28 Haziran 2021

Seduction Of Milkman Part – 2

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Seduction Of Milkman Part – 2deleteddeletedAfter few days, about a fortnight of seduction and sexual subtle signals as detailed in my first story (my real life experience), my husband and I planned various methods by which our milkman will be sexually aroused and compelled by the situation to fuck me. First of all for 2 consecutive days, my husband hid himself below our bed and I faking a try to take out the milk pot from the shelf kept at a height in dining space, by standing on my toes, stretching my hands extremely upwards, thereby exposing my full abdomen, short panty, entire well built and shaped thighs with small upper part of pubic hair slightly exposed due to extension of abdomen, with the milkman standing near me, looking intensely at my panty, moving his hands over his penis but he never attempted to touch any part of my body.We thought that if my husband was not visible to him, he might see it a chance for fucking me as by that time we had become very friendly and free with him by conversations regarding petty things for some days. He might be sexually fully aroused on seeing me in that pose with the husband not present and so attempt to touch me and make a movement towards attempting to fuck me. But he never took any attempt. So my husband was dismayed and so was me. Both of us were, by this period, become constantly excited with the golden hope of milkman fucking me, myself moaning with the supreme pleasure of fucking with another man outside of marriage and my husband fully enjoying my deep pleasure and encouraging the man to fuck me hard, give me superb orgasm.So that night we rehearsed for a new play. My husband played the milkman, I was to fake that as if by accident I had fallen on the floor by slipping on some unseen oily surface, my dress as usual the massaging attire with top button removed (we decided before that the top button which was torn away to give the milkman better view of my breasts, will remain like that), my body on floor resting myself on my right hand with body placed against the wall, my left breast mostly covered by dress but as if due to accident the right breast has become mostly uncovered.My full body from waist level and below fully exposed, right leg on floor slightly bent position, left leg with knee in bent position and with knee kept upward which will expose entire panty, left hand on left side of lower portion of waist but very near to groin part, pretending acute pain where my palm was placed that is near lower part of waist near groin and exclamation of soft sounds describing much pain. The milk pot was to remain a bit away from me as if when I fell down it was dropped away .We thought that when milkman comes and sees me in this position and finds that I am unable to get up and feeling extreme pain, he would come fast to help me get up. So my husband acting the milkman would start playing his part as below and so was me.I would sob and tell canlı bahis him that suddenly I slipped on the floor, husband had gone just a few minutes back to the market and not returning at least within half an hour and I was feeling extreme pain fearing that I might have a slight bone injury and fully unable to get up with my own effort. The pain was very much on the topmost part of thigh and groin level in the left leg. So he would naturally try to help me get up by pulling at my left hand and I was to cry out as if with great pain. So he would understand that unless he holds me by hugging at my chest and pulls me I won’t be able to stand up and move to our bedroom. He would hold me like that but I would pretend difficulty and request him to hold me from behind. In this way he has to put both his hands, not on my back but as he would be holding me by hugging from behind both his hands will be on my breast, one hand on open right breast and another one on partly covered left breast and he would get the full sensation of holding my breasts with his hands, that will surely give him tremendous excitement.To hold me tightly this way his right hand will be on my left breast and left hand on my right breast. He would help me to stand up like this and try to help me reach bedroom where I could take rest. But I would pretend unable to walk and he would be compelled to help me reach my room slowly in this way hugging me tightly and meanwhile having full feeling of holding my breasts. He would take me to bed, make me sit on the bed and I would request him that as I was having acute pain at the back of waist, he may please pull me up on the bed, keep me in lying position on the bed.So he will have to get up standing on bed, pull me from back, holding my chest, slide my body by pulling me backwards along bed so that my entire body can be put in lying position on bed and by the time he takes me to bed by pulling me in that fashion both my breasts will fully come out of my dress because he was holding my chest and pulling me backwards, so the dress was also pulled back easily as it was a loosely fitted dress and went up my body easily exposing both the breasts, the dress would be crumpled, squeezed and remain only at my throat level and from just below my throat level onwards till up to my panty I shall be fully naked before his eyes and he would view my full upper body with all its beauty.As my body will be pulled from breast level backwards to keep me in lying position, the panty worn by me would be in tight contact with bed mattress due to weight on the hips and as my body will be pulled by him backwards, the panty, by friction with the mattress, will be pulled down to some extent exposing a considerable portion of my pubic hair and groin before his eyes. Now, the scene will be like this, milkman standing on bed behind my head, from my throat below till the panty entire body is fully exposed, panty bahis siteleri rolled back down to some extent due to