20 Haziran 2021


Big Tits

RETREAT TIMESo I never dreamed my Mom and I would become lovers. But back in 1960 my parents had actually entered me into a local religious retreat at a nearby lake. The camp whether it still exists I,ve no idea, but six other teenagers from my church attended. It Wasn,t cheap as meals and board under an all boys and all girls, chalet on lake side plus counsellors and chaperones were provided. I liked the retreat as when we weren,t having bible studies forced on us we could do crafts and do sports like tennis, volleyball, archery, crazy golf, table tennis and pool or snooker. During she the day we were also given escorted walks round the lake. Thevday began with a seven am wake up, then after washing a lovely breakfast in the community dining room, morning bible studies, crafts time, lunch, afternoon sports, then possibly swimming or canoeing, sometimes an hour or two for fishing though the fish rarely seemed to cooperate. canlı bahis A late afternnoon bible study before supper. Then the big event of the day was evening get together when the teenage boys and girls between f******n and eighteen were allowed to sit together and sing songs and pray around a big camp fir with the lights turned down so any hanky-panky went unobserved. It was the first time in my young life few knew of my past and after a day of shyness and hesitation I took the bull by the horns so to,speak and asked a pretty red head named Alice Drury tomgo with me to,the Camp Fire Get Together quite amazed she accepted my offer immediately. She surprised me even more when she chose to sit next to me at supper and tried to,hold my hand as often as possible. Needless to say her touch worked on me like electricity and my cock reacted by growing as stiff as possible. Somehow I think Alice knew what she was doing to me as she bahis siteleri was far more experienced than I expected. Once the large camp fire was burning fiercely Alice not only began to squeeze my cock through the material of my Bermuda shorts telling me how she liked it, but took my right hand and guided it between her short skirt hem to the crotch of her soaking wet panties. “Now you feel What you,re doing to me.” she whispered softly. “You just wait till I get you alone!” It seemed the minister would never stop talking and more songs were sung than usual, but at last the invocation and blessing was given and everyone had ninety minutes free to get to know another before official lights out. Alice and I After almost tripping over a couple who were already very well acquainted if her groans were anything to go by finally found a deserted picnic bench away from the others and began to snog each other passionately as bahis şirketleri I unbuttoned her blouse, then removed it and started kissing, fondling and suckling her small yet perfect puffy nipples and tits which made her start to pant and free my cock from my shorts so she could stroke me. I soon discovered Alice loved to suck cock and was on the verge of blowing my load when she stopped, pulled down her own shorts and panties and led me into her sweltering hot pussy! I was so turned on I came in her after only a few thrusts. Later as we rested she sighed. “Thanks Joe. I needed that.” “Can we do this again tomorrow night?” I asked. “You try to,stop me! Can,t wait for more of your cock and this time I want to EAT IT!” She kissed me hotly. The next night Alice did not hesitate in taking my cock out and sucking me off gulping down my load happily till she drained me. That was quite a week and in a way I was glad to get back home. I did exchange telephone numbers and addresses with Alice as she lived in a town about a hundred miles from me, but after a phone call and two letters she lost interest. Obviously found someone closer to home to fuck.

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