11 Ocak 2022

Moving Day


I was enjoying a rare Friday morning off, looking forward to the weekend, when my phone rang. No one knew that I was taking the day off, so it was unusual that my home phone would ring. I looked at the caller ID, and saw that it was Julie, a woman that I had known for a while.

Julie and I met in the waiting room at our lawyer’s office. It turned out that we were using the same lawyer on our divorces. The first night that we met, we went out for dinner and drinks, and wound up in bed.

The sex was outstanding, but neither of us wanted a relationship at that point, so we never got beyond the “friends-with-benefits” stage. We would talk, IM, and e mail each other almost daily, but because of our different schedules, seeing each other was a rarity. When we did, though, it was almost pure sex.

When I answered the phone, Julie immediately asked me if I could help her move her daughter, Jenny’s, stuff from her boyfriend’s house. It seems that Jenny was breaking up with yet another boyfriend, and was moving back home.

Julie told me that she wanted me there mostly for protection, but also to help move a large TV that Jenny bought, and was determined to take back home with her.

I had known Julie for a couple of years at that point, and in that time, Jenny had gone out with at least five different guys, and moved in with three of them. All five were losers, but unfortunately, that seemed to be the type of guy that Jenny was attracting. This latest one was no different.

Realizing that this move would only take a couple of hours, and knowing that Julie would repay the favor VERY kindly, I agreed to help, and headed out to meet the women.

They were already there when I got there, and Jenny was arguing with the loser about what she was going to take. He was acting very animated until he saw me get out of my truck and walk towards them. At that point, he shut his mouth, walked back in to the house, and sat down. He didn’t move or make a sound the rest of the time we were there.

We headed back to Julie’s house after we had packed up all of Jenny’s things. When we got back, Julie told us that she had to get ready for work. Jenny and I unpacked all of her clothes, and I was hooking up her TV when Julie came in and announced that she was going to work.

“Will you be home later?” she asked me, as she walked to the door.

“I don’t have any plans,” I told her.

“Good,” she responded. “I’ll call you when I get off, and then I can come by and thank you for your help today.”

“That sounds good to me,” I told her, and went back to Jenny’s TV.

As I was finishing up, Jenny kept unpacking and resettling in to her room. I noticed that Jenny kept looking over at me, but I didn’t think much of it. After a few minutes, Jenny said that she was done, and was going to take a shower.

Jenny looked a lot like her mother. She was a couple of inches taller than her mother, but other than that, they looked like family. They both had the same facial features, making them plain looking, at best, but their bodies were another story.

Julie’s body was amazing, especially considering that she was in her mid-40’s and never worked out. After three kids, her belly was still flat, her breasts had only a little sag, and her ass was simply perfect. She also had tight, toned legs.

Jenny’s body was exactly like her mother, only younger and firmer. She often went without a bra, and her breasts were always perky and lightly bouncy.

As I was finishing hooking up Jenny’s TV and stereo, she came out of her bathroom wrapped in a robe, and was towel drying her long brown hair. I told her that I was done, and she plopped herself down on her bed. As I was packing up my tools, she looked at me and shocked the hell out of me.

“Is my mother a good fuck?” she asked me.

“Excuse me?” I responded, shocked.

“Don’t play dumb with me,” she told me. “I’ve heard you two at night. I assume from all of my mother’s moaning, groaning and yelling that you’re pretty good, now I want to know if she’s any good.”

Along with her poor choice in male companionship, Jenny had also been a basic pain in the ass to her mother the last few years. She had been in and out of trouble with the law, in rehab twice, and just a spoiled brat in general. I had heard Jenny speak to her mother in ways that never would have gone over in my house, either from my kids, or certainly not when I was a kid.

Just because Julie put up with it didn’t mean that I had to. “Your mother’s sex life, and my sex life, are none of your business,” I told her. “You really need to learn some boundaries.”

“I’ve heard my mother tell her sister that you have a big cock,” she continued. “Do you?”

Trying to put her in her place, I answered, “Well, I’m obviously big enough to keep your mother happy, and looking at some of those scrawny twits that you’ve been calling your boyfriends, I’m willing to bet that I’m bigger than any of them, too.”

Looking pendik escort down at my crotch and slowly opening her legs while she untied her robe, Jenny softly asked, “Can I see it?”

At that point, I should have just laughed at her and gone home, but I didn’t. I don’t know what got into me, but I unzipped my shorts and dropped them around my ankles, releasing my stiffening cock.

