31 Mayıs 2021

Sigma Epsilon Chi Ch. 02


Chapter 02: Karen

Mel and I had slept together about once a week since the night she’d signed off on my membership in Sigma Eps’ boytoy corps. This was the third week since it happened, and although we’d talked about it, I hadn’t been contacted for my next “test”.

It didn’t really bother me. Nice as it might have been to be part of a group that got to fuck the lust-crazed sisters of Sigma Eps, I was grateful for Mel’s presence in my bed, and I saw little point in being pushy.

She woke me that morning with a kiss. I cracked open one eye to see that she was already dressed in her usual painted-on jeans and a crop-top. She grinned and kissed me again. “I’m off, lover. I’ll talk to you later today, or maybe tonight.”

I grunted out a goodbye, my voice thick with sleep, and fell back as she let herself out.

Fifteen minutes later, the alarm went off. I called down the wrath of Heaven on the infernal machine, but got out of bed and grabbed a quick shower. Ten minutes later, feeling a bit more human, I got dressed and grabbed my books, thinking to grab some breakfast at the Student Union before my first class.

It was while I was unenthusiastically consuming the alleged Western omelet on my plate that I noticed a piece of paper poking from between the pages of my History book. I pulled it out and found that it was a small envelope, and inside it was a folded piece of paper.

Nick –

Melanie has informed me that she’s sponsoring you for membership in our male auxiliaries. If you’d care to drop by around 5:00 this afternoon, I’ll be happy to explain the privileges and responsibilities of membership. Don’t be late!


Her address and phone number were printed below her signature.

I stuck it back in the book and pondered on it during the rest of breakfast. It nagged at me off and on throughout the day, and my curiosity was screaming at me by the time I stood outside Karen’s place. I rang the bell and Karen opened the door, dressed in jeans and a Sigma Eps t-shirt. I was a little shocked; I’d gone to high school with Karen, and just like Melanie, I didn’t think she knew me from Adam.

She smiled. “Hi, Nick. C’mon in.”

I followed her into a house that had been converted to individual apartments. I learned later that the landlady was a former Sigma Eps sister, and her rules about men in the apartments were consequently more relaxed than in most boarding houses.

Karen’s apartment turned out to be a studio apartment, and I whistled. I could fit my entire apartment into one of the closets here. Karen grinned. “RHIP.”


“Rank has its privileges.” She sat down on a low couch, motioning for me to join her. “Mel told me you were pretty good that night.” She winked. “Wow – whod’a thunk it? The biggest geek in high school becomes a superstud.”

“Hardly a superstud,” I winced.

“Don’t be so modest. Mel is a hell of a lover herself – at least so I’m told – and she spoke pretty damn highly of your skills.”

“Glad to know it.” I let my eyes run over Karen. She hadn’t changed much. Same shapely ass, same long legs – though not nearly as long as Mel’s – same deep cleavage, same dark hair, same flirty smile. Her nipples were clearly defined through the thin t-shirt. She noticed me noticing her and grinned again.

“You have changed. You’d never have had the nerve to give me a once-over like that in high school.”

“Yeah, well, I paid enough for the privilege.” I was silent, thinking of Sarah. Where was she now, what was she doing? Did she ever think of me? Was there even the remotest possibility that she might still care for me? Karen’s voice jogged me out of my reverie.

“Well, as you might have guessed, I’m your new test, Nick. Get my vote and you’ll have four more to go. I won’t be as easy to please as Mel, though, I can promise you that.”

“So when would you like to start?”

“Impatient? Put your hormones on hold, Nicky, and listen to me. You might not want to test with me after I explain some things.”

I raked her body with my eyes again. “That’s hard to believe, but I’ll listen.”

Karen met my eyes levelly, looking slightly amused. “Well, I’ll get straight to the point. Do you know what BDSM is?”

“I know what the letters stand for, but not much more. I’m pretty sure my ideas on the subject consist of popular stereotypes. Why don’t you tell me what it is as it applies to you?”

“Fair enough.” She leaned back against the arm of the couch, stretched out her legs till her feet were in my lap. “Take my shoes off, would you?”

