5 Kasım 2021

My brother Adam: Part One


My brother Adam: Part OneI am writing this document as a testament to my brother Adam so that one day he will know how much I care for and love him. Even though while I am at sea and far away, I think about him everyday and long for the day when I will be back on shore and can give him a huge hug.Since our Mother died when I was eight and Adam six, we have been consistently abused physically by our Father who seemed to care more about punishing us for all minor misdemeanour’s rather than giving us a stable and loving family.Adam is still there, alone in the house with him. His life is taken up with my father’s religious views and rules that he must abide by, with no way out at present. Father wanted us both to follow him into that army where he was a Sargent until recently. Now he works for the Prison Service which seems to be the dumping ground of a lot of ex-servicemen because of their background in discipline.I couldn’t face the army myself. I wanted to get away from living it at home day in day out, being treated and punished as soldiers at home. We were k**s for Christ sake! There is a big difference between whipping a squaddie for not keeping his kit in order and thrashing me because my school shirt was on the floor!I have always felt very protective towards Adam, not just because of Dad, but also because he is still very young, even for his age and there are a lot of men out there who would take advantage of him given the chance. It is bad enough in the Navy! If you can’t suck Officer’s cock or take it in the arse, you’ve got no chance! Stay out I say. The discipline is bad but at least I was prepared for that.Father seems completely unaware of these problems for a young lad. He knows nothing of our Uncle’s (his brother) ‘taste’ for young men for example.My uncle John, lives in Manchester, manages a hotel. I was sent up there during the summer holidays when I was 16 to ‘earn’ some money. The first night I was there, he insists we take a shower together to save on water. His hands are all over me, pretending to wash me down. Next thing I know, I am woken up in the night with him rubbing my cock through the nylon bed sheets which he then pulls down and proceeds to fondle me. He ends getting me to suck his dick and then taking my pyjamas down and fucking me and that continued for two weeks whilst I was there.The hotel runs a ‘special service by which guests can, for a fee, rent a boy or girl in the employ of the management and do with whatever they will!I was spotted by a man whilst I was waiting at tables one evening and he paid for me to be brought to his room later where he proceeded to have sex with me. This man must have been known to my Uncle John, for he later joined us in the room and they ‘shared’ me between themselves.My kadıköy escort Uncle and that man fucking me was the first time I had ever been abused. He told me to ‘say nothing’ or he would report me to my Father which he knew would get me soundly whipped when I got back.I was always very afraid of my Father, still am!Last Christmas I went home on leave. Thinking I was a man now at eighteen. Foolishly I went out with some mates from school for a drink, came back late and a little bit tipsy. Dad gets mad and has my trousers down over the kitchen chair for coming home late and in a state as he put it. It was his house and I had to abide by is rules whilst I was there. If I thought I was too old, he banished that thought from my mind and I felt like his little boy again.Last time I was home six weeks ago, Adam was on his way to bed as he had school in the morning. Dad gets this phone call from some busy body church goer he knew, reporting Adam for swearing in the park.Dad goes mental and has Adam’s pyjamas down so fast , giving him an almighty thrashing and I am told to keep out of it when I try to calm things down unless I want to take his place,which I didn’t!Poor Adam! I could hear him sobbing as I lay on the sofa in my sleeping bag.Later, when I knew Dad was asleep, I went in to him, I only had my regulation nylon uniform socks on and slid between his nylon sheets next to him. He was lying on his side, the pain being too much, but I could feel the heat of his backside through the nylon of his pyjamas. I cuddled him and told him I loved him. I put my arm around his waist and presently I could feel he was getting an erection and I asked him what that was for. He said he didn’t know.Next I did something which I don’t regret. I put my hand into his pyjamas trousers, took hold of his cock and began to wank him off! I had a massive boner as well by now and pressed it into the crack between his arse cheeks. He began to breath heavily and moan and so I gently moved him onto his back and took his pyjama trousers down. Then I took his young cock in my mouth and began to suck him, telling him to be as quiet as he could. If Dad had caught us, he would have had us flogged in public!Adam was worried about making a mess in bed so I unbuttoned his PJ’s and wanked him off onto his chest, then I licked up all of his sweet, sweet boy-cum!He wanted to know what it tasted like so I gave him some! I was so horny now, I desperately wanted to fuck his tight arse but instead I wanked myself and got him to try to suck me. When I came , it was all over his face. My balls were busting with spunk! He asked me what spunk tasted like and I fed him some, told him about the different üsküdar escort types. Then he fell asleep in my arms.It was some of the best sex I have ever had. I think we both suffered a lot of guilt afterwards as we both knew we had