14 Temmuz 2021

painful reunion


painful reunionThe house seems empty, and all the lights are out. It is quiet, with a few random noises from outside. But wait; there is a slight tap, or tick, perhaps a small branch cracking under the weight of some small a****l. There it goes again, and again. The little ticks are regular, almost like the ticking of a clock.Towards the back of the house, the ticks become distinct little cracks and snaps, continuing in their regular cadence. Going down the back stairs, they become less faint, and easier to distinguish. Yes, they are cracks, pops, and bangs. At the bottom of the stairs, and through the basement door, they are now easy to discern. Along with them can be heard some well muffled shouts – or are they cries and screams? Near the heavy steel door by the cinder block furnace room, a high pitched whistle is added to the sounds. At the steel door, it is apparent to anyone with a brain what is happening on the other side. The heavy steel door and cinder block walls are almost soundproof – almost. Though the sounds are still fairly low, they are easily distinguished here. A high pitched whistle is followed by a sharp crack, and then a cry. Someone is being beaten very severely. How loud they must be to be audible through this heavy steel door.There is a reunion, of sorts, going on here. A boy of 19 has visited his old school, and reacquainted himself with his old teacher, a man of about fifty now. Upon revisiting old times, both agreed that they missed the old days, and the old ways. An offer was made for the boy to stop by the teacher’s house. It was an offer of discipline – very severe discipline. The boy showed up at the man’s door the next day. This would only be the beginning – the first of many. Inside we see bound canlı bahis hands clenching and tightening into fists and then opening into claws, twitching and grasping as the high pitched whistles and heavy cracks continue to shatter the air. We see a pale face streaked with tears, which continue to flow heavily down flushed cheeks and past a mouth weeping and screaming heavily into a large, tight fitting gag, while crack after crack echoes off the walls of the room. We also see bare feet, with ankles bound, and as we move up, bare legs. The bound man is naked and bent over a frame. The legs flex, strain, and pull, to no avail.Towards the struggling thighs, marks appear. There is the yellow and blue of bruising, and then the occasional black or purple stripe, raised like a worm in the skin. By mid-thigh the bruising is nearly constant, and the raised welts are crossing and numerous. Just under the buttocks, and at their crease, the stripes are in such numbers that they cannot be separated, and the black and purple are constant. The buttocks themselves strain and sway, as if unable to bear the burden of stripes still being added to the countless numbers already swelling and cutting their surface. There is another face, this one black, and filled with hate. It looks down hungrily at the viciously flayed buttocks. A cruel smile splits the face, and teeth clench in anger and effort as a strong arm raises the cane high overhead, to slash it down hard with the full weight and strength of the entire body behind it. He grunts as he exerts his full strength in every stinging cut, crack after crack across the tightly bent and upturned hinds. They quiver, shake and twitch, bringing an even wider and more vindictive smile to the cruel face. bahis siteleri The man is soaked in sweat from his exertions, but please with the results – very pleased.Enjoying himself thoroughly, he notices a bit of discomfort, and a burn of desire. The vividly marked and trembling cheeks have lit a passion in him yet again. He reaches over to a box of condoms, removing two. A pair of condoms used together allows him to last longer, and also reduces the chances of their being split or torn from the tightness of the opening into which they are about to be tightly and vigorously pressed. The swollen cheeks of the welted, scored, and bruised hinds are pulled apart to reveal a ragged, inflamed, and raw little puckered opening. This is not the first time it has been abused tonight, and will not be the last. It is tightly and protectively clenched shut, in its soreness; but this only serves to make the experience more painful for the recipient, and more pleasurable for the tormentor.There is no lube used, and the tormentor plunges deeply, and rapidly, using the full weight of his body to stretch and force his way in. The bound man moans and gasps, still not used to such rough treatment, his bottom opening sensitized and sore from recent previous encounters. The tormentor pushes hard with long, deep, rapid thrusting that makes his victim moan and cry. Held tightly in place, the victim can do nothing to resist. Indeed, resistance, tightening of the muscles, or clenching, makes the act more pleasurable for the man who is beating and sodomizing him. Even knowing this, the victim can not prevent the tight little opening from clenching and grasping even more tightly out of pain and reflex. So it clings tightly to its invader, dimpling in as bahis şirketleri it pushes inside, and puckering out as it withdraws for its next stroke. In an act of what should be love, but has been turned to hate, the look on the black face is savage and cruel, anything but affectionate. At that moment that causes most to utter feelings of love, affection, and endearment, he shouts, “Fuck you boy. I say fuck you boy! You aren’t going to shit right for a month. I’m going to beat your ass until you can’t sit, stand or walk! Then I’m going to beat it again tomorrow.”Finished, he drops the used condom into a small waste can, to join three others also recently discarded. He then looks over his collection of canes, crops, and whips, and selects a crop of particular severity. It is heavy, and not really a proper riding crop at all. It is easily 40” long, Rather than the more traditional 18” to 24”. Thickness carried from nearly an inch at the handle to a tapering 3/8” at the tip. It would be i*****l to use such a cruel instrument on a horse, and any horseman to do so would quickly be caught and reported. But this is no horse’s ass – it is the ass of a miserable and pleading creature that may once have been a man. Refreshed and reinvigorated after taking his pleasure, the master raises the fearsome instrument and resumes his entertainment. The much heavier crop makes a fearsome whoosh as it cuts the air, and a more resounding crack as it smashes into the swollen soft globes that were once a firm and muscular pair of buttocks. The thing that had once been a man, was now reduced to a mere c***d getting an ass beating for misbehavior. With all of its pride and courage now stripped away, it begins to moan and cry, then to scream and beg, through the restrictive gag, quite shamelessly. There is no help for him, and no one can hear him down here, behind these thick walls. Only the teacher hears, and he grows harder with each scream and crack of the cane.

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