I untied her laces, pulled her shoes off. She plopped them back in my lap. “Okay, first of all, I’m into BDSM. I’m not a sadist, but I am a Domme. What that means at its simplest is that when we’re together, I’m in charge. I say what we do, when we do it, how we do it. You do as you’re told without argument and without hesitation, no matter what it is. Anything else canlı bahis will earn you punishment.”

“Whips and chains?”

“Something like that.” She stretched out her legs. “Kiss my feet.”


“Don’t question, just do it!” She snatched a riding crop from God knows where and brought it down on my hand, hard. I stared stupidly at the red mark on the back of my hand. “Don’t sit there gawking! Kiss my feet!”

I hastily bent my head and kissed her feet – first the right, then the left. The crop came down to sting my left shoulder. “Not like that! With enthusiasm! It is a privilege to be my slut! Demonstrate your devotion to your mistress! Kiss my feet, you stupid bastard!”

I kissed her feet again, this time letting my mouth make love to her feet, one at a time. I kissed her toes individually, ran my palm along the arch, massaged it gently. She smiled. “That’s more like it. And that, Nicky, is a sample of what it will be like trying to please me tonight. Do you have the balls to try?”

I sat thinking, my mind racing.

“Speak up!” The crop hit my other shoulder. The answer just popped out.

“Yes, Mistress.”

She smiled, almost purring as she spoke. “Good slut. Then let me explain the rules for tonight.” She rubbed the arch of her foot against my crotch. “First, and most important, is obedience. You will do what you’re told, when you’re told, in precisely the way you’re told. You will not think for yourself unless I specifically tell you to. Second: if you fail to obey, or if you fail to obey quickly enough or enthusiastically enough, you will be punished. Third: even if you follow my orders instantly and to the letter, I may choose to punish you, just because I feel like it. Is that clear, slut?”

“I think so, Mistress.”

The crop slashed across my thigh. “Don’t think. I’ll think for both of us. Your only function is to obey. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

She gave me a cruel smile, one I’d never have expected to see on Karen back in high school. “You may have potential, after all.” She made an impatient gesture. “Undress me.”

She lifted her legs from my lap and I stood. She stood facing me and I found the lower edge of her t-shirt, lifted it, helped her get it over her head without mussing her hair; she wore a black lace bra beneath it. Then I unsnapped her jeans, eased the zipper down.


I froze in place.

“I am your mistress, your lover. Do you think it’s good enough to undress me mechanically the way you’re doing?”

“No, Mistress.”


I raised my face to hers, not meeting her eyes. I eased her jeans down over her hips while I kissed and licked her throat. My hands cupped her lush ass, squeezed gently. She smiled when I kissed my way down to her breasts, licked them through her bra, took a nipple between my teeth, ever so gently, and sucked. My hands moved beneath her panties, eased them down, my fingers gliding over her silky-smooth ass. I knelt to finish removing her jeans, admiring her softly tanned legs as I eased them down and off. As I stood, I licked her breasts again, then unhooked her bra and removed it completely. I took a chance and kissed her, letting my lips caress hers ever so lightly, then deeper. She fisted her hand tightly in my hair and pulled my head back to gaze mockingly into my eyes.

“Not bad for a first try. Undress for me. Quickly.”

I stripped without ceremony and when I was naked, she took my chin in her hand and looked me full in the eyes.

“Listen, Nicky – listen close. You can leave at any time after we begin, but if you leave before I let you go, you forfeit my vote. I’ll only sign off on your membership if you please me, and that means total, unconditional obedience. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Do you want to continue?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Go to that closet door and place your hands against it.”

I did as she ordered.

“I’m going to flog you now, Nicky. You can move forward into the door, or backward, away from the door – but the instant your hands lose contact with the door, you forfeit my vote. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

I heard her open what sounded like a suitcase, and I assumed she was choosing the implement she was going to flog me with. I heard her give it an experimental swing and the lashes sung softly as they cut the air. Some kind of cat-of-nine-tails, then. I tried to relax, for I knew that bracing myself would make no difference. Come what may, this was going to hurt.

