18 Haziran 2021

Mom and Dad


Mom and DadTHIS STORY IS VERY TABOO! I DO NOT CONDONE SUCH ACTIVITIES OR PARTICIPATE IN THEM.Mom and DadOh that’s it John Fuck me, fuck me hard like that. My pussy needs a good hard fucking.Wait, wait a second. What’s that banging sound??It’s coming from our teen da(u)ghter Natalies room.Lets go see what’s going on. I slipped on my nighty and John his shorts. We peeked in our da(u)ghters room to see Natalie naked humping the side of her mattress. She was crying out unintelligible cries of pleasure. Should we go in?No, no let her have her fun. There’s nothing wrong with what she’s doing.The next thing I knew John was pulling my nighty over my head. John grabbed my tits and I felt his hard cock sliding back and forth between my legs rubbing just right against my pussy.Oh fuck John right here?Natalie cried out ohhh my pussy feels so good.I’m so turned on Kim watching Natalie aren’t you?Fuck yeah I am. I leaned forward a little so John could get his cock in my pussy and fuck me while we watched our da(u)ghter fuck herself.Natalie got on her bed, grabbed her stuffed elephant, spread her thin legs and rubbed the elephants nose up and down her pussy. Fuck me jumbo, stretch my pussy open fuck me like dad is fucking mommy.John pulled my hair and whispered in my ear. I’ll fuck you Natalie like mommies and daddys do.As kinky as that was watching Natalie made me so fuckin horny I came right then. My nipples daddy pull on my nipples I replied.Anything for my little girl.John was fucking me so hard I had to hold on to the doorjamb. I’m cumming, I’m going to cum in your virgin pussy.Wow did John cum. I felt his cum inside my pussy like never before. We watched Natalie fuck her elephant jumbo Johns cum dripping down my thighs. She made herself cum two more timesThe next day I couldn’t get the thought of my da(u)ghter fucking herself out of my head. The only thing I could think of was to tell Natalie I had to shave did she want to watch and learn how.I shave my under arms mom what else do you shave?Your private area I’ll show you if you’d like.I guess.We went to the bathroom I took a deep breath as I pulled my pants down in front of my da(u)ghter. I want to show you how to shave your pussy. Trying to put her at ease I said I’m sure you and your friends have talked about shaving your pussy before.Yes.Natalie sweetheart it’s OK to talk to your friends and your mom even dad about these things how else will you learn.I use a shaving lotion rather then a cream so I can see better.I applied the lotion to my pussy area. Shave with the grain.I took my top and bra off freeing my big tits. My nipples are more oblong then round with several bumps and a few veins running through them. Natalie couldn’t take her eyes canlı bahis off my big tits. I gave them a nice squeeze and pulled on my nipples which were now becoming erect sitting there naked in front of my teen da(u)ghter.It feels good to give my tits a good feel after they’ve been in my bra all day.Get undressed don’t let mom be naked here alone.OK mom.My breathing was labored as my teen da(u)ghter undressed in front of me. I used more shaving lotion not to shave with but to masturbate.Aren’t you beautiful I told Natalie as I took in her small firm tits in and her pussy with a some fuzzy pussy hair.Go ahead and give your tits a nice squeeze they’ve been couped up all day.Natalie shyly touched her tits and ran her hand over her nipples.Good now lets get you shaved. I put a generous amount of shave lotion on Natalies pussy and worked it in well, so well I could see her nipples get hard and her face flushed.I handed her the razor and told her to try. When Natalie finished I put on a latex glove to make my fingers extra slippery and poured some baby oil on my glove and Natalies pussy. I told Natalie it was to help prevent razor burn. I rubbed her pussy teasing her getting closer and closer to her clit. I could see her legs moving back and forth almost involuntarily. I so wanted her to cum for me so I went for it. I started to play with her pussy lips and clit. Natalie was squirming around on the tub rim.Do you need to cum baby? I know mommy needs to cum. I inserted a finger from my other hand in my pussy. Ahh fuck I cried out, that feels so fuckin good. The poor thing was trying not to cum. Natalies face was red and her legs shaking. It’s OK let loose, cum for mom.I like to keep myself from cumming as long as I can. It’s like my whole body explodes.Tell me how much you fucking love me rubbing your pussy.I think I have to pee.That’s OK ba(b)y. Pee if you have to. Just cum for mommy. Finally Natalie cried out holy fuck that feels so good don’t stop. I gently rubbed my finger on her nipple.I couldn’t be sure if she squirted or peed. Either way it was so hot to see my b(a)by girl in ecstasy.I’m proud of you baby you came good and fucking hard for me. I kept rubbing her clit knowing she would cum again.Do you want to cum again?YES.Do you mean fuck yeah I do.Fuck yeah mom.Don’t hold back it’s OK to use naughty language when your having sex. It makes you and the person you’re with know you’re enjoying what their doing to you.I want to try to do this mom.Natalie got up and straddled my leg much like she was humping the corner of her mattress.I squirted some baby oil on my leg and her pussy.Oh fuck mom my pussy feels so good.As Natalie was humping my leg I reached out and felt her tits. She reached bahis siteleri out and squeezed my big tits seeing her hands on my tits was as big a