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Night & Day


Night & DayThis is an account of how several little things came together to make our life a little more interesting and far more sexual. My wife and I have been married for five years now and are both knocking on the door of 30. We live an ordinary life in a nice semi in an ordinary town and very much Mr and Mrs average with a nice group of friends, two £20k incomes and go to the pub on Friday nights. Dee (my wife) is a petite 5ft 4 with shoulder length red hair, nice 36D chest, rounded bottom and my wet dream. Dee is a grade 2 nurse. My name is Tony; I’m average height, average build with thinning hair cut to a number 2 and work as an Insurance claims assessor (dull).Last summer our ordinary lives became a little less ordinary when my wife was keeping an eye on our best friends house whilst they were on holiday in Tenerife. She went over one afternoon to feed the fish and check all was in order but while she was there she left a cigarette burning in the lounge, forgot about it, and came home. A few hours later we got a call from our friends neighbour saying that the fire brigade were at our friends house. Dee made me drive her over and we found that the whole ground floor was destroyed and upstairs was badly smoke damaged. Dee was overawed with guilt when the fireman said that the fire started in the centre of the lounge and a melted glass ashtray suggested it was from a cigarette. Dee called in sick from work and spent the next two days before our friends could get back keeping an eye on the house. She cleaned the upstairs and washed their clothes, bed linen etc. in an effort to make it look a little less bad.Two days passed by and we collected Martin and Gayle from the airport with flowers and gifts and my wife begged their forgiveness. Despite the state of the house they were very nice to us and said things like, ‘It could happen to anyone!’ and ‘At least nobody was hurt!’ The builders told them that although the structure was safe it would take five weeks to make repairs and get the house back to new. The first couple of nights they stayed with us and when the insurance company said that they would give them £500 per month to pay for a rented place they were going to leave. However Dee persuaded them to stay with us and then keep the £500 for themselves to which they agreed, so long as we wouldn’t mind if they decided to leave later should any of us feel that we are in each others way. Our spare room was en-suite and a decent size.Gayle and Martin are an average couple like us living ordinary lives in suburbia. Gayle is a dentists assistant and Martin works as an area manager for a Bookmaker. We are friends because of Gayle and Dee who were at nursing college together, a place renown for its sexual high-jinx but a piece of their past Martin and I were unfamiliar with. Gayle is 6 ft tall with very short bleach blond hair, pert tits that I guessed as B cup, dark skin (She had a Portuguese father) and her best feature; her long shapely legs. Martin is also 6ft with brown hair, athletic figure with the beginnings of a beer belly and having seen him shower after football knew him to have a big 8 or 9 inches.It started one hot, sunny Friday when my wife started doing night shifts again, she did one month of nights each year and we got into saying our hello and goodbyes to each other as I left for work and Dee returned from work. That afternoon I returned to find Martin sat in our lounge with a smug grin on his face but he simply said that he had had a good day at work as some poor sod lost £3000 on a single race today. I was convinced though that there was more to his smug look. I went upstairs to change and was greeted by a vision of beauty that answered my question about Martin’s smile. Our bedroom door was ajar about 30cm or so and I could see Dee from the hallway lying atop our bed completely naked. There was more than enough light coming through our thin curtains to be able to see her clearly and, moreover, in detail. I was thrilled to know that Martin had got to see Dee in all her naked glory. When my Dee is asleep you could lay her next to a fog horn as a train went past just inches from her head and she wouldn’t wake as she is such a deep sleeper. I went into our bedroom and got into my tracksuit and slippers before going down to chat with Martin, accidentally on purpose forgetting to close the door. I walked into our lounge and pretended to confront Martin about ogling my wife and he went very coy and apologetic, only for me to laugh at him and tell him he could look all he wanted. I told him how I was sure she wouldn’t mind either as she has a bit of an exhibitionist streak in her. We chatted about our wives and what we liked about them, as well as what we liked about each others. I was however at a loss as I reminded Martin that I hadn’t seen Gayle naked where as he had seen Dee. Martin told me that he had had just a very quick peek as he didn’t want to be caught but I explained what a deep sleeper she was and told him not to worry.I suggested we go back up for a closer look to which Martin couldn’t move fast enough as we quietly made our way upstairs. As we looked in on Dee from the hallway Martin was quick to