9 Temmuz 2021

Ms. Spalding

Big Dick

Ms. SpaldingIt was a day like any other, boring, sticky and hot. I had just finished a project and the rest of the day was mine to do as I pleased. My first thought was to go to the book store. The owner was always cool and picked the best titles for me. I grabbed my wallet and keys and headed out the door. As I stepped off my porch, I could see my neighbor Ms. Spalding across the street unloading what looked to be gardening tools from her SUV. Though she was almost 56, Ms. Spalding was well put together, even in her gardening clothes which consisted of an old bank t-shirt that fit her just right. The shape of her big breast showed through her shirt due to the sweat collected on her chest if I had to guess she was easily a G-cup. Her cut off shorts rode a bit up her ass which was wide, big and round. When she walked each cheek shook which always made me hard. She had short brown hair that resembled a pixie cut with a little salt in it. Her glasses were a bit big and kind of nerdy, which I loved and her shoes were the kind of river sandals you get for camping or floating. A real science teacher look.Before my mind could get away, I called across the street, “H-Hey Ms Spalding, looks like you be got your hands full. Can I help you with that equipment?” She politely looks back with a smile, “It’s okay, I–” before she could say anything else, she had dropped almost everything. I ran over to help her. As I approached, Ms. Spalding was facing me bent over picking up tools. I could see her large breast stuffed in her bra. They were sun baked on top with an abundance of freckles. I could only imagine what they looked like out of it. I started to get hard but had to get my head in the game due to fear of embarrassment. I knelt down before she could see anything, starting a conversation as quickly as possible. “Where do you want these?” “Just put them on the porch for now. I could use a beer. How about you?” I nodded in agreement and we both chuckled afterward as we both headed inside. Ms Spalding’s home reflected her. There were tons of geodes, fossils, bones, and collected bugs. I may have nailed the whole science teacher thing. As I was taking it in, she walked up unnoticed with the beers in her hands. I thanked her and canlı bahis she began telling me about all of her trips, specimens, and her run as a college professor. She told me that she had never been married or had c***dren. She said it wasnt her style. We both had a laugh as she continued on.She began tinkering with a wooden box in a narrow hallway we were passing through. She said that she wanted to show me her items she acquired on her trip to Tibet. On the other side of her was the bathroom and I kind of had to go due to the beer. I didn’t want to be rude and just slip past her in the tight hallway so I asked, “May I use your restroom?” “Sure, have at it.”, she replied. I began to walk past Ms Spalding but I noticed she was still tinkering with that wooden box butt out, with less of a foot to squeeze by. Normally I’d just say excuse me and move past but a bigger part of me didn’t want to.As I passed her from behind, I put my back to the wall of the hallway to slide past. I couldn’t help but to look down…there it was, those wide hips, thick legs, and big ass less than an inch away from my cock. I began to grow extremely hard, extremely fast. My cock wanted out so bad it pushed the top button of my jeans open, pushing my cock against the back side of her cut off shorts. I grew embarrassed and apologized “Sorry, sorry I didn’t want to push you and you looked busy…I just need to use the restroom.” She gave me a half smile and stated, “That’s okay, meet me in the kitchen when you’re finished.” I was in the her restroom, embarrassed beyond belief but, a part of me was happy it happened. It was almost a****listic in a way. Like I HAD to have her. I started sweating and reached into my pants to relieve myself but knew I didn’t have time. I had to display self control no matter how hard I got or how much I had fantasized about Ms Spalding in the past. So I splashed water on my face and headed back out.As I came back towards the kitchen, I could see Ms Spalding in her laundry room past her kitchen taking off her cut off shorts to put in the washer. She must’ve not known I was there because she continued to disrobe. There it was, all 5’5 of Ms. Spalding and her big round ass and G sized tits with the little freckles bahis siteleri on her cleavage area. Her areolas where big, brown and covered a great