1 Kasım 2021

OHGirl & Velvet: Milf’s Forever


OHGirl & Velvet: Milf’s ForeverOHGirl: Mikey was sound asleep when I returned to our room, so I slipped into the shower and washed away the cum and sweat from the fucking I had just received from my daughter’s boyfriend. I brushed my teeth and removed all traces that I had broken my vow to quit smoking and then I slid into bed with the man I loved. I wrapped my arms around him and his head moved over to kiss my lips. I loved him so much and if the babies didn’t wake us up first, I would wake him in the morning with my lips wrapped around his hard cock. The thought almost kept me awake, but I was spent from having both of my holes worked over that night.Velvet:I peeked out of the crack of the door as I snuck from James’ room. Since my family had arrived, I had been sleeping in my old room and it had been two days since I had been with Mikey. I was going crazy and the thought of my brother being in the room just down the hall made it worse. We had spent the last hour and a half fucking, after I had sucked his long, black cock and rode if for what seemed to be an hour before he exploded deep in my wet cunt. I hadn’t wanted him to cum in me, since I had stopped taking my birth control again, but we had gotten carried away. The thought and feel of his hot cum deep in my vagina kept me straddling his hips as I rode him to another blast of hot jizz. My pussy was dripping with his cum and my wetness as I slid off of his thick pole and then licked him clean, sucking on his shaft and balls until I drew more of his semen into my mouth and swallowed it down. I was horny as hell, going nearly two days without a cock and my desires had led me to drain my brother of his sticky juices. No one was visible and it was nearly 3 am as I tip-toed down the hall toward my room. He took the last step, hurrying downstairs, and we stood face to face, him naked, his boxers in his right hand and his long, black cock hanging right in front of my waist. I was naked too, still wet and full of my brother’s cum from our night of sex. I had never really liked my sister’s boyfriend and I looked at him with irritation while I covered my mouth to keep from yelping out my surprise. “Everyone seems to be up late.” He said, as I glanced down again at his cock, still wet from being used and most likely in my mom. They had fooled around on a few occasions, that I knew of, and I’m sure they had just finished a late night rendezvous, not unlike myself. “Keeping busy it seems.” I said with a little sarcasm, glancing once again at his penis, cum hanging from the tip of his swollen head. “I guess everyone is staying busy then.” He said as he eyed my naked body up and down. “I didn’t know you were working tonight.” He said as he looked down at me. He had disdained my career, but that never seemed to keep him from fucking my mom when he had the chance, and she was a whore just like me. “You wish.” I said as I looked down once again at his black prick, my curiosity and addiction always keeping my mind on all things sexual, then reached out and took a hold of his still slippery shaft. My hand slid down to its base and I held it as I looked him in the eye and told him that he couldn’t afford me. Subconsciously my hand began to stroke him, sliding slowly up and down, his cum and my mom’s fluids lubricating his pole. He began to grow and I tried to look him in the eye with a serious demeanor, but found myself glancing once again at his penis as it grew. “Your mom gives it to me for free, so I just assumed you would too girl.” He said with a cocky attitude and I wanted to say something smart, but I just found myself smirking at him as I slowly went to my knees and took him into my mouth. I was such a cock addicted slut, but I couldn’t help it. My lips encircled his stiff shaft and I tasted his jizz and my mom’s cunt, her tangy taste still lingering on his long, black rod. My head began to bob up and down rapidly and he grabbed a hold of my hair and forced his cock deep into my throat. I deep throated his thick erection and then he pulled me off of his rigid tool by my hair and pushed me onto the steps where he mounted me from behind and began to fuck me furiously. I bit my lip to keep from screaming and waking my sister, who was sleeping in the room just 15 feet down the hall. His cock slammed me from behind and his pelvis slapped into my ass over and over as he fucked me. The sound was loud and I knew that someone had to hear it after a while. He pushed my head down onto the carpeted stair and pounded my pussy from behind and I loved it. My brother’s cum ran down my legs as his cocked pistoned my twat and my wetness helped him to slid easily in and out of my vagina. He slapped my ass hard and the smack was loud as I grunted, then he gripped my ass cheeks with both hands and slid both of his thumbs into my asshole while