12 Temmuz 2021

My sister and me


My sister and meSorry for the bad English, I’m writing through an interpreter!Briefly about my sister: my cousin, we are the same age (21 years old). Thin with a small chest and middle ass. The vulgar, can calmly talk to me on vulgar topics and discuss. We live now in different cities.All this happened on New Year’s Eve. We met in a circle of friends at the apartment, celebrated, had fun, drank. Closer to the morning, we decided to go home, as there were then other plans for us, and the drunks were already slightly. My sister and I took my girl home and after that I accompanied my sister to her house. Along the way, we talked about various topics and I asked her if she was going to fitness, so she had a cool ass on the look. The sister replied:sister – “Yes, noticeably?”I – “Yes, bursa escort resilient such, it is possible to touch?”sister – “You can” (she said without thinking with a smile on her face)We stood face to face and I began to stroke her ass, then I began to squeeze her lightly. I decided to tell her a couple of compliments, on her figure, on which she was embarrassed. Then he asked:I – “Can you touch a breast ….?”sister – “of course” (slightly shy for)I touched her chest, then decided to go back to the ass and then did not even ask, but just dropped my hands on the ass and began to touch it, after a couple of seconds, I stood behind it and continued to touch it, then lightly pressed to the butt of his standing member in his pants and took her by the chest, she felt my standing bursa escort bayan member, so, after he pressed against her, she said:sister – “oo … to me?”I – “I got your figure slender”sister – (smiled)I – “Will you show your chest?”sister – “No. My dress is not comfortable, I’ll have to shoot everything to show”I – “And if I hand under the dress and touch so?”sister – “It’s cold outside …”I – “I quickly, touch what they have with you and everything”sister – “Well … only fast”She slightly pushed the dress aside, I put my hand under her bra and began to mew her nipples, chest. She did not even mind, calmly let her touch and did not hurry. I heard the voices of people going to the yard and chose a hand, my sister straightened her dress, buttoned her jacket and we escort bursa went home saying that there was nothing. At her house, I kissed her on the lips, she did not understand at first, but then she continued the kiss not great, after which she went to her home, and I to myself.My sister was drunk a little, but the next few days she did not say anything, she did not take offense.As after that, I wanted it …. every time I remember how my butt fell, chest …. now we live in different cities, we communicate very rarely, so I want to touch it again …. and have sex with her .How to persuade her to sex?After that day, there were other moments when I touched her for the ass, but she fortunately did not react badly to it. I have a feeling that it’s available, that since I’m touching it so calmly, then probably others take it as they want.I attach the photos of my sister from that New Year’s Eve in a dress.!!! 100% real story that happened to me !!!Subscribe and write your thoughts and suggestions in the comments.

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