18 Haziran 2021

My Two Hot Wives – Pt 1 (Sex In The Girls Hostel)


My Two Hot Wives – Pt 1 (Sex In The Girls Hostel)My name is Samir from Mumbai, the story that I am going to share with you is a true story with my wives Pooja and Nurit.I was 24 when I met my first wife Pooja. Then I had just completed my MBBS degree and I had been to Chennai to do my internship.Pooja was 26 then and she was doing her MD in neurology. Pooja’s figure measured 36-24-36, she was perfect in every sense. In our introductory class, I just kept staring at Pooja. I loved the way she moved her lips while talking, eating and also the way she swayed her hips. My penis oozed out its precum just by looking at her.At the end of the day, we were grouped into teams and to my luck, Pooja was my leader. We in our group introduced ourselves after the class and that was my first handshake with her. The very first day, I masturbated for like five times imagining her in my bed.Next day, we started our clinical duties and I assisted Pooja in treating patients. Every time I was near her, I inhaled her beautiful mesmerizing body aroma. She smelled like lavender. She observed my randy behaviour and scolded me to concentrate on the patients.In the evening when the duty was over, Pooja called me for a chai break and I readily agreed. She took me in her Honda City to some place in the outskirts where there was only one tea shop. It was five to six kilometers away from the campus.We got to know each other that day and everything happened so fast that I felt we were meant for each other. It started raining quite heavily and we ran to some hut but we were drenched within seconds.Pooja shivered in that cold weather so I offered her my jacket and that was when I felt her plumpy arms. It felt like heaven, feeling her soft arms. Her boobs were clearly visible from the sleeveless dress she was wearing.She was still shivering and she immediately hugged me tightly. That was so unexpected and erotic for me, her boobies crushed against my manly chest and my dick had its strongest girth in that cold weather. I went ahead and kissed her neck softly and tasted the water drops flowing towards canlı bahis her body.We broke our hug after the rain stopped and we got back in the car and drove back to the campus. After reaching the campus, Pooja and I planned for dinner in the evening. She offered my jacket back but I insisted to keep it with her. She persisted and gave it back to me and asked me to meet her near her hostel by 7 PM sharp. We exchanged our phone numbers. I got back to my hostel, our hostels were in proximity to each other’s.I was lying in my bed and was imagining the beautiful day spent with Pooja and my dick was so hard since morning and I had to masturbate. And the bonus was my jacket smelled like her body.I inhaled the fragrance of my jacket and masturbated so hard that within seconds, my thick cum spurted out of my penis and my hand was all greasy with my thick cum. It was 6 PM already and I didn’t want to be late on our first date so I quickly showered and dressed in my casual best.I went near to her hostel and gave her a call. Pooja came out wearing a stunning black sleeveless dress. She looked so pretty and radiant. I was awestruck and so tempted with her ravishing beauty. When she came near me, I praised her how lovely she was looking. She blushed and smiled.I offered to drive her car and she obliged. I opened the door for her and we went to the city’s one of the best rooftop restaurants. Though the city’s view from the rooftop was amazing, I couldn’t take away my eyes from the stunning Pooja. The dress she wore suited her the best.We had some wine and food. Pooja kept on talking and I listened to her by looking deep into her beautiful eyes which hypnotized me. After some more wine, we hit the dance floor. The DJ was playing soothing Bollywood romantic songs.We were dancing quietly and all of a sudden, I kissed Pooja on her lips! I told her how much I love her. She kissed me back. This time the kiss was mutual and we swapped our saliva.We were kissing passionately but Pooja broke the kiss and said that she wanted more. We drove back to the hostel and we sneaked into bahis siteleri the girls hostel. The hostel had separate rooms for everyone.We both went to the bathroom in her room. I started removing my clothes and Pooja leaned in and kissed me again, this time biting my lips hard. At that moment, all I could hear was my heart pounding with adrenaline and the sound of her moaning as I kissed down her neck.She lifted off her dress and I unhooked her bra. Her nipples were like little black raspberries, and her lips above were the sweet jam that I wanted to spread all over my body.My cock was already so hard, it felt like it was going to tear a hole through my jockey shorts. “Oh my God,” I blurted out. Pooja giggled and tousled my hair. “Don’t worry, Samir. I’ve got this.” She nudged me to sit down on the edge of the bathtub and then got on her knees.What followed remains one of the most memorable blowjobs of my life. Pooja took my swollen member out of my shorts and began to lick the shaft like a Popsicle. Her one hand cradled my balls, which she planted occasional kisses on, while her other hand stroked down the base of my cock. I strained to keep myself from coming, the sweat dripped down my chest. She kissed me and stood up. “Why don’t we head into the shower?”I turned on the water and started worshipping her body. I savoured her nipples in my mouth, sucking and pinching them until they stood up like little gumdrops.“Oh, yes! Samir, don’t stop..” Pooja moaned as I knelt down and kissed my way down her navel to that sweet peachy black patch of fuzz above her pussy.Balancing on one leg, she leaned against the wall of the shower as I probed her sweet snatch with my tongue. She ground her pussy into my face, getting more turned on by the second. Her moaning was music to my ears. I stopped to catch my breath and looked up at the sight of her soaking-wet naked body.I slid two fingers inside her and licked her clit, which shortly caused her whole body to quake with orgasm. After she came for me, we kissed again. I lifted her up and entered her standing there in bahis şirketleri the shower.“Oh, my God!” Pooja dug her nails into my back. “You like this?”“Mmm, yes!” I moaned.“Fuck me harder, Samir!”I pumped as hard as fast as I could. At no point did I even hesitate or worry about someone walking in, Pooja’s pussy clenching my cock was the whole world at that moment.When it became too intense for us to continue fucking standing up, Pooja had me sit back down on the bathtub edge and rode me so dirty. I loved seeing her tits bounce up and down and the way she wiggled her hips. I couldn’t tell you how much time passed but she quenched both of our desires.Pooja came before I did and collapsed on my chest, panting and still soaking wet from the shower. Her pussy clamped down on my dick with a vise grip, and almost immediately thereafter, I shot my load deep inside of her. Afterward, we stepped into the shower again to wash up for real.We were lying in bed cuddling each other. Pooja kept kissing my chest and she locked me tightly with one of her thunder thighs. It was turning me on again. I pressed her ass cheeks softly and she started moaning slowly. Within no time, I was hard again. I asked Pooja if she was up for another ride. She was too tired, so she said no. But I promised her that it’ll be a quick one.I got on top of Pooja and pierced my 7¨ dick in her vagina, she moaned in pain and pleasure. She gripped her fingers to the rods of the cot and asked me to finish it off quickly. But then I wanted to taste her creamy white armpits so I buried my lips in her pits and started licking them fiercely and started stroking her pussy wildly.In about ten strong strokes, I emptied my balls in her hot pussy. Even after my climax, I kept licking her intoxicating armpits one after the other. I also licked her arms, neck and her boobs to quench my thirst. After a quickie, Pooja came on top of me and we slept with my dick still in her warm pussy.After living together for two years, we both got married. My family is a traditional Muslim family, they didn’t support this marriage. But we eventually got married in a Hindu marriage ceremony with the help of Pooja’s family, which is like a modern family and thought beyond religion.In the next part, this story will continue on how I met my second wife Nurit.

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