he held on and rode me for what seemed to be forever. How did my sister not hear us, I turned my head and looked down the hall and both her and my brother’s doors were still closed, but our sex sounds were loud enough to wake everyone on the bottom floor. I began to grunt louder as he drove his cock deeper and harder into my gaping hole, pounding me on the steps and squeezing my ass cheeks while he slid his thumbs in and out of my rectum. “It looks like you had a late night meeting with your brother.” He leaned over and whispered in my ear while his cock rammed me from behind. “I guess the rumors about your family are true.” He grunted into my ear sarcastically. “Oh Fuck Yes!” I yelled out and then I heard a door open. My head popped up and my brother James was staring at me as I pushed myself up onto my hands and held myself up on all fours. “God Damn It! Fuck Me Harder!” I yelled as I smiled at my previous lover, my brother, whom stood nude at his open door staring at me like I was on fire. James’ eyes were nearly popping out of his head as he watched me get fucked hard and I looked at his cock as he stood there, wishing it was in my ass or mouth, double penetrating me and stuffing me with more man meat. It was so hot tuzla escort to have my brother catch me fucking my sister’s boyfriend and he didn’t seem to mind it as he rammed me even harder. My hand reached down to rub my erect clit and two of my fingers slid into my soaked hole to join his long, hard cock, while my thumb massaged my engorged little man. I began to moan out louder and then I began to swear as my body was racked with a massive orgasm. “OH Fuck, fuck, fuck me harder! Yes, faster! Fuck me with that big, fucking dick!” I shouted out loud, no longer worrying about being subtle. The door farther down the hall opened and my two older brothers stood there watching now, the body sounds now filling the entire lower living area of the house. His cock was nearly forced out of my wet hole as the vaginal spasms from my orgasm squeezed his throbbing black rod and I squirted a stream of cum from my twat. I kept jamming my fingers into my cunt as his cock drove hard and deep, my screaming now filling the house as I came again, more fluid and my brother James’ sperm dripping onto the floor as my new sex partner fucked me like there was no tomorrow. I heard a sound at the top of the stairs and I looked up to see my mom and dad staring down at me, barely keeping myself up on my arms as I was slammed into the steps. My dad was shaking his head as he looked at me disappointedly and my mom gave me a look of dismay as she looked over to my sisiter’s bedroom door and it finally flew open and she stood there watching the spectacle. It was such a turn on to be watched by everyone, being caught in the action of having my sister’s boyfriend fuck the shit out of me. I looked up into Mikey’s eyes and then let out another groan as I came one more time and then heard the exclamation behind me. “Fuckin’ take it all bitch!” he shouted as I felt him explode inside of me while I shook with an immense orgasm. Blast after blast of jizz filled me deep in my vagina while he groaned and drove his cock in as deep as he could. His dick throbbed in me and I collapsed on the stairs, sliding off of his long tool while my sister cursed at him and me. She slammed the door and he just stood there looking at me as I spun around to sit on the stairs and look at all of our spectators. My parents turned and left and my brothers all closed their doors, looks of surprise and disbelief on their faces while both of us just looked at one another, alone again. He moved up over me on the step and I gripped his dick and took it back in my mouth as I sucked him once again, cleaning his cock like the pro I was. “God Damn girl, you are definitely a fucking whore like everyone says. Me and your sister are done now, so I might as well enjoy it while I can.” He said, while I continued to suck him off. His spunk ran down my crack and my tongue licked the length of his prick until I’d had enough and then I got up and went to my room. He asked me if I wanted him to join me for more and I said no as I gave him an awkward smile and then stared at him while I closed my door. I was glad his relationship was most likely over with my sister. He was a dick anyway and I was happy to have facilitated the end of their time together. I heard them yelling for the next hour as I laid in my bed, my pussy sore from the hard fucking and the amount of sex that I’d had over the last two hours. I lit up a cigarette and smoked two more before I finally fell asleep, still excited, wet and filled with cum. My sister would hate me for it, but she’d eventually learn that he was no good. I had enjoyed the actual sex, but I hadn’t enjoyed hurting her. Of course, it wasn’t the first time I had fucked one of her boyfriends. My sister wasn’t