30 Eylül 2021

Only the beginning!


Only the beginning!I call & inform you I’ll be home around 6pm! You will be shaved smooth, collared & leashed with a nice set of stilettos! As soon as I enter you will greet me on your knees, unzip my pants & pull my cock out into your mouth! You answer with sir yes sir to anything I ask! Failure to do so will result in 3 open handed slaps to each cheek that will certainly leave a handprint on the first one! Each time I strike your ass you will thank me & promise not to forget to say sir yes sir. As you are sucking my cock & I have your hair by the roots thickly in my hands holding your head to permit me to fuck your mouth & slide my cock deep down your throat. I hold you firmly against my body with your mouth full of my throbbing member! You struggle to breath as I let go & pound your mouth violently! You like sucking cock & swallowing cum! You answer bahis siteleri sir yes sir! I snap my finger & wait for you to bend over & grab your ankles! Your pussy is dripping & shaved smooth which is the way I like it! Good job slut & you need to be rewarded. I walk over to the table & grab the magic wand! Spread your legs whore! I play with that hot clit & slide a couple of fingers into your dripping box. Does it feel good? Sir yes sir! I crack your ass with a couple of stinging hand slaps. You can’t ever get too comfortable, right my excited wench? Sir yes sir! I work my fingers into your tight little asshole! Making it wet & ready, get on your knees & suck bitch! Sir yes sir! I let you slurp up my oozing pre cum shaft & coat it with your saliva. I snap my fingers & you assume the position! I crack that ass a few more times to establish obedience! canlı bahis I take the head of my engorged cock & slide it just inside you asshole! Does it feel good slut? Sir yes sir! I slowly slide deeper into your ass & you begin to moan, I hold your hips against mine as I remain buried in your ass! Do you want that tight little ass rammed & slammed bitch? Sir, yes sir! I start with a quick thrust & grabbing your hips tightly pounding away. I hear your breathing quicken, your moans intensify & your pussy flowing all over my balls. You about ready to cum slut? Sir, yes sir! I pull out & watch your little twitch as it gapes! Get down on all fours! Sir yes sir! I grab the leather paddle & smack your ass five fucking times each more harshly than the next! Your ass is a glowing crimson red. You cum when. I tell you can cum, understood? Sir, yes sir! güvenilir bahis Get on all fours & crawl into the bathroom! Sir, yes sir! Turn on the shower & get your ass wet! Sir, yes sir! I snap my fingers & you assume the position as I rub your sweet round cheeks tenderly until I launch another five blistering & stinging cracks to that ass! I want a burning red butt to play with & enjoy, you understand? Sir yes sir! I grab the leash & jerk you down & out the to the bedroom! Lie down on your back with your head hanging over the edge! Sir yes sir! Use the hitachi on your wet red & hard clit! Sir, yes sir! Open your mouth! Sir, yes sir! Work that dripping twat to the edge while I massage your throat! A garbled cock filled sir,yes sir as the slut inhales my cock! I pinch, squeeze, finger roll those ruby red nipples as the slut begins her journey to ecstasy. The slut starts thrashing as climax appears near, are you ready to explode? I pull my cock out for her response, sir, yes sir! Too bad, I’m hungry go wash up for dinner. Sir, yes sir! The night is young & the table is set…

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