10 Ocak 2022

Plumber’s Perks Ch. 12


The troubling episode with the auditor had been a shock to the system, even though it had seemed to end in our favour. Trish found herself another job and left within a month of Kaye and I being interrogated by Andrea and her sidekick Phil.

This left me in an uncomfortable position at work, Kaye still pimping me out, albeit less often, and Andrea knowing what I had been doing. Would she keep her mouth shut at head office, or would it require further action?

The phonecall from Debbie, saying she’d be in town for a while came as a surprise. “Can we catch up on some lost time Nick,” she asked shortly after the usual pleasantries. “Need to fill you in on some gossip and give you a headsup on what your new ‘friend’ Andrea is planning,” she said matter of factly.

She gave me the name of the hotel she would be staying at and we arranged to meet for dinner. On the night I went dressed smartly casual, just as well really, for Debbie was rather nicely attired in a pantsuit that fitted her curvy body nicely in all the right places….

“Wow, looking good there Debs, lost some weight I see,” I quietly said to her after she’d hugged and kissed me.

“Maybe,” she winked seductively, then got straight into telling me about Andrea’s devious plan; “Andrea is really pissed off about your sneaky little scheme you’ve got going with Kaye, she’s determined to get proof and then make sure you get hung out to dry. So watch your back!”

“Right, did she also tell you that I fucked her in the boardroom? Once up her fanny and once up her tight arse? I bet she hasn’t been so forthcoming with this little gem huh? Not to worry, Trish taped the whole thing from start to finish, anyone who views the tape will see it as her blackmailing me,” I said in a hushed voice, trying to avoid being overheard.

Debbie just sat there smiling while I told her this, finally saying; “Trust you to think up such a bold little plan, no she didn’t tell us she got her arse drilled by you. Maybe she’s keen for a repeat performance?”

“Maybe, but I think I’ll need to find me another job with less complications, now that Trish is gone it’s gonna be quite tricky to hide all the funny business. I wonder how long Kaye is going to hang around for too,” I said as Debbie frowned.

“Damn, Trish has thrown in the towel, why?” she asked.

“Sick of all the politics I guess, it’s just not the same anymore,” I sighed. “I don’t think any of us really expected this to turn out the way it has.”

“Yeah, I guess you were thinking with the wrong head for a while huh,” Debbie teased, rubbing her foot up my thigh under the table. Then with her foot rubbing my balls and stiffening cock, she said; “So are you really thinking of leaving the old firm then?”

“Might be safest I’d think,” I said, trying to concentrate on thinking instead of Debs foot massaging my throbbing joystick….

“Well, I can always still write you a decent reference if you need one,” Debbie offered, “after all you’re still a good plumber, just your naughty habits need to be kept under wraps.”

“Thanks boss,” I said, then calmly took her foot and rubbed it firmly for a minute or so.

By the time we had our dessert Debbie and I had talked thru all the events that were noteworthy, and even though it had been months since I’d seen or spoken to her, it was also as though she’d been here all along.

The night I spent with Debbie in her hotel bed was nice and lazy, kissing, cuddling, sucking and fucking at a leisurely pace. We screwed on the window sill at first, then after snuggling up and dozing in bed for a while Debbie climbed on top to use my fat cock for some selfish pleasure…and hey, why not? Watching her go into orbit, slamming down onto my rigid shaft was sufficient reward.

By the time the first light of morning came thru the curtains, Debbie had a sore pussy and I had a worn out cock and aching nuts….but I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. We bid each other farewell, knowing fullwell we’d be spending more time naked and sweaty together….

On the homefront things were changing somewhat though and it brought a nice surprise with it.

The escort numaraları eryaman flat that I shared with one girl a few years older than me was usually pretty quiet, and this particular night it was no different. Becky was a career girl, working for the dairy board looking after export logistics, something which she seemed to be thoroughly engrossed in at times.

We’d never really talked explicitly about anything in the sexual realm, almost as though we both wanted to avoid becoming too close. Perhaps we both understood that flatmates should just remain friends and not become sexually involved?

This changed a little when one night Becky quizzed me; “So how come you buy so many condoms at Thompsons Pharmacy and yet you’ve never brought a girl home?”

My puzzled look and shrugged shoulders didn’t satisfy her, so she kicked it up a bit; “My friend Rachel works there and she says you come there once a week to buy a dozen, you bring nobody home and you are here most nights, how does that work? Do you fuck around during the day or something?”

“Why the sudden interest roomie,” I asked, trying to dodge the question. I didn’t think it wise to share with Becky the fact that I was little more than a gigolo servicing older lonely women for lots of money…..