like me and even though she was a couple of years older than me, I had become sexually active way before she had. She and my brothers had known of my promiscuity and by the time my sister had been with her first boyfriend, I had already fucked nearly every guy in our school and most of the guys in the surrounding school districts. I hadn’t meant to sleep with her high school sweethearts, but I had fucked everything that moved when I was in school and it was only a matter of odds that I had screwed any guy whom she could have chosen to date. I woke up to slamming doors early in the morning as I heard luggage being pulled down the hall and carried up the stairs. My family was heading back home and I knew that I had been the cause. James joined me in the shower, some time later, and told me about how my dad had driven my sister and brothers to the airport while my mom had stayed with the k**s and had called a cab to drive my late night lover to the airport by himself. James had come down to tell me the news of what everyone had said and I wasn’t on anyone’s list of favorite siblings currently. I chuckled as I handed him my soapy scrubby and had him wash my back. His huge cock pressed against my ass while he did so and he told me that he had left my mom and my sister’s ex upstairs waiting for the cab. I had a feeling that my mom was going to be as busy as me if the k**s were napping after breakfast. I reached down and soaped up my brother growing erection and then guided it into my ass while I slid onto it, relaxing my sphincter and taking him deep into my behind. I moved back and forth while he stood there, letting me fuck his long shaft with my asshole. I was still horny just thinking about the night before and felt the urge to feel some hot cum in my ass. OHGirl: Seeing my daughter fucking last night had truly surprised me, but I knew how she had felt at that moment and I couldn’t blame her, since I had just finished fucking the same guy not long before she had. I tried to be the voice of reason as she ranted all morning about Velvet being a whore and ruining her private life, but I told her to take a few weeks to calm down and then rethink all that had happened. My son’s supported her and also felt that Velvet had humiliated and hurt their sister. Seeing her in the throes of her addiction was a shock, but sancaktepe escort I was the only one that understood. They didn’t like him either, so they’d get over it eventually. It was hard to run all of this thru my head as I tried to take care of all the k**s and wait for the cab to arrive. They were lying in their playpen and getting ready to take their morning nap while I sucked the long, black cock on my knees in the living room in front of them. I had engaged in sex with quite a few different men in front of my young ones, but currently I was sucking my daughter’s, ex-boyfriend as we waited for the cab to pick him up. After about 10 minutes, my legs were spread wide on the couch and my huge tits were hanging out while he squeezed them, milking me like a cow while he slammed his dick between my permanently parted and swollen labia. The doorbell rang shortly after he had cum inside of me, for the second time in 24 hours, and I laid there, cum dripping from my hole and my shirt wet with milk while he grabbed his luggage and pulled it down the hall, leaving to never be seen again. James and Velvet came upstairs a few minutes after he had left and I was still lying there, trying to calm down from the orgasm that he had brought me to. I didn’t want to smoke, but seeing my k**s, both in their robes, just done from showering and most likely fucking, the thought made me crave a cigarette even more. They smiled as they saw me still dripping jizz and I’m sure they had already known what was going on while they were downstairs having sex. I wanted my son’s cock as he stood there and surprisingly, both he and Velvet joined me on the couch and we had a threesome while the c***dren slept. It had been quite some time since my daughter and I had both fucked her brother together. Velvet went down on me as I laid there and licked the fresh cum from my cunt, enjoying the flavor of the man whom she had broken up with her older sister. I sucked Jame’s cock while she cleaned my just fucked hole and then he fucked both of us for the next hour, moving from one wet pussy to another before we shared a load of his cum between our lips, kissing and licking it from his giant, ebony tool.Velvet and I both sat outside afterward and smoked two or three cigarettes as we chatted about the events of the previous night. Then we both returned to the house and cleaned up once again, starting out the day new and hoping to restart my smoking cessation. Mikey returned from taking our older c***dren to the airport while Velvet and I were taking care of her baby, and my four newest additions. I felt young