19 Temmuz 2021

Mother in Law Submits Again


Mother in Law Submits AgainThis story is fiction and all the characters are fictitious in the story. Hope you will love the story.Fiona shows little resistance as I take her again.When Fiona arrived home from work we acted as nothing had happened this morning mainly because Alan was at home from another heavy session down the boozer. He as normal gave Fiona a load of shit before eventually stumbling up the stairs where we listened to him crash into a few things before bombing out on his and Fiona’s bed.After about five minutes Alan was snoring so loudly we could both hear him downstairs, it was at this point I noticed the atmosphere change a little in an uncomfortable way. We were now alone again and the tension could of easily been cut with a knife.Fiona left the front room and went into the kitchen and I could hear her rummaging around in the cupboards for no reason other than to stay out of the same room as me. I got up and went into the kitchen as I had one thing on my mind and that was to see if this morning was more than a one off.I walked up behind Fiona and I felt her tense up as I placed both my hands on her bum over her tight skirt.”We can’t,” she whispered “This morning was….” I cut her off mid-sentence.”Ssssh Fiona,” I said hooking my fingers under the bottom of her skirt and eventually raising it up her thighs until it was in a bunched heap around her waist. My hands were now rubbing over her knickers and buttocks and down the outside of her stocking covered legs.”Stop this can’t happen again,” she again whispered but with very little conviction in her voice.I continued caressing Fiona but was now reaching round her ample chest to unbutton her blouse. Once this was done and every button was open I pulled the front of her bra down and let her huge tits canlı bahis fall free. I took a nipple in each finger and thumb and pulled them and rolled them until both her nipples were hard and standing erect.Next I rolled her knickers down away from her pussy and down her thighs until they were around her knees like this morning. The smell of this morning’s sex was now lingering in the air as Fiona’s pussy was now uncovered again. “Open your legs,” I whispered in to her right ear and she shuffled her feet apart just like this morning until her knickers could stretch no more. I slid my hand between her legs and was pleased to find her already moist to touch so two fingers disappeared in to her hole with ease. “Your mouth tells me one thing Fiona but your body tells me another, you’re soaking for my cock again aren’t you?” I asked with a smile on my face.”We can’t,” she said.Again I cut her off mid-sentence “We can Fiona and we will,” I said a little louder in her ear with a little bit more of a meaningful tone.And I pushed myself back and a little and pulled my joggers and boxers down. My cock sprung out and hit Fiona on her bare arse. She gasped as she felt my dick her naked flesh. “Step back from the side a little Fiona and bend forward,” I instructed her.Fiona shuffled back a little, maybe a foot and bent forward resting her head on the kitchen counter leaving her tits swinging below her. I stroked my shaft a few times and when it was fully erect I positioned it at the entrance to Fiona’s pussy and prepared to enter her again. I pushed inside her opening her cunt like I had this morning and filling her completely, she stifled her squeal and groan by biting on her own hand.”Alan wont wake Fiona he’s long gone,” I said before pulling out and driving back inside her bahis siteleri with a powerful thrust that nearly caused her to lose her balance.She had to take her hand out of her mouth and use both hands to support herself on the work surface as I increased the speed and power of my thrusts.She began to come for the first time about seven minutes in to our second fuck and as she took her hand away to fill her both I smashed her three times really hard so that she toppled towards the side slipping her left hand off the side. She was now bent at waist with her head closer to her knees her tits squashing in to her legs. She had little option but to remove her hand and place it on the floor with her left hand so that she could support herself as I held her by the waist and hammered her hole with all I had. She’d almost shuffled into the corner of the kitchen units and was using them as a sort of balancing aid as well. Fiona came again this time with total wanton abandonment, unable to supress her squeals as my dick didn’t relent at all even though she was shaking on her legs as her violent orgasm shook her body. Her cunt was soaked and my cock was pummelling in and out with ease now that she’d came twice. Once she’d regained her composure I wanted to move in to the front room so removed my cock with a noisy squelch.”Get in the dining room,” I said pushing her towards the kitchen door.I watched as she had to take awkward small steps with her knickers still round her knees, but she eventually made it and stood in the middle of the room.I walked in and shoved some of the things aside that were on the dining table and then led Fiona to it and pushed her forwards on to it squashing her tits in to the cold wood.”Not here please Alan’s above us,” Fiona pleaded whilst looking bahis şirketleri back at me over her shoulder.”Like I said Fiona he’s dead to the world he won’t hear a thing,” I assured her “Now spread those legs for me.”Her legs open and again my target was in sight so I wasted no more time and entered her again and set about fucking her hard, I wanted to make her come again as Alan slept in the room above us, so made every effort I could to make her come before I lost my own load.Just as I felt my nuts tighten I felt Fiona’s cunt muscles constrict around my cock and the same long groan began coming from her mouth and I knew that she was about to orgasm. I fucked as hard as fast as I could and just as my cocked twitched and unloaded she cried out loudly as her orgasm hit home. I couldn’t stop as I wanted her to moan long and loud so even as I lost my own load I carried on sliding in to her.My come being pulled and pushed in to her hole as it spewed my balls contents in to her during my thrusts.as soon as I’d emptied in her I pulled out and stood behind watching my semen ooze from her gaping pussy and run down her thighs.”Not a peep from upstairs Fiona I told you he was out for the count now join me on the sofa” I said already shuffling over to the big canvas corner sofa with my own joggers round my ankles.Fiona joined me a moment later.”Did you enjoy that Fiona?” I asked whilst stroking her left breast and playing with her nipple.”Yes,” she replied.”There is just one more thing I want you to do before I go up to bed,” I said.”What is it?” she asked quietly.”I want you to suck me off and swallow every last drop of my sperm,” I told Fiona.She looked at me for a moment and then dropped her head to my dick and began giving me a fantastic blowjob which culminated in me blowing a huge load down her throat within ten minutes. And like a come starved whore she swallowed the lot down.”I’ll see you tomorrow,” I said as I jumped up and dressed leaving her on the couch half undressed and leaking my sperm.

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