11 Kasım 2021

Revelations in a flight lavatory


Revelations in a flight lavatoryisclaimer: Most of this is a real story and I have not intended to disregard any religious believes or cultural practices. I request you to read on only if you are liberal to accept our ideologies.I sat down watching the people walking around in the airport, waiting for my boarding time. I always hated to do this. I tried killing some time playing on my iPod, but it was still boring. I have two more hours of waiting for my boarding and a boring long flight to Dubai from Houston. I was returning back to India after visiting my parents in the US. There was a group of college girls wearing boyshorts jiggling around. I killed some more time admiring the beautiful bulges they carried over their t-shirts. Round boobs always turns me on.And then I saw a man coming in through the doors wearing the typical Arab dressing. He was closely followed by a group of ladies, four exactly. Contrasting to the white dress the man was wearing; all the ladies were clad in their pardas. The man looked in his late 50s and the ladies looked 35, 30, 25 and….And then I saw the most beautiful face I have seen in my entire life. I am not exaggerating, but she was an angel. She looked somewhere about 23, very tall, I mean almost about 5’10”. Her hijab was jet black with crystals designs from top to bottom. It looked so rich and sexy because the top of it was clinging dear to her evident and voluptuous curves and the slim-fit bottom gave her a tall look. Though her head was covered, her face was not. She was very fair with flawless long face. She had a pair of beautiful deep sea blue eyes which embodied innocence with blackened outlines on the long eye lashes to give them a special note and a pair of eyebrows which was trimmed neatly. She had a perfect nose to compliment the long face and a small but beautiful pair of lips which was a light shade of pink; but it carried a sad gloom of impassiveness. I could not make out whether her lips color was because of some lipstick she was wearing or whether it was the natural color. It was hot. Ok, enough of describing about her beauty. Let’s call her Miss. X.They all came in line and sat opposite to me. The man had a book in his hand and as soon as he was seated, he started reading and all the ladies were busy with something or the other. I stopped fidgeting with my iPod and started blatantly staring at X. It seemed to make her notice me as she looked up at me. I smiled at her, but she just turned her face down without noticing me anymore. Not to make her feel anymore uncomfortable, I started looking for other songs in my iPod. But from the corner of my eye, I could see her looking up at me every now and then. I tried my luck once again and smiled at her again when she looked up at me the next time. To my surprise, this time she blushed a light pink and turned her head down again smiling. That was encouraging, I thought.The whole two hours of the waiting at the lounge did I enjoy her beauty and now it was time for me to board the flight. I knew that the family too was travelling by first class as soon as they came inside the first class lounge. But till we all settled down in the flight, I didn’t know that they would be sitting next to me. I was on an aisle seat and the ladies were in the four seats in the middle and their master on the left side aisle seat. As soon as he sat on his seat, he dozed off. Our lady X was sitting next to me, but on the other side of the walk way, a little ahead of my seat, but close enough for me to stretch my arm and touch her, if need may. I was very happy with the seating arrangements, as I had a clear view of my angel, without making her uncomfortable. It was a night flight. Soon people started dozing off. In no time, almost everyone around me was asleep, but X was still not sleepy. She was watching some program on her personal TV on the flight.I still don’t know where I got the courage then to write on a napkin paper “Meet me in the Back Left lavatory, got something to show you.” And place it on her lap and just walk away to the lavatory behind us when she was picking up the paper napkin to read it. I waited for a few minutes in the lavatory, quite confident deep in my heart that she will not accept my invitation. But I wanted to try my luck for a little more time. Another minute passed, and I turned to unlock the door in disparagement to get back to my seat, but just then I heard someone knocking on the door. I opened the door a little to find Miss. X standing outside the lavatory with her head facing down as usual. I grabbed her arm and pulled her inside before anyone could see us together and locked the door behind us. There were just enough places for the two of us to stand comfortably halkalı escort inside. She looked up at me with her innocent blue eyes and blushed again. She looked so charming. Looking at her deep blue eyes, I grabbed her waist and pulled her towards me and kissed her on the softest lips I have ever placed a kiss on. I expected her to push me away in repugnance, but she did not resist. She stood there motionless, relishing every bit of the moment that we were sharing. After a long kiss, she gathered enough courage to place her left hand on my back. With her head tilted backwards and her eyes closed, she opened her mouth for a more emotional smooch. Neither of us knew how long we stood there cuddling each other. After the smooch, I realized that her lip color was not adulterated, but it was her natural color.We were kissing each other as if we shared a common connection in out past lives. With my left hand around her, I slowly started grazing over her hijab. In no time I found my hand resting just below her left breast. So far, so good… I moved my hands a little more up to cup her breast and waited for her response. I was happy to see that she was in a different world altogether. I massaged her boob for some time more and then I slowly started pulling her hijab up her legs. This time, she wanted to stop me. She placed her hand above mine, but I did not care. I continued pulling them up further. The little display of resistance faded away quickly, but her hand was still placed over my hand, may be to show me her persistent resistance. When I could feel the flesh of her skin under the raised hijab, I broke away