11 Ocak 2022

Office Holes Interview


This story is a work of fiction. It is set in an alternate setting, where laws have been created that allow for the “free use” of females by the males of the society. Any and all names, events or situations in this story are fictional.


I give a quick glance at my watch before knocking softly on the door to Tom’s office. Tom being the most senior financial advisor I have, has long kept him in a corner office, one of 10 offices that ring the center of the overall office space my company leases.

“Tom, I’m hoping to get out of the office by about 1 today. Do you think you’ll have that buy option for the Downtown group finished and marked up by then?”

The older, confident man sitting at the organized desk in his plainly arranged office simply looked up with a quick ‘yes’ nod, before answering

“Won’t be a problem.”

“Thanks Tom”

Giving him a quick nod and mini salute with the manila folder in my left hand, heading back toward the front desk at my office. Exchanging smiles and quick ‘hellos’ and ‘good mornings’ with each employee I pass along the way, as they’re all valued members of our team. The central office space is home to 2 junior financial advisors in my employ, as well as 2 admin staff, responsible for the processing and paperwork of a successful little business venture that has been in my family for over 40 years.

As I make my way to the open front space of the office, I notice the petite young brunette seated in one of the chairs along the front wall, in front of the small desk/workstation of our office administrator. Making my way over to her as she stands up, I introduce myself with a warm smile.

“Good morning, I’m Ryan. And you must be Brooke.”

Extending my hand to meet hers for a quick handshake, before I motion for her to follow me. We wind our way back to my office, better for interviews by virtue of having a small conference table in it as well as the normal office furniture. Taking a seat at the near end of the table, I pull a chair out for her just 2 spots over.

“Take a seat Brooke. And thanks for coming in today.” As my hand brushes against her back, on her way to her chair.

A warm smile spreads across her face as she takes her seat, placing two small packets of paperwork in front of her position.

“Thank you Mr Davis. It’s good to be here.”

I stole a quick glance at her while she moved to her seat, having noted her petite features, long straightened brown hair that fell midway down her back, drawing my attention lower to notice her firm butt. As she sat, my eyes wandered down her legs, currently encased in a pair of professional looking slacks. My eyes moved back up to take in the rest of her, noting the smaller breasts encased in her button down dress shirt.

All in all a nice little package, down to her friendly brown eyes and the small dimples in her cheeks when she smiles…as she’s doing now, watching me ogle her.

“So Brooke, you’re here for the summer office placement program, before starting up college in the fall?”

Noting that her smile had stayed there, her expression not changing in the process.

“That’s right Mr Davis. No reason to lay around the house all summer. Plus I get course credit for summer work. So one step closer to graduating and getting out in the world!”

Noting to myself that her answer made perfect sense to me, much the same way as the last 2 summer temporary girls that had been hired over the past couple years, I caught myself shrugging out the ‘makes sense’ physical response.

“So tell me about your education background, and what you have done in school that would set you up for success here.”

Taking a second to clear her throat, Brooke sat up even straighter before beginning.

“For the past 2 years, my class load was focused on office and business management, as well as finance. I was split off into the economics pre-major program, with a focus on market tendencies and macro-economics. Outside of that, I have a strong math background and am fluent in multiple office software management systems.”

I leaned back to take a moment to soak it all in. It wasn’t so much the information presented, but the way it was presented to me…she was full of confidence and not afraid to show it. Exactly the kind of person I wanted working for me. It was time to let her know about another portion of her job, just to see if she gets caught off balance.

“I must say, you’re very impressive Brooke. Not just your background, but the confident way you carry yourself.

And just so you know, this is a limited use environment. But being the ‘new girl’, you’re basically starting off at the ‘office holes’ position. But not to worry, there’s other women working in the office that aren’t off limits, so it’s not like a free for all in here. Actually there’s a total of 5 women who work for me now, but 2 are married and are off limits. There’s a total of 9 of us guys, but I’m usually only here half days…and I’m pretty well taken care of at home with my lease girls. So basically kurtköy escort you’ll be down to 8 guys that are ‘regulars’, and they won’t all be coming to you for ‘relief’ everyday…unless you REALLY want them to.”

