3 Nisan 2021

Slutty, Teasing Sister-In-Law


My wife Sarah and I hadn’t had sex for 3 months.

Sarah is a beautiful woman, with long brown hair (which she usually wore up), brown eyes, high cheekbones and inviting lips. She worked out regularly and it showed. Sarah is slim, and her strength training classes had resulted in some definition in her arms. Her boobs aren’t big, but they are firm as is her ass. I had always found her very attractive, although if I am honest sex with her had never been white hot.

When we met we were both 30 and ready to settle down. We got along great, fell in love, got married just over a year later. We used to fuck regularly, then we gradually slowed. I got tired of her putting me off until finally I stopped trying.

Other than a lack of sex my life is not bad at all. We are both 37 now and have a quaint New England home near the city. We don’t have kids so we are both focused on our careers. I am doing ok at work and Sarah is doing very well. Sarah is very ambitious. She works longer hours than I do and has a long commute to the office. Since I work from home, my commute is literally two minutes from bed.

Life had become rather routine. We both have our morning rituals. I usually made myself breakfast and walked the dog while Sarah would leave early and have a protein bar in the car. When Sarah left I would play some video games before focusing on work. Honestly, before I really got down to things I would often click on some porn and pretty regularly jack off.

When Sarah told me that her little sister was coming back from Japan and would be staying with us a while my first reaction was that it would be a pain. I liked my alone time and having someone else kicking around would definitely change the vibe.

As I thought about it more though I realized it wouldn’t be all bad. Becky was 14 years younger than Sarah and had become quite a beauty. She was pretty even when I first met her at 16. Since Sarah’s family had always lived on the opposite coast, we only saw her sister and parents once a year and in each visit I had seen Becky grow into a confident, extroverted babe. I actually hadn’t seen her since she left for her last semester of college in Japan. She ended up staying two years teaching English and now was apparently going to return and find a ‘real job’.

I’m not proud of the fact that in the days before she arrived, I was jacking off to thoughts of young Becky. I imagined what it would be like to see her standing in front of me naked, showing me her taught body. When the day for her to arrive finally came, I got a little blood in my cock just at the mention of her.

I went out to meet my sister-in-law as the taxi pulled up. As Becky opened the door and came out I saw she was now even hotter than I had imagined. Her face definitely reminded me of my wife’s but less sharp and more…sultry. Her hair had hints of blonde highlights and flowed freely over her shoulders and down her back. Becky’s eyes were brown like Sarah’s but her younger sister’s had a glint of mischief in them. She was dressed for the summer weather, in a short floral dress that showed off soft curves including two pert tits that were not constrained by a bra. The soft skin she exposed on her shoulder and legs appeared lightly oiled, and even her painted toenails that peaked through her sandals looked inviting

I realized she may have noticed me checking her out so I tried not to appear too eager when she smiles broadly. I was a little surprised when she kissed me on the lips and gave me a hug. As I paid the cab driver I took the chance to check out her ass while she greeted Sarah with a hug and a squeal. I could make out pink or red panties through the white skirt that left most of each generous ass cheeks exposed. God, she had been with us less than a minute and I was already hard.

The three of us sat in the backyard to enjoy the sun and Becky started to tell us stories of her adventures in Japan. She clearly enjoyed telling us these stories, many about her struggling to adapt to local culture. I enjoyed listening to her and also took advantage of the chance to stare at her while she talked. I imagined what it would be like to touch her smooth legs. When she crossed her legs I thought I might get a quick glimpse of her panties.

“Now I just need a job and a man!” I heard her say.

Sarah asked what she wanted to do and it was clear Becky had no real idea. I picked up on her other comment.

“Did you…have a boyfriend in Japan?”

Becky laughed and looked me right in my eyes, making me squirm a little.

“Oh, there were a lot of boys…” she giggled. “…but maybe it’s time I had a real man.”

I didn’t know what to say so was happy when Sarah piped in with a suggestion that she could ask around her office to see if there was any admin work for Becky. Becky didn’t seem to love the idea but agreed.

The next day Sarah headed off to work before Becky woke up. I heard our young guest moving around in her bedroom so decided to make her some breakfast. I was frying eggs for her when she came out, wearing only a long night shirt (and I assumed, brazzers porno panties). I tried not to be too obvious about staring at her bare legs and feet and told her breakfast was on the way.