“Sorry, it’s just that Rachel thinks you’re hot and she wants to ask you out, but she’s too chicken,” Becky said in an apologetic manner. “She was just asking all these questions once she found out you and I were flatmates. She showed me your picture off a surveillance camera video one night, then when I told her I flat together with you it brought out all these questions,” Becks said in an effort to reveal the reason behind her sudden interest.

I couldn’t help but laugh, saying; “That’s really funny. I suppose she was one of the girls that was here that night you had your slumberparty?”

“That’s right, Rachel is Eva’s younger sister,” Becky went on to explain. “The tall voluptuous brunette that’s just turned 19,” Becky said with a little wink and a nudge, as if that was meant to make me come a runnin….

Oh well, at least Becky’s description made it easy to figure which of the six girls working at Thompson Pharmacy it was then, for they were all rather young.

“So what do you reckon, wanna take her out or what,” Becky asked impatiently.

“You setting up a blind date here or are you my agent now,” I replied rather quickly, this seemed to take Becky aback.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to get too involved,” Becky apologised.

“No, it’s OK, I just am a little surprised at the sudden interest in my sex life,” I said to Becks, who now seemed to withdraw somewhat. “Yes, I would love to take Rachel out, I’ll ask her next time I am at Thompson, OK? I said, thus bringing a smile to Becky’s face.

The following week I walked into Thompson’s Pharmacy and I saw Rachel dart around the shelves to assist me in such a rush it was funny to watch….two of the other assistants saw it and both grinned at each other boldly.

“Can I help you there sir,” Rachel asked as she watched me pick my usual brand of condoms from the rack. She seemed eager, but not overly nervous, which I took as a good sign. I had never asked a girl much younger than myself out, so this was new territory for me, but hey, given how Becky had urged me on it was basically a done deal right?

“Certainly, young lady, but today this is all I need,” I said as I calmly handed her the 12 pack of condoms and followed her to the register at the back of the store. I noticed the two other assistants watching us both intently and I couldn’t help but wonder what it was that Rachel had told them about me. Then again, given she’d had a photo off the video surveillance system printed out to show Becky….who knows how far this infatuation went??

“Will there be anything else today sir,” Rachel asked politely, looking at me expectantly.

“Of course, I just want to try my luck here…..Look Miss, I am sure you get this all the time, but could I take you out this weekend? Take you to a movie, go dancing perhaps? And I don’t mean to offend,” I said confidently ankara bayan escort but politely at the same time, watching her smile grow as she finally got her wish….

“I would love to,” she said with a slightly trembling voice, then adding; “Can I give you my number perhaps Nick?”

“Sure thing Rachel,” I said, “and let me give you mine as well.”

Numbers exchanged, smiles flashed back and forth and with that I had to run the gauntlet to the front of the store, getting stares from the other two assistants once more….it all felt rather odd, this kinda setup!

Anyhow, arrangements were made over the phone and I picked Rachel up from her flat on Saturday afternoon.

I brought Rachel a small bunch of flowers, she loved that gesture and once she’d put them in water she bid her two flatmates goodbye and hopped into my car with me.

We started off seeing a movie, and by started off I mean we got to see the first segment of it…by the time the movie was well and truly started Rachel had her hands on my crotch and her lips locked onto mine. With her tongue thrusting into my mouth and her fingers molesting my shaft I got to see stuff all of the movie.

Not that I complained at all, for Rachel was very relaxed about letting me explore the nubile young body. She had a nice shape, still carrying some of her puppy fat, but hey, I just loved it when sliding my fingers along her thigh under that short skirt, to find a stark naked moist pussy lurking there!

“Mmmmmm,” she moaned softly when I ran my fingers along her damp cleft, then when I inserted first one finger and then another into her lovecanal she became louder. Never mind, I solved that by kissing her again, to stifle her sounds of pleasure.

I fingered this hot little minx for a few minutes and before I knew it she was cumming on my fingers, her cunt clenching tight around my wet fingers.

She looked into my eyes dreamily and then said; “I knew you’d have the nerve to finger me in the movie theatre Nick, I love it, now let me play with your big cock.” Not waiting for a response she reached up the leg of my shorts and soon had my dick out in the open, tugging on it feverishly. Cupping my hefty nuts gingerly she then spat in the palm of her hand and wrapped it around the knob of my dick, twirling it around and around to take me to the brink of cumming.

I just sat there trying to breathe normally while little miss Rachel was giving me one hell of a handjob….soon I was close to cumming and I told her so too. This brought an unexpected response, she leaned over into my lap and put her mouth over the end of my cock and sucked while she kept on jerking my shaft rapidly. Her nouth was on my knob for thirty seconds, then I came hard, gushing wave after wave of hot sticky spunk into her young mouth.

Milking me dry with her hand and then sucking every last drop from the tip, she then carefully tucked my cock back into my shorts and urged me to get up and take her someplace quiet.

