30 Haziran 2021

Mother in Law Moves in Part 2


Mother in Law Moves in Part 2If you read the first part of this story, you would know that after my mother in law had moved in, I had been sniffing her panties and jerking to her daily. This progressed to me setting her up to catch me jerking off and seeing how she reacted. At the conclusion of that story, she had been watching me jerk off with her panties nightly, while fingering herself. It ended with me licking her pussy to orgasm, as I shot my cum all over. The next day was awkward to say the least. She stayed in her room much later than usual that morning. Likely scared to come out and face me after what we had done. After all, to this point, she didn’t really know that I knew she was watching. She probably thought she was having some innocent fun herself watching a younger man jerk. And even though I was married to her daughter, she hadn’t touched me, nor me her. So what was the harm? But now that it was out there, and I had helped her cum with my mouth, the game had changed. As the morning went on and she still hadn’t come out of her room, I was terrified. I figured she was in there trying to figure out how to tell her daughter. Or what to say to me. But I was wrong. Around noon she came skipping out of her room. Not literally, but certainly in the best mood we had seen her in for years. She was dressed sexier than usual (at least for an old lady), and whistling as she made herself some coffee. My wife asked her where she had been all morning. And she shot me a smile and told my wife, I slept in. In fact, she said, that is the best I have slept in 10 years. She was positively glowing, and even my wife was mentioning how happy she konak escort all of a sudden seemed. I took that as a sign that she would not be telling anyone, and maybe this fun could go even further. The next night I slept up in the room, giving us both a chance to take a break from all this. I guess she must have missed it, because the next morning when I got out of my shower and went to my room to change, sitting on the bed was a pair of her soaking wet panties. My wife was out shopping, and I guess she decided to give me a little present. Still naked from the shower, I laid down on my bed, and put her panties to my face. I started stroking and moaning her name loudly so she could hear that I was enjoying her little present. I assume she was in her room having fun herself. When I finished, I shot my cum all over the panties, and got dressed. I brought the panties to her room and found her sitting at her desk. I didn’t say I word, I just walked over to her hamper, placed them on top, and said thank you. She smiled and told me anytime! The next few days were spent with us flashing one another whenever we had a chance. If my wife was busy cleaning or out of the house, my mother in law would change with her door wide open, or walk from the shower to her room naked. I did the same, and we teased each other relentlessly. Whenever it would be too much for me I would walk into her room, right in front of her, grab some panties from the top of her hamper and go relieve myself in the bathroom. Always bringing them right back to her covered in cum. She was having so much fun with this, and I couldn’t believe my luck. But I wanted konak escort bayan so badly to lick her sweet pussy again, and if possible get my cock inside her. That night I announced at dinner I had to stay up late to watch a game that didn’t start on TV until 9:00pm since it was a different time zone. I said it likely won’t be over until after midnight. My wife didn’t think anything of it, but her mom shot me a look to show she knew what I was up too. After my wife went to bed I sat in my recliner totally naked. I started to stroke and wait for her to come to me. It didn’t take long and after about a half hour, she came shuffling into the living room in nothing but a wide open robe. She didn’t go to the kitchen she just sat on the couch directly across from me. No words were spoken. She just parted her legs and began fingering her horny old cunt in front of me. I continued to stroke for her. We locked eyes for a bit as we pleasured ourselves, and then both went back to exploring one another’s naked bodies with our eyes. She seemed like she may be getting close to cumming, so I wanted to see if we could do more before she was done. I stopped jerking and crawled over to her couch and knelt between her legs. The smell of her pussy filled the air, and as I touched her pussy lips with my tongue she shuddered. I drove my tongue strait up her hairy pussy, taking in as much of her sweet taste as I could. I then parted her lips with my fingers, found her clit, and licked her the way I do her daughter. It didn’t take long until she was convulsing, and biting her hand to keep from making any noise. She came hard on escort konak my face, and then collapsed back into the couch. When she gathered herself, she looked down at me still kneeling between her thighs. She knew what I wanted…..what I needed. She moved her pussy to the end of the couch, and I knelt up close to her. The tip of my cock was now touching her pussy lips, and I almost passed out when she reached her hand down to guide it inside. I didn’t fuck her hard at all. I know it had been many years since she had sex, and I didn’t want to ruin anything by hurting her. In fact, I just knelt there totally still with my hard cock inside her soaking wet pussy . Neither of us moved. And still neither of us had said a single word. We just looked in each other’s eyes as my cock pulsed inside her tight vagina. She then shifted forward a bit to take me deeper inside her. With this as a signal, I began to slowly move myself in and out of her. In what seemed like only a few pumps, I grabbed her thighs and unloaded into her. As I withdrew my dripping member, I saw globs of cum leaking out of her. I moved my head down slowly to her slippery pussy, and began to lick her clean. She did not expect that at all. I imagine not many people from her generation would like a cum filled pussy. But I never minded doing that with my wife after I had cum in her. As I cleaned my cum from gaping hole, I eased her back into a more lying down position. From here, I could lick the length of her vagina, and down to her asshole. I tickled her little butthole with my tongue a few times, and watched her squirm with delight. Then I went back to her clit and in no time she was shaking with another hard orgasm. As I made her cum again I realized I had never lost my erection. And once she came, I stood up over her, and jerked my next load all over her chest. I sat back in my chair. She closed her robe, and quietly walked back to her room.

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