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Naughty Stepdaughter P6


Naughty Stepdaughter P6As usual just before the football match was due to start that evening, my lovely wife Karen headed out the door to go see a friend for the evening.”By babe!” she called out as she left.”Yeah see you later!” I replied as I sat on the sofa ready to watch the game.My wife quickly left, and no sooner had the front door shut behind her, when my her daughter, my blonde stepdaughter Stacey appeared at the top of the stairs, dressed in a white fluffy dressing gown, and then slowly came down.I watched her walk into the our open front room, and then stand in front of me, before she pulled at the towelling belt, and her dressing gown fell open revealing her beautiful perfect petite tanned body, with her little round boobs and little pink nipples, and her smooth bald little pussy.I stared at all of her enjoying every beautiful inch of her teen body, and even though I had now seen her naked many times, I still got an instant boner from seeing it.”Come with me!” she smiled and gesturing with a finger.Then she turned and headed back towards the stairs, like I was hypnotised I got up out off of the sofa and eagerly followed her, and as she began to climb the stairs, she let her dressing gown fall off completely, and I got to watch her perfectly round tanned ass like a little peach, moving in front of me.Stacey then led me into her room, and glancing my way said “Take your clothes off, and lay down on my bed facing upwards!”Like an obedient dog eager to obey, I quickly pulled off my football shirt, undid and kicked off my jeans, pulled off my boxers, and then climbed onto her bed, completely naked.I then lay down on my back, and as I did, Stacey held up some of my ties she must have taken from my wardrobe, and then began tying one around each of my legs, and then my wrists, before she then tied me to each of her bed posts.I was now spread eagle on her bed, tied, and going no where fast.Then she moved towards her laptop and camera at the end of her bed, on her dressing table, and I watched her switch it on, before she sat on the edge of the bed looking into the camera that was pointed right at the bed.”Hey people!” she said to all her fans, before she continued “My daddies been very bad boy, so I’ve had to punish him by tying him to my bed, and I won’t let him go, until I’m completely satisfied!” Then she climbed onto the bed, stood over me, and then facing the camera, she slowly lowered that beautiful bald little pussy towards my face.I watched her smooth little mound and perfectly clean little pink ass ring get closer and closer, until it finally landed and her moist pink lips parted as they squashed over my mouth, and I quickly opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue to taste her inner wetness.Stacey let out an instant soft moan, and then slowly began to grind her little pussy into my face as I eagerly began licking her inner hole.My tongue lapped back and forth slobbering all over her pink little lips, and then probing deeper eagerly to taste her pussy juices, and as she ground down into my face, my nose began to nudge against her little pink ring increasing her pleasure.”Yes daddy! yes! eat my pussy! eat my little teen pussy, and make me cum you naught boy!” she moaned on top of me.Her hands then rested on my stomach as she began to grind a little quicker, and for the next few minutes my stepdaughter rode my face getting wetter and more excited every minute.”Oh yes daddy! Your tongue feels so good! so good deep konak escort in my little teen pussy!” she moaned loudly “I bet you love licking my smooth little pussy? I bet you love drinking my juices? Do you? do you?” she asked still riding my face, so I gave a muffled yes, and Stacey groaned “I knew you did! I knew you loved licking my pussy! Licking your own daughters little wet pussy!”Stacey was now really grinding against my face, and with my mouth covered by her increasing leaking pussy and my nose practically jammed up her ass, I was really beginning to have trouble breathing but I was determined not to stop, this might have been a little weird, to be tied up and used like a sex toy by your own stepdaughter, but in truth I was loving it.Stacey was soon getting louder and louder, and was really riding my face hard, and then just when I thought I might be suffocated to death by my own stepdaughters pussy and ass, she finally began to cry out.”Oh daddy! oh daddy! oh daddy! oh daddy! oh daddy!” she began repeating over and over “Oh daddy! oh daddy! OH DADDY! OH DADDY!” she then cried out, before she bucked wildly on my face crying and groaning over and over, and I