3 Nisan 2021

Short Story: Stand By Me


It was after mid-night when I finally got Beth down to sleep. At one year old she had a stomach problem as well as cutting teeth so every day was an adventure for me; an eighteen year old mother. Some times I just want to set down and cry but then again I think how lucky I am to have such a beautiful baby. I think about telling all the other teen age girls to be careful and wait until they are married to have sex, but who would listen? I sure didn’t and I had plenty people telling me to be carful.

I’m only eighteen now and can barely remember the first time Clint and I had sex. We were boyfriend and girlfriend from the first grade on. When our hormones started acting up it wasn’t long before we started experimenting. I remember I liked touching him and making him feel good and I liked the way his hands felt on me. We were so close that it just seemed natural to try what every body else was talking about. I remember it hurt something bad that first time and it was a while before we tried again.

When I finally got up enough nerve to let him do it again it didn’t hurt that much and Clint really enjoyed it. For the first year I did it because he wanted too. I would have been just as satisfied to have him touching me and kissing me. But it got better over time and by the time I was sixteen it was down right fun. To tell just how stupid young people can be; in all the times we had been in bed together we had never used protection. Getting pregnant always happens to other people, not us.

We call ourselves being too smart for that to happen, but it did. I guess we got too involved and thought it couldn’t happen. At seventeen I was pregnant, and with a month to go before school was out my senior year we married. Both of us managed to graduate with our class but I wasn’t allowed to walk with the class to get my diploma. Being five months pregnant the Board Of Education didn’t think I was a good example to the other students.

Being eighteen and married with a child on the way is not much fun. The idea that you can get all the sex you want after you marry is a joke when you are half way to giving birth. All I can remember is how sick I was and that Clint didn’t want to be near me. Without being conceited, I was more than just pretty before I got pregnant. I am short, about 5′ 2″, with long dark hair and blue eyes. My breasts were a nice full b cup, now a c, and at 110 pounds I had a nice figure. Clint, before, like to see me naked all the time which I didn’t mind as he was usually that way himself. Now he barely watched me when I bathed, making love to me was out of the question.

We didn’t have any money. My mother was the only family I had and we were never that close, which was one of the reasons I had to spend so much time alone with Clint. His mother and father were only thirty-seven or eight, but both worked and he was left alone, which accounted for the amount of freedom we had to be together. We didn’t even have to slip around; with our families the way they were we could just stay at home have our nice bed to make love in.

We married and moved in with Clint’s folks. His father, Pete was nice enough to me. He didn’t talk a lot but he never put me down. His mother, Alice, was a different story. She never liked me once she found out I was pregnant. I tried to keep house while they worked, but nothing I did was good enough for her. I heard her and Pete arguing about me one night. She wanted me out of the house, but he wouldn’t do it. A couple of months later she was gone. A divorce followed and Pete was alone after twenty years of marriage.

Clint couldn’t find a job and ended up joining the army. Two months after the baby was born he left for basic training. I can’t say I missed him that much. When the baby was born he never got up to help during the night; it was always me and Pete. Many times I would hear her cry and go in to find Pete holding her in his arms. I came to depend on him more than I ever did Clint.

Clint finished his training and was stationed close to home for a few months. I had dvd porno lost most of the weigh I gained while I was pregnant except for my breasts which were now larger than ever. Clint liked that part. He still didn’t take any responsibility for Beth. When he was shipped over seas I can’t say I hated to see him go. Tending to one baby at a time was enough for me.

For the most part Beth was a good baby. I nursed her and she never had a problem with her milk. At first I was self-conscious about nursing her when Pete was around, but living in the same house he had more than one opportunity to see me barely dressed. I would usually move to the bedroom to feed her if he was around. One day he stopped me as I was going to the bedroom. “Amy, do you mind if I watch as you feed Beth?” He must have seen a shocked expression on my face because he hurried to continue. “I use to watch when Alice would nurse Clint before she quit because she thought he might make her breasts sag. I just thought it was extra special to be able to see that.”

It took a lot of nerve for me to turn around and sit back in the lounge chair and bring Beth to my breast. I did my best to keep my breasts covered but from time to time I know he saw them. He would set next to me and stroke Beth’s head while she nursed. I thought that Clint should be here doing this instead of his father. Over time it became the normal thing for him to watch me nurse her. Any shyness I might have had to baring my breast before him was slowly evaporating. He had now seen both breasts exposed, but he never made any comment about them as if it was the most natural thing in the world for my husband’s father to be seeing me like this.

