2 Nisan 2021

Sis-in-law Incentives Ch. 01



Jenny and Alex find ways to incentivize each other.

This chapter is mostly prelude, with a little teasing play. The entire beginning of the series is a slow buildup. If that’s not your style, you might try a different series.


“What kind of incentive are you talking about?” my sister-in-law Jenny asked me, suddenly intrigued.

“I’d like to tell you, but then I’d have to kill you,” I answered with a grin, sipping on my half-full mug of Guinness.

“Come on! I’m desperate for some kind of motivation to get me off this plateau,” she pleaded. “If it worked that well for you…”

“Oh, it wouldn’t work for you anyway.”

“And why not?”

“Remember, I was a 20 year old male.”

“So I’m a 27 year old female, and…?”

“For all men, there is one ultimate incentive, and at 20 years old, it’s more incentivizing than ever.”

“What the hell are you talking about,” she said, frustrated. “Can’t you just tell me?”

I relented. “S-E-X. Of course. I’d known that girl, Donna, for about 3 months but we’d never even dated. Just worked out together occasionally in the gym. When she told me that if I could lift that weight that had me stymied, she’d give me a, quote, ‘weekend-to-remember’, I went nuts working out for the next three weeks, and she teased me constantly. But in the end, it was just the motivation I needed, and she was as good as her word. Better.”

“You are so full of shit. You expect me to believe that all a guy needs is a little T-and-A, and he can work miracles.” She laughed. Her speech was a tad slurred, owing in part to the empty pitcher of Mud slides still sitting on the kitchen counter.

“Behind every great man…” I reminded her.


“I’m not kidding. I wish I could get that kind of incentive now.”

“I’m sure Holly would give you whatever you want,” she answered.

“It’s not the same. God, I wish it were. But I know I can get that anyway, so why would I bust my ass over it?” Maybe it was too much of the Guinness, or the late hour, but I was suddenly going beyond where I’d intended.

She looked at me for a while, sipping her chocolate colored frozen drink. She appeared to be studying me, wondering just how much of what I was saying meant anything.

“Fine,” she finally announced. “So men want sex. What do women want?”

“You’re the woman, you tell me.”

“You’ve got it all figured out. If I knew, don’t you think I’d be doing something about it?” she snapped.

“Ok. What do women want? Stability, attention, independence, financial security, beauty, health, romance, affection, mystery, status, bragging rights, sex.” I rattled off. “Go ahead stop me anytime.”

“C’mon. You know what I mean. How would you motivate me?” She asked intensely, leaning towards me, looking very serious.

She had turned toward me, her leg folded under herself, half ‘indian-style’, on the couch. Her other leg’s knee was wrapped over her ankle, her foot waving in the air the more agitated she got. Her small black dress was riding high on her hips, exposing a lot more of her tiny panties than she would normally allow. She had been half-drunk when she’d gotten home from the wine-tasting, and the frozen drinks and animated conversation were driving all thoughts of decorum out of her mind.

“Well let’s see. You’d like success in your personal training business. You love the beach. You love to dress nice. Your car needs help desperately. You need more clients for your training. There are so many ways.”

“So get specific.”

“Ok. Here are some incentives. One, a fixed air-conditioner and complete tune-up for your car. Two, a $250 gift certificate to Lord and Taylor. Three, a Master Fitness Certification course at the Cooper. Four, 2 new Clients, putting you over 40 hours a week. Five, a weekend getaway to the beach.”

She stared at me, dumb struck. “Ok, now who do I have to kill?”

I laughed.

“No really. So it’s obvious I’d love all that stuff. But how am I going to get any of that done. I can’t even really cover my bills yet, and I’m still paying off the IRS from last year.” She insisted.

“Ok, how about this? You know I want to lose about 25 lbs and get cut-up. For each 5 lbs I lose, you get an incentive. When I’m under 10% body-fat again, you get the ‘grand prize’.”

“Now you’re talking nonsense,” she answered. “Why should I get rewarded for you losing weight.”

“You’re the personal trainer. Help me.”

“But you already know what you need to do.”

“So, motivate me.” I told her, looking straight into her eyes. I couldn’t believe I was saying this. I let my eyes wander down her hard young body. Her nipples stood out as little bumps on the smallish mounds pushing forward within her tight stretch top. Her narrow waist had her skirt bunched around it, and her legs were spread wide enough that I had a pretty clear view of her red-trimmed, narrow black thong. Her skin still had that smoothness of youth and she was deeply tanned.

