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Out Of Afrika, Chapter 18


Out Of Afrika, Chapter 18Out of AfrikaA Fantasy created by International Writers Curt B, Julie Van and Wunderboi******Chapter 18In the months since Clarissa’s stunning rise to power as President of the Confederacy Country Club (known to all as the ‘CCC’) near Hawksville, much had been accomplished she thought, as she drove home after another positive Board of Directors’ meeting. She mentally listed and ticked off her ‘achievements’ which included the expansion of some of the committees to include more women, young attractive ones, who came in with great ideas and even more enthusiasm. The social side of the Club had expanded exponentially as a consequence with more and more fun events for members with one of the volunteers agreeing to be a ‘wedding planner.’ But, even more than that, she had successfully argued and had added two black male Board members and four women to the once all-white all-male club. They had just been elected that day and she felt especially pleased with herself at the result of her persuasive arguments as she drove home in her sparkling white Mercedes convertible smiling to herself and feeling that familiar warmth and dampness between her legs as she thought about the possibilities that the promotions would bring.On top of all that happy news, she was thrilled that her young black lover, Igoro, had moved into the mansion she shared with her husband Maxwell. Ever the inventive soul. Igoro had enthusiastically taken Maxwell’s suggestion that he do so. He selected a guestroom right across the hall from the master bedroom and was busily converting it to his own suite. Maxwell was somewhat surprised that Igoro was moving so close to them, but then, as his wife reminded him, “Darling, it was your idea to have Igoro close to me when you are away so that he can ensure that I am safe, so it would not make much sense to have him upstairs where he could not hear an intruder, now would it? And anyway he can always sleep back in the guesthouse when you are home!”Maxwell smiled broadly and said, “Of course, my dear, you are so right. It is a comfort to me to know he is near you when I am gone. He is like our special son, and in fact, occasionally I have heard him call you ‘mother!'”Clarissa blushed, the only time Igoro called her ‘mother’ was when he was about to cum deep in her womb driving her into an ecstasy of epic proportions. How had her husband heard that she wondered?Unsaid were any comments about their actual son, Herbert, who lived in another part of town with his wife Janice. Also unspoken was Maxwell’s contempt and disappointment in his son and that he was fine with their continuing to be many miles between the effeminate Herbert and his parents.In contrast to the list of inadequacies of his son that night the admirable Igoro had prepared a fine dinner of peppered fillet steaks, Dauphinois potatoes and salad for them to which Maxwell supplied wonderful wines. As they cleared their plates of the delicious food Clarissa decided the time was right and mentioned the upcoming ‘New Members Party’ that was being held at the CCC. She and Maxwell would, of course, be attending, and as Igoro was an incoming new member, he would be invited as well. Drinks and canapés would be served and members would be taken on a special tour of the clubhouse. Maxwell was impressed and pleased at hearing his wife’s enthusiasm for her ‘new life’ and of her being responsible for such events. He had always been a little concerned that prior to her elevation to such a prestigious position that her social life had been a little empty and devoid of responsibility and focus. Now, and especially since that young man Igoro had come into their lives, everything seemed to have changed for the better. Certainly her concentrating on such developments would allow him even freer rein to enjoy himself on his trips away with a clearer conscience.However, Clarissa didn’t tell him everything for she kept the best surprise to herself.Just after her ‘election’ as president, she had contacted Pastor Erasmus of The Church of The Black Staff and invited him to become a special advisor to a small committee of the Board empowered to oversee the expansion of the small chapel in the vast clubhouse. Clarissa had reasoned that if the rural setting of the club was to be used for weddings, and other religious gatherings, that it must have an appropriately large space to hold the various other ceremonies. Receptions, dinners and the like were tremendous profit makers for the club, year round. She had even thought of adding a few bedrooms for visiting guests, but that idea would have to wait for a new financial year as she had committed all of the capital allocations from the current budget to her pet project, the magnificent Chapel.It had been a few days earlier in her private office at the club when Pastor Erasmus had signed off on his acceptance of the final construction project. He added his signature to the document with his customary flourish and in a flush of gratitude she had hugged him and allowed him to take some sexual liberties with her as he was now in the habit of doing. She did not think about her behavior as being unfaithful to her wonderful husband, Maxwell, or to her young black lover Igoro, she merely loved being with black men who gave her such erotic pleasure. She reasoned to herself that as he was such a gentle preacher, it was the least she could do as a thank you. He seemed to have a secret power over her which enabled him to control her sexual urges and to also make the encounters fade away quickly after their mutual gratification was achieved. As she knelt before him and sucked his big black cock, she remembered doing the same for her ‘Uncle’ Tom in the same private office when she was just nineteen years old and he was then President of the Club. “My, how the world changes and yet remains the same,” she thought.However, a change for the better was about to take place for she had just received word that Ms Maggie Miller, a well-respected teacher at Hawksville High School, had booked the whole facility for her upcoming nuptials! Clarissa was delighted with the news and made a note to herself to get very involved with every aspect of this wedding. She had met the young interracial couple when they had made the booking and if her instincts were correct this wedding promised to give her plenty of pointers as to how to handle and manage such events in the future. It was a perfect beginning for what she was sure would lead to lots more special events at the Club.