committed a vast sin and were likely to be damned, but we did the same thing again several times that glorious week.I really wanted to fuck him, not just because I was so horny about the whole thing, but also because I wanted to open him up, get him used to having to ride a cock as I knew that he would meet his first Daddy soon enough and it could be painful as they tend not to consider the damage they are doing to a lad on his first time.As with all things, God got his revenge on us poor sinners, well Adam at least. We got careless that week and Dad found some stains on Adam’s bedsheets.As my Father is paranoid about masturbation and us being boys, he checked our bedsheets regularly for any signs of onanism, still does with Adam. In this case he found some jizz marks, probably mine on his pillow case and also where one of us had leaked spunk afterwards.Of course, Adam was to blame as I wasn’t supposed to have been anywhere near his bed and what made me love him even more was he took it all without telling on me. Well, he knew what the consequences would be for both of us!When he came home from school, Dad, who must have been in his room during the day, took him by the ear and asked him what he thought the stains were. They were brown nylon sheets so they showed up really badly and there was no denying it. Adam protested a bit saying he didn’t know, but every time he denied it, he got a clout round the ear from Dad. I can’t say I blame him for trying as he knew what was coming to him, but by now he should have realised that Dad would punish him anyway, even if he had the most reasonable excuse. Maybe he just felt guilty about the whole thing. He certainly prayed a lot in Church the following Sunday.Anyway eventually Dad tired of the situation. Adam was already in tears by the time his trousers and pants came down. Initially he was whipped bending over, holding his ankles, but invariably this position was difficult to maintain and we would both be made to lean over the back of a chair or in Adam’s case, he was leant over his bed, semi naked over the offending nylon sheets that were the cause of the problem!When we were punished, we would also be denied any food and had to stay in our room for the rest of the night, only allowed out to go to the toilet.I could hear him crying to himself and would have loved to comfort him. Instead I saved him some food and took it in to him when Dad was in bed, hours later. I told him I was sorry but thought it best not t tuzla escort try it on with him that night as it would add insult to injury. I did however get into bed with him and rested my hard cock against his hot arse. His nylon pyjamas felt so good next to my balls.I went back to my ship, the following Monday and I think Adam was sad to see me go.On our first night together, he had asked me if I was gay. I told him about some of the things that happen in the Navy. Mainly my encounters with the Officers. They always like a bit of young blood and the newest ratings are the ones that take it most. Usually they get you on some disciplinary offence, get you whipped first and then other punishments include attending their cabin where they take your arse! I was also caught using a glory hole in the latrines. It is possible to get down behind the wall of one of the cubicles in order to suck a bit of dick if you are inclined. I was feeling horny, so I did. I must have sucked this Petty Officer who came in as he was waiting for me when I came out!So in addition to getting his dick sucked, he had me punished as well!I also told Adam him about lying in my bunk one night with the curtain across and seeing two of my shipmates getting off together! We wear these little blue nylon shorts in our bags at night, especially in the tropics and it was just so horny seeing one lad grope the other and rub his shorts over his hard dick until his boner poked out the top of his waistband. Then he got sucked and fucked by his mate, me wanking and looking at them through the curtain all the time. Such a horny night, I wanted to join them, but sex is forbidden on ship and I didn’t want to get punished again.I told Adam about most of this stuff knowing he would be shocked at what I had done. I even told him if he knew some of the things that had happened to me, he would never again want to know me.He denied this, but I really wanted to let him know what he would soon have to face for himself, especially in the Army.I gave him a porn magazine from my kit bag, a straight one, just to prove to him I liked a bit of cunt as well. It was one I had picked up in some foreign port, completely uncensored Danish stuff.Dad may well have found it as I knew he went through my bag as well but I had it hidden in a pouch in the double lining. I wanted Adam t keep it well hidden too as I knew what would happen to us both if Dad found it. He would know it was me who gave it to him as well as you can’t get that sort of stuff in England.Adam just kept looking at it with wide eyes. I don’t think he had ever seen such things before. I really wanted to have him there and then and I could see he had a huge boner tenting his school trousers, but Dad was due home any minute and would have caught us. So I had to content myself with a wank on the train down to Portsmouth, all the time thinking of my little brother rubbing his cock sore whilst looking at that magazine!Adam told me the next time I saw him that he used to take it on long walks in the countryside with and wank himself silly as he was so turned on by the pictures! God how I love him!

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