Jenny looked at me cock, and said, “Oh, wow!” as she moved towards me. She reached out and took hold of me, trying to wrap her fingers around me.

Between my thickness and her small hands, Jenny wasn’t able to completely wrap her fingers around my cock, leaving a good inch or more uncovered.

I just watched as Jenny started to slowly lower her mouth over my now stiff cock. She bobbed her head a few times, taking me deep into her mouth. As I was enjoying her talents and enthusiasm, I started doing a mental comparison to her mother.

Almost as if she were reading my mind, Jenny slid my cock out of her mouth, looked up at me and asked, “Am I as good at sucking cock as my mother?”

“No,” I told her as I grabbed a handful of her long hair, “but you do have potential.” I then started to pull her face closer to my body, sliding my cock in as deep as I could.

That seemed to really turn Jenny on, as she moaned and started bobbing her head more, and taking my cock as deep as she could. I continued to hold her tight by her hair, guiding her around when I wanted.

After a few minutes of using her like that, I pulled Jenny off of my cock, and turned her around. Keeping her on her hands and knees, I lined my cock up with her hot pussy.

Sliding my cock head up and down her wet slit, I was surprised at how wet her pussy was. Jenny really seemed to get turned on being treated roughly.

I slid my cock around her wetness, from her clit up to her asshole. Julie liked it when I fucked her in the ass, and I started to wonder if Jenny liked it also when she sighed every time my cock head slid over her tight hole.

As I lined my cock up with her hot, wet pussy hole, Jenny looked at me over her shoulder, and asked me, “Aren’t you going to lick my pussy? I heard my mother tell my aunt that you were great at that.”

“No,” I answered her again. “Pussy licking is a treat for good girls, who deserve it. You have been acting like a spoiled little bitch, so you are here for my pleasure.” As I finished telling her that, I slid my cock all the way into her hot, tight pussy in one thrust.

That caused Jenny to gasp loudly, and I grabbed her by her hair again, pulling her back into me. My cock was buried deep in her wet hole, and I wiggled my hips a little, moving my cock around in her pussy, while keeping it buried as deep as I could.

“Oh my god, that feels good,” Jenny moaned as I felt her tight pussy squeezing my thick cock.

“I told you,” I said as I smacked her on her ass cheek, “this isn’t for your pleasure. You are here for my pleasure.”

“I can’t help it,” she moaned. “Your cock is touching places that have never been touched, and I feel so full!”

I started to fuck Jenny’s tight, wet pussy, slowly at first, but eventually picking up speed. She definitely was fun to watch, as she moved her beautiful little ass back and forth.

As Jenny started to moan louder, and her breathing got heavier, I slid my hand down to her ass, and rubbed my thumb in her flowing juices. I brought my thumb up to her asshole, and I started pressing on it, rubbing her juices into her asshole.

I kept sliding my thumb down, coating it in more juices as I continued fucking her, and then rubbing them into her ass, until I knew that she was getting closer to an orgasm

Jenny started whimpering, and moaned loudly, “Oh my god, that feels so good! I’m going to cum!!”

I then pushed harder with my thumb, sliding it all the way into Jenny’s ass, and I buried my cock deep into her pussy.

That caused Jenny to moan loud, and then she yelled, “Oh my god, I’m cumming! Oh, god, yes!” as her body stiffened and shook.

As she was recovering from her orgasm, Jenny lowered her body down to the bed, so that she was laying on her belly. I crawled forward, so that I was between her legs, and started rubbing my cock along her soaking wet slit.

I slid my cock along her slit, from her clit up to her ass, retracing the path that I had used earlier. This time, though, I was spending more time around her asshole, smearing her juices around.

I took two of my fingers, and slid them deep into Jenny’s pussy, soaking them in her juices. Then, I slowly slid them out, placed them at her back opening, and started smearing her juices into her hole. Just to tease her, I placed the head of my cock just at her pussy opening, barely letting half of the head in.

I crossed my fingers, and started to push them into her ass, once they had her hole nice and slick. Soon, I had both fingers in deep, and started finger-fucking her ass.

It tuzla escort didn’t take Jenny long to start reacting, and she was moving her hips around, trying to get my cock in deeper, and humping my fingers with her ass.

When I started to hear her moan, and her breathing changed, I buried my cock and my fingers in deep, causing Jenny to gasp loudly. I pulled my wet cock out of her hot pussy and my fingers out of her ass, and rubbed the head of my cock against her ass hole.

