3 Nisan 2021

Siblings with Benefits Ch. 31


Authors Note; First off I would like to thank all of you who voted and commented on my last story “At the feet of my Mother.” The story did amazingly well and even had the number one spot for a few days. Now to start I received many answers to my question about erotica in SWB and it seems people would be fine with a little less. This chapter is one of the ones in question as, comparative to its length, there is not a lot of erotica, and honestly, if I did my job right the erotica is not even all that erotic. I mentioned a few chapters ago that there was a benchmark chapter coming up and This is that chapter. This begins the final countdown starting here there are 10 chapters left so 40 is the magic number! Now about this chapter. the best way to put this is that this is my chapter; an indulgence to myself, and the most fun to write since Samhain. I mentioned before that Lex Talionis was written a while ago and not necessarily meant for an erotic site. The same can be said for this one. I was originally only going to use half of this but my wife, the same person who pushed me to post Lex ,said that it was my favorite and to just let it fly. So who am I to argue? SWB is a very dark series and a bit of a wild ride. I will tell you right now that to date this chapter will be the wildest so far. So without further stalling; longtime readers, new fans, I present to you one of the darkest nights in the lives of Mark and Megan. Welcome to the complete “uncut” version of “The Wolves Den”

Spain’s restaurant was packed, and despite the fact that I’d called ahead, dad and I found ourselves sitting in the bar area while we awaited our table. Dad had been sweet; asking me first if I was okay sitting at the bar and then after I said I was fine asking if it would bother me if he had a beer. I told him of course not, but I really appreciated him asking. I left out that I hated beer and it was hard liquor that even now once in a great while would call out to me. Between the crowd and the TV over the bar blasting the Sox game conversation was difficult so dad ended up watching the game leaving me to my thoughts. I have to say that although I was in no danger of succumbing to the siren call of my addiction I did have the passing thought of what I wouldn’t give for a Captain and Coke.

Instead, I thought back on how things had been left off with Mark. My brother had not only played me but had made me think I was the one playing him. Mark had let me have exactly what I wanted .Then, before I left he had pulled a three sixty and denied me to prove a point; that I may very well have to learn how to live without him as my ‘fallback’ as he had referred to it. What was most upsetting is that Mark was absolutely right; it would not be fair to him to spend the rest of his life waiting on me.

Sad fact was that although on the surface, Mark looked like the colder of the two of us, in reality I was the one who had let people fall in love with me when I knew I was not in love with them. Years ago my brother had been in love with Krissy. There had also been a time after the Max incident that he and Cynthia had grown quite close. Had Cynthia not taken a dream job on the west coast, when she finished school who knew what would have happened. Then of course there was Samantha who had fallen head over heels for my brother. All this led me to the sad realization that if I did not accept Mark’s heart that he would find someone that would.

Mark had left Samantha because, his feelings for her made him realize that I had been his love all along. In that light had I not found my soul mate because he had been in front of me my entire life? Reading the journal had reminded me that twenty years ago I had been in love with Mark but had wanted to save him from me. Mark had shocked me by bringing up that night at his apartment. All along I had thought that he didn’t know I was in love with him and had convinced him he had been wrong about us. Once again Mark had proved to know better than I but had assumed that I had not wanted him.

Mark had even thrown out my longtime excuse of running from us. With six years sober and a very successful career I no longer had to worry about ‘bringing him down’. Hell, if the Walsh deal worked out I would be making more money than Mark within a year! On that note I shook my head; what the hell was I going to do with Walsh? My brother was far more important than money but still, Royce’s point of being able to take care of mom and dad had hit home. With a sigh I picked up my glass and sipped at the coke I had ordered.

Putting the glass down, I pushed past that and thought back to when I had left Mark’s. After his little buy the cow crack he had kissed me as I had stood there in shock and headed off to the shower ending any further conversation. Feeling like an idiot I had gone into the parlor, and after picking up my clothes got dressed and waited to say goodbye to my brother. Mark had emerged from the shower dressed in only a towel and I found myself getting pissed off as I knew he was teasing me. Nonetheless, when he put his arms out to me, I had gladly stepped into monsters of cock porno his embrace and rested my head on his shoulder as he held me. As I enjoyed the feel of his still damp skin and the smell of his clean wet hair I again imagined having this every day.

