2 Ocak 2021

Shelley Takes It In The Ass


I gasped when I saw the cock. It was fucking huge – 12″ long and thick as my wrist and I was going to get penetrated anally by that huge, woman taming cock. To say that this cock was huge was an understatement of disturbing proportions.

“Assume the position, Shelley.”

“Assume,” I thought. How apropos.

I crawled to the edge of the bed and spread my legs really wide to expose my cunt and asshole. My position, face down with my head over the edge of the bed and legs spread so wide, actually gave better access to my ass than my cunt; this was a good thing because I was going to be ass fucked. It wouldn’t be the first time that I was being ass fucked; in actual fact I take it in my ass more than I take it in my cunt. I love the feeling of a cock stroking my asshole with deep powerful thrusts. Although I’ve been ass fucked many times before, it has never been with a 12″ cock. The biggest that I have taken in my ass was a thick 6½ ” cock – I felt packed full from that cock and I was now going to get a cock twice as thick and almost twice as long.

My legs were spread really wide and I reached back and held my ass cheeks apart to help ease the penetration. With a cock as big as this one was, anything to ease the penetration is helpful beyond imagination. With a 6½” cock, I wouldn’t think twice about just bending over and letting the cock nose its way between my cheeks and into my ass; with this huge cock, any advantage was welcome. Countless times in the past, I’ve been held down bent over a desk, arm of a couch, or the edge of a bed and taken it hard up the ass without spreading my ass cheeks. With a cock smaller than 6½” my lubricated anus would readily allow passage – the cock would nose its way between my firm cheeks, press against my asshole and surge deep into my nether region causing exquisite ecstasy. I felt the cock head press against my cunt. Due to the extraordinary large size, a lot of pressure was required to get the head to penetrate me. Once the head finally penetrated, my cunt was so juicy wet that only a little pressure was required for it to sink in right to the hilt. I gasped from the sensation. Bigger is better and a huge cock in the cunt fills you, stretches you and causes the wickedest sensations. The huge head stretched my cunt and the thick shaft caused amazing clitoral stimulation. I felt the cock pull out only to be thrust in me again. It felt so good in my cunt, but I wanted it in my ass.

“Fuck that feels good,” I gasped. “Fuck me in the ass. I want to feel that huge cock in my ass.”

“Shelley, this cock is fucking huge. There is no way that you can take this monster up your tight ass.” My lover was breathing hard as I was being fucked.

“I know its big, but I want to try. Please dominate me by fucking me in the ass.” I was having trouble speaking coherently. I was at the mercy of the huge cock drilling my cunt.

“Okay, but its going to pack you full and you will be walking funny for a while.”

“I don’t care. I love being ass fucked. I’ve taken big cocks in my ass, but I want to try taking a huge horse cock up my ass please.”

“Okay Shelley, I’ll fuck your ass, but don’t blame me if it hurts.”

“I want to try to take it in my ass. I want to feel that huge cock in my ass dominating me.”

The huge cock that had been stroking me all this time felt so good that I had trouble talking. The cock was removed from my cunt and I felt the huge head press hard against my asshole. The pressure increased , but forceful jabbing thrusts were required until finally my tight asshole yielded to the massive cock head. The cock head felt really big in güvenilir bahis my cunt, but it felt fucking huge in my tight, tight asshole.

“Oh fuck it’s fucking huge,” I whimpered.

“I told you it was too big and that it would hurt.”

“It doesn’t hurt, but I’ve never had such a big cock in my ass. I feel like I’m being fucked by a horse.”

“Your asshole is stretched so tightly around this huge cock shaft. If I fuck you in the ass, you’ll have trouble walking.”

“I love being ass fucked. Your cock is fucking huge, but it feels good. Push it in deep. Fuck my ass and dominate me.”

“Okay, just remember you asked for it.”

Slowly the shaft sank deeper and deeper into my slippery ass, between my tight round ass cheeks until I thought that I had the entire cock in me. I didn’t know it, but the cock was only about half way in, but I felt so well packed that I thought that I had it all.

“Oh fuck. That’s a fucking huge cock. I feel filled right up, stretched wide open and fully packed,” I gasped. “I feel like I’m being fucked by a horse. I can’t believe that I’m taking the whole thing.”