once again as I breast fed each of my three youngest, even though I was now in my 50’s and had nine c***dren and a grandc***d. I had tried to warn my daughter, Velvet, to be more careful or she’d end up with nine c***dren too, especially since she was a bareback whore just like me. I had gone through the same predicament when I was younger and ended up with three illegitimate pregnancies and I didn’t want the same for her. She took too many chances, not unlike myself, while dealing with her sexual addiction and I understood the rush and the danger that was involved in fucking so many strangers without protection. Of course, I knew she loved Mikey and was fully intending to have more c***dren with him. Velvet: I spent the next two weeks at home with my lover, my c***d and my mother, relaxing and just being a mom. We shared my father during that time, each of us finding time alone with him when possible and sometimes sharing him together. Mikey loved it and with our combined skills, he was able to cum two, three and sometimes four times a day. I savored the feel of his jizz in my twat and continued to go without protection, having stopped taking my birth control well over four weeks before. I had only been with Mikey, my brother, James, and my sister’s ex-boyfriend during that time, but most of the time I had been with my lover. I tried not to worry about the five cumshots from James and the huge blast that one night from the Ex, but they were possibilities if I indeed did get pregnant. My agent had been calling non-stop and I knew it was time to return to Vegas and straighten out some of my work issues. I hadn’t done a porn shoot in well over a month and that was a long time for a young and blossoming porn star. I decided to fly back to Vegas and LA for a week to take care of my career issues and also to see my boyfriend, whom I had abandoned when I had rushed home to be with my family, after my mother had given birth to her triplets. It was time to let him know about my decision to have another c***d and give up porn for a little while, until I began the family that I had wanted for so long with my lover, Mikey. I was only going to be 22 years old soon and I had plenty of good years ahead of me to be a porn star.I landed in Vegas and Nelson picked me up when I arrived. He had told me that during my time away he had shot scenes in 12 different movies and had been busier than he ever was in Australia. I had missed him and he had kept in touch with me via text, while I had been gone. His cock pics and funny stories kept me horny and was the reason why I was fucking Mikey so much, when I was home. On the ride to my condo, I told him that I wanted to discuss my situation with my career and with my baby’s father, but somehow we had gotten sidetracked, when we stopped to get something to eat, and I found myself holding on to the edge of a picnic table, in a park which we had stopped to eat, while he fucked me from behind. His long, thick cock was deep stroking my wet hole and I was on the verge of cumming as he squeezed my breasts from behind and sprayed my milk across the table. I was still lactating, since I had breast fed my c***d for nearly 6 months, and when I was excited, they still squirted when squeezed. Over and over his giant prick pounded my pussy, making me scream while he fucked me in different positions on the table, before he finally filled me with his cum. It felt so good, but üsküdar escort now he was going to be a potential father too, as I explained to him my plans on raising a family and giving up porn for a few years. It didn’t seem to bother him though, because when we finally got back to the condo, he fucked me three more times that night, emptying his balls deep in my cunt each time. Three days of continuous love making passed before I pulled myself away and flew to LA and met with my worried agent, Rudy. A cab brought me to his house and we spent nearly 4 hours going over contracts, which he had held onto while I was gone, to star in a variety of movies. I explained to him my plans, but he said that I could still have a family and make porn. He told me that he would turn down the creampie videos and require condoms for most of the shoots if I was still concerned. It all made sense and I gave it some serious thought as we went out for dinner and drinks. We ended up at a friend’s party that evening and after a few more drinks and some pot, I was the center of a gangbang and woke up the next day after fucking 5 different guys that night, including Rudy. I began to regret my decision now and called up my local pharmacy in Vegas, to get a refill of my birth control for me to pick up when I returned. I ended up staying in LA for another week and wound up shooting two films, with a total of 5 scenes. I had been lured back into the porn industry much easier than I had ever imagined, my plans for a family