13 Ekim 2021

Sex Studio Secrets #23: Nikita-2


Sex Studio Secrets #23: Nikita-2Nikita visits my studio to ride my hot horse on camera, not knowing what will really happen to her.Pretty Petra shows her the wy to the sex studio upstairs and in the process her hot brown big bush.Nikita feels shy compared to this teen who seems to be at ease being so openly sexy and seductive!Pretty Petra presents herself properly for intimate inspection by Professor Peter to teach Nikita.Nikita checks the link at a businesscard I discretely handed her during my visit to her tobacco shop.She wants enough time and privacy for the special purpose of her visit, so she books an appointment.Pretty Petra opens her, after she rings twice. She introduces herself as granddod of Professor Peter.I didn’t know Peter is a Professor! Is he still teaching? – Not at University, only privately now.He is a world wide reknown expert in Sexuology, more for his fame of practises than his articles!I will be around to assist him, mostly making sure everything is properly captured on our cameras.Please hand me your coat. You do look lovely! You know, I am more into women than men last years.I hope great grannddad lets me play with you as well after he is done! Any experience with women?Nikita shakes her head with a blush and takes a good look at the tasty teen konak escort of her length and looks.Petra is pretty indeed, she seems so relaxed and natural. Sexy even, in that short schoolgirl skirt!Nikita looks at her as pretty Petra walks up the stairs ahead of her to show the way to our studio.Petra wears no panties! My God, what a big brown bush she shows. Never knew hairy twats look so hot.Nice to see you here, my dear! I give her an elegant hand-kiss to warmly welcome my new bride.Please sit down here, while I will explain you the procedures of our sexy session to please you:You will first undress seductively and properly present yourself in style for my intimate inspection!Next I expect you to show me your devotion by offering me to watch you come for me right in front me.Petra will show you what I mean and give you her example how to meet my demands to earn your ‘horse’.Petra perform your dirty dance for us please! Petra stands between us and moves to slow ‘soul’.Petra takes of her top to show me her firm little tits and turns around to look Nikita in her eyes.Petra unties the skimpy sexy tartan, lets it drop down. She bends over and spreads her bums for me.Petra fingers her slit now for me, while she keeps looking at me in her dedicated konak escort bayan devotion to me.Petra was raised by me, you know! So she is still the best in performing this starting ceremony.Nikita is amazed and aroused how sexy submissiveness looks in the right rituals! She longs to try.Nikita is very pretty with blushes at her cheeks from arousal, sexy to see Petra’s orgasm coming up.Nikita notices the inside of Petra’s thighs are getting wet with her puicy juice, very fascinating!Nikita bends forward to get a better look, right in time to see her squirt into the face of Peter!Petra thanks me with a warm wet kiss, after I lick all of her love juices and she excuses herself.Petra leaves the stage for you to take it next and follow her sexy example now, my nice Nikita.Nikita slowly undresses from her tight riding cute clothing showing her intimate interiors on cam.She submissively follows the example of pretty Petra and my orders to come for me at close range.Nikita finally sees my ‘horse’, as she opens her eyes after her hot first orgasm in my sex studio.She scares as she sees all those straps at the corners! Will she be tied up by Peter at his horse?Nikita wears a tight tank top, her jodhpurs and riding boots. Not easy to strip elegantly in escort konak that.Nikita shyly smiles at me. Sees in my eyes I like the sight of her firm boobs which became B-size.Nikita turns around, bends over to take off the boots, showing me her beautiful bottom in tights.Nikita slowly unbuttons her tight riding pants, wiggles her bums out and shows me nothing under!Nice to see you again fully nude, my precious Princess horny of hot horses, sexy snatch all wet.Nikita spread your cheeks by both hands, show me your sexy star, closed love lips, and look at me.Nice to see you are shaven for the special occasion. Your tight twat looks like a teen’s pussy now.Nikita share please your first orgasm here with us as you will play now with yourself for pleasure.Nikita’s eyes fix mine while she ferociously rubs her mount to make herself come as fast as Petra.Nice to notice your dedication and devotion, which abodes well for your ride of our horse here!Nikita gets a sexy wet snatch, I start to smell her well, which helps my motivation to pleasure her.Nice detail is the shy blonde beauty closes her eyes at the moment she starts to orgasm hard for us.Nikita opens her eyes again after getting back her breath and sees my ‘horse’, presented by my Petra.Nice horse of wood and leather, just like at gymnastics during her highschool, only with some straps?Nikita wonders from which side she should bend over it? Or perhaps lay down on top of it at her back?Nice Nikita is in for several sexy surprises riding my hot horse which turns pain to sexual pleasure!

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