Right on the heels of that thought was how long would it last? As Mark gently lifted my face from his neck to kiss me goodbye it hit me that that last thought was the problem. I had thought I had been in love several times and had been, but only for a short period of time. Then I would grow cool and distant and break the heart of the person who was still in love with me. I was afraid it would happen with Mark as well. What if I was not as capable of it as he was? What if at the end of the day I really was the more broken of the two of us? To me it was beginning to come down to break my brother’s heart now or six months from now when it would be worse? Mark interrupted those thoughts by pressing his soft lips to mine and giving me a long lingering kiss that would have made my legs weak had I not thought that this was another tease.

When he had broken the kiss however he looked a little upset himself, and I found myself thinking; good! He had gotten himself with his own little game. Mark told me that he would see me tomorrow and that he would be free by six so let him know what time we would be going out. I nodded and told him I would, leaving out the fact that I was supposed to be on a private plane heading back to Chicago by that time. I then asked Mark if he wanted to tell me about him and dad and he rolled his eyes. I told him I was going to confront dad and he said to go ahead; that if dad cared about me as much as he claimed, then I wouldn’t get an answer from him either.

I didn’t like the sound of that but decided to let it go and unlike yesterday leave on a decent note. When I arrived back at my parents house Dad hadn’t gotten home yet so I took another shower. When mom had asked why I was showering again I had told her that Mark had talked me into the gym and I’d had quite a workout. As I told lie number ten thousand and counting to my mother about my brother and I, the sick thought that my brother certainly had gotten me nice and sticky went through my mind.

After the shower I changed into a yellow sundress which I wore a matching blouse over to cover the tattoo that I knew dad hated. I also didn’t bother with makeup and pulled my long black hair into a simple ponytail. As I looked in the mirror I thought ‘daddy’s little girl’ and laughed as I thought of the outfit I had shown up at the airport a couple of days ago. By then dad had gotten home from golfing but needed to clean up as well so I sat with mom and had a cup of tea. Mom noted I looked exhausted and upset and asked if I’d had a fight with Mark.

Knowing I couldn’t get away with saying nothing was wrong, I told her that I had found out that Mark was leaving Rhode Island. Mom then got upset and I felt bad, but she would need to know, and at this point could not count on my brother to tell her. After that I went right back to the lies telling her that Mark’s decision was based partly on money but mostly the fact that the Winthrop trial had left him a moving target. Mom shocked me by snorting disgustedly and saying;

“Megan, I may be a little naïve but I’m far from stupid. Your brother has never run from a fight in his life, he loves knowing people hate him and gets a kick out of being the scourge of the courthouse.” Mom had then shaken her head and said sadly;

“I’m sure part of this is over him and your father Megan, he doesn’t come around me because he knows Doug doesn’t want him too.”

I had looked at my mother shocked and replied;

“Dad would never keep Mark from you, mom, even if he’s mad at him.”

“He would never tell him but he would…” Mom trailed off and sighed; “I love Mark dearly but he thrives on being the tragic tale. He thinks he lost me along with your father even though I’ve tried to keep in touch with him, so he has nothing left here. I…” She waved her and said;

” Ah, it doesn’t matter Megan, Mark will do whatever he wants, and that’s fine, but don’t tell me it’s because he’s got it rough here.” She sighed. “Things won’t be that different. I can chase your brother down once a month on the phone in Chicago as much as I can here.”

“Why do you say Chicago?” I asked.

I had simply told mom that Mark was taking offers and leaving RI as soon as he made up his mind I hadn’t said where. Mom looked at me for a minute as if she were thinking, and then shrugged;

“Well where else would he go?” She smiled. “Mark’s missed you Megan I know he has. I suppose when you said he was leaving I should have seen it coming She grunted. “He’s using that case and your father to justify it.” She then grinned at me;

“So am I right? Is he heading your way?”

“It’s Chicago or LA.” I told her. “He’s trying to figure it out.”

Mom laughed;

“No hon, he knows where he wants to go, he is just waiting to be asked.”