The first swing was surprisingly gentle, almost as if she’d swung the lashes just above my ass, then let them fall of their own weight. The next was scarcely harder, the third little more than a slap; but with each swing, she was adding more speed and weight to the lashes. By the sixth swing, my ass was beginning to sting; by the tenth it was burning; by the twentieth it was on fire, and still she flogged me. Even so, I knew that she was going bahis siteleri easy on me. I tried to relax, tried to lose myself in the rhythm of the swings, of the lashes cutting across my ass. It was pain, but it was beginning to be pain of a strange quality. Somehow – I can’t explain it, even now – my mind was retreating to somewhere else, somewhere that the pain was somehow less important. What was important, I suddenly realized, was that I had completely given myself to Karen, surrendered my will to hers. It was strangely exhilarating, even as the lashes curled around my ass again and again. My cock was hard as steel, standing out full length, flat against my stomach, and with every lash it throbbed, as though the flogging were arousing me; and I realized to my astonishment that that’s precisely what was happening. In some way I couldn’t begin to understand, the pain was turning me on, and I had a few bad moments when I thought I might cum with the next lash, or the next.

Finally it stopped. It felt like Karen had flogged me for at least an hour, yet I knew that it had probably been a much shorter time. She came up to me, pushed me gently away from the door and placed a gentle hand on the pulsating fire of my ass. To my credit, I didn’t go through the ceiling. “Turn around”, she said. “Lean back against the door.”

I managed it somehow, and sometime during the process, I found to my amazement that my face was wet with tears. Karen stared silently at me for a moment, then gave me a tight smile. “Good. Stay there.”

She walked back to the case she had taken the flogger from and returned with a much smaller one, one I might have thought was a toy save for the purposeful way she handled it. The lashes looked no more than six inches long, though my perception might have been off. “Keep your ass against the door. If you move away…” The rest was left unspoken.

Slowly and unhurriedly, she began to flog my cock and balls.

As before, she started out gently, a steady back-and-forth swish of the lashes. She started at my balls and worked her way up my shaft, pulling the skin tight to ensure firm contact with the head of my cock and the sensitive skin just below. As she continued, she connected with more force, and then switched to single hard strikes, with a pause between each to gauge my reaction. My genitals were burning and stinging and my eyes blurred with tears, but my lips were clamped tight. I had lost none of my erection – hell, if anything, I was longer and harder than before. Was some part of me enjoying this?

Karen studied me for a long moment, then smiled, a smile so much like the old Karen my mouth almost dropped open. “You did very well for a beginner,” she said, and then she pressed the full length of her body against mine and kissed me, slowly and deeply, one hand stroking over my reddened ass. Her tongue swirled gently around mine, sucking lightly. She raked her nails over my ass, up my back, then down my chest. She leaned in to bite my nipples – hard! – dug her nails into my ass, then she dropped to her knees and took my cock into her mouth. She moved slowly up and down my shaft, taking more with each thrust until the head was buried in her throat.

It was amazing.

It was like I’d never had a blow job before. The flogging had apparently made my cock super-sensitive and I shivered as she fucked me with her mouth. She teased my burning balls with the edges of her sharp nails and slowly swallowed me. I was a hair’s breadth – less – from exploding into her mouth as she slowly pulled back, releasing the head with an audible pop. She gave me an enigmatic smile as she stood, her nipples grazing my chest, leaned in to lick my throat, then bit down hard. I almost came, the pain and pleasure intertwined.

“Well, slut? How did you like it?”

My voice was shaky. “Oh my God, Mistress, that was incredible!”

“And how did the floggings make you feel?”

I couldn’t find the right words. “It hurt. It hurt a lot, especially when you started hitting me really hard, but….” I stopped, unable to go on.

“Yes, my pet?”

I shook my head. “I don’t know, Mistress. It’s not something I can get a grip on yet… I can’t say that it felt good – it didn’t. I….” Again I fell silent.

“Perhaps it felt correct? Right? Proper?”

“Yes!” It was a revelation, one that momentarily took my breath. “Yes, it felt right.” The words came faster, surer. “I relinquished control, gave myself to you totally, My will was subordinated to yours – you were harsh and tender at the same time. I… I can’t explain it better than that.”

“I’m not done with you tonight, Nick. There will be more pain and more submission. Do you want to continue?”

I took a deep breath. “Yes, Mistress.”

She smiled. “Go lie down… I have some arrangements to make. Listen for me to call for you in about half an hour.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

I laid down on a sofa – on my side, I really didn’t like the idea of lying on my back bahis şirketleri just yet….

* * * * *

Karen actually called for me twenty minutes later. When I came into the room, Melanie was there with Karen, talking quietly. Mel was naked, and she smiled at me as I entered.

