28 Temmuz 2021

My best friend & I


My best friend & IWell too start out this is a True story about me & my best friend that I fell In love with.. It started Couple months ago when we became friends. He was dating my exs s*s so we just kinda became friends, well we started working together then we all started staying together. Long story short he told me how shity & worthless my gf was so me & her split & she moved out well they all told me I’m more then welcome to continue staying there, well after doin little thinking I continued working with him & her D*d & staying with them. We all started getting really close we looked at each other as best friends. I got close with her s*s & she got a crush on me well I had a crush on her bf because he was the only one that actually was there for me when I really needed someone.. we got too the point where we were really comfortable with each other & would make jokes, I’d tell his girl he’s my man & all that lol just joking tho well deep down I thought he was really cute & amazing well I’m not gay I’m bi i could say, I’ve bottomed & sucked & got blown before other story has that in it lol. Well one day Idk how it got brought up but he was like yea I’ve gotten my dick sucked by a guy before, well it blew my mind because I thought damn maybe something could happen. I responded with yea I’ve let a guy suck me off a few times. He just smiled & we went on with a different subject well driving & his gf was with us lol. After some time they ended up splitting up & we kinda just didn’t hang out for 2 weeks we’ll bout a week ago he came over & stayed well before he did I told him my feelings & he was like I know what you mean we will talk more about it when I come over.. well I was expecting too get told I’m sorry I don’t feel that way blah blah well we where chillin in bed talkin well I went to adjust myself & he was like need some help…. I didn’t know what to say well I finally was like of course cutie I’d love some help, he starts stroking me & I put my hand down his shorts & started playing with it I looked over at him & said I been wanting you for awhile now, he looks at me & said I know the feeling your so damn sexy, I took my shorts & boxers off & so did he I went Down on him for about 15 mins till he pushed me back & said it’s my turn. I must say he knew what he was doing he gave some amazing head definitely could tell it wasn’t his first canlı bahis time he stops sucking me & well I’m still laying down I started too suck him well he was playing with me & I grabbed his sexy ass & was really blowing his big cock playing with his balls, he goes do you want to fuck me in the ass? Now I’m the first one that ever did & I knew that before hand so when he asked I was like hell ya baby bend over, now before going any further he’s 6″4 185# ripped I’m 5″10 160# he’s got about 8inch dick I got about the same ish well here he is bending over & all I could think was damn he is so sexy & had such amazing ass, he was really tight so I took my time & was really gentle when I able to get some speed I took my time we were fuckin for good couple hours well he goes baby plz cum begging me too blow my load well I go to reach around to play with his cock he cummed so hard & so much it made me instantly wanna blow. I said want me to blow in you or on your ass he said anywhere you want baby so I pulled out & covered his sweet sexy ass with my cum he just falls to the bed saying how amazing it was & I must say it was beyond amazing I loved it soo much. We clean up come back in the room & I look at him & said man that was fantastic I been wanting that for some time now well I never cuddled or kissed a guy before always just sucked or whatever then left well he we are best friends just blew each other & fucked him, he’s laying in bed & I lay down with him we are just in boxers well he’s so much taller & with him having such a sexy ripped body I thought too myself I’m gonna cuddle up with him. Before he came over we were talking about how we missed having someone too cuddle up with at night well he we where I cuddled up with him laid my head on his chest ran my hand up & down his chest & we talked for awhile & I was telling him how I couldn’t ever imagine myself cuddling up with a guy & feeling this feel. Well I was running my fingers on his chest I ran it down too his cock & started playing with it started too kiss his chest & neck then I randomly kissed him I couldn’t believe when I kissed his sweet beautiful lips I felt how I did, first time ever kissing a guy & I was so happy it was with the guy I called my best friend/ my everything. We made out for a few mins then I stopped & looked at him & said too him I’m so happy all this is with you my bahis siteleri first experience with a few things is with you. Made out little more then I