I glanced naught america porno down so mom wouldn’t see me flinch at that last comment.

“What do you mean?”

“He wants his sister too tell him that she misses him and wants him down there.” Mom said as if I were dense. “He probably feels that you might think he’s intruding on your life and wants you to tell him its okay.”

“You think?”

“I know Megan,” Mom said then continued in a softer voice. “Mark really has been different since that trial. Even more withdrawn and he seems sad, well last I saw him anyway.” She reached out and put her hand over mine.

“He needs you Megan, before that case he was really starting to get out of control, the partying, the girls, he was putting on a show like he was trying to prove something or,” Mom paused “As if he were trying to forget something. He was like that before Samantha then even worse after her until they ran him through the mud and he lost Alex, and then had whatever the fight was with your father, now he seems like a shell of himself.”

Mom paused for a moment to sip at her tea. I did the same as I thought about what she was saying. I, of course knew exactly why Mark had been quiet lately he had been waiting for his chance to make his play for his sister’s heart. Still, what the hell happened with dad?

“Thing is Megan, your brother is having it tough and he wants to be closer to you.”

Closer than you think, I thought dryly as mom went on.

“You know Megan your entire lives you and your brother have been there for each other. The two of you are both strong when the other is weak and you’re at your best when you are close. I think Mark knows that and he’s waiting for you to give him the invitation.”

“Yeah, well it’s a little more complicated than that.” I said awkwardly.

“Well for what it’s worth Megan I think you should tell him to come down there with you.”

“Mark’s a big boy mom, if he wants to come to Chicago he doesn’t need my permission.”

“No, but I think he wants his big sister to say she would love to have him.” Mom took another sip of tea and said; “Mark wants you to want him around Megan, make him happy.”

I stared at mom with no idea how to answer. She was talking about being happy in a different way than what Mark wanted, but it was not helping my already spinning mind. Dad then came in, saving me from having to reply. Dad had asked what we were talking about and before I could say just girl talk mom piped up that we were discussing Mark leaving. Dad had simply grunted and said that he felt bad for all the husbands and fathers in whatever city he was heading for. Mom looked like she was going to respond to that, but I tapped her foot under the table, and when she looked at me, I shook my head. One way or another I was going to get to the bottom of this.

I was snapped out of my thoughts by the obnoxious sound of the beeper the hostess had given us going off. Dad and I walked back into the lobby and followed the waitress over to our seats. As we sat and started to flip through the menu I noticed that dad seemed a bit nervous and figured he was waiting for me to bring up my brother. That was my intention; however I also only got to see my parents once every few months and wanted to enjoy my time with dad. Figuring that we could take our time over a nice lunch I would talk about anything and everything but Mark until maybe when we were down to coffee. Then hopefully I could find a way to segue into why my father had referred to Mark as a fucking animal last night.

Dad noted that I looked tired and I followed my familiar pattern of lying. I brought up that I was still a bit upset over Laura. Dad nodded and apologized for not seeming like he was concerned last night, but that I knew how he felt about me being with a woman. I nodded, but he continued, saying that he should only care about if whoever I was with made me happy. Funny you should say that I thought to myself thinking of my brother. I was touched however, as that was a big deal for my old fashioned father to say. I told him that I appreciated it, and suddenly reaching out and putting his hand over mine, dad told me that he was very proud of me.

Before I could respond dad added that, despite looking a little tired, I had never looked better. I gave him a huge smile and told him that meant a lot to me. Dad then thanked me for the money that I had given mom yesterday, and that he would pay it back. I rolled my eyes and told him not to be ridiculous that I was happy to help. Dad tried to argue, but the waitress came, and we ordered. When she had left I told dad about Walsh wanting to see me earlier and I wasn’t sure what to do. Dad told me to go, that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity, and I needed to take it. On that note I brought up how Royce and Mark had mentioned that Walsh would just be the beginning; how all of his followers would be buying as well.

