10 Temmuz 2021

Mrs Jones p2


Mrs Jones p2After fucking my hot thirty something blonde neighbour Mrs Jones, I could hardly think about any thing else, and for the next few days I hung at every window in my parents house waiting for her to call me over again.But to my frustration Mr Jones was suddenly spending time at home, and even though I caught her eye several times over the next few days, she never once indicated to me to meet her.Finally I couldn’t take it any more, and slipping out of the house one afternoon, I climbed over the back fence into Mrs Jones back garden, and then crept towards the house, and then I saw Mrs Jones in her kitchen doing some cooking.”Just rest Tommy, I’ll bring you a drink and some snacks in a minute!” I heard her sayClearly Mr Jones was inside, but I needed to see Mrs Jones, and so I quietly crept up to the window and glancing in to make sure Mr Jones wasn’t in the Kitchen, which he wasn’t, I then tapped on the window.Mrs Jones looked my way and almost jumped in surprise on seeing me, before she quickly opened the window and leant out slightly.”Robbie, what are you doing here?” she whispered”I wanted to see” I replied”My husband is in the next room, go home!” she whispered back”But I need you, I need to touch you, I want to fuck you so much!” I replied.”Are you crazy, Robbie! my husband is in the house, he would literally kill you if he saw you with your hands on me!” she snapped.”But I really want you!” I groaned “Don’t you want me?”Mrs Jones glared at me for a moment and then sighed “Just… wait there a minute!” she finally said, before closing the window and disappearing inside.I stood nervously on their decking, waiting for Mrs Jones to return, then after a minute or more the back door opened and Mrs jones dressed in a knee length flowery dress and sandals stepped out.As always she looked stunning with her long blonde flowing hair, her perfect tan and impressive cleavage that was bulging out the top of her dress, and quickly she stepped towards me.”Tommy is resting in the lounge, he’s got a bad back that’s why he’s home and why I haven’t asked you over, so now you know what’s going on, go home Robbie and be patient!” she replied standing right in front of me.”If he’s resting in the lounge, he won’t be coming out here any time soon!” I replied smiling.”No” she replied back sharply, realising what I was about to suggest, but I quickly moved towards her and pulling her towards me in my arms, I kissed her firmly on the canlı bahis mouth.Mrs Jones at first tried to pull away moaning what if her husband caught us, but then she began to kiss me back, and quickly her moaning turned to more pleasure than complaint.I quickly moved from her mouth to her neck as my hands began to explore her body through her flimsy dress, and Mrs jones moaned softly in my arms.”Oh Robbie, this wrong, we shouldn’t, we really shouldn’t!” she muttered “What if we get caught!”But as my kissing worked down her neck to her shoulder, and then I slowly dropped to my knees, her protests disappeared as I ducked under her dress and found her little red knickers that barely covered that amazing bald pussy of hers.”Oh Robbie!” she groaned softly as I pulled the lacy material to one side, and then ran my wet tongue up along her soft warm mound “Oh Robbie!” she moaned again as I did it again.Her legs then shifted opening wider, and her little pink pussy lips parted slightly, and eagerly I began running my tongue up and down her slit and tasting her first moist juices.For the next few minutes I stayed under her dress, licking her sweet mature pussy over and over and making her moan softly with every touch.”Oh Robbie, that feels so good!” she groaned as she started to rub her pussy into my face “Just keep doing that!”I continued for several more minutes, eagerly tasting my hot moist neighbour until finally I decided I need more.So I slipped back out from under her dress and stood up in front of her, by now I had a pretty hard cock in my jeans, and quickly I unzipped and pulled it out.Mrs Jones stared at it for a moment, and then grabbing hold of it began to rub it softly “Okay, one quick blow job, but that’s it, got it!” she said looking me in the eyes.”Okay!” I replied accepting the offer.Then Mrs Jones leant over, and her red lips parted, and she engulfed my cock with her big wet mouth, I groaned happily, as my hot neighbour began sucking me off, and leant back against the wall as she worked my cock.Her mouth sucked me in over and over again, her wet warm lips ran up and down my hard shaft, and then every so often her tongue played with my cockhead, before she swallowed my cock again.”Oh yes Mrs Jones, that’s good” I groaned happily.For the next few minutes she worked my cock eagerly rubbing it with her hand, and sucking it with her lips, and I was sure she was going to drink me dry eventually, but just when I thought bahis siteleri I was getting close and she was getting faster with her sucking, she