30 Eylül 2021

nadia877 takes a detour


nadia877 takes a detour”Damned Construction”, Nadia thought as her GPS directed her to turn off the expressway. She already had a long day at work, as the project she left work a good four hours later than usual. The sun already set, and Nadia was looking forward to a quiet evening alone with a book and a long soak in the bathtub. She was so focused on dreaming about this evening of peace and quiet that she had obediently followed her phone’s instruction to take the exit to get around the worst of the ongoing expressway construction project, even though the phone was navigating her into unfamiliar territory.The street was dark, much darker than most streets, because it’s a rough, beat up neighborhood where many of its residents had torn the wiring out of all of the street lamps to sell the copper for a few dollars in scrap. Most of the warehouses and apartment buildings were vacant, and many of them were nothing more than burned out ruins. The street was quiet, and Nadia’s car was the only thing producing any light or sound on this cool, dark, late summer evening.Once Nadia noticed where she was, she got nervous. She quickly grabbed hold of her phone with her right hand while continuing to steer with her knees. “C’mon”, she exclaimed, as the map indicated there wasn’t a nearby entrance ramp to return her to the expressway. The phone indicated she was on a one way street, and the next expressway entrance was a good five or ten minutes ahead. So, anxiously she put the phone back in the cradle, and stepped on the gas.The car was brand new. She had only leased it earlier in the week, so it was rather alarming when at the very moment she stepped on the gas, she accelerator made a loud click and though the engine raced, the car began to drift and decelerate. Nadia left off the gas, and attempted to punch it again. The car continued to only slow down and the engine raced as if the car was in neutral, though she could clearly see it was still engaged in the drive position. Nadia began to panic. She tried accelerating a few more times, and the car continued to slow down. She then stopped the car, hoping that maybe the drivetrain had just slipped out of gear. She put the car in park, then back in drive, then applied the gas. Nothing but a racing sound. She tried a few more times. Nothing. The car wasn’t going anywhere. As she continued to attempt to get her car moving, she hadn’t noticed that a woman had emerged from the vacant office building to the left of her. The woman walked up to Nadia’s driver’s side window and tapped on the glass. Startled, Nadia screamed, and tossed her phone into the back seat as she was attempting to call AAA.The woman, who was only a little over five feet tall, at most 100 pounds, in her 20’s, with long black hair, pale and wearing a long, tight fitting, ankle length shiny black dress, loudly said through the glass, “Are you okay, and is there anything I can do to help you?After initially being startled, Nadia took a good look at the woman and decided she seemed genuine in her offer to help. So, she let her guard down, and said, “yeah, my car seems to be stuck in Neutral”. The woman responded, “I also think you’ve got a flat tire, I’ll show you”, and she nods toward the back of the car.Annoyed to learn there may be another issue with the car, Nadia takes off her seat belt and opens the door. As soon as she does, the woman takes a step back, and someone else’s hand quickly covers Nadia’s mouth. Before she even has a chance to struggle, a man manages to get Nadia’s arms behind her and drags her out of the car. The young woman then quickly slaps a pair of handcuffs on Nadia’s wrists. As Nadia screams, squirms and tries to escape the man’s firm grip, he pushes her against the side of the car and forces her legs together by using his strong legs. The woman then quickly slaps a pair of metal ankle bracelets onto Nadia’s ankles which are tied together by a chain. The man then covers Nadia with a blindfold and tightly straps a ball gag into her mouth. Nadia canlı bahis begins to try and scream even louder. “Now now” the woman calmly whispered into Nadia’s ear. “You need to be quiet. If you don’t this ball gag is electric and I’ll shock your tongue like this”… the woman pressed a button on a remote, causing Nadia to feel like her tongue just jumped through the top her head from the shock. Nadia’s entire body stock at attention for a flash and then she began to shake and tremble uncontrollably for a few seconds as a result of the electric shock that shot through her tongue.Nadia began to wimper and sob quietly. The man then said, “Let’s get this party started.” He grabbed Nadia by the waist and threw her over his right shoulder like a sack of potatoes. Not wanting to be shocked again, Nadia tried to not scream from the terror but found she couldn’t contain her sobbing.A moment later, Nadia felt as if she was carried through a doorway, into a hall, out through another door, and into what might be a courtyard within the abandoned office building. She could feel that she was definitely outdoors, but the blindfold was on tight so she couldn’t see any light, until she heard someone flip a loud switch.Immediately following the loud click of what sounded like a large power switch, Nadia could feel the warmth and make out a bright light from a large spotlight… which felt like it