30 Temmuz 2021

New years eve


New years eveWaking up on the 31st December, it was going to be the first new years that I was going to spend with a girl at home without any parents. Jessica woke up soon after me and a little after 9 we got dress for the first time in two days. We then made our way to the shops where we bought snacks, meat for the braai, 2 bottles of brandy and 2 bottles of sours and 3 bags of ice. We then headed back home and prepared everything for the day as our friends would be arriving at about 1pm.After sorting everything out and packing it away Jessica went to shower and get ready for the day ahead. I showered once she was out and we then got dressed casually as we told everyone to bring there costumes. Jes wore a red bikini and short tight pants which hugged her ass and made it look so sexy. She covered the rest of her body with a casual top. I wore my swimming trunks with my jocks underneath incase I needed to hide a boner in front of everyone. And a vest as it was flipping hot. Once dressed I walked up to Jessica I placed my hands on her sexy ass and told her that she looks so sexy in these short shorts. She said thank you and I then said I love you my babe as I looked her in the eyes. She replied saying I love you too baby and our lips then met and we exchanged a passionate kiss. Our lips then aparted and Jessica had a big happy smile on her face as we made our way downstairs.It was already 12 30pm so we quickly opened snacks and put it into bowls, the ice into a cooler and our drinks into a 2nd cooler with ice and took every outside. It wasn’t long till our guests started arriving. First being my mate Matt with his new Girlfriend. He introduced us to her, her name Nicole she was an okish looking blonde, tall, pretty face but slightly chubby body. Matt poured us all a drink as Jessica’s best friend and boyfriend arrived, and we went to let them in. James and her best friend Caitlyn. Caitlyn was a stunning girl, tall, with long dark hair and blue yalova escort eyes. I had met her before and she also had a lovely personality. After introducing them to Matt and Nicole,  the last couple who I hadn’t met yet arrive. Jessica introduced me to her friends Vanessa, who preferred to be called V and her boyfriend Drew.V was a pretty blonde, Tall and seem rather smart. The drinks started flowing as we played music and nibbled on the snacks. The girls were first to jump into the pool and I took a good look at both V and Caitlyn’s bodies. They both were fucking hot. Matt’s girlfriend Nicole wasn’t bad but definitely not as sexy as the other 3 girls. Jessica looked as hot as ever and once us guys joined the girls in the pool I immediately made my way to her to give her a passionate kiss and hold onto her sexy ass for a few seconds. We cooled off and then at 4 30pm Matt and I started to the fire for the braai. As we chatted I found out that Caitlyn and I were both going to be studying logistics at varsity and I was pretty sure we would be in the same class. We agreed to help each other where we could once the varsity terms starts. We braai’d by 5 45pm and were all done eating by 6 30pm when I found out that Caitlyn and James were leaving to go to another party with his friends. Rather sad to see her go a gave her a hug goodbye. As it got a bit darker nearing 8 we decided to play a few drinking games between the 6 of us. Using the shooters as well as our drinks it wasn’t long till we all became tipsy and a little bit horny. Jessica soon moved to sit on my lap and she gave me a passionate kiss in front of everyone. They all made a noise as we kissed and to add to their amusement I ran my right hand up and down Jessica’s leg. Once our lips aparted V said to us that we should get a room and Jessica replied I will most definitely do so later. Our conversation between the six of us then became rather sexual and I was the yozgat escort first of the men to admit that I’m fucking horny and hard now.Everyone laughed and we then continue chatting and have a few more drinks. The conversation we had stayed very sexual and it was clear to see everyone was extremely horny and waiting for new years to arrive and then disappeared to into private rooms to fuck. It was 11 50pm when we all refilled our glasses and counted down the final minutes and seconds into the new year. It then arrived Happy new year we wished each other downing our drinks and then all making our we inside locking up and to separate rooms. Jessica and I entered into her parents room. We removed our clothes and I pushed her onto her back and then got ontop of her. Entering my throbbing hard cock into her wet puss, we heard moans coming from the other bedrooms as I started to fuck her. I fucked her hard in missionary position and she moaned loudly as she soon reached climax and started orgasmning. My cock soon exploded, as I was fucking horny, and I fucked Jessica harder while she continued to moan as my cock shot my cum deep into her puss. After I finished cumming we laid cuddling and soon both passed out. Waking up the later the morning I had a morning glory while laying behind Jessica back. My cock was poking her between her bum cheeks as I played with her tits and giving her soft kisses to wake up. She soon rolled over onto her back and I move to suck her nipples. Sucking hard on her nipples she gave off a few moans as she started waking properly. I then moved ontop of her and entered my cock into her wet cunt and started fucking her. I drove my cock deep and hard in and out of her puss making her moan loudly from the pleasure as she woke up. After a few minutes I pulled out and laid on my back. Jes climbed on top of me and lowered herself down onto my hard cock. She sat upright on my cock and started riding me escort bayan back and forth, fucking me with passion as she moaned. Her cunt tightened around my cock as she reached climax and orgasmed. After she orgasmed she said to me she wants it hard and rough. I said doggy style and she said yes. She moved and kneeled like a bitch on all 4. I moved kneeling behind her. I enter my cock into her and I started fucking her hard and rough pounding in and out of her puss. Her moans became louder as I hit her inner back walls of her cunt and my cock then exploded shooting my cum into her puss as I fucked her.After I finished cumming I pulled out of her and we fell down to the bed where we exchanged a few kisses, starting the new year off in a wonderful way.We soon got up and hopped into the shower together and while I was washing Jessica’s back there was a knock on the door. It was V, she said stood by the door after opening it a little and said morning and asked if we would still be getting it on or if we would be down stairs for breakfast soon. We laughed as we said give us 10 and we would be down. We finished washing ourselves and then got out the shower and dried off. We got dressed and then went downstairs where V and drew already had started making breakfast. Greeting them they replied back how is the noisy couple this morning. Jes blushed as she replied am I really that loud and V said yes my dare you are, we heard you guys clearly. Drew gave me a high five as he said nice lad, and Jessica blushed as she apologised to V as we didn’t really go at it as hard as we normally do but we both knew she can get noisy when I fuck her hard. Matt and Nicole soon joined us downstairs and they too gave us slack for the way Jes moaned in the bedroom while i fucked her, saying they heard all her moans.She blushed some more as she apologised and then said “I can’t help it guys, the sex is amazing that my man gives me.” Her comment made me feel good and happy knowing she’s enjoying the way I’m fucking her.The jokes and teasing carried on during breakfast. After breakfast everyone quickly help to tidy up and then a little while later just after midday they said goodbye to us and left ending a wonderful evening and morning of fun.

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