7 Temmuz 2021

Old neighbours ask me to help them out


Old neighbours ask me to help them outLast week, my new neighbours moved in. The following week being a hospitable old guy in his early sixties, I went round to introduce myself. The guy I took to be the husband looked friendly enough and seemed about 70 invited me in and introduced me to ‘the wife’ Liz. She was on the plump side and the sight of a very fat camel toe protruding through extremely thin and figure hugging leggings led me to believe that Liz ( 72 I learned later on) that they were not your normal staid oldies.We went through the normal social chit chat with the inevitable cup to tea but when it came round to past jobs etc, Paul surprised me when he outlined how he met Liz in the early sixties when she was a glamour model and he used to do amateur photography.‘Back then it was possible for amateur photogs like us to hire glamour models for a group shoot – everything above board, just the normal bikini stuff. I took a liking to her immediately and we just progressed from there. As I can see you looking Clive, she still has that special something don’t you think? Liz just likes showing off’‘Oh Paul, you embarrassing the poor man. Are you embarrassed Clive, if so, I will go and change right now’.No certainly not, I said, ‘in fact, it’s refreshing to see that you still admire your looks and like showing them off – you are a very lucky man Paul. Do you still have any photos from those early days?Liz said that they had loads of stuff, ‘but I must warn you Clive, that what I am going to tell you could be considered depraved, Paul only told you of the start of our relationship. This is what followed afterwards and in effect became part hobby and part business and it is still ongoing. Once we starting courting we found that both of us had very high sex drives and similar interests. The trouble was in those days it could have got us arrested. We soon started our own unique naked photo club which entailed the members being naked whilst taking porn pictures of me. It made sense, as you can see, I loved showing my wares, and the snappers were all voyeurs. Paul of course was always present and took the last shots canlı bahis of them all masturbating over me. I just loved having the power over them and getting them really hard with pre cum dripping everywhere’. Paul had not said a word but was smiling all the time Liz explained their background. ‘So what about now, you said something about ongoing. ‘Granny sex’ said Liz. ‘We now run our own live streaming website called let granny get you hard. Apart from myself of course, we have several elderly ladies with high self regard and sex drives who just love showing off and doing things customers ask for’. Some like seeing massive floppy tits, others big fat hairy Fannies – like mine – others fat arses, stripping, peeing, masturbating, you name it we are more than happy to provide it.Our only problem Clive is that we are not young and even with Viagra Paul finds it difficult to get an erection. The only way he can is with a threesome as he is slightly bi – not bums or oral – but with mutual cock stimulation. I, my part is to show off and encourage you guys and then join in. We only ever found one guy who helped us a couple of years ago. But since then Paul has not fucked me ever. I know it’s a lot to ask but would you, we are desperate’?The look she gave me was of a very frustrated and concerned woman who wanted truly to feel her husband’s cock snuggling in her cunt again …with mine up her arse as well at the same time, hopefully.I agreed to help them only on the condition that she showed me her pictorial history – to see just what she could do.Starting from the coy glamour shots we moved quickly on to the naked photographers. She was absolutely filthy in a lovely way. And Paul’s end shots of them all wanking and cumming over her with a big smile on Liz’s face were fantastic. Moving on, the web shows, were even more revealing about Liz’s interests. There she was with her big, fat, extremely hairy pussy on full display. She was pissing, wanking with anything that came to hand, Dildos up her arse, you name it she seemed to like doing it.One question on my mind was the size of her camel toe almost winking at me. It bahis siteleri was really big. ‘I know you like showing off Liz but one question, why are your fanny lips so big? Don’t take this the wrong way by that camel toe you have been showing off is lovely. What do you do?’‘Well Clive, hopefully you will find this out. I have been blessed with an above averagely sized clit between my labia. And if you look, my crotch is very wet. That’s because, I regularly pump up my fanny to make my clit hyper sensitive. With these tight leggings brushing it keeps me in a state of high arousal. Feel, Paul won’t mind, will you darling? Paul nodded his assent as I put the palm of my hand tightly up against her bulging fanny. And sure enough, I felt her clit. ‘Don’t press too hard Clive, or I will squirt right now’.I could feel pre cum oozing from my cock hole and it was time to do something about it.‘Liz, all this talking is making me horny as hell, why don’t you go and change and let me and Paul get better acquainted.’‘What a great idea Clive. But so as we can give you enjoyment as well what would you like me to wear?’‘Something that really shows off you your hairy cunt and lovely tits would be ideal’ I replied.As I moved to sit beside Paul, I said ‘you are a very, very lucky man Paul to have a beautiful wife who really enjoys sex- not many older ladies do, you know. Goodness know why you can’t get a boner just looking at her mystifies me. Feel, I’m really hard, what about you’ placing my hand over his crutch and squeezing.From what I felt – as he was feeling me – was his was big and very fat.‘Clive, the thing is, after all those years of the naked photographers, I really get turned on looking and feeling men’s cocks – like we’re doing now. I must be slightly bi I think’.‘No, Paul, I don’t think it’s that. I also enjoy mutual stimulation. It has nothing to do with sucking or poking arses. Think of it as mutual enjoyment. Now shall we go up to see what show Liz is going to put on for us?When we got into the bedroom, Liz was laying down on a sofa which was set on plastic sheeting –interesting! She was stark naked with her bahis şirketleri big wobbly tits resting on top of what passed for a bra and really tight see through briefs pulled tightly pulling her swollen labia lips apart and her salt and pepper cunt hair stretching from her belly button all the way round to her arse. She looked fucking lovely.‘Well boys, do you like what you see?’ With her fingers playing with her protruding clit, she instructed us to get undressed and watch the show.With us bollock naked on the bed, I asked Liz what the plastic was for. ‘Clive, you remember I said that I squirt easily when aroused, well that’s what the plastic is for. So you can see better let me take these panties off’. With that she stood up and peeled them off. ‘Clive, Paul and I get really aroused when we talk really dirty to each other – does that work for you?.‘The dirtier the better, I replied. Dr****g one leg over the edge of sofa and pulling apart her fanny lips, she said, ‘Clive, you have lovely cock, Paul would love to stroke it – and you help Paul, Clive. There’s some gel on the bedside cabinet. Grabbing the bottle, I squeezed gel over Paul’s semi hard cock and down to his arse. And he did the same to me.‘Boys, my cunt is very hot right now, look’. She spread her lips wide. ‘And oh, my clit is getting really big’ and it was, like a mini cock. ‘Now Clive, make my darling Paul really, really hard’.I began to rub Paul’s cock and it began to rise like the dead. It just grew a lot fatter and longer and really hard. Our mutual wanking was good especially looking a Liz’s big clit and cunt hole. She had obviously reached the pre orgasm stage with a massive gush of piss that went all over the place. ‘I don’t want to cum yet’, I want Paul and you Clive in me now! Double fuck me.With that she came onto the bed and impaled her cunt onto Paul’s rampant massive cock, letting out with, this is what I’ve been waiting for- now come behind me Clive and fuck me right up the shitter.Bending forward, she gave me full access to her arse. My cock did not need easing in – I pushed it home all the way very fast. We both fucked the daylights out of her and she enjoyed every one of those three minutes.Afterwards as we all collapsed with very contented sighs, Liz said, ‘well that was really fucking satisfying and now Paul and Clive, you can fuck me every week.

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