was pointed directly at her. It was. The man put her down on her feet and as soon as her feet hit the ground, someone grabbed her tied hands and begin to wrap what felt like plastic wrap around her wrist. She could feel that the person then wrapped the plastic around a pole, which turned out to be metal as she was pulled up against it.Then she felt something that terrified her. What felt like the back of a metal blade was pushed up against her windpipe. She gasped and was about to scream when she felt a finger against her nose as the woman said, “remember, be quiet, or I will shock you again”. Trembling, Nadia now found she was too scared to scream.The blade, starting at the top of her blouse, slowly ripped down the front. Then the blade worked its way down each of her arms, resulting in her now shredded blouse falling to the ground. Someone detached her bra and the blade cut the straps. She then felt the blade work its way down her legs, splitting her suit pants, and then the straps from her panties. Someone removed her shoes as the blade slowly ripped through her nylons.Nadia now found herself naked, with the bright light fixed on her, and as someone resumed wrapping her arms tightly to the pole behind her, she started to realize there were at least the woman and two men working on her, and there seemed to be a handful of people, or perhaps even a small audience, watching her. Though she was scared out of her mind, something about this excited her a bit, and she found herself getting wet. “I must be completely out of my mind”, she thought to herself. Suddenly, she felt a small, cold hand between her legs. “Look, everyone, our little tramp is enjoying this!” Nadia began to try and struggle a bit as the woman began to methodically rub her clit. This made Nadia even more wet than before. Suddenly, she felt someone grab one of her ankles to spread her legs, and this made her quickly let out a fast, but loud scream. The woman quickly hit the button, and another strong pulse shot into Nadia’s mouth, causing her naked body to shake uncontrollably for few seconds again.Once she stopped convulsing from the shock, someone removed the chain from the ankle clamps and re-clamped Nadia’s ankles to the ends of a spreader pole.Once Nadia was tied to the spreader she came to another crazy revelation… the pole she was affixed to by her arms wasn’t attached to the ground. She heard a mechanical noise, like a pulley or a crane being operated… “shit, I’m tied to a fucking crane!” she realized as the pole behind her began to lift. For a few seconds, Nadia began to uncontrollably lean forward, and her bahis siteleri tits began to hang a bit. Soon she found she no longer was standing on her own, and within a few more seconds, her feet left the ground.After a few more seconds, the crane stopped. Nadia was now dangling, in a nearly horizontal position, a few feet off the ground. Her nice tits were hanging directly below her. Her ankles were behind her, her knees bent, and due to the hogtie and the spreader, her pussy and ass were fully exposed. She was still blindfolded and gagged with the electric device against her tongue.Loud music began to play… some sort of metal she wasn’t familiar with… the lyrics were German, or maybe Norwegian.About a minute passed with just the music playing before Nadia felt something blunt shoved into ass. “Relax, you’ll love this… it’s one of my favorite things”, the woman said, as a lubricated butt plug attached to a long pole was carefully slipped into Nadia’s tight asshole. A moment later, Nadia felt another poke, this time, a rather large dildo was being inserted into her pussy. Just as Nadia’s pussy relaxed as it began to open and accept the large dildo and her asshole was still clenching tightly around the butt plug, Nadia felt a sharp pain in her left nipple. “You’ve got really great nipples” the woman said, as someone attached a clamp with a string to her left nipple. Then she felt her nipple quickly pull taught, as the man who tied the clamp to her nipple let go of the one pound fishing weight attached to the other end. He then did the same thing to her right nipple. A moment later, as Nadia thought she couldn’t take any more of this, someone attached one, two, three, four, five, and then a sixth clamp, string, and weight to her labia, three on each side.Nadia now found herself in a peculiar state which could only be described as part shock, part ecstasy. “So this is what subspace must be”, she thought.The woman then whispered in Nadia’s ear, “We’re not done with you yet, in fact, we’ve only just begun!” Nadia then felt the woman adhering what felt like tape with wires to her stomach. She attached a total of six electrodes to Nadia, two on either side of her stomach, and one on the center of each buttock.A moment later, the music stopped, and Nadia could hear the squelch of a microphone being turned on.”Ladies and Gentlemen,” the woman announced, “we are ready to start the ritual”. Everything got very quiet for a moment. Then, Nadia could hear the sound of electrical equipment starting up. Immediately she felt tingling in her stomach muscles, then her buttocks. Then both, and the pulses started to get stronger. Then, the large dildo in her pussy pushed its way deeper inside of her. If that wasn’t enough, the butt plug started to slowly grind… first to the left, then to the right… then as it twisted, it