turn on for me as me feeling her little tits.Pull on mommies nipples for me.OK, I want to cum again Natalie said as she was humping my leg.Good girl, fuck my leg I want you to cum hard and loud for mommy.I’m feeling it mom. Oh fuck I’m cumming.I pinched Natalies nipples lightly.That’s it baby cum for mom.Oo, oo, a loud sequel ah fuuucck. Natalies legs squeezed my leg hard.Natalie collapsed in my arms her head on my chest.Good girl that was so hot.Lets go to the fa(m)ily room. we walked naked hand in hand to the couch I said I can see you liked what we did. Doesn’t it feel so much better when you do it with mommy then alone?Oh yes mom it does. I do have a lot of questions.I will either answer your questions or show you. You have to promise to never tell anyone what we did or may do together, I could get in a lot of trouble.I would never tell anyone mom. I learn better by watching like on the internet when I watch people fucking.What do you like the most?I like all of it. Girls giving head, girls riding a guys dick and most of all I like to watch facials.Facials?Yes you get to see the guy cum.Sometime after gym when we shower together I get so horny looking at the other girls.What do you like most about them?Their different size tits. Some of them have bald pussys and others have hair.I love to look at all that too baby. Lay down on the couch for a few minutes your dad will be home soon.Will he be mad?No sweetie he’ll be delighted.I slipped on a satin robe and tied it loosely.Hi I’m home. Don’t you look sexy.Shhh, Natalie is taking a nap.OK, what did you do today?Natalie and I fooled around.That’s nice what did you two do to wear her out?I lifted the blanket a bit for my husband to get a look at her naked little body.Holy fuck, you mean….Yes we masturbated together and I got Natalie off a few times. She’s horny, very open and curious.Mike put his hands in my robe. You’re giving me a hardon.Down boy, there will be a lot of fun for us when she wakes up. Just don’t scare her with your big dick. I’m going to shower.Keep your hands off your dick, we’ll be needing it.Mom what’s going on?Nothing dear daddys home.Should I put some clothes on?No, your fine unless you’d like one of mommies sexy robes and nylons?Are you sure dad won’t be mad?No honey dad will be very happy. He came home horny with a hardon.Then the robe and nylons.Natalie quickly put on my lace top nylons. They were a bit big so I gave her a garter belt. She slipped into my satin robe.I went to tie it for her and she ask why tie it? I don’t want to hide from you and dad.I kissed Natalie bahis şirketleri on her forehead and grabbed her ass.Oh sweetheart I’m so glad you’re not shy.It feels right and I really like it why be shy?John came down from his shower wearing a robe. I could see he was still hard. He opened his robe a little flashing me his dick.You ladies want to watch a DVD?That sounds boring dad. Mom hinted you may have other things in mind.You will like this DVD. You know how we go to visit relatives once a month?Yes.This is what we do there.Boooarrring.Natalie sit here between mom and dad.John turned on the DVD player. The first scene was his ni(e)ce Julie sucking Johns dick.OH WOW Natalie cried out. I like that.John looked at me with a big grin.Then you could see Kim being eat out by her br(o)ther Mike.Oh fuck Mike right there eat my pussy make me cum. Kim grabbed her big tits pulling them by her nipples. Oh you mother fucker Natalies hand was at her pussy.You like what you see so far?Yes, dad a lot.Sorry the quality isn’t as good as what you watch on the internet.That’s OK.You know it’s fine to rub your pussy how about if I do it for you?Natalie just spread her legs for me.As I played with Natalies pussy I narrated the DVD a little.Look at Aunt Helen fucking doggy style. I like the way her big tits swing.Who’s that fucking her?That’s co(u)sin Tommy.I slid my finger into Natalies tight pussy.Oooohh I like that she said as she spread her legs for me.I tried to hit her g spot and go in and out with my finger.Dads finger fucking me mom.Looking at Natalies face turning red and her nipples erect I got an idea.Natalie was raising her hips off the couch and moving her legs. I had her on the brink of cumming. I decided to get on my knees. I think she thought I was going to eat her out. Instead I rubbed the head of my dick up and down her pussy. I rubbed my pee hole on her clit.Cum for me baby girl, daddy needs to cum. I folded back her pussy lips, placed just the pee hole of my dick barley into her pussy. I began stroking my dick and rubbing her clit. Kim reached over and rubbed Natalies nipples. She was moving almost out of control.I’m going to cum baby. Do you want daddy to cum.Fuck yes, I need to cum too.My balls got tighter and my dick head swelled.I came in Natalies pussy.More, I want me more cum.Another rope of my hot cum practically squirted out of her pussy, then another rope of cum did squirt out and yet a forth.Holy fuck dad your cum feels so hot and slippery Natalie said as she rubbed it in and around her pussy.Kim told Natalie “I’ll clean you up” and began to eat our teen da(u)ghter Natalie out.Do you want to come with us this weekend?Is everyone going to be there?Yes.Fucking like on the DVD?Yes. Al lot of the fa(m)ily would love to have you come and…..Fuck my brains out?Yes they’d love that only if that’s what you want.Oh fuck, fuck yeah as Natalie squeezed her legs on he mothers head, I want to go……….

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