Beth was about six months old before I left her with a baby sitter. I very seldom went anywhere except to buy food and do some minor shopping for the house. It was then Pete approached me. “How would you like to go out and eat this weekend? I know you have been holed up here since Beth was born. I need to get out myself. All I do is go to work and come home.”

“Beth is too young to get out much.”

“We get a baby sitter for her. We want be late, just a time to get away from it all.” It didn’t take much to convince me. I was ready that Saturday night when Mrs. Ingram across the street came over to keep Beth.

It had been a while since I had on a dress and since Beth the top was a little snug. Pete was good about giving me spend money and I knew that the next thing I purchased was going to be a nice dress.

It must not have looked that bad from the sparkle I saw in Pete’s eyes when he saw me. “You are very beautiful tonight.”

I know I blushed; it had been a while since anyone told me I looked good. “Thank you, this dress is almost too tight across the top. From the look in his eyes he didn’t seem to think so.

We had a wonderful time that night. Pete was the perfect gentleman; opening doors for me, taking my arm as I stepped over curbs, and the most important; he didn’t try to see down my dress top all the time. We just did a lot of talking about a lot of different things. I told him that I hated to be the reason Alice had left him. He told me that she was leaving him before I moved in. He knew she was cheating on him long before she moved out. I couldn’t believe she would leave a good man like Pete. I spoke without thinking; “Why would any woman leave a man like you? You are kind, considerate, very loving, and you are very nice looking.”

“Why think you, I didn’t know you cared.”

“If it wasn’t for you I don’t know what I would have done. You are more a father to Beth than Clint.”

It was late and the waitress was looking at us. Pete spoke up,” I guess we best be leaving before they lock the door on us.” He paid the check and escorted me back to his car. He reached for the door handle to open it for me and then stopped. I looked up to see him looking away a moment before he turned back to me. “I like being with you. I had a very good time tonight. You made getting over Alice easier than it ensest porno could have been, and I hope you and Beth stay with me a long time.” For some reason I was speechless but I reached up and kissed him on the cheek. I was impulsive but after I got in the car and he was walking around I realized how close I had come to really kissing him. From that time on we found a sitter who did not have to be home by dark and we went out to dinner or movie each week. He could not possibly know how good it felt to get out for a while each week. I had gone from a party girl to a full time mom and I was still only eighteen.

I wrote Clint 2 or 3 times a week and sent him pictures of Beth. I was lucky to get one from him every couple of weeks. At first it bothered me that he stayed in touch so seldom and he almost never mentioned Beth. It is hard not to care for someone you have loved all your life and give your body too over and over but it is hard to keep a one sided relationship going. My letters to him got fewer and shorter.

I was slowly but surely coming to realize that the only man in the family was Pete. Except for sleeping together he was more of a husband to me than Clint. We laughed and talked together and he watched me nurse Beth. Even though he never said anything when he would see my breasts I knew he did look and I like that. I have to admit that I had thought about him and what he would be like in bed. After all I am eighteen and have had sex for over five years and I liked it. Now it was over a year since I had been with Clint. I missed the feel of him in me and the weight of his body on mine. I was getting horny!

We came close one night but he was embarrassed and left the room. I was nursing Beth with Pete setting beside me. As usual he was touching Beth while she nursed. My one breast was bare except for Beth’s tiny mouth on it; the other was covered with her blanket. I had shifted her around and some how the blanked slipped leaving that breast exposed. My arms were tied up with Beth and Pete reached to cover it back up. Suddenly he was touching me! His hand caressed me and his finger slid across my nipples. They were instantly hard; the first time in a year someone other than me or Beth had touch them and I loved the feeling.

I didn’t say anything or attempt to draw back. For a long time his hand gently squeezed it and milk seeped out of my nipple. With his thumb he spread the milk around my breast. I was looking in his eyes and he seemed to be in a trance. As if he was some where way off instead of here touching me. Then he looked up and his eyes met mine and he snapped out of it. Looking down at his hand on me he snatched it back. “Oh Amy, I am so sorry! I don’t know what came over me.” I could see the look of panic in his face.

I reached and caught his hand and moved it back to my breast. “It’s ok, it feels good on me.”