started to work its way deeper, ever so slightly deeper inside of her ass. Her asshole relaxed. As her muscles relaxed, then twitched and clinched again from the pulses of electricity and as the dildos pushed their way in and out of her holes, all while the weights on her nipples and her clit dangled beneath her, she felt a quick cold rush, as a bucket of vegetable oil dumped over her in a wave from the top of the crane. This made her tanned skin glisten and shine under the bright light. Shortly after that, she started to feel a sharp sting, followed by a burn… first in the small of her back, which made her squeal. The woman hit the button yet again, making Nadia twist and contort, causing the weights to swing violently. After a good long moment of trembling and twitching from the latest shockwave on her tongue, Nadia felt another burning sting on her back, then a few stings. She realized several people were around her, and they were letting candles drip all over her back, and now on her neck and legs.Nadia continued to squirm and squeal from all of the simultaneous sensations… the pain, the ecstasy, the shocking, the cold, and the heat, all of this güvenilir bahis was getting to be too much. It was at that moment that Nadia completely lost control of all of senses. Out of nowhere, Nadia let out a loud moan. Her entire body clenched up for nearly a second, and then every muscle released all at once. She was coming… and coming like she had never came before. Her pussy gushed, and squirted all over the people around her, getting all of them wet as she sprayed them in her uncontrolled, wild, a****l like orgasm. The orgasm lasted for what seemed like to her to be several minutes. In reality it was just under a minute.Once Nadia stopped squirting, she began to shake uncontrollably. She was still being shocked in her stomach and buttocks, but the dildo and the butt plug both stopped moving. She was exhausted. Then, the woman on the microphone announced, “She did not ask for permission, she must be punished”. “Punished!”, Nadia thought. “Have I not already been tortured?”Suddenly, the dildo and the butt plug both pulled out of her. It felt violent, and she was already very sore from what had already happened to her. The butt plug was larger than anything she had ever taken in her ass before, and the dildo felt more like a clenched fist than a hard cock. Nevertheless, she felt a bit relieved now that these objects were no longer inside of her. The weights, still pulling at her breasts and her clit, now felt heavier than ever.Then the crane sprung back into action.Nadia felt the chain behind her tighten up, which jerked the weights taut, and she almost squealed from the pain. She caught herself this time, as she didn’t want to have her tongue shocked again. She was learning how to behave to please her captors.The crane stopped again after a few seconds. Nadia was now hanging a good eight feet above the group of people below. The people backed away while she was being lifted.The woman then announced, “our subject will now be punished, and will receive a total of 18 strokes. 12 by bullwhip, and six by cane.”Before Nadia had a chance to panic, she felt the sharp sting of the first bullwhip across her ass. She flinched, but held her tongue. Then the second whip hit her in the center of her back. Then, the cane stuck her on the center of her vagina. This caught her off guard, and she let out a loud yelp from the pain. The woman hit the button again. Before Nadia stopped trembling from the latest shock, both of the bullwhips hit her on each side again. Once she stopped trembling, the cane struck her clit again. Nadia bit hard into the ball gag to avoid screaming. “Good pet!” the woman said into the microphone enthusiastically.Nadia submitted to the third round of being hit by the whips and cane. This time, the whips removed the clamps from her nipples, sending a rush of blood, and subsequently, a surge of pain to her nipples. Before she could react, the can hit the bottom of her left foot. She bit even harder into gag.The last three rounds did not hurt nearly as much. The remaining clamps on her clit slipped off during the fifth round. At the end of the sixth round, Nadia’s body hung in a limp state from the crane, as she felt as if she might be passing out from the exhaustion.Then, the crane started up again. The woman announced, “That’s it for our show tonight, thank you all for coming”. Nadia found herself being lifted, higher, and even higher, until she was near the top of the abandoned office complex. It was at this point when Nadia blacked out.Nadia awoke the next morning to the sound of a car horn. She was in her new car, in the driver’s seat, and she was still naked. Her skin felt like it was on fire from the whipping and the clamps. She had been dried off and even felt clean as if she had been washed. A set of clothes, identical to the outfit she had been wearing the day before, was folded neatly in the passenger seat. She also realized where she was. Inexplicably, she found herself parked on the outskirts of the parking lot where she worked. Gladly, no one parks there, so she hoped no one had seen her there sleeping naked in her car. She checked the time, her phone, which had been placed back in the cradle, said it was 7:45 a.m. “Just in time to return to work” she thought.

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