6 Kasım 2021

Moving to a Retirement Community


Moving to a Retirement CommunityChapter 7I woke up the next morning in a bed that was new to me.It was then that I remembered where I was and what had happened last night.I got up and went into the living room, after getting dressed. For some reason, even after yesterday, I just didn’t feel right walking around nude in someone else’s house.”Henry?” I called out.No answer.”LuAnn?” I called again.Again, no answer.I went into the kitchen and it was there, lying on the table, that I found their note. I read it:”Mike,LuAnn and I enjoyed your company last night and we must apologize for just leaving you by yourself. We got a call early this morning and were told that LuAnn’s only sister was in the hospital after being hit while driving her car. We’re not sure what happened but we decided to let you sleep and we left to go to the hospital. It’s going to be a 4-hour drive to get there so please make sure the house is locked up when you leave. I’ll give you a call when we find out something and again, I do apologize and I hope you’ll understand.Henry”Ok, so now I knew what happened. I did a quick look in the refrigerator and found a carton of orange juice and poured myself a glass, rinsing it out in the sink once I was finished and then looked around the house to make sure all was secure. I went to the front door and opened it, the bright sunshine blinding me for a moment, then made sure it was locked from the inside and pulled it closed. I tested it once to make sure it was secure and then started the walk back to my house.About half way there I ran into Ed, who was out for his morning.”I tried to call you last night,” he told me, “But couldn’t get an answer. I was planning on stopping by after my walk to make sure you were ok.””Thanks. I appreciate it. I spent the night with some new friends but during the night they were called away for an emergency and didn’t wake me up.””Really?””Really. They’re gonna call me once they get there and let me know what’s happened.””Who are they?” he asked.”The Listers, Henry and LuAnn. An interracial couple and quite a nice pair, too. We had a good time last night that I enjoyed a great deal. First time I’ve been with a female in ages though and I’m glad to know that I haven’t lost my touch!” I laughed.He joined me in my walk back home and during the course of the walk we both decided to continue for a while. I needed to work out some of the kinks I’d aquired during my activities last night. Must be getting older than I think I am.”So,” Ed started, “How did it go last night?””Like I said, I had a good time and I think they did, too. I know for sure that LuAnn is one hot woman and can suck cock with the best of them. Henry is also well versed in oral manipulation and had a pretty good tool himself.””Think you’ll be seeing them again?””I’m sure of it. I can’t wait to properly thank them for their hospitality last night. It’s not too often that you meet someone for the first time these days and end up in bed with not just one of them, but both at the same time. Let’s just say it was interesting and it was the first time I’ve ever had a threesome with both sexes, and it won’t be the last time, either.””I’m sure it won’t. I know that I’ve had a few encounters with several couples since I’ve been here and each has been quite interesting, too. I’m looking forward to the monthly meeting of ours this week, as well. Going to be at your place this time, isn’t it?””Actually, I think it’s Gene’s week, but I’ll have to check my calendar to be sure.” We continued our walk and the street led us to a part of the community I’ve not been in yet. The street was set up nicely with trees planted on both sides and several of the home with hedge bushes around their front yards, all trimmed and very neat. One of the yards we passed had a sprinkler going and, since the yard was slanted towards the road, the excess water was running into the street and running to the drains spaced evenly on that side of the road. One had rose bushes blooming in the front yard and another had tulips in theirs. The color scheme was quite impressive and eye-catching as well.”Does everyone keep their yards up like these?” I asked.”No. anadolu yakası escort Not everyone. Most of the residents have a lawn care specialist do it for them. I can get you hooked up with the one who does mine if you’d like. Their prices are reasonable and the work is impressive. They do it right and on time and I’ve never heard anyone complain about the work. Nice gentleman by the name of Earl does the work and he’s got a crew of about 4 other men who help him all the time.””Do any of them live here?””No, it’s contract work that the Community pays for from the coffers of the residents.””Then I’ll not have to pay him for his work?” I asked, somewhat surprised.”That’s right. You know those ‘maintenance fees’ you have to pay every month?””Yes.””That’s one of the things those fees are used for, among other things.””What other things?””Well, if you have any plumbing or heating problems or need work done on your house work is hired from outside the Community and that work is guaranteed by the Governing Committee. It’s all on the up-and-up and I’ve never heard anyone say anything negative about it. We all appreciate the work and it takes a load off our minds since we don’t have to do it ourselves. While the fees aren’t too bad, it is enough to assure that a the fund is well ‘stocked’ and ready for whatever needs to be taken care of.””I like that much.””You’re also issued a statement every month letting you know what your individual balance is