29 Eylül 2021

Peal necklace pleasure


Peal necklace pleasureAs with all my stories these are truthful recollections of things past, except for the ones which are fantasies – you choose which you think they are! If you enjoy them please give them the thumbs up; if you really like them please comment and if you REALLY like them mail me and I’ll tell you more than I can put here!My first proper job involved me basically being a dogs’ body, doing this and that, helping out where needed, working in a variety of departments, and meeting heaps of people.In the office there were 4 women, a young housewife, a even younger typist, a older spinster and what we’d now call a MILF. Back then she was a vamp. A older woman whop held herself well and oozed sexuality.In the warehouse the blokes there would tease me about the MILF, called Sally. Me a tender 16 year old and her in her early 50’s, (I guess). She had ample breasts, that were firm, not saggy, a wispy waist, a superb pert bottom and long legs. All of this was topped off by a tan that I reckon was an all over tan and long flowing auburn hair. I can’t deny that many a night was spend wanking off thinking about how’d she look naked.One day in the warehouse one of the blokes there started to tell me a story about Sally, and how dam dirty she was. There was no mistaking she was a bossy boots in the office. She’d given me a tongue lashing a few times for not doing stuff right. To be honest I was a bit frightened of her. Her ability to get my dick to stand to attention even when she was ripping me apart for not doing something in good time. I’d imagine her dressed in leather and thrashing a whip making me quiver in fear of getting a good thrashing if I did perform to her expectation.So I was very interested to here that not so long ago she was quite the naughty mistress to a few, select, luck buggers on the night shift .The story went that back then someone from the office had to work a night shift to receive paperwork on stuff that was immediately transferring. Usually this was a boring time as very little actually happened.It seems that Sally was even more of a stunner back then and she knew it. She loved the fact that when she pulled a night shift she’d have all the men sniffing around her and she cold actually escort bayan lead them around in a line almost.That’s not to say she didn’t like sex, far from it, she loved it. But she also loved being the centre of attention and having the pick of the bunch, and being the only female on duty not having the dagger looks from other office girls.Ken went on to tell me how she’d pick who ever it was she wanted to accompany her to the records office which was located in the basement. She’s walk around the warehouse when it was quiet and make suggestive comments and movements getting the blokes all fired up. Then she’d tease them to a point where she knew she was just about in danger of being taken and ravaged there and then, and leave, usually via the supervisors office so as to make sure that no-one followed or could follow.Sometimes, with the ones she’d fancied, she ring up the supervisor and ask if he could spare….who ever…to come and stiff some boxes of paperwork. Ken was one of these lucky buggers.She would wear a string of pearls. This was a sign that your luck was in. You see it was a sex aid and Jen said you knew if she asked for help from you in the records office and she was wearing her pearls you were in for a good time.Ken went on to tell me there was no preamble. Once in the basement Sally would sit on the table there, beckon you forward, unzip and un-belt your trousers so they fell to the floor and wrap her string of pearls around you erect dick and begin to wank you.Ken told me the feeling was out of this world as they rolled up and down the length of your shaft. You weren’t allowed apparently to touch, unless Sally said so. Only once did he actually get to see her pussy, normally she’d hitch up her skirt so her French knickers were exposed. Always French and always silk. Sally usually unbuttoned her blouse to expose her undercut bra, thrusting up her breasts.The deal was she’d wank you off with her pearls and you’d shoot your load over her breasts. Somehow Sally would know when you were about to cum and if she wasn’t ready she’d grip you dick even tighter, squeezing the pearls into your erect flesh. And then speed up her movements until you came.Ken said it was one of the most exciting tuzla genç escort and pleasurable experiences he’d ever had. Once you’d cum Sally would run her pearls though the spunk and said it was the best cleaning they ever could have had.Now Ken had told me this story many times, and every time I saw Sally wearing her pearls I’d imagine what it would have been like to be a lucky recipient of her service.Then one Saturday I was working overtime and so was Sally. A phone call came through to the warehouse and the supervisor called out to me. “Sally wants you to go to the records room and help her store some stuff”. The entire warehouse erupted in cat calls and micky taking. I was so embarrassed.The lift stopped at B and I went out into the dungeon like environment, calling out Sally’s name. “Down here” she said and her voice sounded distant. She was down the far end where racks and racks of boxes were stored. I’ll be frank, I had hoped to find her sat on the table, legs open and pearls in hand. It wasn’t to be.I found Sally on the top rung of a ladder trying to look through boxes. “can you come here and steady me please”. Shuffling forward between the overfull shelves I grabbed the ladder. “Take this” she said and passed me down a file. Looking up to grab it I noticed that I could see up her skirt. She wore stockings, even though tights were common then, and they had several clasps. These were tanned stockings, not seemed but I could she the top of her thighs quite easily.Leaning forward a bit and looking up directly now, I could see the pale blue of her satin, (or was it silk), French knickers. Oh My God. I was just a few feet away from Sally’s pussy, I was transfixed. My dick was straining to be released. I had gone from dangle to strangle in seconds. I could feel it throb. Dare I lean a bit further. Dare I not. The possibility of actually seeing her hairy, (would she be hairy?), pussy was too much. I Inched forward a bit more. Then she leaned out and spread her legs a bit more. The side of her French knickers opened slightly more, I could easily see her pert bottom. Oh god it was tanned also. She did have an all over tan. Just a bit more. Lean over just a bit more.It was then I realised tuzla kendi evi olan escort that Sally had been talking to me, but in my effort to see her pussy I had totally ignored her. She shouted at me and I jumped back. She climbed down the ladder, saying goodness knows what, all I was concerned with was coming up with a believable excuse for looking up her skirt.By the time she got down the ladder I was flushed with embarrassment. “You were looking up my skirt weren’t you”? Said Sally who was now directly in front of me, touching me almost as the space between shelves was very narrow. “You were looking at my fufu” Fufu, never heard that word before and in my confusement and embarrassment I blurted out, “Is that the French for French nickers’?Sally stared at me and moved forward, “You are a naughty dirty boy aren’t you”? I so hoped she was about to unzip me and give me a pearl wank, like Ken had told me about so many times before.Sally continued, “look at you, your willy is all big, and hard, and trying to get out….It wouldn’t surprise me if you were even stroking it when you were looking at my fufu…you are a dirty, rude boy”It was getting too much, Sally was saying these things, I’d just seen her bottom, and she was so close to me that when she spoke her breath fell upon my cheeks….Oh please Sally wank me, use your pearls I thought to myself.“Well then sonny,” said Sally, “you had best get out of here and go”, she paused, “Go and do what ever”!What! I was not expecting that, not at all. “Go on then, go …go on….out of my sight”!Shit I was being dismissed, and being told off, all in one.It was then that Sally moved closer to me pushing me back slightly. Her breasts pushing into my chest. I swear her nipples were hard. “Go on then, wriggle past if you must, you naughty boy” Oh shit this was way too exciting but I was being told off, wasn’t I?I extracted myself turned to Sally who stood there all schoolmarm like, “Go, go” She said. So I did. I made straight for the toilet and knocked one out.I didn’t go back to the records room and didn’t see Sally till work on Monday morning. I was very confused. What had happened? Would I be reported, Would Sally say anything? Neither! A few weeks later I mentioned what had happened to Ken. He said that it was her way of teasing and testing someone out. He said he wouldn’t be surprised that if at some point in the future she’d send for me again down the records room and I’d experience the pearl wank. It never happened, sadly.

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