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Next Door Neighbor

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Next Door NeighborNext Door NeighborBy: Londebaaz ChohanIt is no secret, starting from Junior year in high school, it is the most difficult time for the guys. The things are changing so fast. That cock that used to get hard and longer, thicker is now getting much longer and thicker even without getting hard. The balls feel heavier and seem as if they were going to scrub the floor soon; they get hung so low. An erection 24/7 is a normal and no laughing matter.I was a Junior when my parents divorced and my mother never remarried and only enjoyed being with a new boyfriend every night. I tried to keep busy with my paper route, first thing in the morning, then school all day and some computer games till late evening bed time. Mom was working part time only but 2 jobs and pulling on the household expenses along with any money she happened to get from my dad. One day we noticed a ‘For Sale’ sign on our next door house, owned by an older couple. In less than a month, it was sold and the new owner was a guy; hardly 25, 26. The alphabets on the mail box told us, his name was Duran. Duran was a single guy and I soon had the opportunity to meet him. Duran worked from home. He said, he was some kind of computer expert and soon we two were computer nerds and quite good friends also. He showed me many new things on the computer and I learned and loved it all. He said, he worked on developing the web sites and whenever I asked and tried to know more, he changed the subject. I took the hint that it must be his business secret and let it go. Soon we were like very good neighbors and my mom also started saying hello to Duran and thanking him for helping me to grow up. I also noticed that his car was always in the garage and he did not leave home for weeks. I asked him and he said that he got recently divorced and was not ready to date, yet. About a month later, one evening, my mother told me that she was to go see her older sister, who fell and got hurt and may come back in about a week. She was worried that I would not be able to take care of myself, but when I told her of Duran being here; she kind of agreed but not until she spoke with him to see if he did not think it was a burden for him. One afternoon, we invited Duran for coffee and he was very kind to agree that I could spend the time after school and nights at his house and he would also make sure that I was not hungry. Next morning, he gave the key to the entry door to me and we were all set but my mom insisted that Duran will help and make me learn to keep the house clean.For an evening or two, everything was normal and then one day when I came home from school, I got a note from Duran in our mail box that he had to go out and hoped to come back by around 7 or 8 PM at the most and it was ok for me to go to his canlı bahis house and he had set a desk computer in the bedroom, he had assigned to me. The curiosity took me over and I went in quite early to his house. It was a big house with 4-bedrooms, each with an attached bath room and a lot of different sitting areas as well, like TV lounge, 2 family rooms, game room and even a den for quiet time sipping coffee or adult beverages and doing whatever. Duran had spoken of all these rooms but had never given me a tour of the house. After having played some games on the computer, I thought to look around. I did not want to spy around but may be sort of, kind of and it was the perfect time. Soon in one of the back bedroom closets, I found something, that I never expected. There was a closet full of women’s dresses and paraphernalia that went with it like the makeup, wigs, panties, thongs, bras and more. I was truly shocked and not ready to believe that Duran was saving all this as the memories of his divorced wife. Soon I found a picture of Duran in the dress and wig with full make up. I also found a stash of dildos, vibrators, cock and balls rings and straps plus many other sex toys. As I stood there shocked, I do not know, what went in my head. I decided to find out, how would these dresses look on me. I looked and I still had ample time before Duran was to return home and I could see, how I looked like a woman. All was clear. I stripped and took out a bra and a silky thong pantie out of the drawer and soon panties was pulled on. I loved the feel of the silk as it caressed and hugged my cock and balls. Then I put on the bra and stuffed the cups with the silky bandannas; I found in the drawer. This was giving me an erection so hard; I never had thought of before. One of the red dress, looked my size and I slipped it on. Finally, a wig and a pair of high heels and I looked in the mirror on the inside of the closet door. “Oh, fuck you, man”. The girl in the mirror was very delicious and luscious to say the least. I twirled and posed in front of the mirror for a long, long time; I was so much taken by the femininity. I knew, it was great and it was me. After doing so many sexy moves, I finally, decided to remove the dress and closed the mirrored door and bumped right into the strong arms of Duran. Shit! I never heard the garage door open or heard him coming into the house and walking up the stairs. The fucking always squeaky staircase never made a sound.I wanted to rush into removing the dress but Duran stopped me, saying that I looked perfect and also that he was glad for me to have found a way to stay busy. I did not understand what it meant and had nothing to say as well and only spluttered some excuse. He invited me to go to the family room and talk about it bahis siteleri and feeling guilty; I quietly