******The school year was coming to an end and Maggie put the final touches on another successful semester as Head of Sex Ed at Hawksville High. As the summer holiday approached she had just a few weeks before her wedding to her black boyfriend Devon. There was much left to organize but she was terribly excited to learn that she and Devon would be the first couple to marry at the CCC, and in the new high tech chapel which folks around town were talking about no end. Pastor Erasmus has accepted their request to officiate and he told them that he would be delighted to marry them. With the venue now confirmed they had been able to send out the invitations and almost all of the 150 invited guests had responded that they would be attending.As a class project she had had her grade twelve girls class design and send out the invitations. She trusted her girls to do the right thing and gave them a free hand;. Nothing could go wrong with that plan, could it? Indeed, she was so busy in the weeks before exams she didn’t pay much attention to the design but it seemed to be very smart with a black and white theme, black being the dominant color. Nor did Maggie know but the invites were sent only to her white girlfriends and specifically excluded their husbands or boyfriends. On the other hand, nearly all the men on the invitation list were black. The grade twelve girls thought that is what she meant when she handed the list to Denise, her maid of honor. Now that exams were over, Maggie could put her feet up and relax. She was happy to have met Devon, her third fiancé who fit her needs perfectly. She allowed herself to reflect upon the other two black men to whom she had been engaged. Both satisfied her sexually but both drew the line when she wanted multiple sex partners outside of their relationships. As a consequence, she ended those relationships.Maggie loved sex – she could not get enough of it. She loved talking about it, watching porn movies, fantasizing about it, teaching it to her excited students, especially the girls, and finally having sex with whomever she wanted. She smiled to herself, as long as they were black men, older or younger, it didn’t matter, as long as they had big cocks and knew how to use them. Devon, bless his heart, was fine with all of that, and often took her to ‘black and white’ parties where she enjoyed sex with other black men. Sometimes he watched, and occasionally he joined in a threesome to drive her over the edge to mutual satisfaction. She loved him so.Devon was big and strong and he protected her from ever being hurt but he had a voracious appetite for kinky sex, so they were made for each other. The times when she was having her period, she would encourage Devon to fuck other white women, usually frustrated wives they picked up in bars, and then it was her turn to watch him perform. He loved her back in return.Maggie remembered the day near the end of term when she spent a whole lesson with the 18-year-old grade 12s on the subject of nymphomania; what it meant; how it started and why it continued unabated. She remembered that as she spoke the classroom got very quiet, the girls’ faces were all flushed and clearly excited. Several girls had their fingers underneath their short kilts fingering themselves. Maggie could see their busy fingers beneath the desk tops so she got more and more graphic in her descriptions, finishing with a bold statement about black men and their big cocks pleasuring them in their vaginas, their mouths and even their pert little anal openings.Some of the girls moaned in pleasure. The room was hushed, silent. Every girl wanted sex right then, and Maggie was talking to them about real life, real experiences. Her own pussy was soaking wet; she had orgasmed without even being touched.The bell rang.The girls left the classroom in complete silence. ******Mrs. Miller was returning from another sexy visit with Leila, her new neighbor and now her first lesbian lover. Leila had sweetly taught her all of the ‘ins and out’ of girl-on-girl excitement. Her big breasts were tingling and the nipples a little sore from the younger woman’s mouth; she had brought Mrs. Miller to such heights of sexual gratification that a little discomfort was certainly justified and accepted. She suddenly thought of Denise, who, at eighteen was perhaps the sexiest young lady she had ever seen, and it gave her an idea.That night after dinner Mrs. Miller actually flirted with her husband. They had not had sex for months and she suddenly felt sorry for him. In bed later she reached for him and kissed him hard, dominating him like her girlfriend Leila did with her. He was taken aback by this sudden change of events but said nothing. He felt her hand slide down inside his pyjama pants and got an immediate erection. He was still speechless when she grasped his cock in her hand and whispered in his ear, “I have not been doing my wifely duties, dear, why don’t you start thinking about the lovely Denise and her beautiful big full firm breasts, would you like to take her bra off and suck her nipples while I watch?”Mr. Miller could not believe his ears; was this truly happening?His cock seemed to grow harder and harder with her talking dirty to him.She continued with her voice at a conspirational whisper, “Yes, darling, it is fine if you have those feelings for her; I felt her breasts just before you came down the stairs that day and she didn’t pull away. Would you like for us to have a threesome with Denise, can you imagine her sucking your cock while I encourage her, and feel her up from behind making her hot and wet for you?”Mr. Miller had never felt his cock so big.He didn’t want her to stop talking.She didn’t disappoint.”I have been thinking about what my friends told me at Bridge Group. There’s a lot of the younger white wives in Hawksville who are taking black lovers, usually younger men with big black cocks they can hardly accommodate in their mouths.”Her husband groaned loudly, the subject of interracial sex was an absolute favourite of his when he searched the web for porn.”Would you like me to fuck a cute