“Thanks Mark…”, she smiled. “I could get used to this!”

I brought her eggs, then poured her a juice. We talked about what she had planned for the day, which wasn’t really a lot. She was going to see a friend she knew it town that afternoon. She joined me in a video game and I was so distracted by her legs and bare feet that she embarrassed me. I tried to work, but hearing her in the shower made me think of how close her nude body was. As soon as she left I jacked off.

This became rather a pattern in the days to come. Sarah would leave, I would hear Becky wake up late, I’d make her breakfast and she would plop down and be served by me. I didn’t mind…she consistently would arrive wearing just the night shirt and panties. I had confirmed she was wearing panties because I could see the outline when she would bend over or reach for something in the kitchen. Sometimes, depending how she sat, I could see a little of her panties while we played a game in the morning.

One morning the second week she was with us, she wore just a large t shirt and panties. When she bent over to turn on the game (did she know you could turn it on from the controller?), for the first time I saw her nearly bare ass. I was very self-conscious of how hard I got and once again she humiliatingly beat me as I was completely distracted. I slipped away to the bedroom, and jacked off frantically, even while I could hear her shuffling around not far from the door. I was becoming obsessed.

If Becky didn’t realize my obsession…she certainly didn’t help me get over it. As we got more comfortable with each other, she got even more casual with how she dressed. The night shirt seemed forgotten, now it was just t shirts and panties. The first morning she wore an even thinner t-shirt, one that showed off her big pink nipples when she sat down, I’m sure my mouth stayed open the whole time she ate breakfast. When she got up I could see the outline of her small panties, but more intriguingly I could clearly make out the outline of her big ass cheeks swaying. I could swear she took her time walking away so I could enjoy the look longer. I was jacking off more than ever.

One morning before we played a video game she asked if I wanted to smoke with her. Since I moved in with Sarah I didn’t smoke a lot of weed but I eagerly accepted. After a couple of tokes she was hugging her knees, fully exposing her bare legs and her panties. We were telling stupid jokes to each other when she suddenly asked,

“Is it distracting having a young girl around the house?”

I must have looked taken aback because when I didn’t answer she made sure I understood,

“I mean, you serve me breakfast every morning, then do my dishes, pick my towel off the bathroom floor to fold it. You even did my laundry…and you never complain. Is it because you like looking at me?”

I could feel myself blush at her stare and answered some nonsense about how it was nice having her around. I felt like I was higher than I should be after a few tokes, but took another hit.

Becky giggled, “It’s ok! I mean, I don’t mind. Being served…or being looked at… And I won’t tell Sarah or anything.”

Tell her what, I wondered. That I made her breakfast? Stared at her? Got high with her?

Nothing dramatic changed after that day, but I was aware that there had been a further shift in our dynamic. Becky never thanked me for the breakfasts I made for her, but it became clear she was making no effort to hide her body from me. She wore the thin t-shirt I loved more days than not (when she put it in the laundry I was sure to wash it and get it back to her quickly) and she seemed to take her time bending over to turn on the game in the morning, even though she had to know she was exposing her mostly bare, beautiful ass for me.

Becky would head out later in the mornings but it wasn’t at all clear if she was looking for a job. She would dress very casually, clearly not trying to impress anyone. One evening she came home she mentioned she had enjoyed lunch with a guy and I felt a pang or irrational jealousy.

Sarah would generally arrive later in the evenings, and usually gave Becky a sisterly hard time about not doing enough to look for a job…for not even having a plan. If Sarah had been around more or Becky had thinner skin, it may have been tense, but both seemed to avoid conflict.

Finally one night Becky said she had a plan. She had studied massage in Japan and had found out she could use that for credit to a massage license. She could finish her studies over the next 6 months, then become a therapist.

“I love helping people, and I don’t think I can deal with a 9-5 schedule.” she said in a way only a 23 year old can.

To my surprise Sarah was not completely discouraging. She appreciated that at least now there was a plan. To my further surprise she offered clip4sale porno me up as a guinea pig.

“You know I don’t really like to be touched”, she said to her sister, “but Ted likes a good massage”.

