicki expected. He gave it as hard as he could, forcing Vicki to cry out from the top of her lungs. Faster he went and deeper still, giving the biggest fuck he could give to any woman. Vicki was still young and petite and may take notes after this day was done. One wet kiss was given after the fucking stopped, giving Vicki the time to get her ass into position, feeling more of Jin’s cock. As before he gently placed it in her ass, pounding away and go further deeper until he heard more of Vicki’s screams.”Fuck!” She shouted. “Shit! Oh, yes! Yes! Yes! Oh, fuck! That’s it! Fuck my ass. Fuck it hard. Harder. Tear me a new one. Harder! Harder! Harder! bahis şirketleri Yes! Yes! Oh, that’s so good. Fucking wonderful. Cock is so big. Oh, your cock is so big. Fucking huge. Yes! Fuck!”Jin went as far as spanking her ass and grabbing handfuls of her long, blonde hair. Vicki never complained nor showed any signs of annoyance. She took it in with stride, enjoying every pulsating moment done on her slim trimmed body.”You like that?” Jin asked. “You like to be spanked?””My ass feels so good”, she said. “Feels so wonderful.”The spanking continued forcing Vicki to scream in delight. Her butt cheek was turning red and Jin felt it was enough no matter how much Vicki loved it. He still had a handful of her blonde locks, pulling her up, and wrapping his arm around her chest. He brushed aside her hair from her neck, kissing it and nibbling her ear. “You wanted me”, she said. “You wanted me for yourself.””Yeah, I wanted you”, he spoke in her ear. “I wanted you the minute I saw you.””You still want me? Huh?””I want you.””I want you, too. Oh, yes, baby. I want you, I want you now.”Vicki got into the cowgirl position, ready to give Jin the ride of his life. Like Jin’s performance she too was going deeper and faster until the anguish cries of delight came out of his mouth. He grabbed handfuls of her buttocks and gazed deep into her eyes. Both heard each other’s heavy breathing and moaning up close, feeling droplets of sweat from every pore of their heaving bodies. Vicki’s blonde hair covered Jin’s face, blocking his view of her sparkling eyes.””Oh, yes”, she said. “Oh, baby. I love being on top. Oh, shit. “”You like that?” Said Jin, enjoying the ride.”I love it. I love your cock inside me. So nice and hard. Your skin is so soft Your body is perfect. So perfect. Your cock is just perfect. Oh, yes.”Their passion grew further, once again locking lips and touching each other’s tongues. Both their eyes were shut tight and each released every breath of air from their lungs, letting out one big sigh of relief. Jin brushed aside Vicki’s hair, giving her a bigger kiss with plenty of tongue action.”That was amazing”, she said.”Yeah?””Oh, yeah.””You want more?””Oh, yes.”Jin turned her around, giving her pussy one big lick before putting his hard cock back inside. The thrusting and penetration grew deep within her clit. Jin kept pounding her, going as deep as he could to keep her satisfaction going. “Oh, shit”, she continued, “Oh, shit. Oh, give it to me. Harder. Oh, yes. Pound me. Fuck me harder.”Jin lowered himself to touch her wet lips with his own. He kissed her soft neck and whispered a little something in her ear that left her giggling. Vicki’s crying out continued with very little words coming out this time. JIn worked tirelessly fucking the life out of her, but now he showed signs of exhaustion and ready to call it a day. Faster he kept going to the point their bodies trembled with one another’s. Jin finally stopped and pointed his cock in her pretty face, squeezing out a load full of cum he had build up. Vicki enjoyed the sweet taste of every drop given to her and a smile that would last for days. Both of them took their time catching their breaths and wiping off beads of sweat from their foreheads.”Wow”, said Vicki. “That was-.””Yes, it was”, said Jin. “And you’re right. Wow.”Vicki giggled and gave Jin one peck on the cheek.”Would you like to go again? Remember, I have the house for the whole weekend. It;s just you…and me. Over and over again.””I like the sound of that.”Vicki gave him one more peck on the cheek and headed for the shower. “Wow indeed”, said Jin.

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