7 Ekim 2021

Naughty Nurse Kathy by loyalsock


Naughty Nurse Kathy by loyalsockI had a friend that spent some time in the hospital recently and while visiting him I got to meet a wonderful and sexy person. Her name was Kathy; she was black and a part of the cleaning department. I wouldn’t say that she was a janitor; she was more of a lower lever nurse that cleaned the rooms when there was a patient present. She knew quite a bit about nursing, I assumed that she didn’t have enough schooling to just be a nurse so she cleaned to make some money to put herself through nursing school. Kathy caught my eye several times in the hallways of the hospital. She was very pretty, about 5’7″ and guessing 140 pounds. Her hair was braided in cornrows and even though she wore hospital smocks you could tell that she had quite a body. I have seen drop dead gorgeous ladies wearing smocks and due to the fit, you couldn’t tell anything about their bodies. Kathy wore her hospital garb a little tighter then the others. Her perfect ass filled the bottoms wonderfully and the top held her breasts tightly, it wasn’t hard to tell that some days she didn’t bother with a bra or at least wore a thin one due to her hard nipples shining through the material. We made eye contact several times in the hallways, but nothing more then a smile and a how are you doing. I visited my friend several times a week and got used to seeing her around the hospital. She always greeted me with a smile and a hello and we began to talk whenever we met in the hall. We didn’t talk about anything in general, just passing the time or so I thought. She asked about my friend and what room he was in. Kathy even asked about his condition, which wasn’t great. I was surprised when she walked in my friend’s room one day to clean. I asked her what she was doing and she smiled and told me cleaning, then laughed. I smiled and tried not to notice her as her hips swayed as she mopped and leaned over in front of me dusting. Her ass was incredible, just right for me, not thin and bony but also not too big. I also noticed that every day I visited she şişli escort seemed to pick that time to clean. I finally asked her if I was imagining that she was there every time I was. Kathy blushed and nodded slightly, telling me that she liked my company and seeing me so she switched with another cleaning nurse to get my friend’s room as part of her cleaning schedule. Kathy added that I stopped by about the same time every day so she waited till then to show up to clean. I blushed and smiled and told her that I enjoyed her company as well; I added that it made the day go better to see her smiling face. Several weeks passed and my friend’s condition didn’t really change. He had been in a car accident and wasn’t awake for long through the day. I began to notice Kathy more and more each day, how tight her top would be and how she would seem to bend over in front of me every time she could. She always smelled wonderful, like her perfume was just applied and I thought she was wearing more makeup then usual. If it hadn’t been for her outgoing ways I might have missed out on a great thing. One day Kathy walked in and noticed that I was more concerned then usual. I thought my friend had taken a turn for the worse and I was worried. Kathy looked at the chart and reassured me that it wasn’t anything major, they had just changed his pain meds and he was sleeping more. She joked that nothing would wake him for a couple hours, he was that sedated. She then explained to me that according to the chart his doctor wanted him to sleep more to help him recover. Kathy reached for my hand and grabbed it to reassure me he would be all right. In that small act my eyes opened and I finally saw Kathy for the sexy woman that she was. I stood up and Kathy backed away, but I wouldn’t release her hand. I pulled her close to me and hugged her tightly to me. Her heavenly scent filled my head with thoughts other then my friend. She rubbed my back and moaned softly into my chest. My cock rose from the wonderful feeling of her ample tits pressed mecidiyeköy escort against my chest and I knew she could feel it throb through my jeans. She slid a hand down and began to rub my cock making it harder then it had been in some time. I moaned lightly and released my grip on her allowing her to back away slightly. She took control and rubbed my meat harder and faster along my crotch. Kathy looked into my eyes and wondered aloud if I would ever come around to her charms. The last part made me smile and relaxed me more. Kathy moved further away from me and gripped my cock hard and smiled. She then released me and turned to close the door, placing a wet floor sign outside in the hall. Turning to face me again she undid several buttons on her top allowing her ample cleavage to shine. The remaining buttons strained to hold her tits in and her nipples poked hard against the fabric. Kathy stopped in front of me told me that my friend was out of it and I needed to release some tension, she then slid her hand gently across my tented crotch, then with a smile unbuckled my belt and my jeans and slid them down my shaking legs. My cock tented mightily against my shorts and Kathy smiled and said to relax and enjoy. She then moved quickly to her knees and pulled my cock free, as it sprang up it brushed her face gently. Kathy looked into my eyes as she began to suck on my hard member. Her moans were driving me wild with desire and I reached out and took hold of her head. She looked at me once more before smiling and nodding and I began to face fuck her. My cock isn’t huge by any means, a little over seven inches but thicker then average. I was amazed how well she took my cock deeply into her mouth then her throat as I fucked her deep and fast. I could feel my cum rising quickly and pounded her mouth deeper with every thrust. Finally I couldn’t take it any longer and held my cock deep in her mouth and began shooting my load in her throat. Kathy took the first couple of streams then backed off my cock holding esenyurt escort my shooting meat at her mouth. My cock continued to squirt and Kathy licked every drop from my sensitive head and licked her lips when she was done. The last couple of weak spurts hit her on her beautiful face and ran down her sexy dark cheek before her amazing tongue licked it away. I stood before her weak kneed as my cock shrank away from her warm mouth. She smiled at me and asked if I felt better. I could only nod and smile back at her then pulled my jeans up and buttoned them. Kathy stood up and grabbed my hand, saying her turn. I didn’t know what to expect until she plunged my willing hand down her scrubs to her wet and warm slit. My finger quickly found her engorged clit and flicked across it rapidly. Kathy was biting her lip as I slid one then another finger into her wet box. I was fingering her quickly and she began to moan. I took the hint and placed my thumb on her clit while my fingers continued to thrust into her wetness. She moaned louder and I began to wonder if we would be heard. Kathy’s mouth fell open as her pussy tightened around my fingers and she climaxed on my hand. After a few minutes her breathing returned to normal and she slowly removed my hand from her smock. My fingers glistened from her wetness and I sucked one clean then offered her the other. My cock began to rise again as she worked my finger in her mouth, licking and sucking it clean. Kathy the stepped back again and untied her scrubs, lowering them to her knees. I tried to move closed but was stopped by her hand held to my chest. She leaned over and opened a drawer pulling out a cloth and wiping her dripping pussy. She quivered several times while wiping her wet slit as several small orgasms hit her again, once done she smiled at me as she pulled her scrubs back up and retied them. The disappointment showed on my face as she readjusted her bottoms and buttoned up her top, hiding all that had just happened. She leaned in and we kissed deeply, like lovers that had be apart for too long. She held my hand tightly and walked toward the door, releasing it just before opening it. Kathy then winked at me and told me that she was off work in 15 minutes and if I wanted more to meet her at the main entrance. Damn why does time have to move so slow!?!

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