When I did that, Jenny reached back and spread her cheeks apart. Taking this as a sign, I placed my cock at her back door, and started to slowly apply a little pressure.

When she felt me start to push, Jenny let out a big sigh, and her body suddenly relaxed, allowing the head of my cock slide past the ring at her ass hole. When she felt me slide in, Jenny turned her head and looked me over her shoulder.

“Please go easy,” she told me. “I’ve only had one cock back there, and he wasn’t nearly as thick as you are.”

Jenny had been flowing with enough juices that I wasn’t too worried about additional lube, so I slowly started to pump my cock a little at a time, getting just a little deeper with each push.

When I was about half way in to her ass, Jenny moved her hands along side her shoulders, and started pushing back at me.

“Oh my god, I feel so full!” she moaned, as she started to fuck back at me.

I pulled my cock out of her ass, rubbed more of her seeping pussy juices on my cock head, and placed it back at her ass. Jenny started to push at me, moaning, and I lined up my cock with her ass.

I took a hold of her hips, and thrust my cock as deep into Jenny’s ass as I could. Jenny shrieked when I did that, and she slid a hand underneath her body.

I still had about an inch of cock not inside her ass, and I wanted to see if Jenny could take it. I started fucking her hot, tight little ass, and I was soon able to bury my cock all the way between her cheeks, with my pubes rubbing against Jenny’s ass.

I could feel Jenny’s fingers rubbing her clit as I fucked her ass, and Jenny was soon starting to babble.

It didn’t take long for Jenny to start pushing her ass back at me, and she was moaning, “Oh my god. Fuck me. Fuck my tight ass!”

“Oh, yeah,” I started to moan back at her. “Your ass is so tight. Your hot little ass is going to make me cum.”

When I said that, Jenny started rubbing her pussy faster, and pushing back at me harder.

“Yeah, fuck me,” she groaned. “Fuck my ass. I want you to cum deep in my ass. Fuck me!”

I started to pound on her ass, fucking her like a man possessed. Soon, I heard Jenny start to shriek again, and she was yelling. “Oh my god! I’m going to cum! I’m cumming with your cock in my ass!!!”

I felt her ass contracting, and a sudden gush of fluid squirted from her pussy as Jenny exploded in her orgasm. When her breathing slowed down, I resumed fucking her ass, knowing that I would be cumming soon too.

Just to remind her that this wasn’t about her, when I was ready to cum, which didn’t take too much longer, I pulled my cock out of her ass. Holding it tight, I rolled Jenny over with my other hand, aimed my cock, and unloaded all over her face.

When I recovered from my intense orgasm, I looked over at Jenny. She was just laying there on her back, my cum drying on her face, smiling.

While she was lying there, I decided to shower before I went home. By the time I was showered, dried off and dressed, Jenny was sleeping soundly, not having moved. I went home, had a beer, and took a short nap.

Later that night, around 9:00, Julie called, having just gotten off of work. She told me that she wanted to go home and shower, then she would come by and thank me for my help moving.

About an hour later, Julie was at my door, wearing only a light summer dress. When she came in, she gave me a deep, tongue-wrestling kiss, and asked me for a drink.

When I handed Julie her drink, I sat down as she took her first gulp. As she set it down, she looked at me and said, “You must have really worked Jenny over. She was out cold, with a big smile on her face.”

Not knowing what to say, I sat there silent for a second. I thought Julie was being very calm, considering that she was telling me that she knew that I had fucked her daughter’s brains out earlier.

After taking another drink, Julie smiled as she looked at me. “Honey, it’s ok,” she told me finally. “We don’t have an exclusive relationship, so you are free to fuck whoever you want. I’m glad that Jenny could finally know what a real man is like in bed, instead of those little twirps that she has been with.”

“The fact that it was your daughter doesn’t bother you?” I asked her.

“Actually, imagining you pounding my daughter’s pussy kinda turns me on,” she breathed, as she leaned in to kiss me.

As I slid my hand up under her skirt, I asked Julie, “You like that idea, huh? You like the thought of me kartal escort fucking your daughter silly?”

“Yes,” she breathed, as my fingers slid over the tops of her thighs.

Julie slowly spread her legs as we continued kissing, but I wouldn’t let my fingers glide over her panties yet. If Julie was even wearing panties.