“What do you mean the whole thing? Its only half way in. Is it too much for you, Shelley?”

“It’s so deep and it feels so fucking big. Take it out and lube me up some more so I can try to take more. If this is how it feels with your cock half way in I want to know what it feels like with all of it in me. You’re so fucking huge that I don’t know if I can take it, but I want to try.”

I felt the giant piston slowly withdraw from my ass until only the head remained. The head was so big that it was difficult to remove the head without some force. It finally popped out leaving me with an empty feeling.

“Hurry up,” I begged. “I want to feel my ass packed full of your cock.”

My asshole was stretched enough that anal lube could be injected easily deep into my ass. Enough was applied that I was certain that my asshole would provide minimal resistance to the thick sodomising member. I felt the cock head against my asshole; it was so big that a considerable amount of pressure was applied before my asshole permitted passage to it.

“Godamn that’s fucking huge,” I gasped when the cock head finally penetrated me.

My asshole was so slippery that the cock encountered minimal resistance and before I knew it the cock head was charting a course for virgin territory.

“That’s half way. Do you want some more?”

“Give it all to me. Ream my ass and make me squeal. Fill me up and dominate me.”

Slowly the cock penetrated, sinking deeper into me. At long last, the cock was fully seated in my ass. I had felt packed full of cock with the monster half way in me, but now with the whole cock in me I felt like I was impaled with a fence post. I could feel the huge cock head deep in me and the thick shaft stretching me. I then felt one hand on my firm tits playing with my erect nipples while another hand teased my clit.

“Oh fuck that feels good. Ride my ass. Fuck me hard and make me scream.”

“If I fuck you hard, you will scream. You’ll scream in pain and my cock will rip you open.”

“Please, just fuck me. Ride my ass. I’ll tell you if I can’t take anymore.”

“You look really good bent over and taking it in the ass. You have such a tight round ass and your hairless pussy look delicious.”

I began to take short strokes with the huge cock buried to the hilt. Slowly the strokes became longer and longer until I was getting full strokes – slow, long and deep. It felt so good to be sodomised and dominated with such a huge, fat cock. It was so dominating türkçe bahis that I was soon writhing and whimpering. I was at the mercy of the huge cock. My lover was also moaning and groaning as the huge cock stroked my tight ass. The stimulation on my clit was pushing me towards orgasm. As I got closer and closer to orgasm, I pumped my ass faster and faster as I was ridden harder and harder. I could feel that I was going to have a colossal orgasm. I lost control and began to scream and writhe.


The clitoral stimulation stopped, but the massive horse cock kept drilling into my ass. My lover began to spank my ass. The cock would pull back until only the giant head remained inside me; my lover would then spank me really hard. The giant cock up my ass made me feel dominated, but the spanking exacerbated the feeling. I felt absolutely helpless as I had my asshole reamed out and my ass beaten. Despite wicked sensations resulting from the long deep powerful thrusts, I needed clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm. The position that I was in didn’t allow me to stimulate myself. There I was face down with my legs spread wide. My head was over the edge of the bed, I was holding my ass cheeks wide open, and I was grunting and squealing uncontrollably. The anal assault and ass beating continued – I was taking it really hard up the ass, as my lover was having orgasm after orgasm. To me, it’s a real turn on to take cock up my ass, but this gigantic cock was even more so. I was so turned on courtesy of the giant pole banging me in the ass, that my cunt was a dripping, gaping opening. My lover was again grunting really loud and I knew another orgasm was not far away. My lover suddenly lost it and began to come – my ass was being ridden even harder still.

“I’M SO FUCKING HORNY. Please make me come. Rub my clit for me – please.” I begged.

“Are you in pain. Does my cock hurt you? Am I spanking you too hard?”

“It doesn’t hurt. I’m so horny. Ass fucking turns me on so much, but I can’t come without rubbing my clit.”

“How about I keep fucking and spanking your ass to see if you get so horny that come without having your clit rubbed.”

It seemed like I was being sodomised and spanked for an eternity. The huge cock kept drilling deep into my ass and my ass cheeks were on fire from the merciless spanking. I was being ridden harder and harder until the huge cock was being slammed into my ass with so much force that I had to let go of my ass cheeks just to hang on. My lover grunted and writhed through several orgasms, but kept ridding my ass.