hung black boy while you watched silently tuzla escort from inside our closet?”She squeezed his cock and stopped her stroking motion, it was a question she wanted to be answered, and she wanted it answered now. His mind was a blur, his cock was on fire. He needed a release; it was throbbing like he had never felt before. “Well?” Mrs. Miller was not a patient woman and he knew she always got her way. He always did what she demanded.”I guess so”, he stammered. His heart pounded in his chest as he squeaked out, “Yes/”There’s a good husband, I knew if I asked sweetly you would allow me the thrill of a special black boyfriend. Just so you know, I have not done anything yet. I am still thinking about it, and it makes me wet every single time I do.”She resumed her stroking, cupping his balls while taking the mushroom cap of his cock in her wet mouth. She had never done that to him before but the significance of the moment was lost for his thoughts were focused on Denise and that he had been given her permission to fuck the gorgeous teenager. She sucked at the bulbous head and visions swirled through his head and included images of what would occur from the permission he had just given his wife of the freedom to accept a young black cock in her future.”Oh God, I’m cumming.”Mrs. Miller quickly removed her mouth and stroked his slippery hard cock until he exploded all over the bedclothes.The die had been set.******Clarissa sat at her dressing table. It was the night of the new members’ reception at the Country Club and she was tingling with excitement. As she painted her fingernails a bright red she looked in the mirror and admired herself. Her new lacy half bra provided great comfortable support for her full breasts and also sensational possibilities for deep cleavage. The matching panties were delightful and sheer with lovely lacework over her vulva with her protruding pussy lips disguised. Of course, she could not see ‘down there’ as the mirror only showed her beautiful reflection staring back at her. Pretty hot for 44 years old she thought with a smile on her perfectly made-up face.Her husband walked absent-mindedly into the bedroom holding a document which he was reading.Maxwell had been at home for two long weeks which had been nice but it had been two weeks without having Igoro in her bed satisfying her with his gorgeous big black nineteen-year-old cock and meaty lips which she needed badly.Maxwell looked up, “Oh, darling, I am so sorry to walk in unannounced, please forgive me.”Clarissa pushed her chest out and stood, waving her hands to dry her fingernails.”Well, now that you are here Maxwell, what do you think?””You are stunning, as usual” he stammered. “The bra is sensational.”She grinned at his reaction, he was such a dear. “I wanted you to pick out the dress I should wear tonight!”He replied, “The short red one, all eyes will be on you.””Exactly what I hoped you’d say. Come here.” She took his hands and placed them on her breasts, her nipples thickened and stood out. God, she was horny but her thoughts weren’t on Maxwell.Maxwell put on an ultra-conservative blue suit as was his fashion and they went downstairs where Igoro waited in his new chinos and the leather jacket she had bought for him. He looked wonderfully modern, a complete contrast to her conservative husband, and just made her want to rip his clothes off and make love to him; he looked so sexy and sensual. She wanted him and she knew that, in turn, as Igoro pointedly looked at her magnificent breasts he wanted her just as much.Maxwell had arranged for his firm’s black Limousine with a chauffeur to take the three of them to the club as he did not want to drive after several glasses of wine. Igoro got in the front and the contented couple slid into the back seat. Clarissa sighed with happiness; this was a night she had been anticipating for months.******Clarissa welcomed the twenty new members, some with their wives or husbands. She was happy to see such a nice mixture of racial diversity in the group. She first introduced two new members who she had put directly on the Board of Directors, Mr. Oscar Botha, the CEO for Rhino Industries in the U.S. and his Retail Manager Ma’Bill.She noted that Mr Botha had a spectacular young busty blonde on his arm. “Goodness,” she thought, “she can’t be much older than 19.” Then she smiled to herself as she remembered Igoro was also 19, so not to worry.Then she asked each of the other Board members to stand. She was delighted to have Delores from her own golfing group joining the Board. Delores Janes was a 27-year-old new bride who had agreed very enthusiastically with Clarissa’s initiative to add black members. Her husband was away that night but kindly sent his regrets.Clarissa then explained the enhanced Committee structure and announced a new Social Committee which would be primarily in charge of special events such as weddings and the like. Ma’Bill and Delores were named to the new group. Delores happily moved over and shook hands with Ma’Bill who was impressed with the confident white wife who now stood very close to him, brushing her full breasts in her light summer dress against his muscular arm.Current Board members were then asked to take new golf members under their wing and take tours of the massive clubhouse. The whole group would then convene at the entrance to the Chapel in an hour. Clarissa noted that Ma’Bill now had his arm around the lovely Delores as the Rhino TV hummed in the background.Later as the groups convened at the door to the newly constructed Chapel, Pastor Erasmus, newly appointed to the lofty title of Bishop Erasmus, welcomed the first visitors to the wonderful new space. Modern stained-glass windows allowed the setting sun to spread its warmth among the visitors whilst in the background the comforting hum of the Rhino sound system spread its message. Several women, having had a few glasses of wine grouped around the new Bishop and congratulated the handsome black man with kisses and hugs. One white wife asked her husband to hold her glass while she put her arms around the neck of the Bishop, kissing him with her mouth open in a long erotic French kiss. The Bishop’s hands went around to cup her ass cheeks while her husband looked on adoringly. He felt privileged that the Bishop had chosen his wife for such intimate attention for since they had become