30 Haziran 2021

mommys helping hands part 6


mommys helping hands part 6’well jack i think i’m going to take you out for something to eat i don’t feel in the mood to cook tonight’ julie says’but mom how can i go out like tis ? how can i eat ?”its ok i’ll feed you stop complaining ‘ julie says ‘ i better check your cock before we go out see if you need any relief”please don’t i’m fine”nonsense’ julie undoes jacks jeans and pulls them down around his ankles with his boxers then takes hold of his cock’um well it is soft so you could be right’ julie strokes his limp cock it twitches and starts to get hard’now look just a couple of seconds with your moms hand on your cock and you get excited well i havn’t got much time to waste lets do this quick’julie wanks jacks cock hard and fast gripping the shaft tightly she takes hold of his balls with her other hand and gently squeezes them ‘please mom i’m going to cum’ julie lets go of his balls keeps wanking holds her other hand out in front of his cock to catch his cumjack groans and cums in his moms hand’well that didn’t take long ‘ julie grins’no time to muck about we have to get going the taxi is here’ julie licks jacks cum off her hand’mom thats disgusting how could you?”no time to wash my hands lets go’ julie pulls jacks jeans up does the button up but leaves his cock hanging out ‘apologise for calling me dishusting or we go out with your cock hanging out”please mom i’m sorry please put my cock away”hm thats better’ julie takes hold of jacks cock and pushes it into his jeans then they both leave the house and get in the taxi’this seems like a nice place what would you like ?’ julie asks jack they are in a resteraunt seated at a table in the corner’uh not sure mom burger and fries i suppose’ jack replies’hello i’m jane i’ll be your server today are you ready to order yet ‘ asks the waitress ‘we need a few more minutes to look at the menu please jane’ julie says jane wanders off ‘wow did you get a look at her jack wasn’t she stunning and those tits are huge i bet you would love to get your head in between those and that arse wow she’s something ‘ she laughs’mom canlı bahis please don’t lets just eat and go ‘ jack saysjulie reaches across and feels jacks cock through his jeans ‘um i guess you did get a good look at her your cocks getting hard you naughty boy”please mom its fine please leave it alone mom”i would but you know what the doctor said’ julie undoes jacks flies and pulls his cock out ‘mom no not here someone will see please don’t mom”nonsense who could see we are in the corner out of the way and my hand is under the table’ julie says slowly wanking jacks cock’mom please don’t’julie starts wanking faster and faster’wow its really hard now are you thinking about janes big tits or her tight arse?’julie wanks jacks cock harder then slows down as jane comes over to the table again’are you ready to order yet?’ she asksjulie keeps wanking jacks cock under the table ‘ i think jack would like a burger and fries please ‘ julie wanks jacks cock harder ‘ and the same for me please’jack groans julie stops wanking’are you alright?’ jane asks jack’yyes jack groans its just a bit hot in here’ his cock cumming all over his mom’s hand’oh dear did i stop too soon and ruin it for you ? i guess you couldn’t help cumming with jane at the table were you looking at her tits when you came ?’ julie asks still holding jacks cock ‘your cock isn’t settling down yet its still hard do you need another ?’ julie keeps stroking jacks cock’please mom don’t its sore i just came”as i have your cum all over my hand don’t you think i know that?’ julie wanks his cock harder ‘you should have told me you were going to cum i would have used a napkin”please stop mom please i couldn’t tell you i was going to cum while jane was at the table please stop it hurts”why didn’t you just say you were going to cum look at jane i’m sure she’s seen plenty of cocks and had loads of cum in her cunt arse and mouth”please its to sore please stop’julie keeps wanking faster and faster jack tries to wriggle away but julie grips his cock harder and wanks it fasterjane comes back to the table with their bahis siteleri food julie keeps wanking jacks cock’here you are burger and fries twice’ jane bends over and puts the plates on the table jack can’t help looking down her top at her fantastic tits’i had his burger cut into small pieces so its easier for you , anything else i can get you?’ she asksjack groans and cums over his moms hand again’sorry what was that?’ jane asks’no thank you love’ julie says ‘just ignore jack he always grunts around lovely girls like you he gets tongue tied”oh dear well if you need anything else just ask i’m happy to help’ jane wanders off’you came twice now looking at her tits you were horny wern’t you and after i gave your cock a wank before we came out as well”please can you put my cock away now mom”not yet you may get hard again when jane comes back so we can leave it for now’ julie says ‘now do you want your chips 1st or your burger ?”fries please mom’julie takes her cum covered right hand out from under the table an picks up one of jacks chips and holds it to his mouth’mom no that hand has my cum all over it please no”look either you eat your food or i call jane over and explain that i have your cum on my hand and why’ julie holds the french chip to his mouthtears run down jacks face as he takes the chip in his mouth’good boy that will teach you to say when you are going to cum’julie takes another of jacks chips in her left hand and rubs it in the cum on her right hand covering it in jizz then holds that up for jack’we don’t leave until you finish your meal and if you get hard again before you finish i will hold your plate under the table and wank you off straight onto it then make you lick the plate clean before we leave’ julie says jack takes the chip in his mouth’chew it slowly savour the taste , this is because you made a mess and because you said i was disgusting earlier when i licked your cum off my hand , i bet you regret that now don’t you if you hadn’t said that i would have licked these 2 loads off before i fed you’tears run down jacks face as he bahis şirketleri eats all the food his mom gives him with her cum covered hand’hows your meal can i get you anything else?’ jane asks when she arrives at the table ‘oh you poor lad are you ok?’ she asks as jack cries’he’s a bit depressed the casts have been on a long time he doesn’t like his mom doing everything for him he gets embarresed’ julie says’poor guy can i give him a cuddle ?”sure he would like that i think he fancies you’ julie laughsjane wraps her arms around jack and gives him a long hug he can feel her tits pushing against him’there i hope your casts come off soon come and see me when they do ‘ jane says walking away from the tablejulie reaches under the table to feel jacks cock he can’t help it the feel of janes tits on him has madse him hard again’well i told you what would happen ‘ julie starts wanking his tender cock again’tell me before you cum , or i will keep wanking it until you learn’ julie wanks him harder and harder faster and faster’please mom i’m going to cum again’ jack saysjulie takes jacks plate and holds it under the table in front of his cock’ok ready when you are i hope its a nice big load’ julie smiles wanking jacks cock harderjack groans and his cock starts shooting cum over his plate julie keeps wanking it slowly milking all the cum out then takes his plate from under the table and puts it on the table again the rest of his chips and his burger are coated with his jizzjulie picks up part of his burger cum dripping from it and holds it out to him jack leans forwards and takes it in his mouth chews slowly then swallows’do you still think its disgusting if i eat your cum ?’ julie asks’no mom not at all eat as much of my cum as you like its fine mom’ jack saysjulie feeds jack the rest of his cum covered meal then holds the plate to his face so he can lick it cleanjane wanders over as jack is licking his plate’sorry love he got some of his cum on his plate so he has to clean it’ says julie ‘give me your number if you still want to see him i’ll phone you ‘ says juliejane blushes but writes her number on a napkin and hands it to julie ‘come on lets go’ says julie ‘pulling jack to his feet and across the room to the exit’ jacks flies are undone and his cock is hanging out for everyone to see

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