3 Nisan 2021

Shooting Arrows


One day last week Michael and I had a relaxing kind of day… we’ve been busy with my house lately getting it ready for my furniture that I’m having shipped over from the Bay Area and putting up pictures in all the rooms. So we sleep at his place since it’s more comfy.

We had sat out on the deck yesterday afternoon as Michael got up early and went to his PT session. I stayed in and tried to catch up on some much needed sleep. But the noise outside coming from the beach was pretty loud and so I got up to see what all the commotion was.

I looked out the window and saw a bunch of people gathered around. I watched for a bit then saw the rangers come in and pick up some guy who had a busted up camera with him. I found out later that he was snapping photos of the nude ladies for posting on the internet and some boyfriends chased him and beat the crapola out of him and then took turns crushing the camera.

That’s about as exciting as it gets around here. I jumped in the shower and thought about what to do for the day. As I thought about everything we have done since being back here I started to get a bit horny. So after my shower I dried off and laid out on the bed and thought of many things. As I closed my eyes and imagined Michael with some ladies I know, I brought myself to a slow satisfying powerful orgasm. It felt good as it had been awhile since I took the time to pleasure myself. Whenever I attempted it before Michael would always catch me and we’d end up doing each other for a few hours.

Anyways, he had cum home right after I pulled myself off the bed and he started to make breakfast for me. He’s such a love! I came down the stairs and he handed me a cup of coffee. I sat down on the bar stool with my legs crossed balancing on my ass. He came around kissed me and drew his hand to my pussy. He slipped a finger into me and smiled then pulled it out and sucked it saying, ‘ah you finally found the time to make yourself cum’ I blushed a bit as I do only with him.

I said yes I did as he smiled and walked back behind the counter. He made a good breakfast. Differently though because now that he’s feeling better he’s eating healthy again and watching his intake. He had gotten so out of shape that when he went in for his surgery he weighed in at 225 when he was released he was at 218 and since he’s been eating healthier and doing his PT sessions he’s now at 201.

After breakfast, he went up and took a shower then came down in his shorts. I told him we need to go to the store cause I have an idea on how to spend the day. He said ok and put on a tank top as I put on a bikini and a wrap around skirt. We went to the local market and picked up a case of beer and some potato chips for me. I love Lay’s Classic chips.

Anyhoot, we got all that and loaded it into the truck. We then drove over to his cousins house and visited with them for a bit and shared our beer. After about an hour we said we were gonna go and his one czech streets porno cousin Michael… who my Michael was named after… suggested we go shoot arrows in the field. I said ok and off we went… we shot some target arrows and laughed, the bow I pulled back on snapped almost shredding my boobs which caused both men running to my side.

I had 2 sexy men on either side of me as I was rubbing my right boob because of the string which I pulled back on twanged against my boob and left a nice long red scratch across the side. I pulled my bikini top off and had my Michael take a closer look as my hand cupped my left boob as I looked at his cousin and asked him to check it although I know nothing hit it. He didn’t know what to do and stood there with a look on his face like, ‘who me’…

As my Michael lifted my right boob and checked all around, I lowered my hand between us and began massaging his cock thru his shorts. It didn’t take long for it to show thru the leg cutout. He asked me what I thought I was doing and I told him I was a little buzzed from the beers we’d been drinking and wanted to have some fun out here in the field.

He said I was getting into family affairs with his cousin present and that I might want something I wasn’t prepared for. I told him I love a challenge and as I pulled on his cock tighter. He said ok, do what I want and I did. I pulled his cock out of his shorts and pumped it. His cousin looked around me and saw what I was doing to Michael. He pulled away and said he’d go to the truck and wait for us. I told him no and cum join us. He looked at Michael and all Michael did was tell him to do what he wanted as it was no problem if he chose to stay. He stayed.

I motioned for him to come closer and as he did, I grabbed his shorts and pulled them down his legs. I took his semi erect cock into my hand and began massaging him. I began sucking my Michael as I pumped his cousin’s cock thru my fist. As I slurped on Michael’s hard cock his cousin was talking to him about all this. He asked my Michael if this was ok. My Michael said it was as it was ok with me… in fact he said the she finds it a challenge… before I knew it I had 2 hard cocks in my face, I took turns sucking one then the other…

I undid my wraparound as I took Michael’s cock down with me. His cousin moved in front of me and pulled off my bottoms. He knelt down between my thighs and began licking my hot pussy. He tongued around the clit before running his tongue into my entrance. He sucked my clit then slid a finger deep into my pussy. He pumped me a few times before adding another finger. He sucked and licked my clit bringing me to the edge of orgasm. I sucked Michael’s cock deep into my throat as my tongue swirled around his balls and coating the underside of his cock.

