11 Temmuz 2021

My First Time with “T”


My First Time with “T”In keeping with my pattern of going backward and forward in time with my life’s sexual experiences, I want to share the story of T and me.We met in an online chat room on a popular dating web site. I had met ladies their before with various results over the two years I was separated from K/my now Ex-wife. T had just joined the site and hadn’t committed to being a paying member. She posted a picture of herself in work clothes and she looked, nice. Not made up or fake, a “this is what I look like” picture. I had several pictures, as well as a detailed description of myself and what I was looking for in my profile, nothing sexual, it wasn’t that kind of dating site. T had done very little of that, but her picture was nice and she was within driving distance so I said, hello.We chatted on line for hours until it was getting late and I needed to sleep. I said I’d like to chat more in the morning and she agreed, “That would be nice”. When I turned on the computer in the morning and went to the chat room, she was there. We resumed our conversation and I finally asked if she would like to meet for lunch and perhaps a movie. A very long pause followed and she finally said, sure why not. Or something to that affect. We met at a movie theater that served food, wine and beer for our first date.T, was separated as I was. She had left her husband a little over a year prior to her going online to the dating web site. They went on a few dates after she left him to see if there was still something there that could be fixed, and for her, there was not. So she lived on her own, alone for a year. One day she was grocery shopping and noticed a man she found attractive and became, interested. She went into the next isle and saw him with his disabled wife and realized just bumping into someone to go out with was not as easy as she hoped. A couple of men she was acquainted with through work asked her out, but she refused. Smarter than I was, work was one thing and romance another and when you mix them it usually ends awkward or badly, and that lingers. So she decided to try the online dating thing and met me.The “first date” was something I’d been on several times before since my separation. I was always intrigued by the new encounter and never had any expectations except conversation, dinner and a movie. I like the movies; it’s a public place to meet for first dates. And because it gave the lady and me an opportunity to be “with each other” and feel what that was like without the pressure of filling in the time with conversation. It also gave us something to talk about after, “How did you like the movie?” I could tell T was nervous and she was trying very hard not to show it. I was attracted to T’s picture. In person, she was stunning; she was 32 years old, 7 years younger than me. An inch or two taller, she had shoulder length curly blonde hair with blue eyes and a nice smile. Not over weight, thin framed really with smallish breasts, long legs and a nice backside. Meeting in person, she strode across the sunny, movie theater parking lot, wearing a short sleeve blue blouse and dress jeans with brown clog shoes. She extended her hand to shake mine and smiling said, “Hi, I’m T.” As the date went on she informed me she hadn’t been out with anyone in over a year. And that date was with her soon to be Ex-husband whom she had been with since she was fifteen years old. I was her first, “first date” in a very long time. And I felt certain that this relationship was not going to last.The first lady I had sex with after my separation, SS, was a co-worker who I’m sure saw the pain and frustration I was feeling after being together with My Ex-K for f******n years. She was the one who mentioned online dating to me and we hit it off for a very short while. I had expectations I shouldn’t have had, I was a little broken at the time. SS fixed much of that by sleeping with me, and showing me that I could find love again, and that is what I wanted, to find love. But SS and I were not compatible in that way. The sex was easy, love not so much. And bursa escort I knew when she broke things off with me that it was the right thing to do, as much as it hurt to be rejected.I felt that was what I would be for T. A stepping stone on the path to finding love again. I was OK with that. I felt I was paying it forward, doing for her what was done for me. I did not think this relationship would last. After the movie, I asked T if she would like to get a drink somewhere and talk some more. At which point she invited me back to her home. I thought that was unwise, she just met me. But I was not a stalker or a bad guy so I agreed. I mentioned this to her, I advised when she had dates in the future she should be more cautious about whom she takes back to her home. She agreed, and her anxiety went up a notch or two. I was just being honest and trying to give her good advice for her own safety. In her apartment she curled up in a wicker chair with her glass of wine, across the room from me. I knew the date was coming to an end at this point and decided to wrap things up. I asked if maybe she would like to have dinner sometime, perhaps latter this week. And she said, “Yes”. We didn’t kiss or anything, I just gently shook her hand and said good night. I respected her anxiety, and her courage overcoming it to date again.It turned out T was not anxious; she was terrified the whole time. The next day I