and what’s been used, as well as for what it was used on.””These people seem to have thought of everything here, haven’t they?””No one’s saying anything bad about it that I’ve heard. I like it, too. Sure takes a load off my mind and at our age it’s nice to be able to live somewhere and not have to worry about fixing the washer, the dryer, the air conditioning, or anything else that goes on the blink.””You got that right. Just less of a headache to be able to call someone and get it done.””And it’s usually done within a day or two at the most. Most of the time it’s taken care of within a couple of hours, depending on what needs to be done.””Nice,” I said again.We reached the end of the dead-end road we were on and turned around, crossed the street, and started back towards my house.The weather was nice, sunny and clear and there was a slight breeze. Not chilly, not even cool but not hot and certainly not barely warm. To me it felt just right and I was enjoying the exercise and I’m sure Ed was as well. It was one of the things we had in common, taking a daily walk or two and keeping fit. In another thirty minutes we were standing in front of my house and I invited Ed in for something cool to drink, which he gladly accepted.Once inside I got us each a glass of ice tea and we sat at the kitchen table and continued our chat. At one point he reminded me once again of our weekly meeting and I found that I was right, we would be at Gene’s place this week. I told him and he just chuckled.”Just hate being wrong, don’t you?” he said.”Yeah, I’m sure you really feel bad about that, don’t you?” I shot back.He finished his tea and let me know that he couldn’t stay. He had some errands to run in town and also had an appointment with is heart doctor at 3 that afternoon, which was an hour and a half away. He still had to go home and take a shower and get dressed. As he left I told him that I’d see him at Gene’s on Friday. I watched him walk down the sidewalk and then shut and locked my door. I then went to my bedroom and got undressed, got out some clean underware and headed for the shower. I still had the odor of sex on my body and wanted to get cleaned up. I knew the water would feel good and it would also help me relax and I’d been looking forward to it since I left the Lister’s house. It also brought back some wonderful memories of last night and I let them play through my mind as I stood beneath the hot water.* * * * * * * * * *When we got to the bedroom I sat on the bed while Henry and LuAnn stood in front of me. Directly in front of my face was Henry’s cock, so I reached out and grabbed it, pulling him towards me so I could get my mouth ataşehir escort wrapped around that wonderful uncut organ. I loved sucking on a cock, especially an uncut one and never got tired of it. That lasted only a few minutes though before LuAnn pushed me back on the bed and asked me to move towards the center of the mattress, which I eagerly did. Next thing I knew she was kneeling along side of me and straddled my chest, then she moved forward on her knees and situated herself right over my face, where she lowered her snatch until it was lined up directly with my mouth and after that I didn’t need to be asked to do anything. It was quite obvious what she was expecting and I didn’t want to disappoint her, so I stuck out my tongue and jabbed it into her waiting, naked snatch, savoring my first taste of her asian pussy. I felt that small patch of hair just above her slit as it tickled my nose and strangely it only made me want to eat her even more. This was my first pussy in years, but I still knew what to do with it and what to do to it, as well. I didn’t waste any time, either. I attacked her snatch like I hadn’t eaten anything in years.As I was busy doing that I felt Henry lower his mouth to my hard cock, taking me all the way down his throat, and felt the restriction of his wall on my cock, causing me to get even harder than I already was. He worked his tongue around my shaft and backed off just enough so that he could concentrate on my foreskin, stabbing his tongue in and out of that fleshy fold. His hands were busy, too, massaging my balls as he worked on my cock, using gentle pressure, as though trying to persuade my cum to quickly erupt into his mouth. Damn, his work felt good.While I was enjoying the oral workout on my cock I still worked on LuAnn’s snatch, reaching in with both my hands and pulling her pink lips apart, giving me a better access to the hidded reaches beyond. I licked around each lip separately, concentrating on gently biting each one, which elicited moans of pleasure from her. Then I shifted to her depths, or to the depths that my tongue could reach, totally avoiding her clitoris for the present. Right now I wanted to savor the taste of her nectar on my tastebuds. This was some of the sweetest female juices I’ve ever had the pleasure to taste. I’d always heard that asian pussy was among the best in the world and I guess I was proving that point right now.”Play with my nipples,” I heard LuAnn tell me, so I moved my hands up her torso until I got to her smallish breasts. My hands soon found the slight bulge that was her breasts. I was right when I first felt her throught he blouse. Her breasts were almost non-existant but those nipples…………….Those nipples stood out in contrast to her boobs. They were quite easily located and in no time I was rolling them between my fingers and thumbs. They got hard as small pebbles but still plyable enough to elicit moans from her. Now I had her going, not only on my mouth and tongue, but with my fingers as well, and