5 Kasım 2021

Mom and I Getting Plumbed 5


Mom and I Getting Plumbed 5I was so shocked when Brittney came back to me as I was lying under the sink working. My cock was instantly hard as I looked up and saw the outline of her slit through her bikini bottom. I wanted to fuck her so bad but this was wrong, I was here to work and her blow job and her mother’s attention to me came and went. Now I ached for this young woman, she was so sensous.Her firm legs and that perfect butt, just prominent enough to compliment without being too large. I looked up at the outline of where I wanted to put my cock, deep in that young pussy. Then she was all over me again, licking and sucking my cock and for the first time I had my hands on those firm fleshy breasts. They were so full and round and the nipples responded to my touch.Then I was cumming in her mouth, I could feel her tongue on the tip as I began to spurt into her mouth and knew it was a big load. I felt the pressure deep inside me as the tip swelled and out the hot slick cum came. She showed me the load and then swallowed it.I pulled her down on top of me, feeling her tummy against my cock, still semi-erect from her blow job on it. I pulled her to me and our lips met. I could taste my cum on her lips as we kissed long and hard. This was a kiss that meant more to me than her mother’s. Her mother was trying to win a battle for my attention, Britt was kissing me now out of passion. I could kocaeli escort feel her full breasts pressed into my chest and I wanted to take all my clothes off to feel her silky soft skin against mine.As I kissed her, our tounges meeting and moving around, my arms circled around her and I let my hands slide down her back to her bubble butt. It was a perfect butt, in my opinion, firm, yet I felt the flesh beneath my rough hard workers hands. I slide my fingers along the cleft between her butt and she arche her back indicating that my touch on her ass was desired. My mind flashed to thoughts of anal sex. I had never had the opportunity for it, I was scared to go forward, but she seemed to be begging for my touch.I parted her cheeks with my hand and probbed till I found the pucked opening. It was dry, I knew I needed some lubrication so I pushed deeper down and the tip of my finger was met with the wetness of her pussy. It was hot and slick and I knew she was ready to be fucked.I wet my finger as I contnued kissing her, pushing my tongue deep into her mouth. She was moving with my finger as I circled through the hot silky wetness below. She was impatient, she kept arching her back wanting my finger in her ass, but in this position I wasn’t sure if I could insert it.My cock, which generally was useless after a hard cum was fully erect and I felt her grinding away at the boner between us. I knew kocaeli escort bayan that this was my chance, I shifted my pelvis and the tip of my cock met the wet warm place I desired and before I had a second thought I pushed the tip inside your young pussy. She was so tight and wet.I slid the tip in, I felt her pussy open to accept it and as the large tip slid inside her she shuddered with pleasure. I felt her pussy close around the smaller shaft of my cock and then pulled out again. She whimpered and pulled off my mouth, “Fuck me Daddy, fuck me hard!” I was shocked, had she said “Daddy” or was it “Danny?”I didn’t care, my lust caught me and I pushed back inside teasing her with the tip, in and out so she could feel the prominent rim of my cock. Then she took over and thrust her hips hard against my cock and I felt the warm silk tunnel accept my cock. It was warm, wet, and so tight.My hand was now on her ass again and this time I worked the tip of my middle finger into the anal opening. She humped against my cock and as she did so I was in her ass up to the second knuckle. I knew she wanted more but I was in a bad position and needed out of this sink opening.I wanted my cock deep inside her, and for the first time in my life wanted to take a woman in the ass. But would she accept that? I wanted to take her in a doggy position, yet I wanted to those large breasts against my face izmit escort as I fucked her pussy. I wanted all of her and I wanted her now.I made a decision, I pulled my finger out of her ass, grabbed her hips and started fucking her hard and long. Her huge tits were bouncing in my face and her face was red from her attempt to keep up with me. She was matching each thrust of my cock as I penetrated her over and over. I knew she was close to a cum, I wouldn’t let myself cum this time till she did.Then I felt her stiffen, and looked into those beautiful emerald green eyes that were wide open. There was motion behind her and I had no idea what it was, but my cock was in control, I continued to ram deep inside her and then Britt closed her eyes and shouted, “Yes Mommy, fuck my ass, fuck me with your finger and open my ass cus Dan is gonna mount me and fuck me hard with his hard cock. His cock is MINE, fuck me mommy!”Brittney burried her head in my chest as I felt feet between my legs and a soft hand touched mine. It was her mothers hand on top of mine and then I knew, her mother was shoving her fingers into her daughter as I fucked her. Her mother said nothing but I knew it had to be her as the perfectly manicured nails that I noticed earlier were digging into the back of my hand.Then Britt came on my cock, it was thick and creamy and she moaned as I felt her tighten. I shoved my cock deep inside and held firm as she was cumming. But her mother had no respect for a good vaginal cum, she kept working her daughter ass with her fingers and just as Britt’s cum eased she was rocked again. This time from her mother’s work.

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