We’d barely gotten up and made our way up towards the door when one of the ushers came down towards us, looking for a couple who were apparently misbehaving?? We didn’t wait at all, we just legged it, Rachel laughing once we got out of the movie theatre.

“I’ve always wanted to suck on a nice big cock at the movies,” Rachel said seductively as she wrapped her arms around me and kissed me with an open mouth, her tongue slithering into mine forcefully. Oh man, this girl sure knew what she wanted, I just couldn’t figure why she didn’t have the balls to just ask me out in the first place…..

“Let’s go for a little drive,” Rachel enthused, “so I can do some more slurping on that knob perhaps?”

“Only if I get to tongue that tasty wet fanny later on Missy,” I responded.

Rachel got in front of me on the carpark steps and flipped her skirt up around her waist, bending over to grab her ankles and thus almost thrusting her bum and cunt in my face. I couldn’t resist and gave her one long lap from clit to arsehole, then slapped her butt playfully.

“Naughty naughty,” she said cheekily as she’d turned elvankent escort around and waggled her finger at me from several steps above me. This now gave me a nice frontal view up her short skirt….pussylips swollen and parted like a split peach…yummy!!

We got closer to our car, then I spotted a perfect spot for giving Rachel a quick tongue lashing, a wide concrete partition about 3 feet high. As I dragged her past my car and patted the partition, Rachel could read my mind and she readily hopped up on the concrete ledge and leaned back on her elbows….spreading her legs nicely for me.

Taking her ankles and placing them over my shoulders I soon had my tongue driving into her tasty young pussy. Nuzzling leisurely between her thighs, not overly worried about being spotted, given that the carpark was more or less deserted…I just got into eating this hot young girl out properly, sliding my tongue deep into her juicy slot, lapping at her swollen lips and finally focusing all efforts on her proud little stiff clitoris…

It was when I started sucking on her clit and then flicking my tongue across it that Rachel began groaning and moaning, softly at first, but rapidly increasing in volume, together with the shuddering of her body….

All up it took less than 5 minutes to bring her off, making her fanny ooze a nice little tasty river of cunt cream, which I carefully lapped up of course!!

The drive home to my place, at record pace still seemed to take forever. With Rachel now dreamily rubbing her own fanny, with one hand on my crotch, fondling my rigid shaft, just focusing on driving was tricky enough. Then when Rachel peeled one of her young firm boobs out of her top….well, that was just too much….luckily we were almost at my flat!

As Rachel had been here before, several times apparently, she led the way to my room. We didn’t waste any time getting our kit off, and with Rachel pushing me onto the bed on my back, she crawled onto me….unashamedly sitting her dripping wet pussy square on my mouth!!

For a 19 year old gal this was pretty bold I thought, but one hell of a turn on at the same time. Reaching behind her to get a hold of my somewhat neglected cock, she stroked me firmly and only let go to enjoy a hot orgasm.

Her next move was to open my bedside drawer, grab a condom and in short order slide it onto my prick. Next she mounted her slippery slot on my fuckstick and just sank herself down onto it, staying impaled completely on me for seconds, shuddering slightly while doing so.

“How did you know where to find the rubbers,” I asked Rachel before kneeding her firm boobs and nipples.

“Lucky guess big boy,” she teased as she began humping me in earnest. Watching her boobs bounce up and down, her incredibly tight young pussy wrapped around my cock…..hhhmmmm, heaven!

Rachel came several times, then it seemed as though she got frustrated that I was holding back my next load…heck, I was enjoying her snatch clamped over my bone way too much to let go just yet!

“Time to pop off again Nick,” she announced deftly as she climbed off me, slid down my legs and peeled off the rubber. At once she sucked me into her mouth, giving me no chance to recover a little….she knew what she was doing too, for it took her only a few minutes of sucking before I felt my balls pull up tight in the usual way.

“Oh shit, baby, I am gonna blow again,” I groaned as I watched Rachel suck my shaft into her mouth, our eyes now locked together….once I started spurting, she sucked harder to make sure she got the lot…and she didn’t spill a drop, once more carefully milking me into her mouth and lovingly licking up the last strands of thick gooey cum….

“Mmmmm, I knew you’d taste good, but don’t ask me why,” she cooed as she lovingly kissed my dick after sucking me dry.

“Hope you wanna do this again some day Nick,” Rachel said as she then hopped off the bed and started getting dressed. “Don’t mind if I run off now to join the girls at the nightclub do you? she asked, then adding; “after all, I just wanted to shag you babe, I don’t wanna marry you. Bloody nice cock though, hope you’ll do me again soon.”

With that she kissed me on the cheek and flew out the door, calling a cab from the kerb, leaving me flabbergasted at how she could just fuck and run….that was supposed to be my trick!!

Never mind, at least we had some cool fun…..

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