her body was producing more of her feminine juices with each twist of a nipple or a swath of my tongue. Yes, I was totally enjoying this woman positioned above me. I could hardly wait to sink my cock into her narrow shute and fuck her until we both collapsed on the bed. I was sure she’d be one hell of a fuck once we got started.In the meantime Henry had just about gotten me to the point where I couldn’t hold back any longer. He continued to manipulate my cock with hands and mouth and it wasn’t long before I felt the first tingling in my balls, as sure reminder that I was about to erupt into his mouth for the first time. With a couple more plunges down on my cock I couldn’t hold back any longer and I shot four good loads of my cum into his mouth, which he quickly swallowed and continued to work on me until I had no more to give him. He finally pulled off my cock and licked up and down my shaft then worked on my balls for a bit before sitting on the side of the bed and watching as I brought LuAnn off for the second time with my mouth. With that cum she slumped backward and slid off to the side of me, so as ümraniye escort not to lay right on top of me, and scooted back towards the foot of the bed, so she could stretch out her legs. I was sure that by this time she was probably experiencing cramps from being in her kneeling position for so long.”Ohhhhhhhhhhh, Henry,” she said, “he’s just as good at eating me out as your are.” She closed her eyes and was instantly sleeping.”She won’t stay out long,” Henry assured me. “She does that once I get done eating her and it’s more like a power nap than anything else. Once she wakes up she’ll be ready to continue and it’ll be like nothing’s happend at all. My wife can be a real nympho when she wants to be. It’s nothing for us to do this several times a week, even at our age.””Doesn’t she wear you out?” I asked, as I moved to sit on the side of the bed. My butt was numb and all I wanted at that time was to get up and walk a bit and to go to the bathroom and take a leak. Which is just what I did. When I returned to the room LuAnn was awake and sucking on her husband’s cock, like nothing had happened just moments earlier.”See! What did I tell you?” He laughed.LuAnn looked up just long enough to let me know that she was ready for more from me as well. Pulling away from her cock sucking she informed me that she was ready to see what my cock felt like, so I got up on the bed once again and got ready. With a final lick on Henry’s cock she took the position I’d had only moments ago and spread her legs, opening her pussy for my full view, her lips still glistening from the oral ministrations I’d used on her earlier.”Fuck me,” she said.I grabbed her legs, spreading them further apart and placed my hands behind her knees. I then pushed them back towards her chest, until her knees were rubbing against her erect nipples and then I moved forward until I felt my cock make first contact with her pussy, pushing slowly, watching as inch by inch my cock invaded her recess until I was pushed against her body, my balls slapping against her ass. I stayed still for a bit, letting her get use to the feel of me inside of here and then, once she nodded that she was fine, I started my movements, rocking back and forth on my knees, pushing and pulling my cock into and out of her pussy. I watched as her lips clung to my rod with each movement, seemingly sticking to my cock with each in-stroke and then clinging to me as I pulled out. On each out movement I could see my foreskin pull back to cover what bit of my cock head was now exposed upon exiting her warm, wet hole. When I’d push back in I could see my foreskin wrinkling up as it was push once more down my rod, towards my root. After doing this for a while I let her legs go and they dropped until they were along side my body and I gently lay on her body, but continued to pump into and out of her body. She felt like a glove wrapped around me and as she moved with me her contractions would grab and then release me, squeezing me with a comfortable ease.Then Henry went back to work.As LuAnn and I settled into a slow pace he got on his knees behind me and proceeded to use his mouth and tongue on my butt and ass hole. He’d nibble on my ass for a while and gently squeeze my balls as I fucked his wife. Then he got closer and used his tongue to probe my pucker, but he never tried to push into me back there. All he did was lick and probe with his lips and that was enough to get me going and, before I could do anything to stop it, I shot 4 loads into his wife.”Oh yes, Mike. I can feel each shot!””I’m cummmmmiiiiiinnnnnggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg,” she screamed as loud as she could, and I could tell by her rotations of her hips that it was a strong orgasm. She locked her legs behind my back and Henry had to get out of the way, as her movements would cause her feet to kick him on the top of his head.As LuAnn was doing her gyrations Henry got up and stood to the side of the bed and then knelt down with his cock pointed at my face once more. With no prompting I grabbed his cock and stuffed it into my mouth, just in time to get his 5 shots of cum on my tongue and down my throat. I sucked until he had no more to give me and then, once he pulled out, I latched onto his balls and pulled him back, just enough that I could lick on his shaft one final time.After that I don’t remember what happened. I guess that was when I passed out myself, not waking until the next morning and discovering that I was alone in the house.

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