compliment me on such a sexy wife and how sexy she looked. He was most impressed at how her large tits sat firmly in place (she was laying flat on her back) and didn’t sag hardly at all. I got bolder and walked into the room and motioned for Martin to come in for a closer look but it took some persuading. Slowly and almost a bit embarrassed Martin followed me and we both knelt down next to the bed just inches from her naked body. I gently lifted Dee’s legs apart one by one, just so that her feet were 10 or 12 inches apart, but enough to let Martin see her puffy vagina in all its glory. He openly gawped at her exposed sex with a smile across his face and gave me a thumbs up before gesturing that we should leave before our luck ran out and she awoke. As we left I kept the door open as when, first Martin, then I had first found it.Back in the lounge we discussed our little viewing and Martin couldn’t believe how willing I was to show her off and told me how dead I would have been had we been caught. I went on to explain (truthfully) how much Dee was a closet exhibitionist whom had never really been confident enough to show herself off. I told him how we went down to Brighton once where there is a nude beach. However, despite stripping off she lay on her front all the time as she was too scared to expose herself fully. I explained how I had gone naked too for the first time in public and enjoyed wondering about looking at the naked women despite the fact that I knew many of the men there were homosexual. Martin also told me how he would like for me to see his wife in the buff but couldn’t think of a good way of doing it without getting caught, in fact getting caught seemed like the end of the world to him. Dee and I had often talked about Gayle and Martin and we both reckoned that she was by far the more dominant and confident of the two. Martin can be a bit ‘woolly’ at times where as Gayle gives the impression of being able to handle anything, such as having her house almost burnt to the ground.Around 4:30 we heard Dee in the shower and shortly after she came down to say hello and we sat around with a cup of tea telling her about our days at work, what we had for lunch etc, just small talk really. I was dying to tell her about how we had seen her naked up so close that we could smell her perfume. However, I was unsure of what her reaction would be, so I considered what might happen so I decided to tell her later that night as I knew that Gayle and Martin were going out to dinner. I was also curious about Martin. Would he tell Gayle about what he had seen, I guessed probably not as he might get a rollicking from his Misses for ogling another woman who was naked, but as I had no control over that I tried not to worry about it. When Dee returned from work she briefly said hello before ordering Martin upstairs to shower and change to go out making a point of telling us that it was ‘Franco’s’ that they were going to (we are talking about £100 per head paid for with the insurance money). Gayle went off upstairs and Dee went off into the kitchen to start on our dinner leaving Martin and I alone. As Martin got up he came over and said that he would leave the door to his room slightly ajar if I wanted to try and get a glimpse of Gayle when she came out of the shower.Martin and I went up together with me hanging back at the top of the stairs. He went into their room only for me to instantly get the view I was after. Just inside the door on the wall of their room is a full length mirror and from where I was standing I could see a large portion of the room. Best of all though was that I was watching Gayle removing her Bra to reveal her pert tits with large, almost oversized, dark nipples. Next she slid off her white skirt to reveal her long slender legs encased in black tights under which she clearly wore no underwear, I could make out a heavy dark matt of pubes but it was at this point that she walked off into the bathroom to warm the shower up. I remained in position for a moment to see if she returned without her tights on but was out of luck. I remained where I was on the last but one step of the stairs ready to move at a moments notice should Gayle be in a position to catch me. I watched as a naked Martin came into view for a second as he went to the shower. Gayle seemed to be taking forever in there but my patience soon paid off. Although she came out with a towel around her torso, it was sufficiently short that with every movement I got to see a few pubes or a bit of bum cheek. Then ‘OH YEAH BABY!’ She bent over in the most perfect position as she dried her feet giving me a glorious view of her pussy and arse. Although she has a thick tuft of pubes her lips and labia area are completely clean-shaven giving an even better view of her every detail. It was then that I heard Dee calling for me to reach something down from a high shelf and quietly went back down through the lounge and into the kitchen to help. I was almost caught when my wife noticed my erection tenting the front of my jogging bottoms and she giggled saying that it was a good job that Gayle wasn’t here. I feebly told her it was because I must have dozed off and was having sexy thoughts about my wife, to which I got a sarcastic, ‘Yes darling, I’m sure you were.’After Martin canlı bahis and Gayle had gone we sat down to eat our meal and watch the news while I plucked up the courage to tell Dee about the show she had given us. However, just I was about to tell her the news started with headlines of a huge flash flood that hit a small town in Wales as the heat-wave had caused snow in the highlands to melt and seep into the rivers. Once they moved on to some political nonsense my work interest was gone and I went back to selecting in my mind how I was going to bring it up in conversation. Then, again, I was interrupted by the phone which Dee answered, then passed on to me saying that it was Derek, my boss at work. It turns out that our company insures a fabrics firm who have a wool refinery in the town in Wales that had been flooded and I was to be there first thing tomorrow morning. I made a point of telling him it was a six hour drive away and so I would have to leave at 3 a.m. so he simply said I could leave tonight and stay in a hotel somewhere nearer. I had to explain to my wife about how I had to go to Wales and although disappointed understood that it was things like this that measured how big my annual bonus would be. After dinner I packed up a small case, a suit and my overalls and after booking a hotel about half way there set off on my journey. What happened at home whilst I was away was told to me by Dee on my return from Wales and fascinated me.Later, after I had gone, Dee decided to take a bath so that she could relax before going in to work. Although she had showered when she awoke this was just a part of her ritual. She was in the bath when she heard Martin and Gayle get back from their meal and called down a hello and they ‘hello’d’ back from the bottom of the stairs. Dee then heard footsteps coming up the stairs and it was then that she realised that she may get caught in the bath as the door was slightly open. The bathroom door swung open and Gayle stood there in her slinky dress and looked Dee over in the bath before coming in and sitting next to the bath on the toilet. ‘Mind if I pee?’ As she spoke she was lifting the hem of her short black dress to reveal that she had on no underwear. Gayle lifted the seat and continued her conversation as she emptied her bladder. ‘I’m glad to see that you are continuing to obey my orders and keeping doors open when you are naked. I am enjoying the view and I hope for Martin to enjoy it also, if he hasn’t already that is.’ It turned out that Gayle was getting her revenge. When at nursing college Gayle had smashed up Dee’s car and as a penance was made Dee’s slave for a week during which she and Dee had more sexual fun than ever. Gayle saw this as an opportunity for revenge and ordered that Dee comply as she had done ten years or so earlier. Dee then explained how I was going to be away in Wales and that she hoped that this wouldn’t be an excuse for Gayle to really go to town in her revenge plan. Gayle laughed and simply said that this would be fun and unless she heard her say ‘LONDON BUS’ (the word they used at college to signify that they had had enough or were uncomfortable) that the fun would go on until I got back, maybe even beyond that. Dee was so guilt ridden from burning her friends house down that she felt it was what she deserved; and besides she hadn’t done many silly things since she qualified!‘Let’s get down to business then!’ As Gayle said this she called down to Martin to come upstairs. They heard Martin slowly come up the stairs and then call out.‘Where are you?’ Gayle called again and he peered in through the doorway only to pop his head back again. ‘Sorry Dee,’ he said from the hallway and out of sight. ‘Gayle should’ve said you were in the bath else I wouldn’t have come in on you like that.’ Gayle ordered him back in and he looked puzzled as she explained to him first her experience at college and then that they had total power over Dee. At first I think he was a bit shocked as he stole glances of her nakedness under the water. Gayle said that he could get her to do anything he wanted but he was to stop if she said, ‘LONDON BUS.’ He laughed and the girls said that they would prove it to him. Martin just said the first thing on his mind. ‘OK then Dee you must share the bath with Gayle and wash her all over while I watch!’ in a manner that portrayed him as a non believer in their pact. ‘Alright then!’ retorted Gayle.Gayle stood up and removed her dress over her head in one movement then kicked off her heels to reveal her nakedness to them both. Then she gently climbed into the hot water and gently lay atop of Dee so that she was cradled in Dee’s arms with Dee’s tits pressing into Gayle’s back. Martin watched wide eyed as Dee squeezed shower gel into her palms and proceeded to lather up Gayle’s body. She started with her sides and flat belly making as many soapy bubbles as she could before gliding her hands over Gayle’s firm tits and their bullet hard nipples. Dee massaged Gayle’s tits with her soft soapy hands as Gayle lay back relaxing in her arms and Martin stared with both a look of disbelief and a huge erection. Soon Gayle’s pussy needed attention and she ordered Dee to make her come but in their current position she couldn’t reach so gently moved Gayle so that