suddenly lifted her head and I could see her drool dribble from her lips to my cock and looking me in the eye she said “Fuck me Robbie, fuck me now!””Really?” I asked amazed”Yes! do it, but hurry!” she replied, and then she turned around and lifted her dress showing off that amazing round tanned ass, and pulling her knickers to one side she opened her legs more, giving me plenty of access to her wet bald pussy.I quickly moved up behind her, and placing my cock up against her pussy hole, I thrust into her, and we both groaned as my cock entered her hot wetness and buried itself deep inside of her.Then holding her slim hips I began fucking her from behind as she half bent over holding onto the brick wall for balance.”Yes Robbie, yes! do it faster! do it harder!” she urged me.So I picked up the pace a little and began thrusting harder and deeper into that perfect mature pussy, and Mrs jones groaned louder and heavier.”Yes, yes, yes, yes!” she muttered over and over “Fuck me, fuck me!” I plunged my hard cock into her rapidly, giving her my whole length deep into her wet pussy and loving the feeling of once more being right inside of my hot mature neighbour.”Yes Robbie, keep doing that! keep doing that!” she groanedThis was so exciting, so thrilling, knowing her husband was just inside, knowing any nosey neighbour including my parents could see us at any moment if they cared to look into the garden, and so I eagerly pumped her pussy harder and faster enjoying every second.”Yes, yes, yes, yes, do it, do it, do it!” she groaned more.Then suddenly from inside her husband called out “Babe, bring us another drink, will you!” we both froze unsure what to do, until Mrs jones pulled away from me and quickly moved to the back door, before she opened it and peered inside.”I’m watering the plants on the decking, I’ll be back in a minute or two!” she called out.”Alright! just don’t take too long, will you!” I heard Mr Jones reply.Then Mrs jones quickly closed the door and moved back towards me “See! this is why this was a bad idea!” she whispered.”But now you’ve got a couple of minutes, so let’s finish what we started!” I replied pulling her towards me.”Oh Robbie, this is just a really bad idea!” she protested softly, but as I kissed her again on the lips, she began to kiss me back again, bahis şirketleri and then reaching down under her dress I got hold of one of her legs, and lifting it up to my waist I moved back between her open legs, and quickly found her gaping wet pussy.”Just hurry!” she moaned as my cock pushed up against her lips.Then I thrust upwards and slipped into that lovely warm wet pussy again, and quickly holding her firm tanned leg in one hand and her hip in the other I started fucking her again, hard and fast.”Oh yes Robbie, yes!” she groaned again before leaning into me to kiss.We fucked hard and fast like that for several more minutes, kissing repeatedly between her groaning and begging me to go harder, and I pounded my hot older neighbour as best as I could.As my cock plunged up inside of her, and our bodies slapped together, and her kissing got more passionate and desperate, I began to realise she wasn’t far from cumming.”Yes Robbie! yes Robbie! yes, keep doing that! keep doing that!” she groaned in my face.I fucked her faster and faster as she held onto me standing on one leg, and as she got closer to her orgasm, so did I.”Keep going! keep going! i’m nearly there!” she groaned “I’m nearly there!””Me too! me too!” I groaned back.I pounded that hot mature blonde’s wet hot pussy with every thing I had now, and as I thrust up into her over and over and over again, she began to groan louder, and louder, until finally she gripped my arms and cried out “OH FUCK ROBBIE YES!”And then she began cumming on my cock, her whole body bucked and twitched and I felt her hot pussy begin to try and milk my hard shaft as she groaned in my arms, and that was it for me and with a similar excited groan, I pulled my cock out of her pulsing cunt and began blasting her warm wet lips with my sticky juices. “OH SHIT YES!” I cried as I soaked her naked pussy in my cum.We both groaned and bucked together squirting each other with juices, until finally we both took a deep breath and relaxed, and for a moment we stood holding each other catching our breath.”Oh Robbie, that was good! that so fucking good!” she said smiling at me.Then she kissed me, before she pulled her leg out of my arm, and stood up adjusting her knickers to hold in my cum from dribbling her down her naked legs.”Now, go home, before some one sees you, and this time, wait for me to call you over!” she said before kissing me again.So putting my wet dripping cock away, I quickly crossed over her garden to the back fence and then climbed over it as she straightened her dress and then stepped back inside her house, and as I headed to my bathroom to clean up, I really couldn’t wait to be back with her again.

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