called her and offered to take her out to dinner Wednesday night and she counter offered instead to cook for me in her home. I agreed and said that would be very nice, again offering to take her out somewhere if she preferred. She made me a fine meal, and told me over dinner how scared she was on our first date. How she felt her heart sink in her chest when I suggested we meet and go to the movie. She said she freaked out, writing down all my information and leaving it on her kitchen table in case I was some kind of serial killer and she disappeared. Again I mentioned taking me back to her home on our first date was probably not the safest decision. Pointing out that if I was a bad man the information on her kitchen table would probably never have found its way to the police. We laughed about that and how scared she looked all curled up in her wicker chair. She said she thought I looked very professional and kind of “square”. Her Ex was kind of a biker type, jeans and t-shirts, black leather vests, mullet hair cut. My khaki dress pants with a blue short sleeved dress shirt, flat top hair cut with a trim goatee was not at all what she was used to. On our second date she was much more relaxed and confident. After dinner we decided to watch something on the TV. I sat on the couch, and then she sat right next to me, very close next to me. I felt that now familiar, “Electric adrenalin rush” when a lady was making herself available for my attentions. And T radiated desire to be attended to. It really was electric. I looked over at her and we both smiled as I reached my hand up to her cheek and lightly kissed her on the lips. Her hand found its way to my face as well and the kiss became more passionate. The kissing became more urgent as I wrapped my arms around T and pulled her closer. After a short time the couch was becoming uncomfortable and awkward so I asked, “Do you have a bedroom?” To which she replied, “Yes”, smiling she took me by the hand and led me up the stairs to her queen sized bed.The kissing continued at bedside, drawing her close, squeezing her ass then allowing my hands to slide up under her shirt, up the smooth warmth of her back to her bra strap which I unfastened. T then removed her shirt, a light short sleeve pull over along with her undone bra. I also took my own shirt off, a pull over polo shirt I think it was. T didn’t have any tan lines around her breasts. They were more than large enough to fill my hands, which is what happened next. Sliding my hands up from her low back, over her rib cage and up under her tits, I squeezed them firmly at the bases and pulled her forward to resume our kissing, gently probing her lips and bursa escort bayan mouth with my tongue as her nipples came in contact with my bare chest. I rubbed them side to side a little across my own nipples before sliding my hands forward to gently tug on the little buds with my index fingers and thumbs. That brought a lusty exhale from T’s mouth, interrupting our kiss at which point she turned back to place her ass against the edge of the bed and removed her dressy blue jean pants, leaving her panties on, she hoped onto the bed using her arms to propel her, and laid back resting her head on the pillow. She watched me as I kicked off my sneakers and took off my socks. Then I removed the 2 condoms I carried in my wallet and placed them on her night table. After that I kicked off my own blue jeans, sliding my underwear off at the same time, leaving my clothing in a heap on the floor. Naked, my erection bobbing in front of me, I climbed into the bed to resume our love making. Lying on our sides, facing each other, I placed my left hand on her right shoulder and slid it down over her body to her panties which I snagged and started to remove. T rolled onto her back and lifted her ass as I rolled onto my knees, then using both hands to slide them off her legs revealing a patch of trimmed blonde pubic hair. I slid my hands up from her ankles, over her long, smooth legs, under her ass cheeks, into her low back and arching her breasts into the air. I sucked, nibbled and licked her nipples for a few minutes before moving up to her neck and left ear to spend a moment or two doing the same to them. T was running her hands over my arms and shoulders, then down my back to squeeze my buttocks as I lavished her naked body with the attentions she so needed. I kissed, nibbled and licked my way back down to place my face between her legs, using my fingers to part the lips of her pussy, I lightly tonged her clitoris which brought a lusty moan from T, she thrust up with her pelvic to present more of her pussy for may oral exploration. Working my tongue more aggressively she became very close to climaxing when she pulled me up to her face and resumed kissing me, she rolled me over onto my back and taking my manhood in her right hand, she slid down my body and started sucking my cock until it was well lubricated with saliva and pre-cum. Then, while supporting her upper body with her left hand on my chest. She straddled my thighs; I paused her for an inpatient moment, as I put on a condom. She then slid my hardness into her very wet pussy. When SS and I had sex for the first time, I hadn’t been with a woman in perhaps three months. I was pent up and we went at it all night long. T was way beyond that, a year without a man, without sexual intercourse. After being sexually active for most of her adolescent and adult life, she was AMAZING! T rode my cock with a singular focus to get off like I had never experienced in my life. I was a spectator as she panted and moaned, working her pussy hard, “UH, UH, UH, AHHHH, AHHHHH, AHHHH, AHHHHH! She climaxed, body spasming and convulsing, collapsing onto my chest, moaning and breathing heavy into my right ear as her orgasm went on and on. She laid like that for some time, I waited for the vaginal contractions grabbing my cock to subside, her ass convulsing in time with each one before I rolled her off me and onto her back.