“Fuck my cunt. I’m so fucking horny. I need it in my cunt.” I begged.

My desperate pleas were ignored and I continued to have my ass power reamed. Despite hanging on to the edge of the bed, I was being knocked forward until I was on the verge of falling off the bed. Finally, one particularly hard thrust knocked me off the bed. The cock pulled out leaving my asshole as a giant stretched hole instead of the tiny star shaped opening that it once was. I was commanded to lie face down in the centre of the bed. I knew that more ass fucking was in order.

“Please fuck my cunt. I desperately need it in my cunt. I’m so hot and horny. Please fuck me in the cunt.” I begged.

I lay down as commanded and my lover began to beat my ass even harder with a leather strap. I screamed as each stroke stung my ass. After a short while, my lover straddled me and in no time I was being sodomised again. Now the strokes varied in power, depth and speed. I was taking it slow and deep, güvenilir bahis siteleri fast and shallow and all combinations.

I was so horny that I was sobbing and begging to be cunt fucked; I needed to come. The ass fucking went on and on and on. I pleaded and begged for mercy. My lover was oblivious to my needs and kept ass fucking me and coming. I was in the midst of taking long, deep, fast and powerful strokes up my ass when suddenly, the giant cock popped out and penetrated my cunt. In three strokes I was coming. I lost all body control. I was writhing and screaming. My cunt was spewing and my ass was being slapped really hard. I kept writhing and coming and then as the ecstasy was petering out, I felt two fingers shoved into my ass. I began to scream and come again. When I finished coming, I collapsed – the cock was removed from my cunt and in one swift move penetrated my ass. Now the strokes were slow and deep.

“Holy fuck that was amazing.” I gasped.

“Since you like being ass fucked so much, I figured that I would ass fuck you until you can’t take any more. I’m going to ass fuck you until you walk funny. I’m going to ass fuck you until you beg me to stop and then I’m going to ass fuck you some more.”

“Please stop. I’ve had enough.”

On and on the ass fucking continued occasionally interspersed with cunt fucking and all the while my ass was being spanked until I couldn’t take any more. I was exhausted from all the multiple orgasms. I just lay in a heap in the centre of the bed taking it in my ass and whimpering. My lover kept fucking me and coming and fucking me and coming – over and over again until finally my lover had enough. When at long last the fucking finished I felt that I had been fucked by an entire football team. My asshole was gigantic, my cunt fucked raw and my ass beaten red as a tomato. The next morning I was walking funny as I walked to the bathroom. When I returned, my lover kissed me and begged me to wear the dildo and fuck her as she had fucked me.

“That would be my pleasure,” I said as I slowly pulled the giant two headed dildo from my giant asshole. I had fallen asleep with the giant phallus up my ass – the rules dictated that I was not allowed to remove the dildo until she gave me permission. I pulled the king sized butt plug from her ass and fit it into my ass. I then strapped on the dildo harness and stuffed one end of the dildo into my cunt and then attached it to the harness. I now had my ass packed with a butt plug, about 8″ of thick cock filling my cunt and 12″ protruding in front of me like a giant erection – I was ready for action. I dominated her by mounting her and penetrating her asshole from behind. In this position she was at my mercy. As I fucked her, the dildo moved back and forth in my cunt stimulating my cunt and rubbing my throbbing clit. I held her tits as I banged her ass. The combination of butt plug in my asshole and a dildo in my cunt turned me on so much that I was soon writhing and screaming in ecstasy as I drove myself closer and closer to orgasm. I was almost totally oblivious to my lover’s screams as she pleaded for me to fuck her pussy and make her come. Instead of spanking her with my hand, I used a leather strap. Every so often I let fly with the strap whipping her right across her ass. After coming I held her firmly with my “cock” buried in her ass to prevent her from escaping.

I fucked her ass for hours. I fucked her until she asked me to stop, but I beat her ass and then fucked her harder. Soon she pleaded with me to fuck her cunt, but I paid no heed. I kept fucking her ass until she was sobbing and pleading for mercy – begging me to fuck her cunt and make her come. I finally penetrated her cunt and brought her to an explosive orgasm. I held her firm tits and pressed my weight hard onto her as we screamed and writhed through countless multiple orgasms.

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