13 Temmuz 2021



NeighborI had been fucking my eighteen year old neighbor boy for over three months. I remember the first time we fucked. He came over to give me something never knowing what he really was going to give me. I had a short robe on and was nude underneath it. I took him to the kitchen and sat him on a stool as I poured us some iced tea. As I slid the glass to him my robe gapped open and I did not bother to close it. He stared at my huge tits and I smiled. He was going to be easy to fuck. I then sat on the stool next to him with my legs spread and he could see my pink pussy. I put my hand on his leg and whispered “Want to play naughty with me?” He just stared. I let my robe drop to the floor and I rubbed his leg as I took his hand and put it on my tit and moved it all over my big globe. Then I stood him up and unzipped his pants and pulled them and his boxers down to his knees and sat him back down. I was lucky. He was a good size even semi hard. I took his other hand and put it on my pussy and used a finger to rub my clit. Then I took canlı bahis the same finger and slid it inside my cunt and moved it in and out fucking me with it. I grabbed his dick and stroked it and he moaned and began to move his finger in my cunt on his own. I then stood up and straddled his lap letting my wet cunt slide down his now hard dick. I moved my hips around in a circle and was now fucking him. As I fucked him his hands were grasping my tits and rubbing them. It did not take him long to cum and fill me. I then said “Let’s go in my room and get real naughty.” I stood and pulled him by the hand and as soon as we were in my room I removed the rest of his clothes and laid him on the bed as I laid beside him. I was stroking his dick as I pulled his mouth to my tit and he began licking then sucking a nipple. As I got him harder I lifted my leg and slid his meat into my fuck hole and this time as I moved my hips he began ramming deep in me. He gave me a great fuck and took longer to cum this time. I tongue kissed his mouth then bahis siteleri kissed his nipples and down to his stomach where I went lower and licked his cock. I then sucked on his cock as I hand jerked his balls. He then fucked me twice more. I loved his stamina. We laid there and played with each other and petted and kissed and licked. He had to leave but came back the next day. We went right to my bedroom and got naked. As he sucked on my nipples I stroked his cock and balls. Then I shoved his head down to my pussy and told him “Lick me.” He began to lick over my clit then my fuck hole. I then told him “Stick your tongue in me and tongue fuck that wet cunt till I cum.” For his first time he did a great job. I gave him cream several times then he fucked me three times before he had to leave. He came back at least every other day to fuck. We now fucked and showered and stayed naked all the time he was there. I loved sucking his cock and tasting his sweet cum. He got to be a great pussy licker too. His stamina was a big plus. bahis şirketleri He was always good for three fucks and a cock sucking. He got so he liked pussy too and he would eat me at least twice and I loved feeling his tongue go deep in my cunt. He liked the taste of cum a lot.We fucked almost non stop all summer then he went away to college and he wanted me to come visit so I spent almost every week end in a hotel with him. We stayed naked and fucked non stop and ate room service in bed. I then taught him to ass fuck and he loved that and wanted to ass fuck me at least twice on the week ends we were together. I loved the feel of that big cock taking over my ass and ramming me deep. I then finger fucked his ass and some day am going to bring a strap on and really fuck his hole.On his second year of college I got an apartment there and he stayed with me instead of the dorm. We did not fuck a lot during the week because he had to study but we were naked and on the week end we fucked till we were about ready to drop. We fucked all four years of his college and now that he is out he has a job close by and I many times go meet him at lunch and suck his dick and let him eat my pussy. He still has great stamina and the sex just gets better and better.

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