Her ankara escort eyes suddenly opened just a hair more, and she became aware of the position she was sitting in, bringing her leg up on the couch and her knees together. She looked away from me, searching for her drink. She had finally figured it out.

She held her glass, trying to drain any last bit of drink out of it, then put it down and turned to me again. I could almost see her gathering her thoughts.

“Are you serious?” She said softly. All joking aside.

“I can be. We can go in and weigh me right now. If I lose 5 lbs, I will fix the air-conditioner in your Mazda, and give it a tune-up and oil-change.” I leaned towards her a little, letting her know I was totally serious.

“And what do I have to do?” She asked.

“Nothing. If I lose 5 lbs, you get it.” I told her. “I’ll get on the scale now.” I got up and headed for my bedroom. She followed behind.

“I’m going to strip down to my underwear, to be fair. That won’t bother you will it?” I asked her, not waiting for an answer but already pulling off my shirt.

“No. I guess not.”

I sat on the edge of the bed, removed my shoes and socks, and pulled my jeans off. I was wearing Joe Boxer boxers, and checked to make sure my semi-hard cock wasn’t falling out. I looked up and Jen was making a half-hearted attempt to appear interested in the books at my bedside.

I walked to the digital scale, and kicked the front button on. “Two-Twenty-Three.” I announced. “I’d really liked to get down under 200, but for now, the 5 pound goal is 218.”

Walking back to the bedroom, I pulled my shirt back on, and walked back out through the living room to the fridge where I pulled out another Guinness. Even in a can, it was better than that other slop. When I got back to the living room she was seated on the couch again. I sat down nearby. Very nearby.

“Good Luck!” I told her, toasting her with my beer.

“How are you going to lose 5 pounds drinking all that beer just before you go to bed?” She asked me, almost shrilly.

“Good question. I guess I won’t.” I laughed.

“You need to get rid of that beer and get back on your diet. And you need to hit the weights more than once a week. And you need some cardio.” She told me vehemently.

“I know, but I’ve had a tough time staying on any diet for more that a week or two in the last year – that’s why I’ve put on almost 20 pounds.”

She thought about it. “If you diet and exercise, I promise I’ll do the dishes everyday, and take out the garbage,” she offered out of the blue.

I smiled, chuckled, and took a sip from my frosty mug. Smooth.

“What if I woke you up each morning, and I gave you a personal training session using your weights, and your elliptical machine?”

“That would help.” I told her.

“Would you diet?”

“I will, but I swear, I’m so weak-willed, it’s hard for me to stay on any diet. Sometimes I get so tired of dieting and cardio.”

“How about…” She hesitated, licking her lucious lips, “how about, if you lose 5 pounds, I’ll show you these?” She glanced down at her breasts, whose nipples seemed unusually perky.

My eyebrows climbed a short ways up my forehead as I considered her first really interesting offer. “That would be nice,” I told her. “You know I think you’re beautiful. You have a great body. I’d love to see more of it.” She smiled, until I took another sip of my Guinness.

“And you do have nice tits, at least what I’ve seen,” I kidded her, swirling my dark beer around the cup just in front of my face.

I could see her arguing with herself. She lost. “Ok, I’ll let you see me completely naked. But no touching.” The words rushed out of her almost of their own accord.

I smiled and put the beer down. “Wow! Now, THAT would be great. For how long? You’re not just going to flash me are you?”

“No. I mean, how about 10 seconds,” she stammered.

“How about two minutes, and I can ask you to pose, turn around, but nothing nasty.” I countered.

She looked concerned.

“Come on.” I told her, picking up my beer, “Naked’s naked. 10 seconds or 10 minutes.”

She reached out and plucked the mug out of my hand. “Ok. One minute. Nothing weird.”

I took her hand in my own, shaking it. “It’s a deal.”

“I’ll be waking you at six.” She told me, carrying the mug to the kitchen and emptying the beer into the sink. “And I’ll be putting you on a diet as of tomorrow.”

“I’ll order the parts for your car tomorrow. I’m sure I’ll be installing them soon.”

* * *

I went to bed that night thinking about Jenny sleeping upstairs, and what the chances were that I’d be seeing her naked soon, and who knows how much more might happen after that?

