14 Temmuz 2021

Misnomer rant


Misnomer rantLectori salutant,I agree in advance, I am an old sod. I’ve passed the mature boundary of 50. And yes, I admit I’m a stickler for accurate use of language. Which is why I wrote this rant.In short:* Gangbang are:- not threesomes (1F & 2M; 2F & 1M; 3F or 3M) – nor foursomes (1F & 3M; 2F & 2M, 3F & 1M, 4F or 4M).=> this means a gangbang consists AT LEAST of a total of 5 (read five) participants, or more. Whatever their sex, colour, inclination (vanilla or not), their has to be a minimum of 5. Capish?* Flogging:- This means the use of a flogger (or a scourge). This means a leather implement with two or more strands of leather (or rubber, rope, plastic, whatever). The more strands, the duller the sound will be when it hits the intended cheeks. A flogger is not a cane nor a whip nor a paddle (see below).* Caning:- A cane is a hitting implement (mostly) made out of rotan (known for its flexibility). The best canes are between 8 and 12 mm wide, 120 cm long (or more – the longer they are the easier they’ll break) and regularly maintained with oil (I prefer walnut oil myself). Sometimes one will see a reed cane, which are sometimes canlı bahis known for involuntarily making cuts with their gnarly knots. Plastic or fiber canes also exist, but they have a tendency to cut because of their smaller width.- Canes may be bent like a walking stick on one end (known as the English cane), or have one taped, wooden or plastic handle.- Canes do not have a leather flap nor any other extension at their end. If it has, it is not a cane!* Whipping:- A whip is a hitting implement with a handle and a single (mostly) leather strand. Nothing more, nothing else. The better whips are braided around a leather core. If it has more than one strand, it is considered a flogger or a scourge! Some whips have a small leather or rope ending to make it break the speed of sound!- The longer a whip, the more difficult it is to handle accurately. If you want to see how a whip is handled correctly, just search and check out the Nu-West vids. The “man with the beard and a whip” (his name is Ed Lee if I’m not mistaken) is a true master of long whips.- Whips are not for beginners. They take lots of practice (and I mean years!) before bahis siteleri one handles a whip as it should. If you really want to start, try and find yourself a short whip (between 50 and 100 cm) to start with. Do not try to strike it at its hardest, but start by gently swaying left to right and right to left and just by touching the object you want to hit.* Paddling & slapping:- Paddles and slappers are flat wide hitting instruments. Paddlers are typically made out of wood, and they have one smaller end (as a handhold). One can find paddles made out of plastic. Slappers obey to the same general description, but they mostly consist of leather or any other flexible material.- I know their is somewhere out there a video of a single sub webcam mother who spanks herself with a small steel saucepan. However you may try and twist it, the object she’s hitting herself will always be a saucepan (and not a paddle). The same way a cricket bat will always be a cricket bat, even when it’s used to paddle (or spank) someone with it.* Shibari:- Japanese word for technically binding things together. If one talks about Japanese (erotic) bondage, bahis şirketleri the word kinbaku-bi is better suited. – Hojojutso is the traditional martial art of binding someone with rope or chord. (Modern Japanese police people still train in hojojutso and taiho jutsu!).- Japanese erotic bondage is characterized by the ropes being folded once in two, which makes binding techniques much more versatile, interesting as well as aesthetically pleasing.* Sub versus slave:- This is one of the oldest discussions in the bdsm community, which I will not enter into here. Sorry! Suffice it to say that (more than) 80% of the films with someone titled “slave” should better be renamed “sub”. No offence whatsoever to the people which are truly carrying the title “slave” in their relationship, but I am sorry that your title is frequently confounded by wannabes and would-be subs.- Just a sticklers measure: sub is an abbreviation for the words submissive. If you want to link sub with “subordinate” (which is a synonym for underling (mostly in a professional relationship), that’s your choice.- For a good measure: subs are also (delicious?) sandwiches from the subway sandwich franchise. :-)That last note just made me realize I’m hungry, so I’ll quit this stickler’s language rant for now. But I do reserve the right to be back with a rant about similar stuff! YT,FF

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