Giving her a wink on the last statement

“On that note, each male employee is allowed to take any of the free use women to a specific office we have once per day. Aside from that, things have to occur at your work station, if at all. Again, that’s just to keep it from being one big party in here. But not to worry, most of the guys in here are pretty work oriented and don’t take advantage of their privileges. I like taking care of my employees. It just leads to a better work environment.”

Noting her reactions as she took in my information. Her facial expression didn’t betray any shock or disgust. Not that I expected it would, as she was surely used to the way the ‘free use’ laws worked by this point.

“Oh that’s not a problem Mr. Davis. I knew what to expect coming in.” Her serious expression turning back to the smile she wore while coming in as she leaned forward in her seat, accentuating her smaller but perky breasts in the process.

“I’ve pretty much been limited use up to this point, so it shouldn’t take much getting used to.”

Flashing her bracelet at me in the process of her statement, to show off what someone in her family must have gone to great lengths to purchase for her.

“Dad didn’t want me ending up in any dangerous situations. So he made sure I had this the day I turned 18.”

Taking a second to glance both at her expression, and the black and silver bracelet she wore, matching the two mentally.

“Well your dad sounds like a pretty smart guy. Wouldn’t want you out there getting pulled into a factory break room, would we?”

Leaning back in my chair, taking in the whole clothed package once more, I decide now is as good of a time as any to progress with the interview.

“Alright Brooke, I hope you don’t mind, but I need to get a good look at you” Motioning up and toward the side of the table with my pen.

Taking my cue, she almost jumps out of her chair, hands immediately going to the buttons at the front of her shirt. As soon as they’re flipped open completely, she pulls each arm free, before tossing it back on her chair. Her white lace bra covers what appear to be small B’s, as her hand moves to her back to unclasp, involuntarily pushing them out toward me. With a quick flip, the bra is unclasped and her arms fall down in front of her, losing the bra in the process.

Her breasts come fully into view, small and perky with light areolas surround small darkened pink nubbly nipples. Not ashamed at all of the position she’s found herself in, she reaches up and gives each nipple a pinch and pull, making them stand firm for me.

She stops momentarily with her hands under each breast, ‘shelfing’ them for me, pushing them further out to show herself off better.

“Those are nice and perky. A little light in the tits…but I do like those nipples a lot.”

A low giggle escapes lips as she quickly glances down “Dad said you’d say that.”

After a quick laugh, I collect myself “And do I know dad? Or is he just a lot like me when it comes to tit gradings?”

Her smile beams brighter than before “Oh no, he used to work for you! He’s the one who suggested I apply here. Something about you treating the women that work for you the right way.”

Looking down at her paperwork again, I focus in on the last name “Jameson? Are you Alan Jameson’s daughter???” The look on my face going from lost to barely making sense of things.

“Yup, that’s my dad! He recommended I try to get on here. Said it was a good place, and that you really do try hard to keep the women that work for you happy.”

The look of pure shock draining off my face, I return to the idea of making sense of the situation.

“I guess that makes sense. He left 3 years ago to start his own shop. And he DID mention having a daughter that was in high school. So that’s you then???”

By this point, Brooke was unzipping her slacks, not even stopping to answer the question. Just a simple nod yes as she started shoving them down her legs, toward the office floor. Noting that her panties match her bra, I watch intently as she kicks her feet out of her slacks one at a time, before turning halfway around to show off her finest asset. Only now do I notice just how prominent, tight and firm her buns are, and how they almost fully engulf her thong.

Looking back over her shoulder, Brooke grins at me, before letting out a quick giggle.

“I know…it’s my best asset. When you have small tits, you spend a lot of time bent over. So I started doing a lot of squats and other exercises to get this working for me.”

Her hands go to her cheeks, giving each a good grip, before letting go, allowing her tight buns to jiggle before my eyes.

“Plus one of the guys my dad has working for him is a bit of a perv. Told me how he always loved this angle better.” I watched as she malatya escort bent down a bit at the waist as she finished her statement, accentuating what she meant .

“Well hunny, wanting to see a rearview like that barely makes him a pervert. I’d say it just makes him smart.”

Catching my response on her feet, she returns with a better one of her own.

