5 Kasım 2021

My first long weekend


My first long weekendBack again for another story and as always it is completely true.I was out with my girlfriend (as shocking as that sounds, lol, considering my other stories) for one of her guy friends birthday party one Friday night. I didn’t want to be there at all as I knew I’d have a bad time. I made this point very clear to her several times which put her in a mood before we went out, this helped me out in the long run by I don’t want to get ahead of myself.As we arrived at the party she was quite annoyed with me which didn’t really bother me that much, great boyfriend I know lol. Anyway when I finally found out who’s birthday it was I got slightly annoyed. It turned out that the birthday boy was a guy I know she has cheated on me with. I don’t know if she knew or not but it seemed like she did because all night she was very clingy and flirty with him. We all went to a night club later that night and I was starting to ease off a bit but I was still slightly annoyed. I wasn’t even annoyed at this guy or what they had done together it was more that I was bored out of my mind with all her friends around me. I noticed my girlfriend dancing very seductively with the birthday boy so I went over and told her that I was going home and she can stay and grind up on him all she wants. There was a slight argument which ended quite quick as I just left. It turned out she slept with the guy and a friend that night but that’s their story not this one.I left the club still slightly annoyed and was in a walking mood so I thought I’d walk home instead of getting a taxi. As I walked along I overheard two men arguing up ahead. I couldn’t hear the whole conversation but from what I was able to hear they were a couple. Well not anymore as one of them broke it off with the other.Luckily for me the one who was dumped was walking the same way as me, he didn’t seem upset more annoyed and confused. I walked slightly faster to catch up with him and for the first time ever I started talking to a man in person in the hopes of some fun. I have only ever used the internet before then.The guy (For future references I’ll just call him Mark) didn’t even know I was there until I started speaking. “you all right?” I asked him. I didn’t get much of a response more of a odd look. I said “I don’t mean to be nosey but I noticed you were having a heating conversation with your friend there” obviously I knew it was his boyfriend but I didn’t want to let him know I knew. “We’re not friends. He is, was my boyfriend. He just dumped me”. “I know how you feel I just broke up with my boyfriend as well” I replied, I said it was a guy so he would know I was also in to men.Mark perked up a bit and was in a more friendly demeanor. “So what is the reason you’re single now then?” I asked Mark. He replied with “He accused me of cheating on him, which I didn’t, so he cheated on me and apparently just wants to be single now. What gaziantep escort about you?” I told Mark the story but changed it so it was my boyfriend doing all of it so I dumped him. “So we both got screwed then huh” Mark chuckled. This was my moment to go for it. “Maybe we should hook up and be the ones screwing then huh” I said jokingly serious. I awaited Marks reaction and response. “Yeah that would show them” he replied, but I didn’t know if it was serious or not. I decided to go for it and get a definitive yes or no right here “You know I was only joking to begin with but why don’t we. You’re good looking and we did both get cheated on”. Mark stopped walking and looked at me “Are you being serious right now?” he asked me. “Yeah. If we can get fucked over, why not, so fuck it yeah I’m serious!”. Mark just stared at me then moved in and started kissing me, something I don’t usually do with guys but I couldn’t exactly stop him since I did have a “boyfriend” and I wanted his cock so I went with it. I slipped my hand down the front of his jeans and grabbed his dick. I asked where he stayed, he lived about twenty minutes walk away. “Too far away, I want that now” I looked around to see if anyone could see us, we were in a quite area with not a lot of buildings or houses so no one was about. I dropped to my knees right there and started unzipping marks jeans. “Wait. You’re doing that right here, what if someone sees us?” “keep an eye out” I said.I took out his dick, it was an impressive length even when soft. I wrapped my mouth around the head and started licking, I then took it all in my mouth. I love using nothing but my mouth to make a soft dick rock hard. unfortunately I wasn’t sucking for long as mark informed me people were coming in our direction. So I put his dick back in his jeans and we started walking back to his.The whole walk back to his we were both looking out for quiet ares to have some fun in, annoyingly it was when all the clubs get out so it was starting to get kinda busy on the streets. When we finally got back to his neither of us could hold off any longer as soon as I closed the front door he pinned me against it and started kissing me and at the same time taking off his jeans. As soon as his jeans were off he put his hand on the back of my head and stopped kissing me. He didn’t need to add any force on me, I was dropping to my knees as quick as I could and I was greeted by a rock hard cock. I started sucking and taking him as deep as I could. He was loving it, we moved to his bedroom so he could get comfortable. I got undressed and got back to sucking. Mark reached over to his bedside table and pulled out some lube and a condom from the drawer. He put some lube on my ass and some on his finger and slowly slid it into my ass as I continued to suck away.After I was all lubed up mark slipped on the condom and asked what position I like best. “Doggy!” I replied so I positioned myself in front of him. Mark moved up behind me and slowly slipped his dick inside me. “You’re tight, I love that. When did your boyfriend last fuck you?” he asked. “A few weeks ago, but that’s enough about him tonight it’s about us”. Mark took that as his cue and started fucking me really hard. He was mixing it up with long slow deep thrusts and short bursts of extremely hard fucking I love that was of getting fucked.I felt Mark pull all the way out and not push back in. I waited for his cock, he eventually pushed it back inside me. Unknown to me the condom had broke and Mark was now fucking me bare. Mark cummed inside me not long after but I didn’t notice because he just kept on fucking. After a while he decided he wanted to fuck more than once so he acted like the condom just broke. Mark pulled out of me again and shouted “Fuck, that was my last one!”