now on the backburner again, considering that I had participated in unprotected sex with another 12 guys before the end of the week, two of them actually cumming in me. My lack of self control was horrible and when I returned to Vegas, I began taking my birth control pills once again. Nelson and I made love for another 2 days before he flew to a job in New York and I hooked up once again with 8 different guys, whom Big Poppy and Luiz set me up with at a party. After being gone for 2 weeks, I returned once again to my home to be with my little girl and her daddy. It was official. I was an addicted whore, but then again, I already knew all of that. I spent another two weeks with Mikey again, then returned to Vegas for another two weeks of filming. I was a little worried though, for even though I had begun my birth control once again, my period never began and as I entered the set to take on the three guys who were scheduled to fuck me in my newest film, I now feared that maybe it was too late and I was pregnant once again. I would set up a doctor’s appointment at the end of the week, but until then, I had two facials and an anal creampie to receive. My pussy tingled with excitement over all of the above. OHGirl:Velvet was gone once again, alternating her adult movie career with her life as a mother. I had 4 c***dren and a grandc***d to care for, luckily with the help of my husband, and it was difficult in and of itself, let alone worrying about satiating my sexual addiction. I was constantly breast feeding and cleaning, changing and playing with my new little babies. I was their mother and they were my first priority. I dreamed of fucking and sucking cock like I had before and even took the time to view my web page, keeping in touch with my fans, but there was no time and I was very tired by the end of the day. It didn’t stop me from making love to Mikey though, and our love making was more than enough. On the off week that Velvet returned, she did allow me to relax a little, but she was home to be with her daughter and her father. I understood and gave them their privacy, often taking my daughter to see her father, and my former lover, Hondo. He was seeing another young girl now, so our days of love making were over and I had occasionally hooked up with Marvin, whenever I was able to plan it ahead of time. He was still trying to get me to return to my live, web sex shows, but it just wasn’t feasible with 3 month old triplets and a 1 year old baby. On one of our afternoon get togethers, while Velvet was home, Marvin had brought along three of my former camera crew to surprise me and that was the closest that I had gotten to returning to my former lifestyle, as I let all four of them gangbang me, filling me and feeding me their cum during a long afternoon, before I had to return home. Taking on four erections had felt great again, but my c***dren were more important, besides, I still had a neighbor that would visit in times of need. That time of need occurred two days later and his cock slid in and out of me with ease while I bent over the railing on my deck, a cigarette dangling from my lips, while he rammed his cock in me. Mikey and Velvet had been asleep for an hour or more, after we had put the c***dren to bed, and Gerald had stopped by to visit after midnight, when he saw me secretly smoking on the deck one night. I had been sneaking a smoke occasionally and this night had been the first time that I had fucked Gerald, since I had given birth to my triplets. He had visited once or twice since then, but on this night, I invited his hard cock into my wet snatch as I stood there smoking. I hadn’t even moved much as he walked up behind me and began to grind. I just lifted the edge of my skirt and spread my legs while I took a deep puff and arched my back for him to slide in deep. His cock was out and in me within 2 minutes of saying hello and I bit my lip as he pounded me from behind. It felt good to feel him cum in me again and I turned to kiss him goodbye and lit up another cigarette to finish after he had left. His cum tasted good, when I had reached down to taste it and I knew that he would be stopping by again in the future, as he always had.I was still a whore and would take another cock, if the occasion and time arose, but I had set my priorities and those were my c***dren. It seemed strange to think that I had only been with 10 different men since giving birth over three months ago, but when I looked at it logically, most women had never even made love to 10 men in their lifetime. But 10 was a mere pittance to the sometimes two or three hundred that I had consumed in my past, within the same timeframe. I had been a hooker and an amateur porn star and now I was just a normal stay at home mom, or about as normal as you could be for someone with my history.

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