Dad’s mouth had twitched a little at my brother’s name, but he did nod and say that he agreed; that rich people were all about nubiles porn keeping up with the other rich people, and I could make a fortune off of them. I then told dad that I was tired of seeing him and mom struggle; that I knew that they were having it rough to the point that a year ago Mark had made a mortgage payment for them. Admittedly I had tossed this out on purpose, wanting dad to remember that no matter what was going on between them Mark had been there for them in the past. Dad rolled his eyes, but let me continue talking. I told him that once Walsh gave me the down payment I was sending them five thousand dollars and not taking no for an answer. As Dad started to protest, I added that I was going to send them money each month as well. In the beginning at least five hundred but once I got the paintings finished I wanted to pay their mortgage each month.

Dad shook his head and told me that I needed to take care of myself. I told him I had plenty to pay and except for getting away with clothes sometimes did not live expensively. I point blank told him that they had taken care of me for years and this was the least I could do. I also brought up that Dad had cashed in a couple of CD’s to help pay for the private clinic that Mark had gotten me into that had helped keep me sober for good. The clinic had been so expensive that Mark couldn’t afford the entire thing and was going to borrow from Alex. Dad had stepped in saying that I was his daughter, and he would be the one to help. I mentioned how if he still had them now they would have matured, and he wouldn’t be struggling as much.

As dad still tried to say no, I finally resorted to putting on the pout, looking up at him through my eyelashes, and using the little girl voice I said;

“Oh please daddy? Please let me help.” As Dad started to laugh despite himself I continued with; “Oh your little girl will be oh so happy if you let her help!”

Dad shook his head and told me I wasn’t playing fair, that I knew I could get anything I wanted from him with that look. As I laughed I thought that it never failed with my brother either. Except of course in Mark’s case I was usually looking up at him from my knees. Finally dad said that he would let me send some money, but we would talk more about it when the time came. Dad also said he wanted me to go and talk to someone about some investments; to not just toss money in the bank. I agreed, and once again slipping the needle, mentioned that Mark had done well with his so I would see who he dealt with. Dad didn’t take the bait, instead he shrugged and said I could do what I wanted, but make sure I did something with the money.

The food came and I was feeling pretty good. I had been a little afraid lunch would be awkward but so far it was going very well. As we ate dad started telling me about his golf tournament, which he had been knocked out of today. After he explained how he had double bogied –whatever the hell that meant- he started talking about golf in general. I sat there eating and enjoying listening to him talk. I had little to no interest in golf, but was grateful to be here in a nice restaurant, spending time with a man whom I had spent years putting through hell.

At that thought, I could feel the pull of those melancholy memories. This time however, instead of succumbing to them I decided to let my mind drift back further to a better time in my life. Back when I had first come to live with my parents. Even then I was a lot of work for my father but it had been different and in the end more than worth it for both of us.

Back then I was fine with women, but because of Frank, was terrified of men. A sudden loud male voice could cause me to curl up into a corner and cry, and all hell would break loose if one touched me. This problem had already had cost me a couple of chances to get placed. So when mom had first taken an interest in me Mary, my social worker, and a woman whose heart I all but broke every Friday, when I would beg her to take me home with her, had suggested that mom see me alone the first few times.

Mary could see how taken Denise was with me, and her idea was to get me attached to her so that when I met dad I wouldn’t be as afraid because I trusted her. After a month of twice a week visits, Denise told me that next time she wanted to bring her husband Doug. I said that I didn’t want to meet him because all men were mean. Denise said that wasn’t true, Doug loved her very much, and was very excited to meet me. I put my head down and pouted. When I looked up mom was doing the same thing, and with a sad look on her face said that it would hurt her feelings if I didn’t want to meet Doug after all weren’t we friends?

Mary prodded me as well saying that Denise had been very nice to me so shouldn’t I be nice as well? Finally I said okay, but I didn’t want to be touched. I met Doug the next day and was scared. Doug was a big guy with a very deep voice and I immediately hid behind Mary when he said hi to me. Doug only stayed a little while, long enough for Mary to coax me into saying hi and telling him my name, and then it was just me and Denise again. Denise had given me a big hug and thanked me for meeting Doug and now that I met him would I like to come to her house? Denise hugged me every time she saw me and it was the best feeling in the world. I hugged her back and figured that if this made her happy then I would do it again.

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