. I turned around and noticed the condom was broke. Neither of us wanted the night to end so there was a slight awkward silence and questioning looks on display. I decided I’d be the one to break the silence. “We both have been in a relationship so I’m guessing we can trust each other, if you want we can keep going without one”. “If you want. It’s up to you” He replied. I turned back around so I was in the doggy position again and said “Fuck me!”.It took mark seconds before thrusting his dick inside me again. “This feels so much better” Mark cried out. Mark was fucking me so hard, harder than I’ve had in quite some time. Marks breathing was getting heavy and his thrusts were getting faster, I could tell he was close. “Don’t stop” I shouted out. Mark tried his best to keep going but couldn’t last much longer he thrust deep and cummed inside me. “That was incredible, I think I’m in love with your ass” joked Mark. Neither of us were tired so we moved into the living room and sat down, still naked, and watched a movie. Halfway through the movie Mark had fallen asleep. I thought I’d surprise him with a wake up blowjob and fuck so I got up and went into his room to get the lube, this is where I discovered mark had lie to me earlier. I had found several more condoms in his drawer. He had wanted to fuck me bareback.I thought about going through and confronting him but then I thought to myself that he wasn’t the first stranger to fuck me bareback and probably wont be the last, besides I prefer it bare anyway.I walked back through to the living room and got on my knees in front of mark, putting the lube next to me, out of sight. I gently licked his cock, soft enough so it wouldn’t wake him up but hard enough to get him semi hard. I took his cock in my mouth and started to suck him off, the whole time I kept looking up at mark to make eye contact with him as soon as he woke up, which wasn’t much longer. Mark woke up to a view that all men should. A big grin was on his face “how long was I out?”. “Not long” I replied before sucking him proper, now that I didn’t have to be gentle. I said “Hope you’re ready for some more fucking?” I grabbed the lube and started putting a bit on his dick and slowly wanking him whilst keeping eye contact. It took a few seconds before he clicked and knew that I knew about the condoms. Without breaking eye contact I stood up, straddled Mark and sat down on his dick.Mark seemed surprised he was getting to fuck me bare again. I was grinding on his dick and still maintaining eye contact. I leaned forward and started to kiss him. After a couple minutes I stopped kissing and whispered into his ears “Thank you”. Mark seemed really confused “Why are you thanking me?”. “It’s been a weird fantasy of mine to have a guy fuck me with a condom then take it off without my knowledge or permission and then keep fucking”.Mark Just smiled and let me do my best at making him cum again. It didn’t take me long, he cum inside me one more time. We then moved to the bedroom and went to bed. This was unfamiliar territory for me as I usually leave after the guy has had his way with me. I woke up the next day alone in his bed. I got up and walked through to the living room to be greeted by a note saying that he had work and didn’t want to wake me and hopefully I’ll still be there by the time he gets home, which was at five. I stayed naked for the whole day waiting on mark coming back. It was a weird feeling just hanging out naked all day in a strangers house.It was almost five and I decided to surprise Mark when he got home so I took some lube and put it in and around my ass and got on all fours, so mark would be greeted by a willing ass eager to be fucked. Just after five mark got home and came in the door and just stood there. “Welcome home now fuck me” I said. Mark started to get undressed but I stopped him and told him to keep his clothes on, love fucking a man in a suit. Mark got behind me and pulled down his zip, he then pulled out his dick and pushed it into my ass. He cummed inside me fairly quick as he had been thinking about me all day. We moved to the couch in the living room where we watched a movie and had some more fun. I stayed naked and in Marks house for the entire weekend. I lost count as to how many times he had cum in me. I literally could not get enough of his cock. Even during mundane tasks like washing dishes and watching TV I was always trying (and succeeding) to suck him off.It wasn’t until late Sunday evening that I finally got dressed and left Marks house. to go back to mine. When I got home I my girlfriend came over to me and asked me where I was and that she was sorry. I told her that I stayed at a friends house and that I forgave her.To this day I’m still going out with her and getting fucked by mark as much as I can, he knows about her now and that I was going out with her to begin with. He told me that He wished I had said something as he found that even hotter.Anyway sorry for making this so long, believe it or not it could have been much much longer.

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