involved with the Church of the Black Staff it had become paramount to get close to their preacher. It was one of the basic rules that the leaders of the church had to be worshipped so he was happy when Bishop Erasmus’s hands started to explore his wife’s breasts, tweaking her nipples. He was delighted to see her reaction when Erasmus took one of her hands and put it on his black cock.None of the worshipers thought this was untoward at all; in fact, some young black men dressed in priests robes came forward and led other white wives to the brand new confessionals, for some private discussions.Bishop Erasmus asked the attendees to sit anywhere they liked while the woman completed her kissing and sucking of his cock with an explosion of cum in her mouth.Her husband watched incredulously as she swallowed every drop. He was so proud of her. The first white woman to have that honor in the new Chapel.Ma’Bill escorted Delores down the aisle as she told him, “It was just two months ago when I walked down the aisle and married my husband, and now I am here with a lovely black man whom I just met several hours ago!” Her timing was off as the Rhino high tech convinced her it was many hours when it had been less than one.Unseen by the other guests, Ma’Bill put his hand up under the pretty summer frock she had bought at the Rhino store and inserted a finger in her soaking wet vagina. She moved slightly to give him better access and she smiled and said in a slightly robotic manner, “That’s better than my husband can do… oooh, that feels so good, oooh don’t stop. Clarissa told me black men are far superior lovers than whites and I didn’t believe her…now I do. When this is over please take me home and fuck me in your bed, I want it so badly!”Clarissa stood in the back of the Chapel about to accompany the newly minted Bishop to the front for his address to the visitors. As they walked arm in arm to the front she whispered to him that she thought the main aisle was quite narrow. He replied, squeezing her hand, “Yes my dear, that was done on purpose, we want the worshippers to be close to the clergy, and for weddings, for the bride to be touched by many hands on her way to the front to be made a wife. The ‘laying on’ of the hands from friends and strangers alike represents that she must be available to spread her legs and her goodwill to the members of the Church of the Black Staff when asked. We must have and encourage a loving congregation with black men with the white wives of their fellow parishioners, and of course, we cannot leave out our loyal black wives who can entertain white husbands to make us totally conversant with the modern sexual congregation.”As if by magic, as they approached Oscar Botha’s pew, he turned from his young white girlfriend to embrace Clarissa, ostensibly to thank her for making him a Director of the prestigious club. His hands caressed her big breasts as he kissed her mouth; she accepted his fondling while noting Oscar’s young friend had her hand on his big cock.Clarissa was not entirely sure what Bishop Erasmus meant but as they sat together on the plush high backed chairs at the front she felt his hand snake up her legs. She parted them to allow him her wet pussy as she watched events unfold with hazy, clouded eyes.The Bishop stood to speak and all the women in the front pews had an unfettered view of his erection standing strong against the purple frock signifying his elevation to Bishop.He spoke about the upcoming wedding in the Miller family, being the, “first to be held in the newly consecrated Chapel at the Confederacy Country Club,” and as an ,”Interracial marriage between a white woman and a black man,” it would, “mark a new beginning of racial harmony in the town of Hawksville.” At that point he paused. There was stirring in the church, the congregation waited on his next words.”Our President Mrs Johnson here, who is a pillar of the Church of the Black Staff, a true example of a woman who has a deep understanding of the love between races, has confided in me that Ms Miller’s wedding needs volunteers to help with the details of making it a success. This wonderful Golf Club does not, as yet, have enough social staff to help the Miller family, and so we are asking for this congregation to help us, we would like many young white wives to help us make it a wonderful event.”At that point Oscar Botha stood and addressed the group, “Rhino’s famous clothing store will provide, a dress free of charge for each of the volunteers. If you would just provide Ma’Bill, our Retail Manager, with your dress size he will have the dresses laid aside and you can visit at your convenience and select your choice, and I stress it is a permanent gift.” He asked Ma’Bill to stand. He did so and the young wives were impressed with his hard cock straining at the front of his pants, with Delores’s hand holding him firmly.A buzz enveloped the crowd and first one, then another and another of the pretty young women approached Ma’Bill and he asked them individually for their bra size, their measurements and, of course, their names, and if they were married.What Oscar did not mention was the store had over-ordered the inventory of ‘slave dresses’ and each of the young volunteers would be wearing the same dress. This was Ingrid’s idea and as he sat down he happily squeezed her leg expressing his thanks.Bishop Erasmus expressed the thanks of all concerned but especially the two new Board members: Mr. Botha and Ma’Bill who apparently did not have a surname.Clarissa watched this with growing agitation. She needed sex. She had been horny getting dressed, she had not had an orgasm for two weeks. Now she was on fire. The reception, tour and the opening Chapel service were all over, she had to think of a way to have Igoro between her legs pounding his huge cock into her, and she didn’t care that her husband was home, she would think of something.Fortunately, with Igoro’s help, she was able to navigate Maxwell, who had had far too much wine, out the door and into the front seat of the limo. The driver helped him buckle his seatbelt and her husband immediately fell asleep. She got into the back seat happily noting that Igoro’s eyes never left her generous cleavage. The red dress had been a brilliant choice, she thought. Every man tuzla escort bayan in the room had mentally undressed her. She