11 Eylül 2021

OUr vacation at the mayan ruins (1st 3 way)


OUr vacation at the mayan ruins (1st 3 way)My wife, Cindi and I finally planned a couple of weeks in the sun. We’ve both been working hard since college and we needed a break. Cindi is 25, short blond hair, athletic and about 5’6″. I’m tall; 6’4″ and also athleticwe do get a little risque when we are out of town. Cindi and I went to a topless place once and she took of almost everything on amateur night. That was quite a thrill watching other couples get excited watching her shake her tits. Cindi’s tits are medium sized and firmOnce at Vegas she took off her top and one of the adult poolsWee’ve taken photos of each other and Cindi likes to brag about my packageWe headed out by the pool and this secluded resort on day two. Many of the girls either exposed a lot of their tits or were completely topless. Cindi hadn’t taken off her top yet.After a few minutes a stunning girl sat next to Cindi’s lounger. They hit it off and started gabbing immediately.I couldn’t help but take a few glances at this young hottie; she’s also about 5’6″; long dark hair, lean build and slightly bigger titties than Cindi.I felt a little blessed as those two kept chatting. I could focus on checking scores on my phoneAs we headed to dinner Linda (young hottie) came bursa escort with us. I found out Cinid had invited her. The girls put on their cover ups and we dined on some great lobster. I noticed Cindi ordering driks and sliding some over to LindaCindi invited Linda to join us in our room but she had to get back with her family.We talked about her that night; I was surprised with how Cindi admired L:inda’s beauty. I pretended to not be very impressed.The next day Linda found us again and the girls got right back to chatting. Cindi ordered drinks and I kind of lost track of them.After a few hours I noticed the girls had disappeared. I decided to see what was going on. I headed to the roomAs I entered our room; I saw Cinid in our bed and Linda moving to the bathroom; both of them nakedI just stared at Cindi and she smiled”Isn;t she stunning?””Yeah but Cindi…….I didn’t know you were into………….””I never have been” she repled; she’s just so pretty.””Want ot join in?” Cindi blurted as Linda came back into the bedroom and crawled bewteen the sheets with her. Linda smiled at me.What the heck I thoughtI slid my suit off.mmmmmmmmmmmm Linda whisperedI slid into the sheets next to Cindi, letting her take the leadCindi slid the sheets off bursa escort bayan me exposing everything”Wow” Linda remarkedLinda leaned over Cindi and took my growing member in her hands.As she played with me I grew hard as could beCindi played with Linda’s beautiful butt as Linda kissed my dickLinda took me in her mouth and I was in heavan. I lloked down at this young hottie sucking me as my wife played with her butt and fingered her ,I exploded in her mouth and Linda kep tsucking. I finally had to pull her back as my dick got sensitive. Come ran down her chinLinda got up and headed to the bathroo. I noticed her full naked body from behind. I could hear her rinsing out her mouth. She came back”Well, this is worthless” Cindi remarked as she shook my dick. She mounted my faceI started kissing Cindi’s beautiful lips and sucked on them; she moanedLinda sat on my stomach and the two began kissing and playing with each other’s tittiesI licked and gently sucked on Linda’s pussy and clitoris. Very quickly she began moaning loudly and gridnig herself into my face. I nibbled and sucked on her clit and she began bucking and heaving. She came and ground herself into my faceAs Cindi shook she eventually rolled off of meLida quickly took her place escort bursa and I gave her the same serviceAs Linda came and rolled off I re-positioned her and moved in for some fuckingShe was already moist and I slid into her tight pussy without any difficulty”Oh my…………..”Linda panted”I’ve never felt such a big”I alternated between quick strokes and long strokes and played with her tremendous titties. I saw her nipples grow as her moaning increased. She was shuddeing as she lifted her beautiful ass off the bed and met my thrustsAs she came; Cinid kissed herLinda and I were both exhausted and I fell asleepWhen I woke up Linda was gone”She had to get back to her family” Cindi informed me”How did this happen?” I asked”The more we talked the more we were atracted to each other” Cindi told me”Cindi; I didn’t know you were into women”I don’t think I am; just her. Isn’t she stunning?””Uh yeah????This continued for the rest of our vacation. One of the best side effects is Cindi got emboldened by our 3 way. She wanted to do it on the balcony at night; regardless if anyone could see us. She also made me take long walks with her and she would take veryting offThe final day; once again to my surprise, Cindi suggested we get pictures of each otherThe best part is these girsl got competitive about who could be the sluttiest. I now have slutty pics of my wife and this beautiful hottieCindi exchanged email and we hope to meet up againI certainly hope so!!!!!!!!!

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