My wife was in Delaware with her family, our young daughter in tow. I had to pick her up at the airport the following Monday. Her younger sister Jenny had moved in with us about 5 months earlier, finally getting out of the bar/restaurant business, and trying to turn her love escort ankara of fitness into a career. We’d helped her out, giving her a car to drive, and letting her live with us for free. She’d studied and trained for her first ACE fitness certification, and had gotten a job as an aerobics instructor that had worked its way into a personal fitness trainer job. She was doing well and was slowly developing her clientelle. She was a hard worker and was really giving this a great effort. But the pay was low to start, compared to what she’d been able to make in an upscale restaurant or as a bartender.

Just two months earlier my wife had told her she could stay as long as she wanted, with my blessing, but she had to contribute to the food bill and to the utilities. She was really struggling to get along, and still hadn’t developed good spending habits, so she often ran out of money before she ran out of week.

Over the last couple of months I’d walked in on her naked twice. The first time was in the laundry room. She had been taking off all her workout clothes and putting them in the wash, prior to taking a bath. She was in there with Holly, and I walked in, my laundry in hand, and got a quick view of her naked from the side. She almost screamed, diving for the clothes pile and coming up with a hand towel to cover herself with, in the process giving me a much better view than she had intended. She and I laughed about it afterwards. We joked about how she didn’t pay much in rent, but the view of her naked was a nice ‘bonus’.

The master bedroom had a huge bathroom, including a large marble Jacuzzi tub. Both Holly and Jenny liked to take long leisurely baths in there. One afternoon I’d walked into the bathroom, having stripped down to my underwear, heading to the walk-in closet at the far end. I thought it was Holly in there, and I said “Hi, Baby,” as I walked in and it wasn’t until Jenny curled up and tried to cover herself, that I realized it was the wrong sister. “Sorry, need to get a shirt,” I told her as I continued through, non-chalantly, grabbed a shirt and walked back through the bathroom. On the return trip she’d been leaning back in the tub, her hands partially covering her breasts, and had joked to me that it must have been time for my monthly bonus. “Only a partial bonus this time,” I had quipped, and she’d given me a naughty grin and flashed me her tits for just a second, lifting her hands and covering them again.

I’d beaten off to that image several times since. Including that night.

* * *

Jenny prodded me awake.

“Get up! C’mon lazy, time for your cardio. Thirty minutes.”

I pulled the covers a little tighter around myself.

“C’mon Alex, get up! I’ve got less than an hour before my first appointment.” She was pushing at my shoulder.

“We can start tomorrow,” I mumbled.

“Now!” She almost shouted, pulling the covers off me.

I sleep naked. I also had a typical case of morning wood.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” she gasped, turning away, after getting a full frontal view including my fully tumescent rod.

I sat up in bad, rotating my legs over the side. “No problem. It’s my fault, I shouldn’t have stayed up so late. You were right to make me get up.” I mumbled, stretching. I climbed off the bed, and headed for the bathroom, my hard-on waving before me like a divining rod, as she beat a hasty retreat.

Once I stepped out of the bathroom, still naked, but no longer erect, I headed for my dresser where I grabbed a pair of knit shorts and a t-shirt.

The study next to the bedroom had been converted to a makeshift gym over a year ago, and had seen little use since. I had put in an elliptical machine, an incline bench, and a set of selectorized dumbbells that went from 5 to 85 pounds. Jenny had preceded me there and was setting the exercise level and time on the elliptical machine when I arrived.

“20 minutes, level 4 to get started, with a 5 minute cool-down,” she told me as I climbed up on the machine.

She was wearing an oversized tee, and not much else from what I could see. When I was perched up on the machine and she leaned in to adjust the speed setting, I had a nice view right down her open neck. Jenny had small breasts, no bigger than a ‘B’ I’d guess, but nice for her lean figure. Her nipples were very responsive and I often found them erect when she came into the house. The cool air indoors, compared to the hot Texas sun, usually elicited the nice reaction.

She looked up and caught me peeking. “Shame on you. You haven’t earned that yet,” she teased me, standing back upright, and pulling her shirt back.

I worked up a good sweat, burning around 300 calories according to the readout. I heard the kitchen alarm go off, as I finished the cool-down session. Jenny waltzed back in, her hair wet, wearing the tights she trained people in.

“Great! 310 calories is a great start, and getting that in before breakfast is even better. Now hit the shower and I’ll have breakfast ready for you.”

I took a quick shower, threw on jeans and ankara escort bayan a polo-shirt, and headed out to the kitchen.