loved showing off her breasts. She remembered Oscar’s hands wandering on her and she turned to Igoro. He leaned over to kiss her but she worried about the driver noticing so she gently whispered, “Wait, darling I want you to stay in the house with me tonight, I am feeling rather nervous, and I need you close by.”He grinned widely, his pure white perfect teeth shining in the darkness of the back seat.They held hands.He fingered her wedding rings, which he knew she loved him doing.He whispered back, “Yes, mother, don’t worry, I will look after you.”Her heart was pounding, he had never used those words except for in the final throes of sexual frenzy. She was soaking wet.Igoro half lifted, half carried Maxwell up the stairs and helped Clarissa get her husband’s suit off. She put a tiny sleeping pill in with her husband’s normal evening medication and held his head as he sipped the glass of water.Leaving his boxer shorts on they tucked him into bed and he immediately drifted into sleep. Maxwell’s eyes fluttered open for a second and he thought he saw Igoro unzipping his wife’s pretty red dress from behind her. His final thought was how wonderful, kind and caring the young black man was with his precious wife.Clarissa gave her husband a kiss and Igoro disappeared saying loudly, “Goodnight.”He quickly went across the hall, stripped off his clothes and had a shower.She sat in the semi-darkness at her dressing table and removed her bra. Her nipples were thick and sensitive, she took off her wet panties and then went into her dressing room and got the sheer, frilly pink baby top edged with white lace. She waited for the inevitable snoring to start signifying she had several hours of freedom. She left on tiny light on in the bathroom, pulled down the bedclothes on her side of the bed and ruffled the pillows to make it look like she had slept there.Finally, the snoring started.She padded quietly across the hall, leaving Maxwell’s door open in case he called or needed her. Clarissa, as always, had thought of everything. She entered Igoro’s room. The bedside light was on. He was stark naked, lying on his back, legs wide open, his hands folded beneath the back of his head and his eleven-inch thick hard erect black heavily veined cock was standing straight up.Time seemed to stand still.He reached for the light.She asked him to leave it on.She stood at the bottom of the bed and stared at his cock as it twitched in anticipation.He waited. He wanted her to take the lead.This was the first time they would make love with her husband just twenty feet from them.She ran her fingernails up the inside of his shins. She smiled not saying a word.She gently crawled on her knees between his muscular legs; her perfectly manicured hands lay flat on the top of his thighs, her wedding rings glinting in the low light. Her thumbs explored his scrotum and ticked his big balls. Her long hair tumbled over her shoulders and down her back. Her nipples were like tiny towers thick with arousal and looked incredible in the sexy sheer baby-doll top. She leaned in and stopped her mouth an inch from his erection. Looking up at him with lidded eyes she was teasing him. She blew a long breath on his cockhead. Her mouth was watering almost out of control. She kissed the cockhead lightly without opening her mouth. She was clearly driving him crazy with lust. She kissed, paying homage to his teenage cock, up one side and down the other.Finally, she opened her mouth and let the saliva coat his black member. She did not even for a minute think of him as a teenager, though he technically was one for a few more months. He was so mature he acted like he was in his mid-thirties. He reached down and pulled her towards him. She put her hands on both sides of his face – she loved the contrast of his very black African skin to her pure white elegant hands. His mouth opened for her lovely long deep french kisses. It was the ultimate intimacy. She reached down and helped him put his cockhead in her sopping wet pussy, three inches, six inches and then easily past where her husband sometimes penetrated, stretching her as he had done for many months, providing her with orgasm after orgasm as she tried her best not to scream with pleasure. She mustn’t wake her darling husband.Igoro was insatiable.He rolled her over and mounted her in the traditional way screwing his hips and driving his cock further inside her where it seemed to expand its girth even more. He called her ‘mother’ as she clenched her cunny together hard and orgasmed again. He came inside her with a great rush, and he did not stop. His incredible level of youthful enthusiasm and power of concentration drove her over the edge time and time again until covered in sweat they collapsed in each other’s arms kissing and hugging and expressing their love for each other. Maxwell hadn’t heard a sound.******Finally, it was Maggie’s big day. A round of pre-wedding parties had been held.A very raucous bachelor party was held in the Gentleman’s Club at Rhino Towers for Devon. He had reluctantly invited Mr. Miller to attend and the old man almost immediately disappeared in the cavernous club with a hostess named Lucy and wasn’t seen again for several hours. Devon’s friends, almost all black like him, reveled in the company of many white wives who were hired to provide enjoyment, which they did with great enthusiasm.These were some of the same ladies who had accepted the offer to work his wedding at the Country Club.It was all rather confusing to poor Devon who was not blessed with the greatest intellect, though he more than made up for that with his ability to give Maggie the sexual freedom she craved, as well as giving her as much hard cock as she desired, or so he thought.On this particular night, poor Devon had been easily coerced into drinking too much, which clouded his judgment even more than normal.So it was he found himself in a dark corner of the massive Club with two lovely teenagers who identified themselves as Chloe and Holly. Apparently, he thought, they must be close friends as they kept kissing each other quite passionately. They were all over him telling him they loved black cock and would ‘do anything’ he wanted. Little did he know they both were grads of Hawksville High where his lovely bride-to-be taught them both in Sex Ed classes. He told them he was getting married