30 Eylül 2021

My hotel pantyhose adventure


My hotel pantyhose adventureSo my favorite thing is when I get to travel for work. A hotel room all to myself to do whatever to myself I wanted. I have been wearing pantyhose since I was a young boy. Probably around 12 years old or so. I would sneak my mom’s and sister’s when I could and masturbate in the bathroom. When I got married I was able to sneak my wife’s. She has no idea I wear them or crossdress so when I am in a hotel it is my freedom to dress and wear whatever I want. So when I pack, I always sneak in my pantyhose, tights, panties and a few outfits…So here I am. Alone in my hotel room. I have my stuff spread out deciding what to wear. The best part is I usually travel with others so when we go out to dinner at night I always wear some pantyhose under my clothes. I guess the thrill keeps me hard the whole time. This time was no different. I got to my room and put on my glossy black tights with the crotch cut out and a pair of black satin panties on over them. Of course I was instantly hard. I pulled my pants up and the zipper barely contained my erection. I went to the lobby to wait for my colleagues. I sat there with my leg crossed on top of my other. I had my hand up my pant leg feeling the nylon. I wore socks so it would be tough to see. As we left for dinner I could not wait to get back and have my way with myself alone in my room. We laughed, looked at other hot women in the bar and had a great time. We were good friends and always liked to tease each other. What I didn’t know was it was my turn to get teased back at the hotel. When I wasn’t looking one of the new guys along with us took one of my hotel room keys. The plan was to sneak in my canlı bahis room and do something…What they planned on doing I will never know…As we get back we all decide to go back to our rooms to rest up for the next days work activities. This meant to me it was play time. I got to my room and immediately stripped down to my tights…I had leaked so much pre-cum that my panties were soaked. I had to rub one out real quick and came inside my soaked panties…Tonight I was planning on having some fun…After I came I looked through my options to see what I was going to do. I am a huge fan of bondage so that was the goal for that night. Self bondage and some more stroking…Little did I know what a night it would be…I logged on to my xhamster to see some hot guy on guy and cd porn. I got hard right away again and decided to start to play. I put my bra on, top and skirt. Looked in the mirror and loved the look. Now for the bondage. I sat on the chair and tied my ankles. Tha’s when the whole night changed. I heard a key card hit my door. I didn;t know what to do. I hadn’t locked the door and was going to get caught. I thought maybe it was a maid and it wouldn’t be too bad…I tried to get loose quick and run to the bathroom but couldn’t make it. I struggled to untie my ankles and all of a sudden the door opened. It was Andy, the new guy…I was shocked. I didn’t know what to do. I thought my career would be over. He would tell everyone and I would be so embarrased I would leave. But He stood in the door, quiet staring at me…He closed put the do not disturb on the door and locked it behind him. He walked over to me. I was silent, scared not knowing what would happen. bahis siteleri As he got closer he saw my outfits and extra pantyhose out on the bed. He paused, looked at them and stopped. He unbuttoned his shirt and his pants. He started to get undressed and his amazing body was standing right in front of me. He still has not said anything. I was getting nervous. i finally asked what he wanted. He looked at me and smiled and said “You”…I was shocked. He said he had an eye on me at the office for a while. I was still tied to the chair and started to get hard. He told me not to bother untying and we would have some fun. He started to put on some of my pantyhose. I could see him getting hard and he pulled them on. He asked how much I liked bondage. I just smiled and he knew…Before I knew it he was standing in front of me in a pair of glossy nude pantyhoseand his cock was trying to break out of them…He walked over to me and straddled me. My rock hard cock rubbing against the nylon. He basically was giving me a lap dance in pantyhose. I was so hard and happy my hands were free. I started to rub his ass and it felt amazing. I was living out my fantasy. I had never been with anothe rman, let alone a cd. He looked down at me and grabbed my cheeks. He leaned in and began to kiss me. Never in my wildest dreams had I imagined this happening…Wel, ok, in my wildest I did…Here I am, tied to a chair, rock hard in pantyhose making outh with another guy in pantyhose. He started to make his way down and then it happened. I was getting a blowjob in pantyhose by a guy in pantyhose…I knew I wouldn’t last, eben though I just came. It was a matter of about a minute and güvenilir bahis I couldn’t hold it in. I told him was going to cum. He started going faster. I grabbed his head and unloaded a huge load in his mouth…. He took it all as if he had done this before. He pulled away and smiled. He came back up and grabbed my cheeks again. He kissed me again and gave me back all my cum…It was amazing. I smiled and swallowed it all…He looked at me and said it was my turn. He untied my ankles and helped me up. We went over to the bed and he pulled me on top of him. I was grinding on his pantyhose covered cock. And then I figured here goes nothing. I made my way down and started to stroke his cock. He encouraged me and said I could do it. I ripped the cotton panel and pulled his cock out. I stroked some more and began to suck. It was everything I thought it would be. I figured I was doing good based on his moaning. It felt great. I had a rock hard cock in my mouth sucking as if I was a pro. He told me he was going to cum and told me I didn’t hve to take it since it was my first time. I had other plans. I pulled him closer and continued to suck. He exploded and a huge load of cum erupted in my mouth. I took every last drop and the rush of his cum squirting in my mouth was enough to get me hard again. He wanted me to give it back to him but I swalloed it all. I now have a man in pantyhose lying on my bed and 2 loads of cum inside of me. I thought it was a dream. He told me it was the best blow job he had ever got. I guess all that porn I watched taught me a thing or two. He asked if he could keep the pantyhose and I said of course.The next day we all met in the lobby and when he came down we both looked at each other and smiled. He lifted his pant leg and showed me that he was still wearing the pantyhose…All I know now is I can’t wait to go out of town again with Andy…

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