his pulling my body up the bed exposing much pubic hair, groin portion of both legs fully visible, nothing from thigh till my toes, the panty barely covering my hot vagina and my milkman having opportunity of fully viewing my extremely sexy body (now there was no hint of breasts, breast cleavage, panty covered buttocks, vaginal cleavage but the fully naked sexy young woman’s body except the vagina.If he wants to take leave even after getting golden opportunity of having experience of holding my breasts for a long time, hugging me strongly from behind, viewing my open breasts, the half removed panty and some of my pubic hair and still not attempting to fuck me then I would go on sobbing and plea to him to give me some massage to ease my pain as I would be helpless in absence of my husband, who was not expected soon. He would have to massage my groin area and shall have to touch my exposed pubic hair. From here it would rest entirely on me to slowly seduce him further so that he would have no alternative but to engage in fucking my thirsty cunt.The above was our plan and we had rehearsed this with husband playing the milkman.The rehearsal was acted twice in the evening, my husband faltered in the first rehearsal by making the mistake of trying to fast forward some part of the rehearsal, but I did not make any mistake in playing my part. I was so perfect that my husband was much surprised that I might really be having pain, during the entire rehearsal never I expressed any sign that this was going to be our well thought-out plan to trap the milkman, every part played by me was so perfect. My husband was very surprised and told me that really the actual show will be successful due to my superb composure and expressions needed as the situation demanded. However, my husband told me that when the milkman will hold my breasts in his hands he will start fucking me then and there and will not spare any moment. I objected and said that the entire plan will go as scheduled because though he will get such chance, he was not going to get overboard and try to push things fast. He was very well behaved and never had tried to touch me during these days we were playing and trying to seduce him.I challenged my husband that everything would go on fully according to the plan and only when he puts his hand on my groin portion and starts massaging my groin, lower abdomen, get the feeling of touching my pubic hair and my pleas for further massaging those parts and still lower will he gather the courage and with my encouragement to carry on massaging every portion by inserting his hand below my panty, getting full feeling of my dripping vagina he will be ready with his young strong erect penis to push the entire burning hot rod inside of my extremely hot cunt and fuck me till my orgasm and flood bahis şirketleri my vagina with his hot thick huge semen load. Then we decided how my husband can take part. This was very simple, from the very beginning, my husband will stay in the dark space below our large cot in the bedroom some few minutes before arrival of milkman with myself on the floor as planned, from the dark, he will be able to see entire episode from the moment milkman arrives, my acting of entire scenes, his reactions, escorting me as per plan to bed and helping me to bed.But the initial scenes on the bed like pulling me towards inside of bed by standing on the bed, sifting of panty by friction with mattress and exposure of my groin and pubic part, his starting of massaging my groin and putting his hands below panty, his starting of fucking me etc. Will not be visible to him. However, I told him that whatever I say would be loud enough for him to hear as he would be just below the cot, like I would tell the milkman loudly to pull me up the bed, not to leave and give massage to relieve my pain and ways to give relief by massage, which place to massage, I shall exclaim pleasure and relief when he starts massage of groin, beg him to massage only those places and as his hands tries to go below my panty encourage him loudly by saying very good massage, please go further below my panty, massage such place, I would exclaim great pleasure from his massaging, beg him to massage below panty, tell him to massage the whole area below panty and after sometime, tell him to give more intense massage by pulling away the panty totally and put both his hands on my hot vagina, by that time I will become fully naked, tell him that I am spreading my legs fully apart and exposing my hot vagina, tell loudly to him to put his hand and fingers in my vagina, tell him loudly to take out his hot burning rod, tell him to see the beauty of my pubic hair and request him to start fucking me. Until this period my husband can not openly take any part.But when he continues fucking I will hold him tightly with both my legs, pull his head very near to my mouth and forcefully hold it there not allowing any movement of the head, making his eyes closed and give the signal to my husband. He will come out from below fully naked with his erect penis, jump slowly on the bed and hold the milkman tightly to make him unable to move. The milkman will be deeply frightened by this sudden and unexpected situation, his rod becoming soft, he will try to get up soon but will be held very tightly by both of us. He will then calmed and encouraged in his act and with earnest cooperation from both of us, myself playing with his soft penis to make it hard, my husband caressing and squeezing my breasts, explaining our subtle plan to the milkman, will restore his composure and soon his erection will be quite ok. We shall then engage in threesome sex. In future, this man will fuck me regularly in presence of my husband.In next episode, I shall describe the actual fucking session from the time milkman comes into make our plan successful.Bangalore men who needs my pussy comment under the story

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