soon and this was his last night out.They looked at each other. They both were invited to Ms. Miller’s wedding as had a great number of her students and former students, they wondered if he was the groom, and both girls giggled uncontrollably.Maggie had planned a quiet night with her maid of honor, her bridesmaids and a few other girlfriends. Her parents, bless them, offered to have a backyard Bar-B-Que which Mr. Miller would do all the work for them all and thus the costs would be much less than a blow-out in a club.Mr. Miller could not wait to see Denise again and planned to pour generously from the wine bottles he had saved up in his modest basement cellar. He wondered if he would have a chance to take Denise downstairs, as many of the girls planned a sleepover and they were upstairs.For her part, Mrs. Miller would use this opportunity to introduce her close friend Leila, who jumped at the chance to meet all these luscious young girls.Denise was one of the first to arrive. She had on a tight white T-shirt which barely contained her full breasts. Mr. Miller met her at the door and hugged her. She did not resist, and when he suggested she be his special helper she happily agreed. She liked him, and, after all, she should help. Mrs. Miller introduced Leila, and Denise naturally hugged her too. After all, it’s what women and girls always do, she thought. Leila felt her breasts pushing into Denise’s and she kissed her on the mouth. Soon the room was full of half-dressed teenagers and Mr. Miller was in his element.The evening’s conversation centered on Maggie’s upcoming wedding and one of the bridesmaids said, “The reception after the solemn ceremony should have some sort of a theme, as we don’t want to party in a huge cold room in the golf club.”The girls all agreed and some of them offered ideas about how they had used themes during high school to attract more boys to attend their dances.Denise recalled one such event which had been a huge success and she said, “Why don’t we have a ‘Caribbean’ wedding reception? We could decorate the Chapel and then have the reception as if it was an outdoor beach setting at a resort where all the white wives have too much wine and they dance with the black guys who are always hanging around!”Her suggestion stemmed from when her parents took her to Barbados for her eighteenth birthday and after an outdoor dinner, her mother was constantly asked to dance by various local black men. She noticed that some of the men looked adoringly at her and also tried to get her to dance with them, but her father refused to allow her. She thought that was sad. The fact that her father was sitting at the table did not seem to faze the men a bit. They continued to hit on her mother. In fact, she remembered quite clearly that her father had teased her mother and told her she should go ahead and dance with the handsome young black men as he hated dancing. She remembered her mother had on a strapless white summer frock which seemed to stay up over her big bust as if by magic. She smiled as she thought about her mother finally taking the bull by the horns and agreeing to dance with a very handsome black man who was only about twenty years old. Her father seemed very interested in watching them dance, and her mother stayed on the dance floor with him a very long time. She remembered clearly the man’s black hands on her mother’s white dress and white skin and bareback, it looked very pretty, and her mother seemed very happy as he held her tight. At one point they disappeared completely and she thought they must have gone to the washrooms in the back of the club. She remembered her father then taking her up to their room ‘because it was getting very late and past your bedtime.’ Later that night she was pretty sure the man had brought her mother back upstairs by which time her father was asleep. She had heard a lot of laughing and moaning, followed by a rhythmic slapping noise. She remembered the man and a couple of his black friends had taken her mother out boating the next day while she and her father swam and walked the beach. They were gone a long time. She assumed they were showing her how to fish. When her mother returned in time for dinner she told her father that the men had anchored the boat in a quiet cove on a small deserted island offshore, and the four of them took the tender into the beach.Her mother told them that the boat was quite small so she had to sit on the lap of one of her new friends. There was a small cabin near the beach for relief from the hot midday sun. It had a bedroom with windows open to the lovely trade winds with fresh clean white sheets. Denise didn’t understand the significance of her white mother with three handsome black horny young men on a private island, but she remembered that upon her return her father was really interested in hearing all the details and the two of them made her take a nap while they went in their room and closed the door. She heard the rhythmic slapping sound again. Her parents both enjoyed the holiday very much and that made her happy too. She vowed to return to Barbados when she was older.The girls all listened open-mouthed at the description and squirmed with anticipation as they agreed with Denise’s suggestion of the Caribbean themed reception.Maggie thought that it was a great idea as well but warned that they first checked with the club manager and that if he went along with it that they did all the setup and tear down. She was tired after a long school year and was ready for bed. Mrs. Miller had disappeared with her girlfriend.Denise and another girl stayed to help Mr. Miller clean up. He was disappointed that the girls who were planning to sleep over had all gone home but that was teenagers for you, constantly changing their minds. However, being alone with Denise and another girl was more than he could have hoped for. Her name was Gloria and she seemed a bit besotted as he was with Denise, always following her and staring at her perfect body.Denise had been horny since Ma’Bill had seduced her in the private room at Rhino and she hoped he would be at the wedding as she did not have a date. As Mr. Miller cleaned up the dishes she and escort tuzla Gloria brought them all out to the kitchen. Gloria’s mother arrived to take her home, and now Mr. Miller was alone with Denise.He thanked her for staying, she