7 Eylül 2021

My fantasy come true


My fantasy come trueI am 22 years old. This happened to me one year ago, in Kathmandu, Nepal. Her name is Suman. She has two k**s and even after bearing two babies. Still she was beautiful. They used to stay down to our floors with her husband who is a businessman. She is just a housewife. I like Indian ladies in a sari, they look very sexy. As my house on two units I could get a chance of looking at neighbor’s house. My next door neighbor had a perfect figure as I always blushed staring at her lower body part. There were times I leave my room curtain open as I used to do body building. I noticed she gave me appealing smile when my body was sweaty as each drop running from head to smooth curved chest, bumping through abs and disappearing under my skin tight shorts. She used to get erotic as her hormones arouse and her nipples erect shaping out from blouse. I couldn’t concentrate on body workout as my pennies arouse giving a clear figure of 8 inch long cucumber. I thought she was not noticing my action directly but she read my action quiet well leaving flames of unholy desire burning in her body.Every evening, I used to go out and come back home. She used to peep me through the small opening slit of curtains through windows. We never dared to talk about it. It happened for more than a month. One day, since I couldn’t approach her, she opened her door and gestured me to stay 4 sometime. It was evening and in alley of the stairs, no one could see. She gently came close tuzla escort to me and without a word she came close 2 me and kissed me with her trembling lips. It was too much 4 me. I also kissed with vigorous strength for 10 minutes. Finally we realized our place. We went inside her room where her k**s were small and watching television. She turned on the volume of TV quite loud so that our activities should not be disclosed to c***dren. When she came to room, we again kissed, mauled her big boobs with her blouse my dick was touching her stomach. Slowly she took her hand in my dick n started to massage it, which enlarged my dick. She said her husband only work 4 money, he has small size dick than mine…n really enjoy this tonight with me.She said finally she got opportunity to fuck by me with this size cock. She touched rod shaped my cock and sucked for an hour because she likes big cock was in total ecstasy myself and allowed myself this luxury of being loved and kissed by this lovely woman next to me. After about fifteen minutes of deep mouth kissing, lips sucking and tongue twisting us lay exhausted facing each other. Through her semi transparent gown, I saw her tight nipples, and though I wanted to feel them, I wanted nothing between us. “my Leonie.” I said. “she was with her eyes closed. “ummmm,” she said. “can I remove your gown” I asked. “why are asking me sir? With this, don’t we belong to each other? Do you have to ask? I am now completely yours pendik escort and do as you will.” She said, and arched her back, helping me to remove the buttons, and get her hands out of the gown. I had to now jut slide the gown off which I did. She lay before me in all her glory, except for a tantalizing pair of silky pink knickers. I left this for later. And I started on her, kissing her from her face down once again, going into her mouth, then her neck, and her shoulders, and came to the base of her lovely breast. As I mentioned earlier, they were a bit sagged, buy still her nipples were taut and dark and inviting.I cupped her right breast in my hand and bending down, I enclosed my moth around her areola and sucked on her nipple. She let out a loud sigh. “my master. I am now and for ever yours. Just keep on sucking me. How I wish there was milk in my breasts so that you could have drunk from my breasts. I love the dog position. Slowly, now she took my dick into her pussy and told me to fuck her the way I want and dreamed of. After the pushed, unnnhh! Nooo.” she yelped. I had never again met a pussy as tight as anchal. I could feel my dick burn as I entered further into her. The head was now fully inside her and now I could feel a barrier blocking my way to paradise. It was her fragile barrier of shame, guilt, and maidenhood. I kept stroking her hair as I interchanged her nipples and occasionally kept kissing her. I made a strong move and forced my penis aydınlı escort deep into her. She began to wriggle like a snake trying desperately to escape from the eagle’s claws. “no, please no. It hurts, please.” she began to plead. Her pleading only made me hornier as I again thrust my penis deep into her. She began to shout and moan in pain. I placed my hand under her shoulder and grabbed her breast with the other.My mouth went over hers and I again thrust my penis into her. This time she threw her head back and yelped. “aaaaagggh!” I had shattered her hymen. I could hear only the creaks of the cot, and my neighbors wife’s moaning sounds, like oh, amma, ohh, ssss, please, slow, its very paining, ssss, amma, appa, do it slowly, rascal, you are the real fucker, ssss, mmma, yes yes, ssssssss, mmmmmm, mma mma, mma, mmma, mma. The sounds didn’t stop for 1 minutes. After some time my wife screamed in high volume, and I could understand that she got her climax. Still, I was hitting her with my strong long dick, just in and out. I changed many styles from dog position to etc. I forgot to put condom, but, she said she is in pill, even more, she says she wants to feel my cum in her pussy. Later on, I spurt my cum inside her with strong jet and stroke till her cries again at final ejaculation, I laid in her arms 4 sometime, till our satisfaction. Now, they shifted to India, Siligudi. I am alone, though we enjoyed a year. No one knows about it except us. We enjoyed in her room, others even don’t suspect us. Its’ really worst to stay without sex. This incident happened in Kathmandu, Nepal with an Indian housewife. Feel free to contact me soon in secrecy will be assured & guaranteed:::->dhature93@gmail.com

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