“Nooo but telling me that he wanted to ‘resize my butthole’ might.” Finishing her sentence with a grin and a giggle “Every time he came into town, I’d end up bent over something in the house, with him in my ass.”

As she finished her statement, her thumbs hooked into the sides of her thong, pulling it down from it’s place, covering up her most intimate places, before falling down her legs as she bent at the waist. Now able to take in her ‘rear view’ fully, my eyes lock in on her.

Due to her mentioning it just seconds ago, my eyes are drawn to her tight little pucker first. If she had not just told me about her experience, she could have told me she was a virgin, and I would have never doubted her. Her pussy is no less entrancing to my eye.

Years before, her own father had been over at the house, talking about the ‘types of pussy’ out there. Over the conversation he used the term ‘innie’ to reference the tight compact looking ones with puffy outer lips, and a tight little slit between them.

In the words of her dad, Alan “Iron Spike” Jameson, those were the best out there. And here his daughter stands, 4 feet in front of me, showing the perfect example of it.

As soon as she stands back up, she turns to face me, proud of what she’s showing off. Looking her up and down, I note the full package. That business casual attire showed her to be petite, but she’s better than just that. Perky small B cup tits capped with small nipples, flat stomach and just a little flare going down to her hips. Her legs look nicely toned, showing off more muscle definition as my eyes made their way down.

I reach out to grab her and walk her close to my chair, until she’s a foot from me at most, with both hands holding firmly on her hips. A hand moves over her stomach and up to her tits, taking each in turn, pinching and tweaking each nipple in the process. My other hand stays in place on her hip, as much to hold her up as anything else.

After ‘inspecting’ each breast, my hand goes back down her stomach, over her mound and to her already slickened lips. I feel them fan around my fingers as I rub the length of her slit, noting how wet and ‘receptive to the touch’ she already is. Sliding a finger inside, I’m met with her grip, clenching down tight on the digit. I push a 2nd beside it as she starts grinding her hips into my hand. The second finger causes her grip to tighten even further, holding tighter than even I imagined she would.

“That is SOME grip you have hunny. You’re going to feel amazing” My words coming out a bit more breathy than I would have wanted, betraying the growing feeling I felt.

A breathy “mmmm thank you” comes from her lips as she continues to grind on my fingers, feeling her juices coat the digits completely as she pleasures herself on my hand.

My other hand pulls free of her hip, moving now to the zipper of my slacks and the almost hard member, aching for release. As soon as they’re unbuttoned and unzipped, I reach inside to pull my cock out, already near its full length at a solid 7 inches. My hand slowly strokes the length, as I look up her body, catching her looking down at my lap intently.

I watch as she holds her bottom lip between her teeth. Her eyes never leave my now fully erect rod, until I give her a simple nod. In a flash, she’s moving down to her knees, my fingers leaving the embrace of her tight young slit, while my hands come to rest on her shoulders.

Without hesitation she leans in and takes the head of my cock in her mouth, swirling and dancing her tongue over my fleshy helmet. Taking a few seconds to savor me with just the head in her mouth, she looks up into my eyes before plunging her mouth halfway down my shaft.

I exhale noisily as her lips slide down my shaft, leaving a ring of shiny wetness marking how far she’s able to descend each time. Each downward bob is followed by a slower glide of her lips up my shaft. Her hands hold steady on the tops of my legs as she starts bobbing on my shaft in earnest. The sounds of soft sucking fill the room as her saliva leaks down my shaft and onto my balls. I begin thinking to myself, ‘this might be the wettest blowjob I’ve had in a while’, as the young 18 year old works to get more and more of my stiff member into her mouth with each stroke.

Finally I feel the head bump hard against the opening of her throat before she pulls back rapidly. Her speed and stroke is that of a woman wanting her reward right then and there, but I have other ideas.

My hands go to her hair to pull her up. She grudgingly releases my cock with a pop before looking up at me with lust filled eyes. They plead with me to let her have her treat back, but I want more.

“Brooke kayseri escort hunny, up. Bend over the table. I want to see that again.”

I watch as she gets up off her knees, her look the combination of joy and sadness, from not getting to swallow her treat. My hands go to her hips as I help her spin herself around, before going to her tight buns, feeling them flex as she bends over the table.