blushed. He asked if it was ok to give her a hug.”Of course Mr. M I know you like my hugs,” she said innocently.He took her in his arms, the impossibly sexy, busty, gorgeous girl of his dreams.She didn’t resist when he put his hands on her full breasts. She could feel his erection pushing, grinding against her. She forgot about his advanced age and did what Ma’Bill had taught her, sliding down to her knees she pulled Mr. M’s cock out of his pants. It was not close to being as big as Ma’Bill’s cock but it was fine and she sucked it as she had been taught by the black man. ******The wedding day finally dawned, with a light rain in the morning and glorious sunshine in the afternoon. By four pm the doors to the balconies had all been thrown open and the Chapel was cool with the new air conditioning working perfectly. The manager of the Club, Bill, was on hand as he knew President Clarissa was attending the event and he wanted everything done just perfectly. He introduced himself to the bride Maggie Miller when she had arrived with her mother, and they were taken to a special Bridal Suite which was attached by a private hallway to the back of the Chapel. Soft lighting welcomed the women. Bill noted Maggie’s tight jeans and the low cut Tee shirt. He was sure he had never seen such big breasts, especially on such a slim girl, and while the club had a firm ‘no jeans’ policy, he knew the bride would only be wearing them into the room, so he ignored the transgression. He silently went down the hall and through an unmarked doorway and sat in a comfortable chair and watched the women through a one-way mirror. This had been the brainc***d of Pastor Erasmus, and even the Club President was unaware of its existence. Bill had been on the job for a year now and this was the first time he had ever viewed visitors. It worked perfectly.The lovely bride primped her hair and makeup right in front of him. He couldn’t wait for her to remove her clothes. ******As the guests started to arrive, Bishop Erasmus was feeling a strong sense of accomplishment and pride. Just the day before he had received copies of the quarterly magazine from the Church of the Black Staff Headquarters in Washington. His story was featured on the cover of the national magazine, and the cover photo was the beaming Bishop with four of his white female parishioners and two of his young black male priests. He well remembered the young journalist, an attractive white woman of about thirty who had travelled out to interview him. He had been alone with her for about an hour, his soothing voice, a deep baritone, explained his history in Africa and how he became a man of the cloth. With the help of the Rhino TV humming in the background on its lowest setting, the journalist became very relaxed.He talked about the ‘laying on of hands’ and the sweet young journalist asked him what he meant by that. He stood and walked to his desk where he pushed a secret button to alert his young white secretary to lock his door. Then he walked in front of the journalist, lingering for a moment on purpose to be sure she noticed his huge erection pushing hard against his white ‘everyday’ cassock. He never wore undergarments, preferring the feel of the finest silk on his private parts.Then he walked around behind her and brushing her long hair to the side put his black hands on her pure white shoulders. He talked in a lower voice, seductively explaining how he expressed himself through touch and feel. He commenced caressing her shoulders and upper arms. She moaned. She confessed she had never felt so relaxed in the presence of a black man. He reached down her front and gently cupped her breasts.They were not overly large but terribly sensitive and her nipples stood at attention while he massaged and tweaked them. He asked her if she would like to attend his hard cock.Dreamily she replied, “Oh yes, Bishop, it would be my honor to do so.”As if by magic the humming from the Rhino TV increased its intensity and he brought his cock to her mouth as she slipped to her knees.He very quietly said, his normally booming voice not much louder than a whisper, “That’s a good girl, you understand now the meaning of the powerful Black Staff, and from this day forward you will enjoy providing our religious leaders with your loyalty and access to your beautiful body without being asked.”Copious amounts of saliva poured out of her mouth. She sat back on her haunches and admired the vision before her. She opened the front of her dress and exposed her young ripe breasts. The vision was a big black cock, a foot long, thick and throbbing with a life of its own. God, she thought, how can this be? Her husband was six inches when he was hard.His voice further mesmerized her, “”This is the Black Staff of which we speak. You, of course, are welcome to touch and stroke it, kiss and lick it with your pretty lips and take its wholesomeness into your mouth to suck the strength of God, From now on when you read or see the Church of the Black Staff you will be welcomed into our congregations wherever you may be. Our loving priests and pastors will grant you forgiveness and then provide you with more of the Black Staff that you now admire. Indeed, your husband should accompany you so that he can devote himself to learning why it is that he is inferior, and he can learn to serve you and your black lovers in a way that receives the pleasure and guidance of your new Church.”The journalist moaned loudly as she took the Bishop’s cock in her two hands and lowered her mouth to engulf the cockhead, as her husband had taught her on her wedding night. She licked up and down and stroked him as hard as she could with her small hands until he came in her mouth filling it with his religious seed and making her long for more black cock. She swallowed his offering and felt his hardness slowly subside to a normal state. She licked all the residue and he told her, “That was nice, thank you. The next time I visit Washington I will call you to come to my hotel for an evening and give you more training in the Gospel.