they were both kneeling in the bath facing each other. Dee moved one hand between them and Gayle wrapped her arms around my wife to keep them steady as Dee’s fingers found Gayle’s pussy and clean shaven mound. Gayle was so turned on that Dee was easily able to delve three fingers deep into her friends pussy, it being so moist and aroused. Gayle was so close already that the first time Dee rubbed around her clit she came a ferocious orgasm with a loud pant and gasp. As Gayle knelt there in Dee’s arms coming down from her climax Dee noticed the time and said she had to get ready for work. Gayle stood up, grabbed a towel and walked towards her bedroom telling Martin that he must fuck her silly, right now. He was hardly going to refuse.Dee then dried herself off to get ready for work at the hospital and as ordered kept our bedroom door open as she changed. She was stood naked in front of the mirror doing her hair and make-up when Gayle walked in and sat on our bed. As my wife started to dress Gayle was giving her orders such as no panties allowed and that she was to wear stockings in place of the tights she was going to wear. Of course Dee complied with her orders but looked no different once she had her regulation dress and shoes on. Dee commented on how naughty she felt not having any knickers on under her uniform as Gayle called for Martin to come through to our bedroom. Martin walked in wearing a robe and on arrival was asked if he liked nurses uniforms.‘Yes of course! you know how much I love it when your wearing your uniform when we fuck Gayle.’Gayle then ordered Dee to lift her skirt and give her husband a nice view of her naked bush of pubes which gave him an instant hard on that poked through his gown giving Dee a view of his hard cock, still red and used looking following his fucking of Gayle moments before. ‘OK Martin, anything you want our slave to do at work tonight?’ Martin pondered for a while then asked if we had any condoms about. Dee knew of a couple that had been in our shared sock drawer for ages and collected them. Martin gave her one and said that she must bring it back full of spunk else she would have to make them both breakfast when she returned in the morning. Dee grabbed the condom and went off to work, already late.That night at the hospital my wife was feeling extremely sexed up what with the events from earlier and also the fact that she knew that people might catch a glimpse of her panty-less arse or pussy. She told me how she was sure one of the hospital orderlies who followed her up two flights of stairs got a glimpse as for the rest of her shift he was always nearby. Her order to fill the condom was a hard thing to achieve as most people were asleep throughout the night and there was very little to do. Her only chance was a man on her ward who had stood in a bath of boiling water and scolded his feet and ankles. Every six hours he had to have a special cream rubbed into the burns and his next session was due for 4 a.m. She knew the man fancied her as he had flirted with her before; she also knew that he was single and had got an erection the last time she had done his burns. She pulled the curtain around his bed and gently woke him from his sleep so that she could do his feet. It took about fifteen minutes to finish off her duties and it was as she was clearing down that she made her move.Once again he had got an erection and it made quite a substantial tent in his hospital tunic. Dee made a cheeky comment telling him how she didn’t understand how such a ‘yucky’ thing could get him turned on. He told her how he fought the pain by imagining himself getting an all over massage by her whilst she was naked and then he would fuck her. As he recounted his story she noticed his prick twitch under the tunic as she told him that she was very sorry that he couldn’t get any sex in the hospital. He told her that he hadn’t come since the accident eight days ago and he felt like his balls were going to explode. She had to take her chance and so stopped clearing up and turned to face him. ‘Would you like me to sort that out for you then?’ She asked him. ‘But it must be our little secret!’ He grinned and his cock twitched once more as he told her how grateful he would be and that he would be forever in her debt. Dee pulled back his tunic to reveal a monster cock of 11 or so inches that was swollen and obviously in need of relief. She pulled the condom from her pocket and said that it was to make it less messy and gently rolled it over the mans huge dick. She thought he was going to come before it was all the way down his shaft as his breathing was already fluctuating. Once his dick was encased in the rubber Dee put some Vaseline on her hand and began to stroke his dick from base to tip in a steady motion. Every now and then she would give a little squeeze but kept the same pace throughout whilst constantly having to remind him to keep quiet or she would have to stop. After about two or three minutes of her pumping his rubber clad penis Dee said it began to throb then he shot his load into the rubber. Dee told me how it stretched to accommodate a huge load of spunk and she knew that he obviously hadn’t come bahis siteleri in a while. Once he had calmed down Dee took the condom