I blushed a little, not only from the idea of young Becky massaging me, but also at the memories of my wife finding out I had been getting massages. I had been going to an Asian massage parlor downtown and her friend had seen me leaving. When Sarah asked me about it my heart just about came out of my chest. I had been getting hand jobs there two of three times a month since it had opened. Apparently Sarah and her friend were not aware of its’ reputation and she believed me when I said I had put my back out running. I never went again and this was the first time the incident had come up since.

“Oh..would you mind Ted?” Becky asked with a smile, “It’s been a while and don’t want them to think I don’t really have experience”.

Of course I agreed, and as quickly as I could I locked myself in the bathroom, then jacked myself off imagining Sarah giving me a massage in her little t shirt.

The next morning I wondered if she remembered. I served her breakfast and tried to make sure she didn’t catch me staring at the outlines of her nipples. When she finished she sat there for a moment after I cleared the table, twirled her hair then asked, “So…should I try a massage instead of playing a game?”

I agreed that would be good and she told me to get some oil.

“Oh, and I obviously don’t have a massage table yet…I could put a sheet over my bed?”

I was so nervous about the massage I agreed without really hearing what she said. When I brought back the oil she told me to go in and lie down as she went into the bathroom. I found a sheet, and laid it on her bed, then stood there.

She walked in the room with the oil and prodded me, “Ok, so take off your clothes and lie down!”

I felt blood race to my cock, but started to take off my shirt. I was self conscious of how much older I was than the boys she dated, but felt I had kept in good shape. When I took off my pants I tried to lie down quickly so she wouldn’t see my growing erection. I put my head down on the bed so I wouldn’t get excited by looking at her.

Becky may have been a bit nervous too. She started by pouring oil on the top of my back and spent a while massaging my shoulders. Neither of us said anything for some time.

“Feel good?” she asked, her voice higher pitched than normal.

I grunted ascent, not wanting to show her I was excited. She seemed more comfortable and started to move down my back. My cock was tucked under me and I started to think this would be fine.

Then she started on my legs.

As soon as she touched the inside of my leg, even though it was just above the knee my cock twitched. As she stroked up and down I got harder still. She wasn’t touching my balls, but she wasn’t that far off. I l felt her bare leg brush against mine then looked over to confirm. Big mistake. I saw her smooth, tanned legs, then thought of how it was just the t-shirt and tiny panties that were between me and heaven. She was massaging my buttocks, then I heard her say my name with an amused, but slightly disappointed tone.

“Oh Mark, really?” I followed her eyes and realized to my horror than my hard cock was sticking out of my underwear.

Becky giggled, then sighed. “You know, nurses give it a good rap with a stick.”

She giggled again, “but…I guess you are doing me a favor…”

I didn’t breathe for a moment. Was she saying what I hoped she was saying?

“I can’t very well massage you in that condition.”

I looked up at her and she told me to put my head down on the bed. I did as she told me, then felt her fingers reach under my waist strap and pull down my underwear. She did not take them off, just pulled then down to my knees. I was essentially naked for my sister-in-law.

I started to turn my head but she pushed it gently back into the sheet. She ran her hand down my back, along my ass crack then…between my legs. I lifted my ass and kept my head down. Her hand ran along my balls and I moaned. She grabbed the shaft of my cock and immediately started stroking.

“God, it’s big” she exclaimed, “Sarah never told me.”

She stroked some more and it felt amazing.

“Mmm…you like that don’t you?” she teased.

I loved it and felt like I may cum rather quickly. I turned to smile at her but as soon as she saw me looking at her she pulled her hand away.

“Oh! Sorry! I shouldn’t…you’re…Sarah’s husband.”

She stood there flustered a moment looking at the oil on her hand while I tried to figure out what to say. Then she ran down the hall and into the bathroom, shutting the door.

I was unsure what to do so I took the sheet, went to my room, shut the door. I felt frustrated and mad at myself then I…jacked off. I couldn’t help it, I was incredibly turned on.

I wasn’t sure where things would go from there. By the time I left my room Becky had dressed colette porno and left. She didn’t come back until that evening after Sarah had come home from work. I wondered if Becky was going to say something, but as usual the two sisters didn’t talk much to each other at all.