“Ok. Here’s a breakfast shake. These Tupperware containers have your meals and when you’re supposed to eat them,” she announced, pointing to a stack of containers. “My last appointments are at 4:00 and 6:00 today, so I can train you at 5:00 or at 7:00, just let me know when you can make it. I’ll check my schedule for Wednesday and Friday when I get in.”

I drank the shake, listening.

“Here are some supplements to take.” Again she pointed to a pillbox split into days of the week, with several openings for each day. She pulled out a strip, and I saw it was actually seven different containers, one for each day, each one split into 4 parts. “Take the first ones now. The next ones just before lunch, and the third before your afternoon meal.” She dropped the strip of pills into a bag which contained the soft sided cooler with my Tupperware containers.

“Remember, only water, and drink lots of it. And I’ll be asking you how you did today.” She smiled. “Do a good job and you might get a reward.”

“A bonus?” I laughed.

“Maybe, we’ll see.”

* * *

I arrived at the gym at 5:00 pm.

“I told Rob that I wanted to train you, and that you were family. Instead of the usual $50 a class he’ll settle for $50 a week, but I won’t get paid for it and won’t get credit.” She told me as she gave me a quick tour of the facilities. “Is that Ok?” she asked, “$50 a week?”

“That’s fine,” I told her, “but I won’t be able to keep it up long.”

“That’s not what it sounds like to me, late at night,” she teased.

She’d never even really hinted at sex around me before, and I didn’t even realize at first that she was making a joke. “Like what you hear?” I whispered to her.

“Maybe,” she answered softly.

In the gym she took my measurements as they did with all clients.

“73 inches, 222 pounds, 18% body fat. That’s not bad.” She told me.

Jenny took me through the paces, as she would with any client, and tested my strength on a variety of devices so they could determine my starting point for my program. At the end of the hour I was pretty tired, but not overly so.

“That was pretty easy, a testing day. Wednesday, come in at the same time and we’ll put you through the wringer.” She told me on the way out, as she got ready for her last client. “You been good today?”

“Perfect on the diet,” I told her honestly.

“I’ll be home around 7:30 and I’ll make dinner. Wait for me.”

“Of course.” I smiled.

* * *

Dinner was chicken breast and salsa, and I had a supplement/protein cocktail just before I went to bed. Jenny insisted I go to bed early, that I needed at least 8 hours recovery sleep each night, even though I usually got by on 6 or 7 hours.

I was turning off the lights downstairs, and she was walking by the second floor banister which had a view down into the two-story family room.

“You were perfect on the diet today. I’m proud of you, stick to it.” She told me leaning over the railing.

“Thanks. I’m going to try to be good,” I told her looking up.

“I promised you a reward didn’t I?”

“You said I might get one,” I answered.

“Just a second.” She turned her back to me. Then she pulled her top off, and she was naked from the waist up. “Good night, sweet dreams,” she announced, as she walked to her room, giving me a few seconds view of her naked torso from the side.

I was going to get blisters on my palms at this rate.

* * *

Tuesday through Thursday she woke me each morning, but she refrained from tearing off the covers any more. She woke me at different times, between 5:00 and 7:00 depending on when her first client was. Wednesday we had a fully body workout that just wore me out, leaving me very sore on Thursday morning.

When I complained about the soreness, she just laughed. “You’ll be even more sore tomorrow.”

I started slowly on the elliptical that morning because of the soreness. She walked by and frowned at me.

“You’ve got to do better than that.”

“I’m just warming up.” I told her, a little crossly.

She walked up and looked at the level setting, four. She pressed reset, set the level to five, and pressed thirty minutes. “Burn 400 calories, and you’ll get a very nice reward.”

I worked the hardest I had so far, doing two minute intervals of all out effort, followed by about two minutes of medium intensity. I hit 400 calories with over two minutes to go.

She walked in on me just before the end. She was wearing only her underwear, a light colored bra, and an off-white thong. She looked at the display. “Very good, I knew you would do it. Now hop in the shower, but don’t get dressed after. Call me when you’re dried off.” She headed back to the kitchen.

I called her a few minutes later. I was dressed only in a towel, and my imagination had gotten the better of me, I was sporting a full erection, creating a very noticeable tent in the towel.

“Naughty boy.” She laughed, looking at my tenting towel. “Now drink this shake and lay down.”

I drank my breakfast and lay back on the bed, my cock standing up in the towel like a snow-covered volcano.

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