8 Ekim 2021

My sister-in-law


My sister-in-lawOk…..I have to admit I did something that was totally perverted but I couldn’t help it. A while back my wife and I had to move in with her parents. It was not my idea of a winning situation, but it wa better than living in our vehicles. My in-laws are decent people, but VERY religious so there was no drinking allowed in their house and my being a beer lover, this presented a problem. That’s not what this is about….and before anybody gets any ideas….NO I did not fuck my mother-in-law. We had been there about a month when the incidents happened. My wife’s older sister, a twin, got sick and since her husband was working out of town, my mother-in-law insisted she stay with them until her husband got back in town. This sister-in-law is a d**gg-addicted hypochondriac. She complains of “severe migrains” all the time, but has seen every specialist and nobody can find anything wrong so she gets scripts for pain meds and zones out. Well her second night there is when the first ‘incident’ happened. We all were sitting in the living room watching TV, well, trying to….my father-in-law is a channel flipper…..he can’t leave the TV on one channel….he’s constantly changing the channel. Anyway….we were all there, mom and dad-in-law in their chairs, my wife and I on the love seat and my sister-in-law was sprawled out on the couch. Now my s*s-in-law is supposedly just as religious as her parents, she bery rarely wear pants, only skirtsbut somewhere along the way mom-in-law forgot to teach her how to sit while wearing a skirt. My wife is a BBW……my s*s-in-law is an SSBBW. So there I am, trying to watch TV and across the room is my s*s-in-law, wearing a skirt and sitting with her legs apart showing off her blue panties. She eventually shifted position and graced us all with a view of he cottage cheese-looking thighs. OK….I admit it……I was looking…….and it was making me horny…..sue me. Well, s*s-in-law was already soaring with her meds when mom and dad decide it’s late and say they’re going to bed and go to their room. s*s-in-law announces to my wife and I that it’s time for her meds and takes more pain pills because her “head feels like it’s going to bust open”. My wife gets up and says she’s taking a shower before bed and goes to the bathroom. I’m left in the living room with s*s-in-law. She had no clue…….she was flying high and laid out. She had laid back on the couch, her head was rolled to the side and one leg had slipped off the couch and her skirt had really ridden up giving me a good view of her panties. I got up and eased over to her and gently rubbed her crotch. She didn’t move….she was out cold. I heard the water in the shower shut off and knew I had better not get caught anywhere near s*s-in-law so I went down the hall to the bedroom we were in. My wife came in a few minutes later and told me how her sister was passed out and how she was laying. I lied through my teeth saying I had been in the canlı bahis bedroom since she went to the shower. My wife crawled in bed and went to sleep fast. She is a very deep sleeper and having took a dose of night time cold meds because of her allergies, you could have set off a bomb under her and she wouldn’t have noticed. I waited and pretended to read until my wife was out cold and left the bedroom. My s*s-in-law had gotten up and changed into her nightshirt while we had been in the bedroom. She was awake when I got to the living room. I told her I was just passing through to the kitchen to get something to drink and offered to get her something while I was there. She asked for glass of tea and I got it…..but I added a little something extra before handing it to her. She went to the bathroom and while she was in there I gave her tea a short shot of piss. She came out of the bathroom and plopped down on the couch, legs spread and showing her thighs and panties. (I need to say, my wife and mom-in-law have both talked to her about the way she sits and she’s unaware that she does it) She took the glass I handed to her, popped 2 more pills into her mouth and washed them down with half of the tea. I almost started laughing watching her drink the pissed tea. She sat her glass down and announced that nobody made tea like her dad……I thought I had bit through my tongue trying not to laugh. I had to leave….I went back to the bedroom….my wife was snoring away. I wasn’t sleepy and didn’t feel like reading……I couldn’t watch TV because of Missd**ggieFlasher in the livingroom so I grabbed my cigarettes, a couple beers from the cooler we kept in the bedroom headed down the hall to go outside for a while. I passed through the livingroom and s*s-in-law was out like a light. She was laying spread-eagle on the couch, one foot hanging off the couch, the other over the back, her head was rolled to the side and she was snoring loudly. I opened the door and went outside, shutting the door as quietly as I could. I sat outside for nearly an hour then had had enough with battling the mosquitos and went in. s*s-in-law hadn’t moved, she was in the exact saame position she had been in when I went out almost an hour earlier. I went to the bedroom and my wife was still buzzing away. I decided I was going to have a little fun with s*s-in-law. I went t the bathroom and took off my underwear and put my shorts back on. I eased back to the couch and s*s-in-law still hadn’t moved. I touched her arm….nothing. I gently shook her….all I got in response was a snort then she went back to snoring but didn’t move. I put my hand on her crotch and rubbed her pussy through her panties. Her pussy was warm and her panties were damp. She still hadn’t moved or even acted like she was awake. I pulled the leg opening to the side and rubbed her pussy lips. She didn’t move. I took my hand away, spit on my finger and put it back on her pussy, this time sliding my bahis siteleri finger into her. She still didn’t move…..she was gone. My wife told me that