followed him. In the family room, he excused and walked towards the kitchen but not before asking me to take a chair around the small center table, he had in one corner of the family room. Soon he returned with Scotch bottle, ice bucket, glasses and the mixer soda and asked me to make a double for him and walked out to come back soon. Completely awed, I made up the drinks for both of us and sat to wait for him or her, should I say. Duran walked in looking like a dashing young lady, all dressed and make up with a brownish wig and heels. He came and sat down next to me in the other chair and introduced herself as Regina. We sat there for long and he told me of all his life secrets. Duran said that it was his secret life and appreciated me for my interest as well. He told me of the many stories, when he would dress up and go out for seeking fun. He was interested to teach me about the makeup but I told him that I did not ever want to be seen by anyone outside the home but I thanked him for telling me, how beautiful I looked and how the makeup could do much more. Soon the Scotch bottle was finished, leaving us both much more than dizzy and delightful. Duran, pulled his chair much closer to me and now he had one of his hand rubbing my thighs. I noticed Regina surely being aware of I having a ‘HARD’ time and she kept creeping closer to my sex muscle. I looked up to see the lust in her eyes. Now she bent over to kiss me, I closed my eyes. The warm and tender lips, soft hands caressed my face, cheeks and I realized to be kissing Regina with a passion, I never had known in my life. “I want you to make me a complete woman and fuck me”; I heard a very clear whisper in my ear. She was kissing my lips and pulling me to go with her into the bedroom. In the bedroom, I did not resist, as she undressed me, pulling off my dress, panties and the bra. My young cock sprang up like never before and pre cum was dripping also. Regina did not resist to kneel and lick the big and swollen cock head to get the largest ever drop of pre cum on her tongue. My cock was twitching and we were both moaning loud. Now Duran stood up and removed the skirt and then the blouse and the panties. Then Regina took a position on the bed and pulled me over her and we kissed for endless time. She was pulling my hands and making me twist, tweak her nipples as she moaned and sighed till she got to her side to reach the night stand and pulled a special looking bottle of lube. After taking a generous amount on her hand, she started applying it to her hole. Then she signaled me to take some lube and apply a coat on my stiff shaft. She gasped so loud, feeling the invasion of her ass and yelled, “Oh, bahis şirketleri my pussy”. She asked me to raise her legs and shove a pillow under her before pushing my cock into her “Ass Pussy”. She repeated for me to be careful and do not rip her innards and go in gently and inch by inch. Soon as Duran felt my balls at his entrance, he whispered for me to stop for a moment and let him feel adjusted to this huge assault. Then before asking me to start aptly fucking and rhythmic thrusting in and out of her, Regina whispered in my ear, for loving my cock in her and I told her, how pretty she looked impaled on my big fucking muscle wrapped by her Ass Pussy. Soon it was a coordinated effort and we were fucking in complete harmony. Duran helping me to reach the depths, he rarely had gotten fucked before. After about 10 minutes of this blissful activity, I warned Duran of my rushing climax. Soon, my flag pole stiff cock got squeezed brutally by the tight stretched muscles of his Ass Pussy and we moaned and gasped as I filled her up with my life brew and Duran did the shooting all over his stomach. We laid there in each other’s arms until my cock limped out of his love hole. We repeated the play twice again and now both times Duran licked me clean and also washed my balls with the wet tongue and lips. Later in the night, Duran made me promise him to always dress up before fucking him and told me that it was his wife, who initiated him with a dildo and then used to fuck him with a strap on. After a week, when my mom came back, she was happy to see the good man to man relationship between I and Duran and did not object for the time I was spending at Duran’s house. He had bought some very nice dresses, wigs and high heel shoes in my size and makeup too. For the next almost 1 year and a half, I was a champion in fucking Duran and Regina but mostly Regina. Time never stops, I finally finished my high school and had to move away for the college but by now, I was an avid crossdresser and could not fuck as good as a college boy could without being dressed as a woman. Soon I realized that it was not easy and contacted Duran on the e- mail. He was very kind to listen to my thoughts and agreed to sell his house and in much shorter time, both of us had moved to a new house, in an entirely new town and new college. Four years of college passed and we lived together as 2 women. By the mid of the sophomore year, with the consultation of the doctors, I started taking some hormonal therapy just enough to give me some new body features and lady like appearance without effecting the functioning of my male genitalia to satisfy the sexual needs and desires of Duran and alike men.We still live together and after graduation, I work as an IT team leader at a big importer’s office and also help Duran in expanding his business. Life is so good and full of promises with quite a few more Duran like men in my circle. Thank you Regina. The End. Your comments are appreciated. Londebaaz Chohan September 7, 2019.

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