The next morning I tentatively made her breakfast and, perhaps smelling it she eventually came out and ate. Neither of addressed what had happened.

“I’m…going to skip the game today.” Becky started. “I’m going to study a little then later…I actually have a lunch date. A guy I met yesterday in the park.”

She studied my face to see my expression.

“He’s tall and very cute.”

I was feeling irrational jealousy and it was like Becky knew it…and loved it. She left me to clean up and didn’t come out of her room for a few hours. When she did she looked…hot, She was wearing a simple short skirt, white top with heels.

“You like?” she said, spinning so her skirt showed even more leg. I had admired those legs every day since she had arrived.

“Yes…you look…”, I couldn’t find the right words and she just giggled. She gave me a wave and was out the door.

I jacked off within minutes of her leaving, thinking of her legs but also imagining her with her tall, cute date.

After this, Becky started to spend less and less time hanging out with me at the apartment. Most mornings she didn’t even come out for breakfast. Instead she would spend time studying in her room, or would head out, usually looking very sexy, presumably to meet a date. When I would ask her about the dates she would giggle and be vague.

One late afternoon, however, she came back apparently more than a little stoned. She came to my desk and openly told me she had been at a boy’s house, and he had fucked her hard.

“Just the way I like.” Becky said with a dreamy smile. I hardened, imagining Becky bent over as her boyfriend pushed into her.

“Do you find…the more you fuck…the more you think about being fucked?” she asked.

It seemed to be a genuine question on her mind.

“I…wouldn’t know.” I replied, with a little more edge and bitterness than I intended.

“Awwww..poor you. Does Sarah not give you what you need/”

I looked down, feeling defeated but Becky approached me and stood close as I looked up at her from my chair.

“Does she?” Becky demanded.

I smelled her fresh scent and grew harder with her proximity. I shook my head slowly, then drew a sharp breath in when Becky reached down and gently brushed against my hard cock.

“No…” I squealed a little, “no…she doesn’t”

Becky giggled in a mean way, then challenged me, “Awww…is that why you’re always jacking off, thinking about me?”

She gave my now rock hard cock a firm squeeze. I nodded, sure she was going to leave me and go back to her room, but instead she looked me right in the eyes, and unzipped my pants. I drew a sudden breath in as she quickly bent down and took my cock into her warm mouth. It felt amazing but at first I barely moved, afraid to scare her away. It was clearly clear though that Becky was loving this, and extremely well practiced. She took all of my cock down her throat over and over again as she looked up at me. On impulse I pulled her hair then pusher her back down on my cock and she moaned with approval. I started to face fuck her while pulling her hair. I was just about to cum when we both heard a noise at the door. It had to be Sarah, home early for a change.

Becky seemed to realize the implications first, getting up and running into her room saying “Shit, shit, shit…” Somehow my cock did not seem to understand the importance to get moving before Sarah came into the room. It dripped uselessly in a failed orgasm. I zipped up my pants over the wetness and pretended to be working. If Sarah had cared more she may have noticed I was sweating, may have noticed Becky’s smell in the room. Instead she poked her head in and told me she was going to be on a work call so not to bother her.

Later that night I was feeling extremely horny and unsatisfied. I pestered Sarah until she reluctantly agreed to have sex and then somehow convinced her to go down on me. She sucked my cock tepidly but it still felt good, and somehow the fact her sister had been sucking it just hours earlier made it hotter. Losing myself in the moment, I grabbed her hair and pushed my cock deeper into her mouth. Sarah smacked me hard and pulled away shouting an obscenity. She stormed into the bathroom leaving me with regret and a very unsatisfied hard cock that I could do nothing about. I barely slept that night.

It was not long after that Becky told both Sarah and I that she was headed back to Japan in less than a week. She explained she had found a job in Hokkaido that paid very well, and she had a couple of friends who were headed to the same school to teach. Sarah took a couple of days off work to help Sarah shop and get prepared but on the day before she was to leave, Sarah had to go to the office. That morning I made eggs for Becky, hoping she would come to enjoy them. I was happy when I heard her door open, then even happier to see her wearing the thin t shirt I always fantasized about her in. I didn’t try to stop myself from openly staring at her tits, knowing it was my last chance, and she seemed to somehow like how desperate I was.

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