when she taked all those meds she out for hours. Her husband once told me that he had fucked her twice and she never knew because of her meds. Well, there I was standing in the livingroom of my mom and dad-in-law’s house, their youngest daughter, my wife, asleep in the spare bedroom, with my index and middle fingers of my left hand shoved into their middle daughter’s (she the younger twin….hence middle….technically it’s right) pussy while she’s passed out on the couch. Well her pussy wasn’t passed out because she started pouring juice and I managed to get another finger into her. I leaned down and licked her clit……no response what-so-ever. I licked her for a few minutes until I started getting a cramp in my neck. I stood up and stretched out the kinks that had developed in my back and s*s-in-law still hadn’t moved. If it hadn’t been for the fact that she was snoring like a down-shifting Mack truck with no mufflers was the only indication of being alive she gave. I dropped my shorts and put her fat thigh over my shoulder, pulled her panties to the side and eased my cock into her. I slowly moved in and out of her pussy but going in all the way. I fucked my u*********s s*s-in-law for 10 minutes before I felt my balls start tingling and gave her a load of cum in the pussy. I got up, pulled her panties back in place, went back to the bedroom, grabbed a couple more beers and went back outside. I was on the second beer when the door opened and it was my wife coming out to join me and have a smoke. She asked if I had noticed how “she” was laying. I told her that she had had the sheet over her when I came out. My wife said that she had been laying spread out and showing everything and that she had tried to wake her but couldn’t so she threw the sheet over her. We stayed outside for a while then went back in. I was out of work so I sat at the dining table with my laptop sending out resumes. I overheard s*s-in-law and mom-in-law talking and s*s told her mother that she thought she was getting an infection because when she woke up there was a sticky discharge in her panties. He mom told her to drink plenty of fluids and cranberry juice that it was probably a side effect of one of her meds. I nearly choked…..it was a side affect….not from her meds….but because of her meds. My wife had to work late that night and went straight to bed when she got in. Mom and dad-in-law left to go on one of their trips (I won’t say where or why) and s*s-in-law was sleeping the sleep of the over medicated. This time she was laying facing the back of the couch, her ass hanging off the front edge of the cushion. I went over to her and really tried to eake her up. I did a couple things I learned in EMT school on how to wake an u*********s person that a person faking it couldn’t take…..and she did……she güvenilir bahis was out. I went to the kitchen because tonight was going to be really fun…..well……for me at least. That’s when I saw the 3 empty wine cooler bottles in the trash……dear, sweet, good little godly s*s-in-law had washed down her meds with 3 wine coolers…..no wonder she wouldn’t wake up. Well, I searched the cabinets until I found what I was looking for…..the Crisco. I opened the can and got a decent size glob on 2 fingers, closed the can and put it away. I went back to the living room and s*s-in-law hadn’t moved. I pinched the back of her upper arm (one of the tricks) and she didn’t respond. I pinched her thigh just below her huge ass…..nothing. I pulled her panties off her ass and after putting a little of the Crisco on my cock slid into her pussy. I fucked her pussy for a while then decided it was ‘time’. I pulled out of her pussy, slathered the Crisco all over my cock, spread her asscheeks apart, pushed my cock into her asshole and I shoved it all the way to my balls. s*s-in-law didn’t move or make a sound other than her snoring. Her asshole was tight and gripped me like a glove. I reached up and pulled her gown up over her tits and squeezed her nipple. She still didn’t move. I started to slowly fuck her ass……moving slow but steady while massaging her tit. [I have to say here that my wife got the tits in that family. the sisters-in-law…..36C, mom-in-law…smaller than that…….my wife….44DD] I picked up my speed and s*s just lay there. I said “WTF” and started pounding her asshole, expecting her to wake up and scream bloody murder any minute but it didn’t happen. I was fucking her hard, our skin making a slapping sound when I thrust into her. I pushed her leg over and managed to get her to roll over a little and got on top of her and kept on fucking her ass. I pushed against the arm of the couch, driving my cock into her….all the while she stayed asleep. I felt the tingle in my balls, pushed hard, buried my cock in her ass and shot my cum into her. I stayed in her until my cock started to go down, pulled out and pulled her panties back up and got off her and the couch. I went and got a 6-pack from the cooler and went outside. I drank 2 of the beers just as quick as I could, then sipped 2 more. I stayed outside for nearly 2 hours….going behind a big oak tree when I had to pee. I decided it was OK to go in and eased inside. s*s-in-law was now laying on her back sheet pulled up to her tits, mouth open and snoring away. I checked on my wife and she was sleeping almost as deep as her sister. I went back in the living room and decided I needed to do one last thing to my s*s-in-law. I unzipped my pants and started jerking my cock. When I was close to cumming I moved over to her, put the head of my cock in her mouth and cum. She choked a little and coughed but she swallowed my cum. I went to the bathroom, thoroughly cleaned my cock and went to bed. The next day I heard s*s-in-law telling her mom and my wife that she must be getting hemoroids because she was really sore “back there”. I pretended to not hear, but the twitch in my pants said I did.

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