“Slut, I believe you know Melanie?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“She’s going to assist me with you tonight. If she should command you, obey without question.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Karen kissed me fiercely, hungrily, grinding her body into mine, then turned to Melanie.

“You know what to do.”

Wordlessly, Mel moved behind me and blindfolded me. Then she took my hand and led me into what I assumed was another room. She spoke quietly as we walked.

“Okay, Nick – if you can make it through what’s coming up next, the rest should be easy. If you can’t handle it, just say so, but try….”

We stopped, and Mel helped me onto a bed, telling me to get on my hands and knees and wait while she went to get Karen. I heard them come in a moment later, then Karen’s voice came:

“All right, slut, ready to continue?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“I’m not going to tie you up – you’ll have to choose to accept what I’m going to do to you, and I’m not going to allow you the illusion that you had no choice. Another time, perhaps, if you become one of us.”

The bed sagged slightly in from of me as someone climbed on, then the back sagged as well. Someone’s fingers curled into my hair, pulled tight. I felt something hard against my lips.

“Open wide, slut.”

I almost balked, but then I smelled the scent of plastic. I opened my mouth and the plastic cock pushed slowly into my mouth. It was big, but not huge, and I thought I could handle it – especially after I caught the scent of a woman’s arousal. It pushed resistlessly on, three inches, more – and I felt it touch the back of my throat. Mel’s voice came:

“Try to relax, Nicky. You can do this. I’ve done it with you and all our sisters can do it – you just have to relax your throat muscles. You can do it, lover. Relax… relax….”

Her voice continued, soothing, almost hypnotic – and suddenly I realized I’d swallowed the dildo and it was in my throat. I could feel the base pushing against my lips, and just beyond, warm flesh.

“That’s good, lover. Hold it there, baby. Go ahead and breathe – see? You can do this… now swallow. Again.”

I was so focused on her words I barely felt the cold, but when a finger was pushed up my ass – by God, I felt that! I would have yelped, but my mouth was full, and Mel kept the dildo tight against my lips while the finger inside me slid in and out, opening me up…. A second finger joined the first, spreading cold gel inside me, and I knew what was next.

I relaxed the best I could… on the plus side, I was deep-throating Mel’s “cock” now without any problem, too focused on my ass to realize it! A third finger continued to open up my ass, spreading yet more lube inside me.

How to explain how I felt at that moment? Afraid of the pain, curious as to how it would feel, that indefinable feeling you get when you know you’ve reached a turning point, that a line is about to be crossed and nothing can ever be the same…. All that and more. I felt that way when Sarah took my virginity and again when I realized that I loved her. It was terrifying. It was exhilarating.

“Try to relax, slut. It will make it easier. Either way, though, I am going to fuck your ass.”

I motioned to Mel to back off so I could speak. “Tell me what to do, Mistress.”

“Good slut. Push back as I push forward. If you’ll tighten your muscles as if you’re trying to keep me out, you’ll pull me in deeper when they relax.” Her voice softened, just a bit. “I won’t hurt you more than I have to. Are you ready?”

“Let’s do it, Mistress.”

I felt the head of her artificial cock pushing against my virgin ass and I pushed back, tightening my muscles as she’d instructed. She was getting past my defenses, slowly but inexorably, and I felt the beginnings of what I’ve since heard about – the incredible trust between a dom and a sub. I was sweating from the effort of bunching my muscles when suddenly my control slipped. She lunged forward and the head of the dildo penetrated my sphincter. I gasped, clenching my ass around the invader. The pain was less than I’d expected, but it was no picnic. Karen pressed remorselessly forward and I pushed back, willingly giving her this virginity…. Again my control slipped, and this time the dildo buried itself in my ass to half its length. I was crying again, partly from the pain but chiefly from the emotional release. It wasn’t love – I’d had that once, and lost it, and some things you only get one chance at – but the trust was all-encompassing, filling me.

My defenses – physical and emotional – fell. Karen plunged into my ass to the hilt and I welcomed her, the pain and pleasure inseparable. She leaned over my back, her nipples pricking my chest, one hand fisted in my hair and hissed from between clenched teeth –

“Well done, slut. Who owns your ass?”

“You do, Mistress.”


“You own my ass, Mistress.”

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