I worked him thru my hand as I sucked the head. I felt my orgasm approaching as I grabbed the cousin and pulled his face into czech taxi porno my pussy as I clamped my legs around his head. I grabbed Michael’s cock which had slipped out of my mouth and pumped him while sucking the head. He started to moan and within seconds he flooded my mouth with his seed. Sucking and swallowing as much of his thick cum as I could pull from his balls. He shot several streams into my mouth as I felt it hit the back of my throat. I took him into my throat and let my throat muscles coax the rest of his hot cum into my tummy.

As Michael slipped from my mouth, his cousin was right there wanting me to suck his hard cock so I opened my mouth and in he slid. I wrapped my tongue around head before letting him push his length into my throat. I squeezed his balls as I gripped his shaft. I pumped him in and out of my mouth as he looked down watching me.

Michael then took my hips in his hand and turned me over so I was on all fours. Still sucking his cousin Michael positioned his cock at my pussy and pushed into me. He pumped me several times bringing me to several orgasms before pulling from my pussy and telling his cousin watch this. He aimed straight for my ass and in one stroke buried his full length into me. It felt so good as it slid right in. Only my juices coating his cock was the only lube he used as he began thrusting deep into my bowels.

I sucked his cousin faster as I worked his cock in and out thru my hand as only his head remained in my mouth. I felt his balls contract and pulled him from my mouth as I pumped his cock onto my face and tits. Feeling the slick cum cascade down my face and onto my tits or onto the ground. He unloaded a torrent of cum as it showered me. Feeling it land on my shoulders and on my back. I rubbed the head one more time before he backed up and sat down on the ground.

Michael who was still embedded deep into my ass was thrusting and pumping me hard and fast. I looked back at him as he continued to ream my backside. I moved forward pulling away from him and turning over to my back. He lifted my legs and pushed them tight against my tits and slid his cock right into my ass. This position would create a much tighter grip for him. He held onto my ankles and pumped away against me. I slid my right hand down and began rubbing my pussy and clit.

Giving me even greater sensations as I felt his hard shaft sliding against my anal walls filling me full of cock. He was looking into my eyes as he made love to my ass. After being with him for as many years as I have he still feels good inside my body. As I rubbed my clit, I would reach down and stroke the top of his shaft. His cock was so hard. He brought me to another orgasm as I began to pinch and pull on my nipples.

I love alittle pain with my sex. As I started to cum, I tightened my muscles which made him pump me faster and within seconds he moaned out and unleashed a downpour of hot cum as I felt digitalplayground porno his sperm fill my bowels. He pulled from my ass and stroked his cock and let ribbons of cum fly from his purple head. White hot cum landing on my pussy and tummy, tits and neck as I yelled at him to cum on my tits as I held them together.

He backed away as we both regained our breath. I remained on the ground sprawled open with my legs spread, cum covering my face, boobs, chest and pussy not to mention the amount oozing from my ass. I rolled over to my side facing Michael as he sat there breathing hard as beads of sweat dropped from his jawline and neck.

I looked back to where his cousin was and he was sitting there indian style stroking his hard cock. I asked him if he wanted another go round but he said there was one thing he was wanting from me. When I asked him what, he said he was embarrassed to say it loud so he leaned over me and whispered it to me. He wanted me masturbate myself facing him with my legs spread as he stroked himself. I told sure, not a problem. I repositioned in front of him and spreading my legs on either side of him so if he wanted he could still touch me. I brought both hands down to my pussy and spread my lips for him.

Letting him look closely as he began to pump his cock. I slid one the 2 fingers into myself and pulling them out. I reached down and slid those same 2 fingers into my slippery ass and pumped myself there. He was wild as he stroked his cock in long fast strokes.

I kept my eyes focused on his, as I used one hand to part my lips and circle my clit while I used my other hand to rub my boobs and pull my nipples. He grunted as I moaned out and said how good this feels, fucking myself under the hot Hawaiian sun. He stopped pumping then started again as the first ribbon of cum streaked from his cock and landed on my tummy. I moved my hand in such a way that his cum wouldn’t land anywhere near my pussy but he came so much. His first shot landing on my tummy but the remaining just dribbled from his cock onto his own hand. I was close to my own orgasm so I kept on rubbing my clit and began cumming as I moaned out into the open field. Pumping my pussy and running my fingers over my clit felt so good.

I collapsed again sprawled open exhausted… Michael was on his side watching me as his cousin was on his back repeating ‘oh shit’ as he began to realize that he just had sex with his cousin fiancé we found out later. It was all good though, no harm no foul I told him as we began to get dressed again. We went back to his house and I cleaned up a bit before Michael and I left.

Michael told him not to mention this to anyone and he gave his word he wouldn’t. I gave him a kiss before we left as he thanked me, he hugged me then hugged Michael and told Michael if we needed anything to call him and he be there for us. Michael said no problem. We took off for the long ride back home.

On the way I was thinking back on what happened and got horny again… bringing myself to another orgasm as Michael drove… then leaning over the seat and sucking his cock as he drove… of course he had to pull over in order to cum in my mouth which is safer as there are cliffs with 200 ft drops just off the roadway.

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