from our kiss. She looked tensed. I promised her that there is nothing to be worried about. I made her stand against the wall of lavatory and placed both my hands over her slim hips. I moved both my hands together up and then back to find the hook of her bra. In a short pinch-n-release, I took the hook off and ran my hands under her bra to swathe her waiting breasts. Her nipples were already poking me inside my palm. Her face reddened as she blushed mixed with anxiety. Her boobs felt so soft in my hands. They filled my hands completely and felt so juicy. I massaged her boobs, then rolled her nipples between my fingers and pinched on them softly. It made her anxiety melt into thin air, giving space for lust to come in. From her expressions, I could make out that she was enjoying every moment of the action.Then I pulled up her hijab further more above her breast and kissed her right boob. I dropped her long hijab above my head to cover my sucking actions from her. Without me looking at her face, she was more confident to make soft grunting noises when I relished on her perfectly round soft boobs. My teeth went deep when I bit her boobs. It was the softest breasts that I have ever felt. After a long moment of sucking, I came out of her hijab and raised it above her head any removed it completely. She was standing there with an open bra which made difficult efforts trying to cover her voluptuous boobs and her skin kissing designer thongs, a pair of soft and silky hose over her long legs and her head covering jibab. I wanted to see her in complete, so I asked her to remove her jibab, for which she was reluctant initially. But I convinced her to remove them. She had long silky black hair underneath the jibab, hidden from every man. It did not take any trouble removing her thongs and hose and already open bra after what I have accomplished. She stood there mesmerizing me with her pristine beauty. She has the perfect curves that would put Beyonce Knowles to shame and her breasts were so perfect that it did not sag under its own weight nor was it too small and perky. Her stomach was flat like Britney Spears’ and legs long like Miranda Kerr. She had a cleanly shaven neat pubic which looked like that of a 16 year old girl. She was the best creation of God, and she could easily flip the position of Angelina Jolie or Aishwarya Rai as the world’s most beautiful woman, had a chance.I did not have much time to waste. While I got undressed quickly, she curiously looked at me. After her staring on my cock for some time, I asked her to feel free to hold it. She moved her face in oppose. So I help her by taking her hand and placed it on my cock. She slowly grabbed it and started stroking it slowly. With her every stroke my cock came alive. I asked her to feel free with me. So she looked at me with a naughty smile and sat on the closed toilet in front of me to take my dick in her mouth. Her soft lips curved around my semi erect cock and covered its head. Then she moved her soft pink tongue rolling around taksim escort my exposed cock head. She started to give me a BJ in no time. She was pretty good at it, to my amusement. She sucked my cock deeper and deeper into her and her saliva started drooling over it. I was so excited; I gathered her long hair and pushed her onto my cock. It slid deep into her throat. She kept her left hand on my thigh and her right hand around my thigh for balance. I started pushing and pulling her slimy mouth on my stone hard cock holding her silky soft hair. In no time, I was ready to explode, but I did not want to waste my precious sperms. Just before I could explode, I pulled her off my cock and made her stand up.Now it was my turn to please her. I made her sit on the toilet with her legs up and wide apart and I knelt in front of her and started to suck her pink pussy lips starting with the labia majora and then going deep into the labia minora which stretched an inch and a half out and looked pink like a pair of rose petals. She responded with a long hiss and running her long fingers through my hair. I looked up to see her leaning her head back on the wall with closed eyes. She had placed her legs on my shoulders. I figured out her clit and started sucking them while I put my finger deep inside her pussy exploring the g-spot. She was dripping wet; her salty love juice mixed with my saliva ran over my hand till my elbow and dripped down on the floor. She was making indistinctive chants and moans all the while. And then she reached a screeching orgasm and she pulled tight on my hairs and hissing and whispering ‘Ya Allah…’We stood up again. She seemed to be weakened by the huge orgasm she just had. I pulled her closer to me and kissed her again. While kissing her, I puller her left leg and placed it over the closed lid of the toilet. After the orgasm, her pussy lips were swollen and red. With one of her legs on the closet, it was easy for me to find her love hole to enter. I spread her legs further more and guided my rock hard fuck rod over her cunt entrance. Before entering her, I rubbed her cunt from top to bottom with my hard penis head, greasing it with her own flowing juices. Then slowly I started entering her. Even after all that lubrication and squirting, she was tight for my thick long cock. So, I entered her with so much of care. By the time I entered my cock head in her, she was gasping for air. I gave her time to come back to normalcy and then slowly started pushing my organ in her again. This time, she closed her eyes and bit her lower lip so hard. She rested one hand on my shoulder and the other on the wall behind her for support. With the slow and steady thrust, it took me a long to penetrate her fully. When I was completely buried in her, I asked her whether she was fine. She said “Yes, go ahead. I am enjoying it”. Those were the first words she muttered to me. With enough precaution in not hurting her I slowly slid my organ out of her pussy completely. She seemed to be relieved, but before could relax a moment, I entered her again. This went on for some time, till the time she showed no more struggle in taking me completely in her.Slowly I increased my pace in rhythm. She seemed to be enjoying my pumping. I cupped her boobs again and started to push into her more vigorously. She seemed to take that also quite easily. Thanks to the freely