30 Haziran 2021

My Guilty Pleasure: Spanked and Fingered


My Guilty Pleasure: Spanked and FingeredHis eyes didn’t leave her body as he followed her into his bedroom. She had begged him to be her guilty pleasure, and as much as his better judgement told him not to, he had agreed. The way that she was looking at him was different than anything he had ever seen, and he was drinking it in. Her eyes were green and glossy. She was standing beside his bed as he closed the door. She hadn’t taken her eyes off of him, and as he closed the door his coy eyes met her gaze again. She started to unzip her sweater and she bit her lip. Her sweater fell from her shoulders. She lifted her shirt above her head and he could see her breasts almost pouring over her bra. They were large, and sat high on her chest. He caught his mouth open a bit, and brought his lips back together when he noticed. She grinned and undid her bra behind her back. She pulled her straps off of her shoulders and discarded the bra to the ground. Her nipples were man-made – a scar circled the pink skin that surrounded her erect nipple. His room was cold, which was evident by the goosebumps that covered her body. Her nipples were small, but hard and irresistible to leave untouched. He could feel his heart beat faster and his penis press against his pants. She undid her pants and slid them down her smooth, white legs. Her underwear were black, and outlined in lace. She brought herself erect and looked him in the eyes. She grabbed the top of her underwear and pulled them down, standing naked in front of him. She was neatly trimmed and her pussy lips a bit swollen, as if to show her anticipation. He wanted to reach out and touch her immediately, but instead breathed deeply and took in the moment. She had told him that she wanted to feel subordinate. She said that she wanted to stay naked when he was clothed, and to feel his clothes konak escort against her naked skin. She said that she wanted to be spanked and maybe fingered, from there whatever he was comfortable with. Truthfully, he wasn’t sure what he was comfortable with. His dick ached already and he wondered how much of this he could take. She walked over to him and bit his lip, pressing her body into his. She was full bodied, with wide hips and a small waist. Her body was tattooed and she stood confident. His arms hung against his sides, as if to show her that she wasn’t wanted. Looking for approval, she pulled away and looked up at him. His eyes didn’t waver and she started to move down onto her knees. He grabbed her wrist and pulled her back to her feet. He sat on the bed and pulled her over his knees, and her ass sat high in the air. Her hands lay crossed on her lower back. His left hand caressed her hair and as he moved his hand down her head his fist clenched a fistful of hair. He pulled her hair toward his body, bringing her head closer to him. She sighed lightly and her nipples were visible. He stared at her nipples and his mouth dropped open again. She grunted and he raised his right hand over his head, striking it down onto her bare ass. She sighed loudly and winced at the action. Once the sting from the initial strike dissipated she pushed her ass higher into the air. He brought his hand up again, and smacked her ass once, twice, three times in succession. She sighed and thrived as he smacked her ass. He smirked at her and pushed her back down a bit, as he thrusted his groin into her body.His cock was erect and he felt her body graze it through his pants. He smacked her ass again, and let her hair loose from his grip. He placed his hand beneath her chest and touched her nipple. She breathed in konak escort bayan as he flicked it back and forth with his finger. Her nipples were sensitive, and she writhed as he touched them. He brought his finger to his lips, and licked his finger and his thumb. He brought it back to her nipple and pinched. She moaned, and his other hand moved behind her. He took one finger and moved it gently up and down her clit, barely touching but close enough for him to feel that she was wet. Without even noticing, he thrust himself into her again. His finger moved further into her clit, and she squirmed more. He grasped her breast, and pushed his finger into her pussy. He moved it in and out twice, three times. She leaned into his fingers, and he pulled them out. He smacked her ass again and again, as if to make a statement that he was in control. She yelped and whispered the first word either of them had muttered since she walked into his room: “more.” He stopped, and rubbed her cheeks in circles, giving her a break before he went into another set of strikes. She reached her hand back and grabbed his dick through his pants. He let her rub it a couple of times before he grabbed her wrist and flung her hand away. She grabbed at his shirt and he shoved two fingers into her pussy, pulsating them in and out. She clenched his pocket in her hand and he grabbed her hair in his hand again, pulling her head toward him. Her hand dropped to her breast and she squeezed it as her breath quickened. His fingers pushed deep into her pussy and he wiggled his fingers inside of her. He pulled his fingers out and just ran his finger up and down her wet clit. She moaned and pushed her ass into his hand. Her right hand reached for her pussy, and instead he grabbed it and placed it on his cock. She rubbed it through his pants escort konak as he moved his fingers slowly into her pussy. She pushed her ass even further into his hand, and he moved his wet finger up her clit. As she continued to pulsate her ass into his finger, he rubbed it around her asshole. She moaned and waited for him to give her what she wanted. Instead, he raised his hand and smacked her ass. He smacked it as she moaned, and until it was red. Her heart was beating quickly and she wanted him to fuck her. His hand moved back towards her and his finger moved up and down her clit. She moved her hand towards her pussy and started to rub herself. As she did, he pushed two fingers inside her. She started to moan louder and pulsate. She continued to rub her pussy as he fingered her, and suddenly he felt it clench around his fingers as she jerked on his knee. He pressed his fingers deeper and she writhed and sighed deeply. He took his fingers out and rubbed them up and down. Her pussy was much wetter than it was before; she had came. Her body went limp and her breath was deep. She looked up at him and put her hand on his chest. She stood up, still looking him in the eye before dropping to her knees. This time, he let her. She rubbed his cock through his pants. It was still so hard, and she smiled. He grunted quietly and she rubbed it up and down. He nipples were still hard as she knelt before him. He let her rub it a couple more times before he touched her wrist and she stopped. He still wasn’t sure what this was, but that was pure and sexier than he could have imagined. Her breath began to level and she felt content. She felt like he was in control, and she loved where he had taken it. She liked that she was still naked and he was leaving it at that. She wanted more. She wanted him to finger her again: deeper and more fingers. She wanted him to finger her ass. To fuck her. Her heart-rate quickened as she wondered the possibilities. He rubbed his cock and readjusted as he looked at her, wondering what other kinks this girl may have, and how much of a guilty pleasure he was willing to be.

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