22 Kasım 2021



MY BEST FRIENDS MOMSorry for delays in the story but real life does take precedence. And that pesky thing called life did intrude with a vengence.I had been a few weeks between visits with Kat and Amy due to military duty and things in their lives. But none the less we had communicated and planned on getting together over the weekend. Kat said in one of our phone calls she and Amy had an idea they wanted to talk about with me. I asked for hints and all they said was it will be fun and kinky.Ok what do those two little minx have up their sleeve? They would not give me any clues but one and it was kind of cryptic “TWO VIRGIN HOLES” Kat said. I know they had no virgin openings cause I had used all 3 of theirs on various times. So i just dropped it for the time being. I called Kat on a thursday and said I would be up on friday evening and asked if there was anything she wanted me to bring? She said yes bring some lube and your hard cock. So friday after everything was done on post I left and drove the 220 miles to home and arrived at Kats place. And when I got there Amy’s car was there also which brought a smile to my face my 2 favorite toy boxes together yummy and my little brain thought the same I guess they are right great minds do think alike. With it being a friday we had tonite saturday and part of sunday together. Amy met me at the door with a rum and coke along with a hot toe curling kiss. I asked what brought that on my little sex bomb? her reply was you will find out very soon. hmmmm riddles istanbul escort in riddles in riddles but thats ok I like presents and if it concerns my little hot boxes all the more fun.I brought my travel bag in and went to find Kat who was in the kitchen doing fried chicken with all the trimmings hers was the best. Crispy coating just the right spices enough on that though. She told me to go get a shower and clean up and get out of those ugly green clothes (fatigues this was before cammo bdu’s in the army) I said ok MOMMY whatever you want she turned to face me and gave me a kiss as hot if not hotter than Amy’s. I went in showered shaved and did my thing getting dressed. After I came out dinner was on the table and my ladies were waiting. Damn this smells so much better than the mess hall Kat real food not mass produced slop. We sat and ate and I brought up the conversations we had. Kat stood up and got 3 wine glasses and poured us each a glass. we sat in silence for a few minutes just resting after the good meal we just had and cleared the table wiped it down and went into the front room with our wine and the bottle we had opened along with another on ice. Kat then started to tell about her and Amy’s idea. Its seems that john Kats son and Amy’s husband (his name will not be capitalized in story) had been strutting around like a proud peacock bragging about getting Amy pregnant and she didn’t like it so they wanted to knock him down a peg avcılar escort or 2. and between the 2 of them they came up with a plan and I was a big part of it and they wanted to run it by me.As it turns out we pretty much had the weekend to ourselves as john was out of town for work. So Kat started on the idea. Kat and Amy were going to have john and the 3 of us together for dinner next weekend a home cooked meal for me and a cake for Amy’s birthday. HMMMM what to get her? well it seems that Kat wanted to Punish jon for his bragging and to reward me at the same time for giving her a grand c***d. And had came up with a very kinky Idea on how to do just that. It was going to be an intimate dinner party just the 4 of us and johnny boy was going to get a few presents also. we hashed it out and got it planned so that it would be fun for all except maybe john but then to he might just enjoy it as I knew he was a little bit of a wimp due to his appearance. Jon was about 5’7″ and about 300 lbs he was always picked on never one of any of the cool groups so for him to land Amy as his wife it was a miracle on his part. But he was a nice guy overall. We decided that we would start with drinks then dinner and then the cake a little dancing prior to dinner then after also. One nice thing about Kats place was the main floor floors were all hard wood with no carpet which made for good dance floors.john and his brother Rob had bought their mom a nice TV and a kick ass stereo which put şirinevler escort out some good sound the past 2 Christmas’s. We also decided that while dancing we would start in showing our affection to each other in front of john kisses little rubs and feels here and there and so on.We decided that we liked the idea so far and both ladies were getting a little turned on by it too. So we called it a night and went to bed. they told me to wait in the front room while they got ready for bed and they said they had a little suprize for me tonite. So I drained the last swallow of my wine and poured 2 fingers of Bacardi dark in my glass and sipped it as i waited for them to call me in. They finally called as I finished my drink and I headed in. Kat was dressed in a dark red baby doll nightie and Amy was in the same but a very light green one. they said that these were their pre birthday presents to me and that they both had bought matching black one for the birthday night. I undressed and joined them in bed. Amy decided she wanted to start things off and went to work on me with her mouth she always did give wonderful head. Kat sat off to the side watching Amy work me over and rubbing her pussy with a couple fingers getting herself wet and ready for sex. Amy had me hard and ready in a while and she removed her mouth from my hard cock and Kat mounted me facing me and Amy remove the panties she was wearing and sat on my face looking at Kat.Kat proceeded to ride me to a very hard cum and I gave Amy several small ones and one damn big one. We then proceede to clean up a bit and go to bed. And what a restful sleep it was. My cock in between Amy’s ass cheeks and Kat cuddled to my back with her nipples drilling holes in my back I never moved all night.NEXT EPISODE THE BIRTHDAY PARTY……………………………………….

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