part of her tits. She began to wipe herself off with a wash cloth. Up and down, between her big tits, her legs and all over her big ass. My top button came undone again. My heart began to pound hard. It was almost like a panic attack but not scary. It was a****l like. if I was to have Ms Spalding, it was now or never.I ran silently towards her. My cock had busted through my top button AND my underwear. My lower stomach and cock were covered in pre-cum. Drool ran a little from the side of my mouth like I hadn’t eaten in weeks. As I drew in close behind her, I grabbed her waist tightly and shoved her up against the dryer. So much so that her feet came off the ground. She began to panic, “Wh-What are you doing!!?” All I could say was “I just can’t help it Ms. Spalding!!” She began reaching behind herself trying to shove me away but it was no use, I had already pulled my sticky cock the rest of the way out and slid it between her gigantic butt cheeks. I grabbed huge handfuls of Ms Spalding’s ass pushing her cheeks together to smother my sticky cock. The middle was buried in her soft crack and the head barely peeped at the top of it. Ms. Spalding whimpered slightly as I began thrusting between her cheeks. I wasn’t even in her but the feeling was sensational. The wet sounds the pre-cum made while hearing the slapping sounds of her ass made me want to cum right then and there but I had other plans.I pulled my cock away from Ms Spalding big ass which was now covered in pre-cum. So much, it looks as if she bathed in baby oil. A couple of strands were still connected between Her ass and my cock which made me even MORE excited. I grabbed myself quickly and began spanking Ms. Spalding as if my cock were a paddle. Slap after wet slap sent slight ripples and left red mushroom tipped shapes on her ass. She began to whimper more.Immediately after, I grabbed Ms. Spalding by the arm and pulled her to the ground where she landed on her knees soon after. Her big G sized tits were out of her bra and hanging loosely. She looked up at me without saying a word then looks at my cock. I bahis şirketleri slowly began pressing my cock against her mouth. She kept her lips tight and I kept pressing. I briefly pulled back to see my pre-cum strand stuck to her lips. I then grabbed the top of her head with my right hand and the base of my co k with the other and began slapping her on the mouth. Pre-cum flew everywhere as I slapped and rubbed myself on her face. I then slowed my pace to try and get inside her mouth. I rubbed the side of my cock on her lips by moving her head back and fourth. She finally began to open her mouth.Ms. Spalding took me in sideways. I could see the head of my cock poking the side of her cheek. She soon after started stroking me with both hands while licking my head. Strand after strand of pre-cum covered my stomach and her face. She made this wet sound when she sucked, like there was something inside she wanted. At this point it was hard to hold back. I knew if I wasn’t careful I was going to blow.She sat up more and placed her arm under her huge tits to hold them up. They easily hung over her arm along with her giant areolas, which I craved. I grabbed myself again and shoved my cock into her areola. Ms Spalding began pushing it into her titty and stroking hard.”C’mon. Do it. Is this what you’ve been thinking about you little pervert?”Breathing hard, I briefly replied, “Yes, all the time!!”She kept on. “I bet you’ve wanted to fuck me for quite sometime huh?” She began to stroke harder. This time she stuck the head of my cock between her tits from the front. Her big brown areolas swallowed it. I began to thrust harder and HARDER and…”UUUUUUNHHHHHHH” a long milky strand shot upwards vertically on Me. Spalding’s face hitting part of her glasses. She stuck her tongue out soon after to catch what was left. The second shot soon followed blasting the top of her sexy freckled cleavage. She took me back in her mouth using her tongue to show me that she was cleaning me off. I exhaled hard. “Did you enjoy that? I know you did. I saw your hard on earlier and knew your intentions.”Ms Spalding walked me to the door as she wiped the rest of my cum off. “If you need any more help please don’t hesitate to ask.” She looks at me, smiles and winks, “Oh don’t you worry. And maybe next time I’ll actually let you in my ass. Goodbye.” As she closed the door I was faced with another hard on. “Welp, back to phase one…I wonder what Ms. Ingrid is doing?”The End.

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