“No, it’s not right! I’m sorry, it won’t happen again,” He pulled away and went to his room. He could have touched me any where he liked that night. I needed to be loved. The next night he didn’t come while I fed her until I called him.

“Pete, are you going to help me tonight.” He stuck his head out his door.

“I wasn’t sure if you wanted me too after what I did last night.”

“Its alright, you were just being a guy and I did like it.” He came out and touched Beth but he never attempted to touch me again. I was tempted to beg him too.

Clint came home on a 2 weeks leave. The first night home the sex was as good as it had ever been. Each time after that something was missing. He had almost no time at all with Beth; it was like she wasn’t his child at all.

I have never drunk much and he hadn’t either back then. Now he came home each evening with liquor on his breath. My body was back to it pre Beth shape and he liked that along with my larger breasts that he couldn’t seem to get enough off. One night he didn’t come home at all and the last night he rolled over on me and just fucked me until he came. Once he was finished he rolled over czech amateurs porno and went to sleep. I cried myself to sleep.

About one in the morning I heard Beth crying. I looked at Clint and he wasn’t even awake. I was naked and got out of bed and threw a robe around my shoulders, not taking time to get dressed. I hurried to her room to find Pete already there with her in is arms. “What is wrong?”

“Just needs a change, she is wet.”

“Give her to me and I will change her.”

“You go on back to bed; I will take care of her.” I saw him looking at me. Glancing down I saw that the tie on the robe was open and I was naked from top to bottom!

“Sorry, I was in a hurry.” I pulled it together and retied it.

He had a grin on his face. “I’m not.” Blushing I hurried back to my room. Clint left the next morning and I knew it would be another six months before I saw him again. For some reason it didn’t matter.

Beth was now a sleep again. I hoped that she would be feeling better in the morning and that cutting teeth would soon be a thing of the past. I stood in the dark for the longest trying to make up my mind to do something I had been wanting for several months now.

I shut her door and moved down the hall. At my door I stopped but only for a moment. If I didn’t do it now I may never get the nerve again. I opened Pete’s door and I could see him asleep in the moon light coming through his windows. I moved to his bed and turned back the sheet. I slipped of the gown and naked I slid under the cover with him. He roused up as I pulled the sheet back up. “Amy?”

I move into his arms. “Make love to me. I need you.”

“You sure about this?”

“I have never been surer of anything in my life. I love you and I want you to make love to me tonight and every night that you will.” He pulled me into his arms and kissed me for our first kiss. It was better than any kiss I had ever experienced. He was tender and gentle as his lips explored mine until my mouth opened and his tongue slid into me. I knew from that kiss that the sex with him was going to be even better, and it was! It only took a moment to get his shorts off and my hands went to his hard cock. He was very much a man down there where it counted. “Pete will you just love me now? I can’t wait to have you in me. Later we can do a lot of exploring with each other.”

I was wet and he was hard, and both of us knew what we wanted. I rolled back, pulling him over me. My legs parted as he moved between them. A second later I guided his cock to my pussy. He pushed, I guided and he entered me. I cried out as he droved slowly deeper and deeper until I had all of him buried deep in me. “Oh Pete, I’ve want this for a long time!”

“Not nearly as long as I have wanted you. You do know we don’t have any protection on?”

“I don’t care. I want to feel you, not some rubber. I’m willing to take my chances; I want all of you and don’t stop.” I didn’t use any better judgment then than I had with Clint before. The difference now was that I knew I was with the one I would spend the rest of my life with if he would have me.

The climax I had that first time with him was better than any I ever had before. He was soon to follow and as we lay together recovering he was still buried in me; I wouldn’t have it any other way. I tried to tell him how much I loved him but the words just wouldn’t come out right. I held him tightly in my arms as tears rolled down my cheeks. The weight of his body on mine let me know that he would be right here all the time.

From then on the exploring only got better. He was twenty years older than me but that sure didn’t make any difference to me. I Knew Pete would always stand by me. If we had never had sex he would have been there for me and Beth. All Clint ever wanted was my body which I willing gave him. Now he didn’t even want that as long as Beth was part of the equation. Monday morning I mailed the divorce papers to Clint. I wanted nothing from him but the divorce and full custody of Beth.

A month later it was over. He was happy to be out so cheap. Pete and I married the next week. It was a good thing because I wasn’t any luckier this time than with Clint. I was pregnant! I looked over at Pete sleeping after another round of hot sex. I knew this time I had it right.

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