felt a little gush of warm pussy juices flood my face as she came.For several wonderful seconds my little blonde stepdaughter came on my face, until finally she calmed down, slowed her grinding to almost a complete stop and just sat on my face for a moment.”Oh daddy, that was so good!” she moaned “I think I should reward you!”Then she leant forward, lifting her wet pussy off my wet face, so I could breathe again, and then I felt her warm soft hands clamp around my hard ready to go cock, and while still lying on top of me, she began jerking my cock.I lifted up slightly to see what was going on, but all I could see was her beautiful naked wet pussy just inches from my face, and her little round ass cheeks, so I just laid back and enjoyed my stepdaughter playing with my cock.”Look at this big hard cock!” she purred as she ran her hands all over it, and even cupped my balls a few times as well “Is this big cock for me? is it daddy? is it?” she asked playfully.”Yes!” I groaned playing my part.Then she lowered her head, and while she was still jerking my shaft her little wet mouth surrounded my big round cockhead, and swallowed it.I groaned happily loving the feeling of my stepdaughters little wet mouth clamped around my cockhead, and then groaned more as she began sucking and swallowing more of my cock.With her little hands still jerking the base and her little mouth sucking on the rest I was extremely happy, and to be honest if she told me to cum right then I would have happily done it, but she didn’t because she was to busy giving me a blow job in front of her on line watchers.After a few more minutes of one the best blow jobs I ever had, Stacey glanced up at her camera and said “My daddies dick is so big, I’ve just got to get it in me!”And then she scooted up, dragging her wet little pussy across my chest and belly, until she was sat a stride of my hard upright cock, and then taking hold of it again, she slowly lowered herself onto it.We both groaned loudly as her little moist warm pussy made contact with my hard hot cock, and then her little smooth pink lips parted and slid over my cockhead, and a second later I was inside my stepdaughter again, as she began to lower herself further down onto it.Stacey was crouched on my lap, my hard konak escort bayan cock was now right up inside of her, and must have been stretching her little pussy wide for all to see on camera, and then she began to ride it, gently and steadily moving her wet pussy up and down my hard pole.”Oh daddy! oh daddy!” she began moaning “Oh daddy, your cock fills my pussy so good! I can feel it stretching to take you all inside of me! your big fat cocks stretching my poor little pussy!” Stacey rode my cock like that for a few minutes, and then started to pick up the pace as she took more and more of my cock right up inside of her.I glanced up again, I could now see her little round soft ass bouncing up and down in my lap, and making a slapping noise every time it came down as it met my waist, and so still tied up, I just lay back again enjoying being my stepdaughters sex toy once more.”Oh daddy! oh daddy! oh daddy!” she moaned over and over as she rode my cock quicker and harder “Oh daddy! I think your cocks going to make me cum again! I think it is!”Stacey was now really bouncing hard on top of me, and I could feel her silky wet pussy sliding up and down my hard shaft rapidly, and with every bounce she was getting louder and more excited again.”Daddy, i’m going to cum! daddy i’m going to cum! Daddy i’m going to cum!” she kept groaning “Yes, yes!” I groaned urging her on, and loving the feeling of my petite stepdaughter fucking herself on my cock.”I’m nearly there daddy! i’m nearly there!” she then cried as she bounced even harder and quicker on top of me “I’m nearly there! i’m nearly there! I’m nearly…” she then suddenly let out a really loud cry before screaming “I’M CUMMING DADDY! I’M CUMMING!” and then she began bucking wildly again and screaming uncontrollably as she came on me for a second time, and then, her orgasm was so strong she popped off my cock, and as she did, her pussy squirted all over the end of her bed, before she collapsed on top of me still groaning and twitching.It was so hot and amazing to see my little stepdaughter cum like that, and I was pretty thankful she had popped off my cock because I was pretty sure I would have cum in her if she hadn’t.For a few happy seconds my naked wet blonde stepdaughter lay on top my wet naked body catching her breath, and then when she had calmed down enough, she sat up and looked at the camera again.”That was pretty good huh?” she asked her fans, before she then said “But I want to cum again! My daddies