off carefully and tied the end in a knot to take her proof to Gayle and Martin. The rest of her night remained uneventful and it wasn’t until home time that she had one last adventure to make the most of not having worn any underwear. She was walking to the locker room down a long corridor when she saw the orderly from before coming her way pushing an empty wheelchair. She decided to give him the view he was after and squatted down with her legs wide apart whilst pretending to be doing her shoelace up. As he got close enough she noticed him slow down and out of the corner of her eye she could see him staring at her gawping pussy fully exposed to him. Once he had passed she stood up and went on to get her handbag and go home. When she got in she brought the milk in off the doorstep, kicked off her shoes and went into the lounge glad to know that she now had two days off work. There was a note on the kitchen table from Gayle so Dee sat down to read it. It went as follows:Dear Dee,As you are now off work for two days we have decided that you will no longer require your clothes. As of now you must remove what you have on and not put on anything other than your flip-flops unless Martin or I give you permission. The open-door rule still applies and we demand that you do as Martin and I say until Tony gets back from his work trip. You will also be required to give us both at least one orgasm per day or suffer the consequences. Unless you are late back the postman will be here shortly and you must let him see you naked before you go to bed. Lastly, Tony called to say he had got to the hotel OK and that he would call you later.Love GayleP.S. Leave the condom full of spunk on the table. If you failed the test then we will be expecting our breakfast ready for us at 10a.m.Dee looked at her watch and saw that there was still between 15 and 30 minutes before the postman arrived (he was very regular). She stripped off her uniform and put her dressing gown on as it was a little too cold to be naked this early. She pulled the curtains open and sat in the window waiting for the postman to arrive. To make it look accidental she had put the milk back on the step. 10 minutes later she saw the postman deliver to next door, a skinny bloke whom looked a bit of a dork. Once she could see his outline through the frosted glass front door she dropped her dressing gown and pulled the door open completely naked. The postman got a shock, then a double shock when he saw her nakedness. She pretended not to notice him at first as she bent down to pick up the milk then idly covered her tits when she ‘saw’ him. He had dropped our mail and was busy picking it up off the path whilst stealing glances at Dee who was very turned on by the whole thing. This was the second stranger to see her pussy in under two hours and it was giving her the thrill of her life. She said hello and put out her hands to receive our mail giving the mailman a good view of her tits, the poor sod didn’t know where to look! Once the postman was gone Dee went off to bed to get some much needed sleep but set her alarm to go off at lunch time as today and tomorrow where her days off and she wanted to make the most of them. As usual she left the door ajar but due to the nip in the morning air she had to get under the duvet. Dee awoke with a jump as our alarm clock beeped at her and she was so tired that she almost went back to sleep but her mind was filled with sexy thoughts and the potential fun today and tomorrow would bring. Being a Saturday both Martin and Gayle were off work and Dee expected to find them about the house. It was one of the hottest days of the year so far and the sun lit up our back garden like a Spanish beach in July. The house was empty as Dee wondered about the house, naked, in search of our friends but realised that they must have gone out as their car was gone. Dee made herself some food then thought about what she could do with herself until Martin and Gayle got back from wherever it was they had gone. She couldn’t go out as she was banned from wearing any clothes and besides, the sun was far too tempting. So she decided to get her magazine and work on her tan, a tan that was now going to become ‘all over’, there was no way she was going to disobey the rules. Dee tentatively stepped out onto the porch fully aware that any of the neighbours who peered over their fences from their upper storey windows would see her nakedness. She moved a lounger right into the centre of the lawn and, having smothered her whole body in lotion, lay down with her book. Dee then must have fallen asleep though as she became relaxed in the sun with not enough sleep under her belt. She was woken by Gayle who took a seat at the end of the lounger next to Dee’s feet. It took Dee quite some time to become accustomed to the bright light and became quite self conscious of her nakedness whilst unable to see her surroundings. Gayle commented on how nice Dee looked on display in the sun, she also told Dee that when they had returned the old man from next door had ducked out of sight from behind the fence. Dee giggled to herself at the thought of our eighty year old neighbour ogling her naked body and having a heart attack as a result. Martin wasn’t there and Dee asked about his whereabouts only to be told that he was stocking up on some booze for the party tonight. WHAT PARTY? Dee began to worry about what naughtiness they had in mind for her.When Gayle and Dee went inside they only had a few minutes to wait before Martin came crashing through the front door with arm loads of shopping, most of which appeared to be booze of some description. Martin dumped his shopping in the hall and ordered Dee to get it ready for tonight. ‘But what’s happening tonight?’ ‘Well it has been a while since we had our friends over for cards so we decided to invite them over tonight. Some poker, some beer, some snacks and good company.’‘But what about me?’ Dee was unsure if she felt left out or unsure of what her role was to be in this so called party that was happening in her house without her permission. Having thought that in her mind she realised that she was in no position to complain. Gayle went on to tell Dee that her part would be simple, she would play as waitress and server for the night, keeping them in drinks and food all night. However, Dee was also given permission to put some clothes on, clothes chosen by Gayle. The dining table was cleared and little bowls of crisps and snacks were peppered about the front room with adjoining dining room set with three brand new decks of cards and a tray of betting chips. Dee was then taken upstairs to shower and Gayle chose what she was going to make her wear.‘I only want you wearing the clothes off the bed, no others are allowed Dee!’ Dee came out the shower and was replaced by Gayle who was dolling herself up for the nights festivities. Dee dried off and went into our bedroom to see what Gayle had left for her to wear. It wasn’t very much, she could have put it all in her handbag. There was a thin, white, figure hugging T-shirt; Dee’s shortest black skirt; hold-up black stockings; two black patent high heels and a little waist apron with two pockets (obviously bought especially for the situation by Gayle). Once dressed Dee looked herself over in the mirror to see how she looked. Her nipples could be seen in the correct light, her arse would be visible if she bent over and when she put the apron on found something in the pocket. Gayle had brought her a set of ‘love eggs’, a pair of small white balls connected by a thick cord that vibrate when they touched. Also in the pocket was a scribbled note saying that Martin would be checking that they were in place before the guests arrived. Dee lay back on the bed and decided to have a little pussy rub to get her juices flowing again, like they had been all day. Remembering that the door was open she lay back at an angle so that if Martin or Gayle walked past they would get a perfect view of her pussy as she wanked. Dee lay back and opened her stocking clad legs then moved her hand down to her pussy lips. She was thinking what might happen to her during the evening unsure of whether she actually wanted anything to happen or not and what that might be. Her sexual thoughts made her pussy juices flow almost instantaneously and her fingers gently massaged her outer pussy lips as her imagination went further. She was in her own world as she gently began to insert the tip on one finger into her hole. She was very wet now and she gasped as her finger sank in faster than she was expecting, her juices lubricating her now swollen vagina. She kept that finger in deep and gently massaged the roof of her vagina with it whilst using her other hand to circle her clitoris with a gentle stroking motion, never actually touching it. Dee could feel that an orgasm was going to come easily tonight as her sensitive clit was aching for pressure but at the same time almost too sensitive to actually touch. Dee was loving her little self pleasuring session more than any she had had in a long time. Her outfit alone gave her a sexual energy, not to mention the love eggs and a mindful of sexy thoughts relating to tonight’s activities. Dee had just slowed her pace to extend the pleasures she was feeling when she heard someone coming up the stairs. She opened her eyes waiting to see Martins frame come into view in her doorway. Martin peered into our bedroom and on seeing Dee with her legs spread wide and pussy juice glistening in the light decided to get a closer look. Dee was still using her finger deep in her pussy and as Martin approached she gasped once more as a thrill went up her spine. ‘I think I’ll have my daily orgasm from you now Dee!’ Martin confidently blurted out. Dee turned her head to one side and watched as he undressed in front of her and with his 8” dick already hard and horny pointing to the roof. Once naked he lay next to her on the bed but head-to-toe before ordering Dee to 69 with him and swallow his load. Dee knew that a tongue lashing would give her the orgasm(s) she needed and readily rolled on-top of him so that his hard on was just millimetres from her mouth. Martin immediately drove his tongue at her pussy and before she could gobble down his cock she had had an electrifying orgasm. She could feel juices tickle from bahis şirketleri her sex and she knew that another orgasm would be easily achievable if Martin kept up his tongue work. Dee then got back to the job in mind and took Martin’s cock in her hand as it twitched and lurched in front of her. She then guided his cock into her mouth and slowly licked it all over making it nice and slick with her saliva before moving it further into her mouth and sucking hard. As she sucked she also swirled her mouth and tongue over the underside whilst not letting the pressure drop. His own tongue was now working less as his own orgasm began to creep up on him and his twitching cock sent him wonderful sensations. Whilst never having been a huge fan of giving blow-jobs Dee was enjoying this one as she could tell how much Martin was wanting to orgasm. She now had about half his dick in her mouth and she was also rubbing up and down at the base with two fingers and Dee felt another orgasm coming her way. Martin was trying his best to keep up his tongue work but he was finding it hard (no pun intended) to concentrate on Dee’s sweet pussy as his orgasm got nearer; but is was enough to slowly get Dee closer to her second coming. After less than two minutes of this Martin managed to get Dee off for the second time but this time she remained focused on his dick as she tensed up for a moment before relaxing again. This tensing motion included her mouth that was now as tight as it could get while she bobbed up and down on his cock. Martin was very close and Dee sensed it so let go with her mouth and wrapped her whole hand around his dick and pumped away with long fast strokes. Although he wanted to come in her mouth he wasn’t in any position to complain as his orgasm was on its way. As Martins spunk began to rise Dee slowed her hand movements and in doing so made his orgasm last a second or two longer whilst shooting a large string of spunk up into the air and onto Dee’s cheek. Then another long strand that landed on her chin before releasing his remainder in an oozing flow over Dee’s hand.Dee rolled off exhausted and fumbled on the floor for her damp towel which she used to clean up her spunk splattered body then handed it to Martin who was panting with exhaustion, the light from the bedside table catching on his glistening chin, Dee’s juices thickly deposited around his mouth. Once she had recovered Dee got up and straightened herself up and checked to see that there were no stray spunk drops on her anywhere. She was still slightly dazed from her orgasms and even a simple walk to the bathroom for a glass of water took an effort. Dee was now composed and went to see how Gayle was doing and went to knock on their bedroom door only to find it wide open with Gayle sat at the dressing table doing her make-up. Dee was ushered in and asked why her lipstick was smudged so Dee told her about the 69 and her double orgasm.‘Oh I could just go a double orgasm Dee, suck on my pussy will you!’Dee was about to get down in front of her but stopped when Gayle asked how the love eggs felt with Dee telling her they were not in yet. Dee was ordered to go put them in before starting her tongue work on Gayle so she went back to our room where Martin was still recovering on the bed, his dick softening onto his thigh. Dee picked up the love eggs and went back into Gayle’s room to show the love eggs being inserted. Dee put one foot onto the dresser giving Gayle a perfect view of her puffy, wet and gaping pussy as she gently eased them in one at a time. Once in, Dee pushed two fingers into her pussy to rearrange them and to make them more comfortable. Already her movements were making them vibrate gently inside her making wonderful sensations shoot up her spine.Now that she was organised, Dee was ready to give her mistress a wonderful orgasm or two. Gayle had since finished her make-up so she got up and sat on the end of the bed with her legs wide open then lay her body back. Dee knelt down on a towel in front of her and wasted no time in giving her a good seeing to with her out of practice mouth. Dee remembered that the last time she had gone down on a woman was when they were at nursing college together years ago. Dee used two fingers to part Gayle’s aroused pussy lips whilst darting her tongue randomly over he entrance. Gayle was getting wetter and wetter with every touch of Dee’s tongue and her light groans were enough to alert Martin as to what was happening. They both looked over when a naked Martin wondered in and wolf-whistled at them before taking a seat at the dresser to watch the lezzie show in front of him. Dee soon forgot he was there as she buried her face into Gayle’s crotch with a mission to get her off. Dee’s tongue slowly began to delve into Gayle’s hole, bit-by-bit, getting deeper every few moments; simultaneously Dee used her finger to gently massage just under Gayle’s clit sending mild sensations through her sensitive bud. Gayle’s loud panting got louder as her orgasm grew inside her, she also moved her legs up and over Dee’s shoulders to allow Gayle better access to her depths. Dee was now well and truly wedged between Gayle’s legs and knew from her reactions that she was close to her orgasm. Dee moved her tongue from between her lips to concentrate on the engorged clitoris in front of her whilst Gayle used her hands to clamp Dee’s head into place. As Gayle started to come she started to leak a lot of juice from her pussy, more than Dee was expecting as