I let my lips glide across her neck, towards her ear, as I slid my fingers lightly towards her pussy. As I reached her ear, I lightly slid my fingers over her pussy, and found nothing but a hot, wet pussy.

I whispered into Julie’s ear, as my fingers gently split her pussy lips, “I bet you’d even like to watch, as I fucked your daughter in her tight little ass, wouldn’t you?”

I let my finger slide down to her wet pussy opening, teasing the inside of her hole, as she shuddered and moaned, “Oh, yes! I’d love to watch you fuck Jenny.”

Julie was seeping her own juices as she reached over and unzipped my shorts. She reached in, pulled out my cock, and lowered her mouth over it.

The first thing that I discovered about Julie, sexually, was that not only was she one of the best cock-suckers that I have ever had, she loved to do it, too.

She continued to suck on my cock, taking it as deep as she could and covering it in her saliva, as she removed my shorts.

When she had my shorts off, Julie climbed on top of me, straddling my legs. With a glazed look in her eyes, she took a hold of my cock, looked my in the eyes, and lowered herself on to my hard cock.

“Oh yes,” she moaned as she lowered herself all the way on to me. “I’ve been thinking about this all day!”

As Julie moved and wiggled her pelvis against me, I reached up and unbuttoned the front of her dress. I undid all five buttons, and lowered her shoulder straps.

As her tits were exposed, I leaned in and started kissing and licking her nipples while she rode me. Soon, Julie started to raise and lower herself on my cock.

“Oh god, yes,” she gasped as she fucked me. “That feels so good!”

I reached my arms around her back, and pulled Julie’s tits back to my mouth. I started licking and sucking on her nipples, as I lowered my hands to Julie’s ass.

Cupping her ass, I slid a finger to her asshole, lightly teasing it. That caused Julie to gasp and start fucking me harder, moving her pelvis and trying to push her ass onto my finger at the same time.

“Oh, yes, fuck me,” she whispered heavily into my ear as she humped me. “You feel so


With the tip of my finger in her asshole, I felt Julie’s orgasm start. “Oh god yes,” she moaned. “I’m cumming!”

Another thing that I discovered about Julie, sexually, was that when she was really turned on, when her orgasm hit, she didn’t just cum, she gushed juices. She didn’t really squirt, it was more of a rush of fluid from her pussy.

As I felt Julie’s pussy start to pulse around my cock, I heard the moan that always preceded her gushing orgasm. I held Julie tight as her orgasm hit, and I felt the rush of juices flowing over my balls as Julie loudly moaned and shook.

“Oh my god!” she yelled. “Oh god I’m cumming so good!”

I was moving my fingertip around in her ass as she came, and she came again. When her orgasmic high started to fade, I straightened her up in my lap, and slowly pulled her up off of my hard, soaked cock.

When my cock slipped out, Julie let out a little moan, especially when I slid the fingertip from her ass, too.

I didn’t stand Julie up very tall, though. Wordlessly, I looked Julie in the eye as I slid my soaked cock to her anal opening. When I was pressing at the tight anal ring, Julie looked at me wide-eyed, and sighed.

I slowly lowered Julie over my cock, allowing her to control how much, and how fast, my cock slid into her ass. Julie was really worked up, and it didn’t take long until my cock was buried balls deep in Julie’s ass.

I started sucking and licking Julie’s nipples again, and she started to fuck her ass up and down on my cock.

It wasn’t long before Julie was bouncing up and down, and groaning loudly, “Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!”

Her ass felt so good sliding up and down on my cock that I knew that I wasn’t going to last long. Julie had a small orgasm, and her ass squeezing my cock, and her moaning and groaning, were setting me off.

“Oh yeah, I’m gonna cum,” I groaned as I felt my balls start to tighten.

“Yeah, baby, cum in my ass,” Julie yelled, as another orgasm was sneaking up on her. “I want to feel you blast your cum deep in my ass!”

I felt Julie’s ass start to spasm in another orgasm, and that was all I could take. “Oh my god, yes!” I yelled, as I slammed into Julie’s ass and unloaded what felt like a gallon of cum into her tight ass.

As my cock was exploding in her ass, I felt another gush of fluid from Julie’s pussy, as she softly shrieked.

Eventually, we both came down from our orgasms, and my softening cock slid from Julie’s ass. She sighed as she felt the void, and she softly shuddered in my arms.

As we lay there, our breathing slowly returning to normal, I asked Julie softly, “So how do you want to go about watching me with your daughter?”

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