not been punished enough!”Stacey then straddled my waist once again, but this time instead of feeding my big hard wet cock back into her little wet pussy, she placed it up against her little pink ass ring, before slowly inching on to it.I lifted my head again eager to watch, and could see her holding my hard shaft, as her pink ass ring began to slowly ease open, and my big round cockhead disappeared inside of it.She moaned loudly as my cock penetrated up into her back passage, and slowly lowered herself further down onto it taking me into her bowels inch by inch.Then when I was about half way into her ass, my stepdaughter began to slowly and steadily again ride my cock, and I watched as her little ass stretched open as it moved up and down my shaft.”Oh daddy! oh fuck! oh fuck! oh fuck!” she began to mutter as she slowly ass fucked herself on my cock.For a few minutes my stepdaughter inched herself lower and lower, eager to take more and more escort konak of my cock in her ass, until I was almost balls deep and she was riding me like I was a pony or something.”Oh fuck your so big! oh fuck your so big!” she then mumbled as I filled her asshole completely.After a few more minutes Stacey picked the pace up a little, moving a little quicker and plunging a little harder, and then she moved her little hand to her little wet pussy and began rubbing it as she continued to fuck her ass on my cock.”Oh fuck, daddy! oh fuck daddy! oh fuck daddy!” she began moaning loudly “Oh fuck I love your cock in my tight little ass! oh fuck I love it!” Stacey was soon bouncing happily on my cock, letting my hard pole slide right up her ass and back out again, as she continued to rub her pussy, for the camera to see, and I was still just lying there letting it happen because I was fucking loving every dam second.”Oh daddy! oh daddy! oh daddy!” she began mumbling louder as she bounced harder and faster on top of me.Her fingers must have been a blur because I could here the wet flapping noise they were making as she worked herself to another orgasm, and with my cock jammed up her ass every second she was soon getting closer to another orgasm, and this time so was I.My stepdaughter’s ass was now rapidly sliding up and down on my pole, and I watched it mash into my crotch like it just wanted to be part of me over and over again, and with her groaning louder and louder by the second, I soon began to feel that familiar feeling.”Oh god, i’m nearly there!” I groaned “I’m nearly there!””Yes Daddy! yes Daddy! yes daddy!” she replied back still riding me wildly.With her little lubricated asshole working my hard cock, and her groans of pleasure ringing around the little room, and with me being tied down and unable to get a hold of her I was now desperate to cum, and as I felt the feeling build quickly in my balls, Stacey got louder and more excited too.”Oh daddy oh daddy! oh daddy! oh daddy! OH DADDY! OH DADDY! OH DADDY!” she then finally cried out before she plunged down hard on my cock letting it fill her asshole up completely once more, and as she began to cum for the third time, and I felt her little tight ass squeeze my cock, I couldn’t hold back any longer.”OH FUCK! OH FUCK!” I groaned as I felt my balls churn, and then my big hard cock start to spurt wildly in her asshole.”OH DADDY! OH DADDY!” Stacey cried out again as she felt me cum in her ass “OH DADDYYYYYY!”Stacey bucked wildly again on top of me, cumming like a mad woman as she rubbed her pussy eagerly and squirted all over her bed sheets once again, and with her legs splayed open, her adoring fans could see everything that happened.Then after several more amazing hot seconds she finally stop cumming, I finally stopped cumming in her ass, and we both just lay there catching our breath again.”Oh daddy, you came in my ass! you came in my tight little ass!” she moaned, before she then lifted up off my cock, and crouched over it letting my sticky wet goo dribble back out of her open asshole and down onto my cock and balls.”Oh daddy you filled my ass with so much cum!” she said before she reached under herself and caught some of my sticky juices and then quickly tasted it for the camera to see.”Oh daddy, I love the taste of your cum!” she moaned licking her lips.After that she got up off the bed, and quickly switched the camera off, and then happily undid my ties.”Oh thank you!” she said giving me a quick hug as I sat up “That was great!””Yeah, it was pretty hot!” I replied “Now, lets go have a shower, and as a reward, I might just let you fuck me again!” she grinned before skipping off to the bathroom.I was definitely loving being a stepdaddy.

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