flowing cunt juice flowing over my legs, she was well lubricated. I increased my pace to such extend that I had to cling on to something. Her reddened face looked eased out, but she had her eyes still closed and lips bit. Then she kept her right hand on the wall for support and placed her left hand behind my head. Then she pulled my head closer to her and kissed on my lips. That was the first thing she did without my intervention. She was moaning so badly and her breathing was too fast to control, I knew she was gonna explode soon. I always had a tough time getting girls to orgasm while fucking, for which she was an exception. She climaxed in no time, in fact even before me. But, I was also not too far from exploding into her. She bit my lower lip so hard and pulled my head to her so wildly and with trustful breathing she came hard on my pounding cock. That emancipated my orgasm; I shot deep into her vagina my hot sperms with all my might. Our orgasms seemed to last for ever. By the time I was finished, I had lost all my energy. We stood there hugging each other with my soft cock still stuck up in her vagina. She rested her head on my shoulder and ran her hands on my back as if consoling me. I ran my hand over her soft hair and kissed her on the head. She raised her head, smiled and şişli escort kissed me back.The very next moment, she slid out my limb and gleaming cock from her soaking wet pussy and she knelt in front of me and took my sperm covered cock in her mouth. She seemed to relish the mixed taste of fresh semen and her love juice. She was so wonderful at giving blowjobs, that in no time, I found myself rock hard again. It was quit unbelievable for me, as I used to take some time regaining strength after a hard fuck. When my cock got erect again, she got up and knelt on the wash basin. I understood her intention and inserted my cock into her from behind. This time I hammered for a longer time without ejaculating. She started rubbing and playing with her clit when I squeezed her soft boobs from behind. After long time of doggy style, I removed it from her and sat on the toilet. She too understood my intention and came back and spreading her legs on both sides of the toilet, she positioned her pussy hole just above my saluting cock. With her left hand around my neck, she positioned my cock with her right hand and slowly inserted it into her damp fuck hole. I held her hips with both my hands and slowly lowered her on my erect cock. When she was completely covering my cock, I leaned forward and started sucking her boobs. She did not care to notice it anymore; she started jumping up and down on my cock. With every thrust, she was increasing her speed. In no time, we found ourselves pacing to another massive orgasm. With a loud bang, she came again. No sooner she got off my cock and knelt on the floor again and started blowjobing me again. In no time I exploded inside her mouth. My cum filled her mouth and started overflowing out and it started falling on her boobs. I could not believe myself seeing the amount of cum I produced in my second fuck.Then she got up and sat on my lap, hugging me with her head on my shoulders. When we were sitting like that, I asked her about herself. She told me that the man who was accompanying them was their husband. She was the eighth wife of a rich Sheikh. Their marriage was just a year and a half ago, but soon after their marriage, her husband had a heart attack. So, they have not had sex for a long time. She complained to herself that even if he was fit, she had an opportunity to have sex once in a blue moon, as he had seven other wives to please. It was almost the same with his other wives too. I consoled her and asked her whether she would come to India to live with me as my wife. She said No, but she has some other plans in mind. I did not know what that was. She said I would apparently get to know, and till then just wait for her. Then she kissed me again and slowly stood up. We cleaned up the mess and dressed up. Though she was reluctant in the beginning, I convinced her in taking a few of her naked pictures before getting dressed for my self pleasures. I had to promise her that I will never share it with anyone, or put it up on any websites or so or use it to blackmail her or something. After that, we went silently outside and back to our seats. She had taken my mail id and phone number before coming out of the lavatory. The night was dark and in the dim light, we saw that everybody in the flight was still fast asleep. Our flight was still flying high above the Atlantic Ocean.I reached India the next day and joined back my work. The next week, I got an ISD call from Dubai. It was a female voice. I recognized her voice with no difficulty. It was my Miss. X. The voice said “Hello Sandy, Zubaida here. We met in the plane from Houston to Dubai. I hope you remember me.” I said “Of course I do.” “Well, I called to ask whether you would be interested in a new job in my organization as a personal secretary to me. Well, I forgot to mention that I am the GM of my husband”s Jig Manufacturing company for oil well drilling.” I asked back to her humorously, “Would my job description have any drilling involved?” She responded, “Oh Yes, and that would be your primary role in this job…” We both laughed and after some more chit chats and flirting, we hung up. The next month, I packed my luggage to fly down to Dubai on my new job.It has been six months now. Today, I head the marketing of Zubaida’s jig manufacturing company. As she had mentioned, I have the drilling as my primary role. Whenever she can find some lonely time, I get to drill her. She is still the most beautiful girl. With my coming into her life, she has turned out to be a big time party girl. Today she is not afraid to wear modern dresses or mingle with boys. I let her enjoy as much as she wants. She is a dream girl for most of the boys in town. Her husband died two months back. Last week she found out that she is pregnant. We are sure it is my baby, because I am the one who drills her hole the most. We are planning to get married as soon as she delivers the baby. BTW, I am satisfying her ex-husband’s other young widows and Zubaida’s sister too. And the best part is she is ok with it all. This is why I love her.

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