As soon as her body hits the top of the table, my hands grip her cheeks harder, taking no time to spread her roughly open to view my prize. My thumbs go to her lips, pulling them gently apart to get a view of the bright pink slit between. I watch her, glistening with her juices as she starts to clench and relax in my hands. Her lips pull tighter together in the clench, before relaxing slightly to part back open. Her already impossibly tight looking anal ring clenches in even tighter, before relaxing to its normal state.

“Mmmmmmmm that looks soooo tight” my words barely above a groan as I all but breathe them out.

Knowing she had me almost in a trance, looking at her tight openings, I hear her voice low and sultry

“Decisions decisions, huh?”

My thumb pulls off of her engorged, slickened lip as I run it up to the inviting pucker just above. Pressing just firmly enough to let her know it’s there, not near enough to wedge inside, I let her know my intentions.

“Why not enjoy both?” My breathy voice betrays just how bad I want to get inside her tight openings.

I kick my chair back as I shuffle to my feet. My slacks now only in the way, get shunted down my hips as I kick my shoes to the side. Now standing naked from the waist down, I pull my work shirt up to mid chest before running the still spit covered cock against her slit. The fleshy head parts her lips as I feel her juices collect…attempting to draw me in.

One hand goes to her back, as the other guides my rod.

I stagger two short steps forward, causing my head to slide into her tight grip before meeting her resistance. Now my hand goes to her hip as I brace myself. My hips slide forward and back slowly, starting to saw myself into her slit. Slowly but surely, more cock disappears with each stroke as her breathing becomes more labored. I subconsciously feel how deep I’m able to get with each stroke, but don’t fully notice until I feel the fronts of my legs smack against the backs of hers. Looking down, I see that I’m firmly lodged inside her, with her lips stretched outward around my cock.

The intensity of her grip never lets up fully, but I can feel her clenching and relaxing while I hold myself buried. Her heat and wetness catches me off guard as I involuntarily start sawing in and out of her body. Nature has taken over and I start using her for exactly her purpose. Both hands hold tight to her hips as I ram into and out of her at a hard, heavy pace. The room fills with the smacking sounds of our hips and our heavy breathing as I continue driving my cock as deep into her as I can. Each new stroke is another attempt to touch a deeper spot in her hot, tight canal.

I feel the familiar tingle in my balls, telling me that I won’t last long if I keep this up. Just as I start to feel the tingle, I hear her breathing turn to low moans, and a warning.

“I’m really close. You’re going to make me cum. Keep going.” Brooke nearly whimpers to me as I continue my assault on her impossibly tight slit. My balls slap against her body now as my pace picks up.

“Fucccccckkk I’m close too. Your pussy is too intense.” My warning comes as she starts to shudder on the table. Her hands involuntarily try to grip to something, before simply palming flat on the table with her fingers extended. I feel her trembling from the inside as I pound through her orgasm. The intense feeling wells up in my balls as I feel the impending rush of my cum approaching. My breathing turns to grunts, timed with each shove of my hips into her body, sheathing me completely. One last rough shove and grunt and I feel my cum rushing through my shaft, before exploding into her body.

“Fuuuuuuuuuuukk” my grunting barely making an intelligible word as I explode inside her a half dozen more times, before holding myself buried in her incredibly tight grip.

I give myself a few moments lodged in Brooke’s tight grip, before I break the sounds of our collective breathing with another ‘request’.

“Mmmmm wow! Didn’t get around to trying out your ass yet. Why don’t you get back down on your knees, hunny?”

My ‘request’ comes as I pull my deflating cock out of her tight, wet grip. As soon as I pull completely free, I watch her push herself off the table and drop to her knees in the same motion. My cock glistens with her juices as it juts out in front of me, beginning to hang rather than stand straight out.

Taking a few seconds to tease this time, she moves in to lick the underside of my shaft, before moving down to lick and suck my balls in turn. Her talented tongue swirls each in turn, before letting loose with a pop. Moving her mouth up to my now half deflated shaft, she takes me fully into her mouth in one swift motion. I feel the entrance of her throat flexing around the spongy head, before she pulls back, her tongue teasing the bottom of my shaft the entire way.

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