it dribbled down her chin and onto the floor. Even with Gayle’s legs working as ear muffs, Dee could hear her screams of ecstasy as well as the feeling of having her hair pulled with passion. Gayle then let go, slid her legs to the floor and went all limp as she panted like she’d just completed a marathon. Martin, who was stroking his dick, stopped for a moment to give a little clap before reminding them all that their guests were due in the next fifteen to twenty minutes. Dee left them to it and went to wash her face that was swimming in love juice, she couldn’t believe how much liquid was expelled by her friend as she had her orgasm. Dee also smiled to herself having successfully completed her task of ‘at least one orgasm each per day’. About twenty minutes later the doorbell rang and Dee went to meet their guests for the evening. The first couple to arrive seemed shocked to see Dee working as a waitress as they new her through work, he was a doctor at the same hospital (albeit a different department). They were both older than us, only a short cry from forty. Both were attractive enough despite his obvious beer belly protruding slightly over his belt and that hint of grey like Richard Gere used to have. Dee had just finished preparing them their drinks when the second couple arrived and Martin and Gayle came down from their room. The second couple Dee didn’t know but she played tennis with Gayle in the summer and swapped dinner parties from time to time. Dee was expecting lots of sexy fun during the night and was almost disappointed when nothing happened. The closest it got was when Martin dropped his drink and Dee struggled to bend down and clean it without showing the room her pussy. Dee was also sure that everyone was catching glimpses of her nipples through the thin fabric of her shirt. but with the lights turned down for atmosphere those who didn’t know could only guess if she had on a bra or not.At about 1 am Dee was ordered to phone for two taxis to take the others home which disappointed her as she was now desperate for something to happen after the build up Martin had given the night. As such she had an idea and the slut in her took over the next few minutes. She firstly ordered one cab to come right away and the second to come a few minutes later; then she filled a large jug of water from the kitchen and took it into the lounge to offer to the guests before they left. She knew none would accept her offer and she was right; so as she turned to leave she deliberately tripped on the rug. She did it enough to be safe but also enough to look genuine and lastly enough to spill half the jug down her front. This instantly made her thin T-shirt all but transparent and perfect for showing off her perfect tits to the guests. As she bent down to pick up the jug, all the time trying to make it look as if she was unaware of the show she was giving, she kept her back straight and bent her knees allowing them to part open and give Martin and the man she didn’t know a great pussy view. Once she finished stumbling around she chatted to them all about her clumsiness shaking her tits for them to see, again pretending not to notice that she may as well have been topless. Eventually she went back to the kitchen (she was beginning to feel ‘obvious’) and waited for the first taxi to arrive with a wicked grin on her face and a wicked chill in her spine. When the first taxi arrived Dee went to the door and then called that the taxis were here, the taxi driver was in such a hurry he didn’t even notice my wife’s tits on display. The guests all came into the hallway and put their coats on but somebody noticed that there was only one cab there. Dee put the next phase into action and took a seat on the stairs and picked up the phone (on the hallway table at the bottom of the stairs) and said she would call and find out how long the second taxi would be. The older couple left and the others looked in Dee’s direction as she pretended to call the taxi company. As she sat there, three or four steps up, she slowly let her legs fall open allowing them all to see her moist pussy. She remained casual and noticed the male guest getting a nudge from his wife for being caught looking but it all stopped when the second taxi hooted its horn. The second couple left and Martin, Gayle and Dee all started laughing at Dee’s brazenness and slutty (but sexy) behaviour.Dee was then ordered to strip down naked again but stopped after having removed her damp T-shirt as the phone rang. It was me! I told Dee that my business was over much faster than expected as the scenes on television had greatly exaggerated the devastation. One and a half days was all it took! Dee told me that she was looking forward to my return and that she had lots to tell me. INDEED SHE DID! My return signified an end to the sexy fun in the house at first but gradually we all began to feel more at home with each other. Then one night I casually asked Martin why I had never been invited to one of their card nights and we decided that we could play cards one night, just the four of us. The night came and we all knew what we wanted to play, Strip Poker! Things would never be the same between us all after that!

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