kissed his neck & started kissing his chest his stomach his hips then I took his cock into my mouth & started to blow him really good, he’s moaning wiggling all over I’m laying between his legs with his cock in my mouth grabbing his chest, running my hands all over his chest now just imagine he’s got this type of body that is ripped he works out daily gots abs & just is freakin sexy here I am sucking his cock feeling his strong sexy body & all I could do is just moan & get a hard on myself. After blowing him for a few he finally blows his load in my mouth & then we make out for a few mins cuddle up & go too sleep naked. Best night of sleep I’ve ever had I woke up in the AM & all I could think was damn I’m the luckiest guy in the world. After little awhile being up we just spending the day relaxing since we had the day off & nothing to do. I go take a shower & before I go take one I tell him if you need anything door is open, well I’m taken a shower & I hear the door open & after a min I hear got room for one more I say of course I do baby get in he gets in & all I could think is here I am with this tall sexy muscular guy that has amazing ass nice size cock. I was feelin like a girl that had a huge crush on someone lol. He gets on his knees & started to blow me & not even after a few mins I felt my balls tighten up so I say in ur mouth or on your face? He goes anywhere you want daddy, I take my hand title his head back then shot a nice load all over his face. I finish up tell him I’ll be waiting in the room for him. Well I go in the room & im layin in bed nothing on waiting for this sexy guy come in & here I am planning on letting him fuck me now he kept dropping hints of wanting too fuck me & I kept maken him work for it. He comes in & I say how about you drop that towel & get into bed he lays down I get between his legs start kissing him both of our cocks are touching he’s touching my body all over I start too kiss him on his neck then his chest well I start to blow him & he has me move over too the side of him well he starts to grab my ass so I start take him deeper in my mouth he puts his finger on my hole then spits on his finger & puts it in me drives me crazy well I’m blowing him has me bahis şirketleri moaning like crazy taken his cock in his mouth. Now his cock is decently thick & almost 9ish I stopped sucking & said baby you gonna have to be gentle with my tight ass, well I get up bend over In front of him to tease him he started to play with my ass then starts to give me a rim job sent me over the top It got me so hard I told him just put your big cock in me I’m done waiting he gets his cock all nice & lubed up & my ass wet he slowly slides the head in it hurt at first he was really gentle he took his time he was about half way in he started to rock little well grabbing my ass & telling me how sexy my ass is & how he loved that I had a bigger booty then most lol, by this time it felt amazing I told him to go deeper & he did he took his time goin deeper well before I knew it he was balls deep & it just made me drop my head in my pillow & moan so loud my cock was so hard he started to fuck me little faster by the min before I knew it I blew my load from him just fucking me I was in heaven with him deep in my ass. After a good 2 hours he blows his load deep In me & he blew so much cum in me… he pulls his cock slowly out of me & I could only think how much I fucking love this dude. I get up & go clean up I come back in & I tell him my ass is his anytime he wants some nice ass. I’m laying down & he goes babe I wanna cuddle so he lays his head on my chest & I play with his hair & I think I looked at you as my best friend/br*ther then you were the only one that actually had my back & truly cared then I started too feel these feelings I never had before then I seen I truly had feelings for him. It was something completely different then we both ever had. I was his first top & we both were each other’s kiss & cuddles, it made me beyond happy I’ve never ever thought this was possible & I could feel like this about a guy I’ve always been down for g*rls until him. He looked At me & says do you want to keep this going? I responded with of course I do, he goes i do want to double team a g*rl with you tho cause 1 I think it be sexy as hell & 2 I don’t wanna give up pussy it made me laugh so much cause I agreed lol. At the end of the night we didn’t even fuck or anything we just cuddled the way I wanna end this is I cuddled up on him laid my head on his chest kissed his beautiful lips kissed his chest then cuddled up close & put my hand on his chest. There will be a part 2. I must say tho I was very happy with my experience with him I’m glad it was my best friend & the guy that I truly did fall for.

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