“Lift your ass up”, she willingly complied as I stuffed a pillow under her sexy buttocks. Lifting her Legs onto my arms and pulling her onto me and into her. She moaned and convulsed again, head rolling to the side as I began fucking her. One or two strokes and T was fucking me back. “Squeeze your tits” I instructed, which she did without hesitation, fucking each other hard, it wasn’t long before T started climaxing again, “OH GOD! JESUS CHRIST! AHHHH, AHHHHH, AHHHHH!” I kept fucking her as she came, her pussy cumming all over my hard cock and the pillow below us. Eventually I slid one arm under her low back grabbing the opposite hip and told her to flip, rolling her onto her hands and knees; escort bursa I grabbed her hips in both hands and pulled her onto me. I resumed fucking her doggy style. Slapping my balls off her superbly wet vagina, I fucked away. T placed her hands against the wall at the head of her bed and fucked me back; pushing herself deeper onto me until again she started convulsing in orgasmic bliss, “AH, AH, AH, AHHHHH!”. After which, I pressed her down flat, face down on the bed, her pelvic supported by the wet pillow below I pulled her legs together, straddling them with my own. I grabbed her ass with both hands and spread her ass cheeks, lifting her pussy up; I plunged in and resumed fucking her. I reached around and squeezed her tits, pinching her nipples between my fingers as I kissed, licked and nibbled her ear and neck. She arched her back, lifting her pussy up, pushing on the matrice with her hands trying to take every inch I could give her. The sounds of our lustful moans and heavy breathing filled the room; the aroma of sex permeated the air. “Good girl, that’s my girl! I’M CUMMING! AHHH, AHHHH, AHHHH, AHHHH! I felt like I was exploding inside her. We laid like that for some time, spent. Eventually, I languidly rolled onto my back and she curled up resting her head and hand on my chest. We didn’t say too much, I think I said. “Well, that was very nice.” And T responded with something like, “Yea, it was!” and we laughed. It was a work night and my clothing and toiletries were back at my house. I hated to leave but T understood. The next day I called her and asked how she was doing. She said, “I think you knocked something loose inside me.” I was horrified, “Are you OK?!?!” She laughed and said, “Yes, I’m fine, really fine!” I asked if she would like to go out Friday or Saturday night. She said she would but had made another date online for Friday evening. (I knew this wouldn’t last.) Saturday she couldn’t go out, it was her week-end with her son. She offered to cancel the date. I told her not to, I said, “You need to get out there and figure out what you want. Experience dating for a while and really find the right person, not the first person you meet after being in a relationship for over half your life. You need to be fair to yourself and fair to the person you end up being with.” She agreed and went on her date. I knew we wouldn’t last, so Friday night I went online and made a date for the following week end with another lady. The next day I called T and asked how her date went. The man was a plumber and I resisted the urge to ask if he really knew how to lay down pipe. T said the date wasn’t great. The guy drank too much and couldn’t drive so she let him crash on her couch until he was sober enough to drive back to his car. The next day he was all apologies and wanted to take her out again, which she declined. I told her about the lady I had made dinner plans with and asked what she was doing this week. She said she had to go out of state on business and wouldn’t be back until the week end. I offered to make date plans if she liked when she got back and she said, “Ok”. Wednesday night while she was out of state, in Maryland I think it was. She called me and we talked on the phone. She said she was conferring with a colleague about me and the guy said he thought I was a player. She said she didn’t want to date around; she wanted to see where things went with me. That’s just the way she felt about it. And of course, I needed to agree to the same exclusive relationship conditions. I told her how I felt, it wasn’t about me. I had been separated and dating for two years. I know how I was when I first started going out, and how I finally felt like my own person again. I told her I didn’t think it would last, getting into an exclusive relationship with the first guy she goes out with after a s*******n year relationship. Nope, that’s what she wanted. So I agreed and cancelled my date Friday night. I knew it wouldn’t last.That was f******n years ago, were still together, married for twelve years now. I may have been wrong.So that’s the first time with my wife T. I hope you enjoyed it. I will write more about our dating years in future stories. I hope you will find them, stimulating.Enjoy!…………………………………………….Heatseekerxxx

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