“My secretary will see you to your car.” ******The Club manager entered his quiet room an hour later in time to watch Maggie struggle into her skin tight, low cut, pure white silk wedding dress. Her mother helped, as did the maid of honour, a spectacularly built nineteen-year-old named Denise who wore a red dress showing most of her lovely huge firm breasts. It was obvious she was not wearing a bra. The Chapel was full. Some of the guests had ignored the specifics of the invitation and had brought their husbands and wives but many of the married women came alone. The married women who had volunteered to ‘staff’ the event wore the slave dresses given them graciously by Oskar Botha. Many had allowed Ma’Bill to additionally give them cheap slave collars and allowed him to unbutton the fronts of their dresses almost to the navel, offering all viewers wonderful views of their lacy push-up bras, or in some cases their naked breasts. The women enjoyed being fondled by Ma’Bill and then by other Rhino employees who took advantage of the opportunity to welcome the guests to the wedding. As at most weddings, the women hugged their friends. At this wedding, everyone hugged and most kissed their friends passionately, most importantly black strangers. If they could see downstairs they would have witnessed Clarissa, the Club President, with her dress up around her waist helping Bishop Erasmus push his enormous cock into her wet willing white cunt.The bridesmaids, all teenage students of Ms. Miller giggled as they watched this sexual frenzy unfold from a quiet room at the back. What would become of the 18-year-olds that night they pondered? Most looked forward to the Caribbean themed dance afterwards and tried to catch the eye of some of the hung young black men.The processional organ music made them all scurry for their seats, and the Rhino TV matched the music with a stunning kaleidoscope of colors selected for this occasion and a project they had been working on for weeks. It seemed to the uninitiated as a dramatic introduction of a most modern wedding, but to the Rhino engineers, comfortably ensconced in their distant video control room, it would be a major challenge to hold the attention of so many people at once. To Oscar Botha, Ma’Bill and a few other black executives, as well as the ever-present Bishop Erasmus, it provided an unprecedented opportunity to ‘convert’ over 100 viewers to the black dominated culture that they so wanted to promote.The first test would be the bridal procession.The bride’s parents both wanted to accompany their lovely daughter Maggie down the aisle but it immediately was evident that they could not walk abreast, the aisle was too narrow. Mrs. Miller stepped back and Leila jumped up and took her by the hand. Mr. Miller took his daughter’s arm and felt her breast rub against his arm. All eyes were on Maggie, her skin-tight white dress, the late afternoon light of a setting sun shining behind her to show she wore a bra and nothing else underneath.As hoped for, excited hands reached out to touch her, men leaned toward her to kiss her, complete strangers, black and white touched her gorgeous ass as she walked slowly up the aisle. Young women friends also kissed her, some crawling over others to reach her.It was more than Oscar could have dreamed of, the scene now was playing on the huge TV screen. Las Vegas could not have done better he thought. He caught Ma’Bill’s eye and both men smiled at each other. A victorious smile.Bishop Erasmus waited.He was wearing an enormous peaked hat with his purple vestments.Denise followed the bride and was enormously relieved and excited when Ma’Bill reached out and took her into the second pew. He kissed her hungrily. He soon determined she wore nothing under her spectacular red dress.Devon was sharing his wife-to-be with dozens of sexually charged guests. He didn’t mind, in fact, he was quite aroused at the sight and it was all he could do to stammer out his responses to the Bishop’s questions.Soon they were man and wife, and they took their positions to officially greet their guests in the Caribbean Room, which it would always be known as after the erotic scenes that were about to unfold. By the time the reception line had wended its way past the bride, Maggie had been kissed and fondled so many times by men and women of all ages she was on fire with insatiable lust. Devon recognized her needs and took her to the bridal suite where he did his level best to sexually satisfy her for the first time as man and wife.The club had transformed the big reception room with palm trees and a sandy ‘beach’, the nearby swimming pool was open with lifeguards in place to be sure no revelers got hurt. Clothing became optional. The volunteer wives circulated with food, their slave attire soon started coming off completely. Several other young teen guests had dressed as white brides to surprise their teacher and they became popular indeed with the black, older men. The reggae music blared over the speakers. The Rhino TV was showing scenes of black men on the beaches of Jamaica ravaging the white tourist wives who had visited there for that very reason. Devon brought Maggie back to the party only to see her disappear with two of his groomsmen. He smiled. The late arrival of Lucy, the mixed-race stunning hostess from the Gentleman’s Club gave Mr. Miller an instant date and she sat on his lap kissing him openly. Mrs. Miller entertained a full table of her new lesbian lovers, her quest for a black lover quietly shelved for the time being. Ma’Bill was thrilled to have both Denise and Delores sharing his attention. Bishop Erasmus was shocked to see the young journalist join his table and it was soon evident that she had tipped off her friends in the mainstream media about the wedding, and in turn, the international tabloids were sniffing around the club for news of celebrities. The next day a photograph of Oscar Botha, the 46-year-old CEO of Rhino Industries with the gorgeous 19-year-old Swedish bombshell, Ingrid d****d all over him, was on the front page of most European Sunday papers. Clarissa had arranged for Maxwell to go fishing, and so she openly brought Igoro as her date. She could not have been happier. The Confederacy Country Club had made a huge splash. Soon membership applications would quadruple. Hawksville’s Mayor and council were inundated with investment location requests from business interests.Oscar and Ingrid slipped quietly into the night. They were leaving for their second trip to Europe the next day, this time with leading American trade representatives.******

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